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    @Kat34 That is totally normal. Depending on the level of indoctrination it can really take about a decade (which was my case), or more, to get rid of those deep rooted programming. Keep in mind that - especially if you were exposed to it as a child - it goes really deep into the way you process and think about things, in unconscious ways, even after you deconvert. I assure you that you can get passed those fears, though, with perseverance. A good rule of thumb (spiritual or not) is: If you're acting from a place of fear no good will come of it. Another good thing to remember is that you have tried Xianity before, already, and (I'm guessing, since you're here) it didn't work. There is no point in going back to something that you already know from experience doesn't work. Did Xianity dispel your fears? I'm guessing no. Aside from some occasional fleeting trance-induced catharsis, Xians fear just as everyone else does if not even worse. You always rely on your own thinking - whether you like it or not. Even fundamentalists who try to escape the fallacy of their mortal thinking through divine revelation rely, fundamentally, on their own thinking to interpret and judge scripture (or religious experiences). This is why they can never agree on a consistent interpretation. You have no choice but to trust your own thinking. Even if you try to rely on another's thinking... it is *your* thinking that decides initially to rely on another's thinking ; what in effect you would be doing would be to transfer responsibility for your own thinking from yourself to that other person (or scripture), but not the fundamental fallibility of that choice to rely on that thinking. What we *can* do is take responsibility for our own thinking, while simultaneously accepting our fallibility as human beings. At least in my case the emotional process of accepting this responsibility relieved me of the anxiety of wondering whether I can trust my thinking. Hope that helps!
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    Did anyone else find the period of uncertainty once you strongly suspected (but weren’t sure) that Christianity wasn’t true even harder than trying to reconcile the difficulties you had within Christianity? I keep thinking of objections to the way I’m thinking e.g. I’m being overly influenced by a hard rationalism approach to what’s true and maybe this is unreasonable. What’s really frustrating is that I’ve been pretty confident for the best part of 5 years that it isn’t true before suddenly fearing again that it might be (I say fearing because I focused on hell, a teaching I always struggled with). Last time a friend had done all the thinking for me but perhaps everything was still there deep down somewhere, ready to be re-triggered. I start wondering maybe God is trying to reach me but have to remind myself that all I’m feeling is fear and surely that’s not how God would be reaching out. Plus I feel no peace or comfort after praying. How do you get to the stage where you can trust your own thinking?
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    With patience. And being kind to yourself, reminding yourself that all those fears are just the remnants of indoctrination. And when they strike, set out to read things that reassure your logical reasoning about Christianity. As Dan said, you were given a mind capable of logic and reasoning, only it was highjacked by religion. It might also help to remind yourself you're the product of a long history, and a highjacked version of Judaism, which is where Christianity gets its roots. When you look at it through a historical lens, it's so obvious that Christianity is only a popular meme due to people like emperor Constantine, who spread it by force. The fact that it's popular does not make it true. We humans are prone to wishful thinking.
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    Of course! I always be lurkin, just don't always want to make a post if I have nothing to say lol. Plus if you put "anal sex" in the OP title, I'ma see what's up. I'm immature that way x'D
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    People need to separate jobs from ideology. Police forces include gay, straight, bi, lesbian and every race and sex. The police are not a single minded group of robots, its a massive range of humanity working together. If gay officers want to show solidarity for the community they are part of, then being excluded by the people demanding inclusion must really be a slap in the face. The thing that annoyed me most with the gay pride parades in the past is they failed on their primary goal of showing they are just normal people. When you see the man in the fishnet vest and arseless chaps being interviewed and saying "I just want to be treated like every one else" I think he missed the point. March in suits or in your normal causal wear. Show people you are just like them so they can empathise. But when you appear on a float dressed as a half naked cowboy with a studded paddle in one hand and waving a dildo with the other, you are not going to shake conservatives of their view that you are all sexual deviants.
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    Mine is basically a wink at "True Believers" who embrace the paradox that "True Freedom" comes from slavery to their supposed savior.
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    Yeah, that's pretty evident. We talked about this at length before. A god would be something very all encompassing and the fear factor diminishes when you focus in on it that way. Leaving the fear oriented business in religion as man made, political based social constructs that reflect the opinions of a given priesthood. I would say that if god is real, christianity is almost certainly false. For these very reasons. If god were to "call out to you," it would more likely being calling you to open your eyes and move away from errant christianity than draw you in to it. And if the devil is real, he more likely want you IN christianity than out of it. If that sounds odd to say, just consider the focus here. In christianity god is out there far away, somewhere else and you're struggling to get to god. It's a perpetual carrot on a stick. You're told that you're the dung of other earth, stricken with original sin and basically not worthy. It's down trodden and lowly based. But an eternal, omnipresent god is real, then he'd be the source of your own being and existence. Recognizing the god within yourself would be the intention of such a god, wouldn't it? So what would block out that all encompassing god's intention? What would be the devil and satanic in this scenario? It would be exactly what christianity is. It would be something that makes you feel disconnected, separated, isolated, discrete and ultimately FEARFUL. That's a completely different way of looking at god. And maybe it's something to consider.
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    Thank you @Margee - I’m actually really lucky in a way as I’m in the UK which is very secular on the whole and most of my friends aren’t Christians. However like you guys, it means there’s no one I can really talk with about it as no one else would really get where I’m coming from! Also the Christians I do know (with the possible exception of my mother) do believe in the Big Bang and evolution etc so seem a lot more reasonable - and that makes me second guess myself too! Thanks for the support on this site x
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    Lord Jesus, Look at these two talking. Probably white people that aren't native to the country they are in, and acting as if they own the place. Forgive them, for they know not what they do, and the next time they criticize the United States please send them to Hell. In Your Middle Eastern Name that has been Anglicized, Amen
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    Sorry for your difficulties Kat34. There is so much programming that goes on with fundamental/evangelical Christianity. They tell you what to do in the sermons, in the songs and in the stock explainations for what people do and why they do them. Some are obvious and meant to direct your behaviors while in the cult like how many times you are told to smile and act happy so the world can see the great joy in the Christian message. Other are more subtle and set to take effect if you start to wonder too much or drift too far away. Christians are implanted with the characterization of agnostics as uncertain not just about god but about Christianity. That association makes Christianity appear much more difficult to see through than it actually is because it gives one the impression they’re either Christian or confused but definately they’ve can’t come to a clear rejection of the message. They then seal the deal by painting atheists as irrational, angry, nasty and evil. It puts the person who really doesn’t see any truth at all into the roll of someone they have been programmed to despise. (How many times do they repeat that the Christian message is THE TRUTH.) And it doesn’t end there. You are taught that god is following you everywhere begging you to repent and waiting with open arms. He’s always right there knocking at your hearts door for days, weeks, years, as long as you live and then of course if you miss the boat by dying before you relent and repent...hell’s tortures await you. It’s much easier to see the flaws in a very flawed story than it is to escape what is likely to have been years of brainwashing by a tribal cult that has loved and cared for you just as long as you supported the cause and the message. I think this is why it typically takes years to get free. Try to take comfort in knowing you’re part of the 2/3rds of humanity who doesn’t buy the Christian story. Hell is apparently what Jesus loves best of all. Do yourself the kindness of looking at evidence for and against believing in Christianity and trust your obviously “god given” mind to make the correct choice. People are not given books when they’re born they’re given brains. It will take time because your emotions almost certainly are not driven by reason. However they will eventually back completely off if you keep demonstrating to yourself that those fearful feelings (the ones planted by your church) are without reason. Good luck. It’s a nasty trap they put you into.
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    The answer to the question in the second paragraph above is in the first one. It's fear that sends people to Christianity. And when you look at the evidence and the facts, some of which you've written in graf 1 above, you'll shed that fear and you'll be OK.
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    My family’s Christmas cards from the 1960s and ‘70s almost always said “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Holidays,” or some such. Why? Because a few of the recipients thought it was sinful celebrate Catholic holidays! We celebrated Christmas as a purely secular holiday because we were Christians and to celebrate it as a religious holiday would have been wrong. Some people thought that we were implicitly condoning it, anyway. So “happy holidays” doesn’t bother me. And it isn’t exactly a new thing! It just became an issue a few years ago when some Christian decided to take offense when a store in a multi-cultural city suggested that their employees use the phrase. Now the 1942 Bing Crosby song is stuck in my head: ”Happy holiday. Happy holiday. May the merry bells keep ringing Happy holiday to you.” I guess he started the war on Christmas way back during WWII.
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    Finally something I've wished for looks to be coming to be: http://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/triple-header-referendum-looms-for-2020/ar-BBQ60z6?ocid=ientp A referendum at or before the next election in 2020 where the subjects of recreational marijuana use, euthanasia and the MMP style of government will be discussed and voted upon. I'd love for this to be a more regular feature, giving more important subjects the chance to be reviewed and considered (medical marijuana being the first that leapt to mind when they only mention recreational at the moment). We still need to see how the questions are worded, and whether the referendum would be binding for the government.
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    https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/26/18111217/nasa-insight-lander-mars-descent-survive-how-to-watch If there's another thread on this, disregard.
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    I've heard it said before, the easiest way to become ex-Christian is to read the Bible. That's exactly how I ended up leaving the faith behind: by trying to get deeper into my faith. I wanted to get closer to God and fully understand his word, but doing so just made me realize how much I doubted what I was reading. The Bible made less and less sense, and I kept trying to rationally justify it. When I finally accepted there were no rational justifications for certain things, that was when I opened my eyes and made one of the toughest decisions of my life. That was on December 24th, 2012. Nearly six years later, I have never regretted my choice, nor have I wanted to go back. And with that said, it's nice to meet you all. I call myself ShiningScribe because I'm a writer that wants to be a shoulder of support for anybody consumed by fear and stress. My loved ones are the world to me, and that is where I shine. The scribe part of me desires to let the world know what I can create and why my creations are worth experiencing. I was raised by Agnostic parents under the belief that "God is whatever you make it out to be". They were fine with me going to church, and just fine with me leaving it behind. I left the Christian faith under the decision that I want to be the master of my destiny. I was always taught by my parents that you shouldn't change who you are solely to make somebody else happy. It felt like serving the lord was forcing me to do just that. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For I am strong, and I have loved ones by my side to remind me of that, should I ever forget. My life is not meaningless, for I decide its worth. No amount of threats and insults will convince me otherwise. Because life is good, but living in fear is not my idea of living.
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    Y'all....how crazy/coincidental is this?! (@LogicalFallacy) I have never heard of Tim Minchin in my life and then, after that funny video LF shared, I find out he's in Robin Hood! Twice in one day after a lifetime of never hearing about him. It must be god telling me I need more heathen influence in my life.
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    Go look up his vids and have a blast... just don't have him blaring on speakers when conservative fundies are around... they'll get triggered PS good to see you are still around
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    Every couple names their spouse/significant others penis. My wife named my male member Sam on our honeymoon. And it has been Sam since then. "Honey, is Sam in the mood tonight?" "Sweetheart, Sam is in the mood 24/7 365 days a year. You're the one that has mood issues. And Sam has never understood that."
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    I named by husband's Everest. Nope, not joking. ......I enjoy the climb. ;D
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    The loophole is the funniest shit ever.....I had never heard of Tim Minchin! Dying over here lolol
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    OK, that makes sense. "According to the number of Elohim." The idea was that there were 72 nations and El-Elyon had appointed one god for each nation. Unfortunately, no list of the 72 god names survives, as far as I know. I'm not sure Yahweh would have even been conceived of yet during the late Bronze/early Iron Age period when this theology was formulated.
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    Wow, change sure is easy to do in imaginary countries.
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    When El-Elyon gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided mankind, he fixed the borders of the the peoples according to the number of the Elohim. But YHWH's portion is his people, Jacob his allotted heritage. The above is how Robert Price reads it accordingly. And it makes perfect sense because the most high god is El-Elyon and the sons of god number some 72 nations, each with their gods of the Elohim pantheon. YHWH's people are the Israelites. That's how he explains what the number of the sons of god means. He also goes into Psalms 82 as an example of how you can follow this polytheism, to monolatry, to monotheism right through the OT and see it changing. In Psalms 82 it marks a change where the other gods are being cast down for their mismanagement, and sent to Sheol where the stumbling in the darkness shakes the earth. They're being demoted from immortal gods to dying like any regular mortal man. It's very Greek mythology-like. Price did some video on this content.
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    I'm of the opinion that MMP was selected purely because people wanted change. MMP wasn't widely understood and the twisted mess we sometimes see is a result most people didn't see coming. I don't know that the referendum will be to choose the alternative, it is more likely "Would you want to change away from MMP?" and if they get enough votes then there would be a second to consider the options. I would love to get away from MMP and don't think we should go back to FPP. I don't think we will see a radical change, it will still be a variation on the current ideas to some degree. Recreational marijuana... I have very mixed feelings about this. I had a friend of a friend who was head girl of her school, straight A student, who wanted to be a lawyer. She met a stoner and fell for his bad boy ways. He was a no motivation drop kick who smoked weed like he needed it to live. Her grades plunged, her hygiene degenerated, her dream changed from lawyer to tattoo artist, she started fighting with her family and ended up kicked out of home. Prior to weed and meeting the drop kick she was a motivated beautiful girl, after it she was a surly stoner with no vision passed her next party. I know people like that are the exception rather than the norm, but I can't help but see her life go off the rails whenever the subject comes up. If it is a motivation killer, then it will reduce education, achievement and increase the welfare state. I wouldn't mind people growing a single plant for their own use, but I can't get behind a full retail roll out. Euthanasia is an easy one, I would support that completely. It has to be well written and have the obvious safe guards, but allowing someone with a terminal illness to make the decision to stop their suffering is the humane thing to do. As long as it is a physical, untreatable and quality of life destroying disease, then there is nothing to be gained by forcing someone to die in pain. Where would you stand on these issues?
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    This I believe is the key point, and something I think Wertbag is aspiring to. Unfortunately these topics will attract posts like the first two replies to the OP in which no discussion is granted, The my way or the highway types. (Edited for clarity)
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    It's probably Skippy... ... cuz he always gets caught putting peanut butter on it.
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    Come on, Skip! You’re not afraid of anything. Cough it up!
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    Thank you @DanForsman... I haven’t actually attended church regularly in years and didn’t have bad experiences there, my programming is all from my mother... you’re right about how atheists have been portrayed and I’m sure that must be part of it. So much of her voice to try to overcome.
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    I was browsing through Amazon and came across an item with this description: Yiyang Christian Jewelry for Women Bible Verse Bracelets Gift for Her Cuff Bangle Engraved Let Your Light Shine Popular mantra engraved on leather bracelet, Inspirational and motivational saying daily reminder, Bracelet come with elegant velvet bags, amazing gift idea for Easter,Christmas, Graduation, Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving day, Mother's Day, And here's the picture: https://www.amazon.com/Yiyang-Bracelet-Inspirational-Stainless-Personalized/dp/B07D1QJH8Y/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1535073881&sr=8-20&keywords=engraved%2Bbar%2Bbracelet%2Bfor%2Bwomen&th=1
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    I relate to your story. Christianity was painful and sad and empty to me. I tried to please God but got nothing but emptiness and tears in return. I felt I was doing everything right. But like you this happened. I truly felt love for God... I believed in all the bible said about Jesus. I even tried church but something was always missing, confusing or painful. Christians were snobs and awful to me. I tried getting help... forums..Facebook and even a catholic councillor. Ended up with blame games back on me... I felt like a monster and ripped my mind apart trying to “correct” myself spiritually. For a time being I threw out all my manga, dvds and even stopped all non Christian hobbies and entertainment. This didn’t fulfill me either. I felt better being less worldly with this stuff but I felt no joy in my heart I dont feel feel like God is loving in any way or involved in our lives personally. I feel it’s all observation.
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    Thanks for posting this Margee! It’s important to keep basic information like this readily available to people. While some folks come here after discovering these things, others arrive unable to believe but afraid to disbelieve. This can be very useful to them in getting over the hump and moving forward.
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    After listening to Bob Larson's bullshit in the above video, I'm reflecting how fortunate we are to have You Tube. Why, I can listen to the Horst Wessel song (aka Die Fahne Hoch) anytime I like! There must be half a hundred other military or paramilitary marches and songs I can listen to as well, and I can even find the odd rendition of "Dixie!" What did that idiot imagine was the primary purpose for which those and a zillion other tunes were (and are yet) used? In case he and other Fundies of his ilk didn't know, they were and are used to teach men how to march in ordered ranks, march off to war, along with keeping up soldiers' morale. Such tunes were often used in the same way as cheap grog was used, with the advantage of their being free of cost, and much better for brainwashing. His point seems to be that Rock 'n Roll encourages casual fornication. Well that's as may be! However war is organized murder, (even if fighting in it is sometimes a regrettable necessity,) and I always thought murder to be a much more serious affair than fornication. Besides, shooting is a lot less fun than screwing. On top of that, when you have lots of young people, as you did with the Baby Boomers, plus a fairly prosperous society in which they can live, well then, as my grandfather and his Irish ancestors would have said, "Nature looks out the eyes of a cat," meaning they'd have taken to casual sex anyway, rock and roll or not. After all, even back in hungry Ireland, and in a far more religious (and superstitious) country than the US would ever know how to be, it was said if you threw a stone over any workhouse wall in County Kerry, you stood a very fair chance of hitting one of Dan O'Connell's bastards. Casey
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    Yeah, they are, and ten years down the road I know I'll still be dealing with its impact, likely for the rest of my life. Here's what I wonder: how many men who have left Christianity pause to think and reflect on the patriarchy that they grew up in, how it has negative influences both on them, and the females in their lives? How many truly try to deconstruct that narrative so that it doesn't continue to play out in their relationships and lives endlessly?
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    I said, you are Elohim You are all sons of El-Elyon But you will die like mere mortals you will fall like every other ruler Rise up, o Yahweh, judge the earth for all nations are your inheritance. This passage makes no sense. Being sons of the Most High God meant that they were immortal. It also clearly shows that Yahweh was conceived of as one of the sons of El-Elyon. Yahweh was the "son of God."
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    "And God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness" "And God said, now that man has become as one of us to know good and evil" Genesis chapters 2-3 from memory. Some say this is a royal "Us" but study shows in line with the Pslams verse above that the passage is referring to the pantheon in which El is the chief god and there are other gods under him. This making man like "us".
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    You dodged a bullet. Several folks here are unequally yoked and that creates a lot of problems in their relationship.
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    The slave issue may or may not bother her. What would probably really be a shock to her is the Jefferson Bible, in which Thomas Jefferson pasted together his own version of the Gospels, leaving out ALL of the miracles. Gasp! In reality, though, there's not much chance of getting through to people who think like Deborah. They rewrite history to serve their agenda and nothing will change their minds, no matter how much you point out the Establishment Clause, the Separation of Church & State, or the fact that many of the founding fathers were actually deists rather than Christians.
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    Oh yeah, all of that is easy to explain. God talks to Christians and gives them direct instructions and commands. God's ways are not our ways, don't cha know? God could do all of those things, but he prefers to leave the heavy lifting to his loyal followers. I've been considering the possibility that I never was a Christian, because God never talked to me. If He had I'm pretty sure I'd still be a Christian. Oh yeah, it's probably best not to tell the lady that Thomas Jefferson wasn't a Christian,...and (gasp!) He owned slaves and actually fathered children with them! God cannot be happy about that.
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    What amazes me is that they never take it to the next logical step. If god wants this so bad, why does he leave it to fallible humans to make it happen? Why doesn’t He do it himself? He’s all powerful, right? Where is his “hand” in all this?
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    I'm always amazed at people who will tell you what God wants and thinks. "God wants America to succeed" or "God wants abortion to stop", its the ultimate claim to authority fallacy. He is not stepping in to fix or change anything, and its always a case that God must want exactly what I want. Shouldn't we be saying God hasn't struck down abortion doctors therefore He has made His choice clear?
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    And here's Mr. Garrison from South Park spreading the holiday charm :
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    Sooooooo true. Even on Christian TV where they supposedly get the most talented singers/musicians who make a living at it and have record contracts etc. and are broadcasting it Worldwide....most of it is unbearable to listen to. Christian musicians have little to NO talent.. The Pentecostal larger gatherings would drone on and on singing repetitiously for 2-3 hours BEFORE any talking/preaching/teaching even started. Especially in the larger services and the more well known ministries. They were always freaked out about and strongly against meditation mantra chanting. (And meditation w/o mantras.) Or anything that involved repeating words was considered chanting to get the devil, demons, evil spirits to show up. BUT, their 2-3 hours of repetition singing hypnotizing and putting people in trances making it easier to brainwash and manipulate them was Ok ?? Crazy. They thought you had sing and worship until you were hoarse, mind numbingly braindead and exhausted to CONJURE UP the presence of the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus. You couldn't just sing a few words of praise, thank them for a couple things, talk to them and they would be there. Sorry if I repetitiously rant sometimes. I am in early stages of deconverting and still have some sensitive emotions about some stuff.
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    So would I, the only Xmas music I really listen to anymore are the British and Austrian boys choirs. I once listened to the St Paul's choir sing Handel's Messiah in the cathedral and would do it again.
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    ^ ^ ^ I've previously written on this board about attending a service at York Minster, one of the largest cathedrals in northern Europe. The organ and the boys' choir just blew my brains out. And, frankly, if I lived there I'd go from time to time just for that.
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    This was introduced to us but this 87-year-old revival minister who was was always jumping and dancing on stage. Dynamic fellow. But my dad and I enjoyed the original because in the sheet music, the bass clef does a very interesting crescendo that I cannot easily describe in text but it would throw off the more timid singers around us. That was kind of our entertainment. Oh! But in term of outdated vernacular... So we were doing a Christmas special one year and I was asked to be in the choir. Well, that was an issue because I had just built our new presentation system and was still training others how to rub it. But my mother guilted me into it (she wanted video of dad and I signing together). But come the day of the special, all my trainees, kids, were in the program too! When I built the system, I had set it all up to be controllable from my iPad. It was for debugging purposes but I’d never dare use it for a live performance! But I had no choice. My iPad could control but not edit. Everything had to be queued in advance so I am rushing trying to get this done. One of the songs was “What child is this” Didn’t have it in my dadbase but it’s a common song. Import lyrics and queue. So while singing in the choir, I had my iPad which didn’t look too out of place. Everyone else was holding song books so I am sure the people who saw me just had a silent “kids these days” gripe. All was going well (as well as could be hoped for with a two-man system running in remote operation) but as I could see the upcoming slides I had a silent gasp. It was an older form of the song “...the ox and ass are bleating...” At the terminal I could’ve done a quick edit but not in remote. Well, nothing to do but to plow through! Set slide - active. It was the funniest thing to hear the congregation stumble on that word. It was like they were sinning or something. Some sang out loud and bold “ASS!” Others dropped to a barely audible mumble. Some looked around with a guilty conscience and some turned to glare at the empty operators terminal then get terribly confused how no one was there. One of my priceless memories.
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    Oh my self, the old hymns are awful!! . Even in my most devout days I couldn't stomach some of these and would look around at the congregation, standing, singing away like drones, words to a song that has absolutely no relation to modern syle and vernacular. "There's a new name written up in glory, and it's mine (and it's mine), oh yes it's mine (oh yes it's mine)..." "I'll fly away, oh glory iiiii'lll fly away. When I die, hallelujah by and by, iiiii'lll fly away!" One of the churches my dad pastored had a music minister who thought it was fun to have the congregation put a bunch of "powers" in "power in the blood". He'd say "let's see if we can get 7 powers in there this time!" And we'd all sing "there is pow pow pow pow pow pow pow'r, wonder working pow'r >gasp for air< in the bloooood of the laaaamb!"
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    Bwahahaha!!! The description (below) from the website is awesome. I need to get these for my (adult) girls. Two out of 3 of them would be highly insulted. My youngest (whom I have managed to corrupt with my late-in-life heathenism) would die laughing. Description Our advantages as a jewelry gift: 1.Christian bracelet designed is very popular in United Stated, especially for teen girls and adults women. 2.Christian bangle as a jewelry is meaningful as a religion gift. 3.The size is adjustable for most people and adjusted easily. 4.This bracelet wear comfortablely and take off easily, you can wear it in your daily life.
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    About a year and a half ago my parents went to the doctor for a checkup. They never went often but my father was having GI troubles and had a family history of more serious problems so they both decided to have full physical examinations done. My father turned out to be fine after some low-grade antibiotic treatment. My mother was found with a tumor in her colon. The tests came back that it was cancer and had likely been there for years. After surgery a couple weeks later, the tumor was removed and tested to see if the cancer had reached the lymph nodes. After several agonizing days later the word came back. It had. The cancer cells were now free-floating in her body. The doctors advised chemotherapy. We have all seen people in church go through Chemo. The weakness, the hair loss, the helplessness. It’s awful. The treatment is barbaric, though it is the best we have for now. And I yearn for the day that future generations look back on cancer treatment the same way we look back on leaches and bloodletting. Because even with the treatment, the doctors told her it was a 50/50 chance that it would put the cancer into remission. As we started preparing ourselves for this new reality, faith kicked in. Either way, it was in God’s hands so why worry? And this thought did comfort us, but I soon realized that it also opened us up for all types of external suggestion. While we told ourselves that either God wills it or not, my mother did not want to die. She was going to do everything in her power to fight it, to stay with her family as long as possible, and she was going to do it through her faith in God. So the very first MLM Supplement sales person in our church touting a cure for cancer had a meeting with my parents the very next day. You see, it was through God’s help that she was going to fight this cancer. Why wouldn’t a cure come through a respected member of the church? And a week later, boxes of supplements arrived at their house. My mother spent hours at her computer watching videos and doing research. She saw the scientific videos, but they just talked about the difficulties of treating cancer, how much and yet how little we still know and the heart-breakingly slow progress we are making. There were the awful stories of people who underwent Chemo, were laid low by the aggressive treatment and before they had even recovered, the cancer had returned and they never got better, dying puny and pitiful; a mere husk of the person their loved ones once knew. No one ever wants to see that. But there were other videos; videos of hope. Videos that knew the cure for cancer and they even said it was God who revealed this to them. A sign! A hope! After all, God is the great healer, right? It’s through God, not man who admits he cannot cure cancer, that you will find healing. So does it not then logically follow that God put the cure for cancer right in front of us, if only we had the faith to trust Him and just reach out and take it? My mother tasked me with researching terms and concepts. I struggled to find any scientific journal articles on most of them. The ones that did have journal articles dealt with high-level concepts and had nothing to do with its application in treatment. During a conversation with my mother that ended up devolving into her shouting at me that I had no faith in God (it hurt back then), I pointed out that there was no correlation between treatments and results for the things she was looking into. Almost none underwent double-blind testing and the ones that did were at best inconclusive. But she knew God would save her. How could I trust man’s fallible science over God’s ultimate power? I looked to my sisters for help. They too were worried and concerned but my youngest sister told me she’d do some hard questioning of her own. My mother turned down Chemo, deciding instead for a combination of self-treatment with a new aggressive diet that completely does away with all sugars and found an alternative medicine doctor who touted all these alternative treatments that Big Pharma would never allow to be used in hospitals, because they work so well. It was then I realized that this questioning my sister was doing was not demanding evidence, but rather demanding answers. She went with my mother to meet this alt med doctor and from what I am told, she gave him the third degree, questioning everything and demanding answers. But one does not go into alt med without having a strong sense of self-assuredness. He answered all of my sisters questions and she left confident that she had done her task well. Had we been taught how to actually question in our youth, she would have. I can ask an apologist any question. They will always have an answer. I know, because I always had an answer. So too did he. I’d like to take a step back and say that the decisions that come after a cancer diagnosis are hard and deeply personal. Chemo, while about the best we have for the moment, is not a great option. I would not want to base my life and my everything on a coin toss. So I can completely understand if a person declines chemo, choosing to optimize the quality of their remaining life rather than the quantity of it. And were that my mother’s decision, I would be, well… I won’t say happy… but I’d be at peace with that decision. But now, my parents are tens of thousands in debt. My mother’s hope all rests on these… charlatans. And I simply do not know what to think. If I were to bore in and try to convince her that this is all bunk, I am terrified by the thought, ‘What if I actually succeeded?” Am I prepared to deal with picking up the pieces of a shattered mother whose inevitable next step is heavy depression and thoughts of death? Am I prepared to deal with the knowledge that I caused it? Am I prepared to deal with driving a schism right through the center of my family. Even if I got saddled with all the debt from this, is ~$100k really that much compared to our family unity that we all rely upon?

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