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    My family’s Christmas cards from the 1960s and ‘70s almost always said “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Holidays,” or some such. Why? Because a few of the recipients thought it was sinful celebrate Catholic holidays! We celebrated Christmas as a purely secular holiday because we were Christians and to celebrate it as a religious holiday would have been wrong. Some people thought that we were implicitly condoning it, anyway. So “happy holidays” doesn’t bother me. And it isn’t exactly a new thing! It just became an issue a few years ago when some Christian decided to take offense when a store in a multi-cultural city suggested that their employees use the phrase. Now the 1942 Bing Crosby song is stuck in my head: ”Happy holiday. Happy holiday. May the merry bells keep ringing Happy holiday to you.” I guess he started the war on Christmas way back during WWII.
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    What gives with these people? They want to share their delusional beliefs with primitive people who are better off without them. They probably see outsiders as a threat to their way of life, much like we would view aliens arriving in space ships telling us we are all wrong about our belief system.
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    Thanks for posting this Margee! It’s important to keep basic information like this readily available to people. While some folks come here after discovering these things, others arrive unable to believe but afraid to disbelieve. This can be very useful to them in getting over the hump and moving forward.
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    I already got the "what do we do if we offend you since we celebrate Xmas and you don't" question from family. I thought it was a bizarre question. I had to correct them, in that I do celebrate Xmas, just not as a religious holiday. I think it's time to have a discussion on the pagan roots of the tradition. And why would I be offended by other people's beliefs? Those who are easily offended automatically assume that others are as well.
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    It is imperative that the fundies find uneducated, simple folk upon whom to impose their belief system. Given the proliferation of the Interwebs and deep-dive historical investigations into the days of antiquity it must be getting tougher to find such folks in the "modern" world.
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    US ‘missionary’ shot dead with arrows by remote tribe ‘believed it was his calling from God to convert them to Christianity’ ....... I'd suggest missionaries just air drop some bibles next time.
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    Yeah, they are, and ten years down the road I know I'll still be dealing with its impact, likely for the rest of my life. Here's what I wonder: how many men who have left Christianity pause to think and reflect on the patriarchy that they grew up in, how it has negative influences both on them, and the females in their lives? How many truly try to deconstruct that narrative so that it doesn't continue to play out in their relationships and lives endlessly?
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    "And God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness" "And God said, now that man has become as one of us to know good and evil" Genesis chapters 2-3 from memory. Some say this is a royal "Us" but study shows in line with the Pslams verse above that the passage is referring to the pantheon in which El is the chief god and there are other gods under him. This making man like "us".
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    You dodged a bullet. Several folks here are unequally yoked and that creates a lot of problems in their relationship.
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    So I was nineteen or twenty when this happened, so we're talking better than twenty years ago, but the incident is burned into my mind for reasons that will become evident. My good friend Bob lived with his dad in a little cabin outside of the small town where we grew up. It was a Saturday morning, and Bob and I had been out late the night before, so I crashed on their couch. I knew that his dad worked nights as a security guard, and I had slept on their couch more than once, so I was familiar with the rule about staying quiet in the mornings so that his dad could sleep in. His dad was notoriously grumpy when he wasn't tired. It was early, probably around 8am when the knock came at the door. I was semi-awake on the couch, and Bob was standing in the kitchen in a pair of sweats, cooking some eggs on the stove. He immediately raced to the door before they could knock again, and of course was greeted by two older women, dressed in white, carrying their literature and clutching their bibles. I couldn't hear all of the conversation but it was easy to figure out that they were JWs. Bob was repeatedly shooshing them and trying to respectfully ask them to leave. This went on for a good minute or so before Bob's dad yells from his room "Who the hell is that?". Bob yells back, "It's Jehova's Witnesses dad!" "Well, tell them to... aww F*#K it. I'm awake now." This is when I learned that Bob's dad, who was in his fifties, slept in the nude. His bedroom door flies open, and out he marches, old man cajones swinging in the breeze. He pushes Bob to the side, points emphatically off in the distance, and screams "GET THE F*#K OFF MY PROPERTY!". I was laughing too hard at that point to catch much more of the incident, and Bob was just horrified, but their house was never visited by Jehova's Witnesses again. I don't recommend it as a form of JW repellent, but it was certainly effective.
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    The slave issue may or may not bother her. What would probably really be a shock to her is the Jefferson Bible, in which Thomas Jefferson pasted together his own version of the Gospels, leaving out ALL of the miracles. Gasp! In reality, though, there's not much chance of getting through to people who think like Deborah. They rewrite history to serve their agenda and nothing will change their minds, no matter how much you point out the Establishment Clause, the Separation of Church & State, or the fact that many of the founding fathers were actually deists rather than Christians.
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    Oh yeah, all of that is easy to explain. God talks to Christians and gives them direct instructions and commands. God's ways are not our ways, don't cha know? God could do all of those things, but he prefers to leave the heavy lifting to his loyal followers. I've been considering the possibility that I never was a Christian, because God never talked to me. If He had I'm pretty sure I'd still be a Christian. Oh yeah, it's probably best not to tell the lady that Thomas Jefferson wasn't a Christian,...and (gasp!) He owned slaves and actually fathered children with them! God cannot be happy about that.
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    What amazes me is that they never take it to the next logical step. If god wants this so bad, why does he leave it to fallible humans to make it happen? Why doesn’t He do it himself? He’s all powerful, right? Where is his “hand” in all this?
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    "Unsubscribe from Aunt? [Y] [N]" Select Yes.
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    I'm always amazed at people who will tell you what God wants and thinks. "God wants America to succeed" or "God wants abortion to stop", its the ultimate claim to authority fallacy. He is not stepping in to fix or change anything, and its always a case that God must want exactly what I want. Shouldn't we be saying God hasn't struck down abortion doctors therefore He has made His choice clear?
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    And here's Mr. Garrison from South Park spreading the holiday charm :
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    Sooooooo true. Even on Christian TV where they supposedly get the most talented singers/musicians who make a living at it and have record contracts etc. and are broadcasting it Worldwide....most of it is unbearable to listen to. Christian musicians have little to NO talent.. The Pentecostal larger gatherings would drone on and on singing repetitiously for 2-3 hours BEFORE any talking/preaching/teaching even started. Especially in the larger services and the more well known ministries. They were always freaked out about and strongly against meditation mantra chanting. (And meditation w/o mantras.) Or anything that involved repeating words was considered chanting to get the devil, demons, evil spirits to show up. BUT, their 2-3 hours of repetition singing hypnotizing and putting people in trances making it easier to brainwash and manipulate them was Ok ?? Crazy. They thought you had sing and worship until you were hoarse, mind numbingly braindead and exhausted to CONJURE UP the presence of the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus. You couldn't just sing a few words of praise, thank them for a couple things, talk to them and they would be there. Sorry if I repetitiously rant sometimes. I am in early stages of deconverting and still have some sensitive emotions about some stuff.
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    ^ ^ ^ I've previously written on this board about attending a service at York Minster, one of the largest cathedrals in northern Europe. The organ and the boys' choir just blew my brains out. And, frankly, if I lived there I'd go from time to time just for that.
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    This was introduced to us but this 87-year-old revival minister who was was always jumping and dancing on stage. Dynamic fellow. But my dad and I enjoyed the original because in the sheet music, the bass clef does a very interesting crescendo that I cannot easily describe in text but it would throw off the more timid singers around us. That was kind of our entertainment. Oh! But in term of outdated vernacular... So we were doing a Christmas special one year and I was asked to be in the choir. Well, that was an issue because I had just built our new presentation system and was still training others how to rub it. But my mother guilted me into it (she wanted video of dad and I signing together). But come the day of the special, all my trainees, kids, were in the program too! When I built the system, I had set it all up to be controllable from my iPad. It was for debugging purposes but I’d never dare use it for a live performance! But I had no choice. My iPad could control but not edit. Everything had to be queued in advance so I am rushing trying to get this done. One of the songs was “What child is this” Didn’t have it in my dadbase but it’s a common song. Import lyrics and queue. So while singing in the choir, I had my iPad which didn’t look too out of place. Everyone else was holding song books so I am sure the people who saw me just had a silent “kids these days” gripe. All was going well (as well as could be hoped for with a two-man system running in remote operation) but as I could see the upcoming slides I had a silent gasp. It was an older form of the song “...the ox and ass are bleating...” At the terminal I could’ve done a quick edit but not in remote. Well, nothing to do but to plow through! Set slide - active. It was the funniest thing to hear the congregation stumble on that word. It was like they were sinning or something. Some sang out loud and bold “ASS!” Others dropped to a barely audible mumble. Some looked around with a guilty conscience and some turned to glare at the empty operators terminal then get terribly confused how no one was there. One of my priceless memories.
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    The moment you finally understand what cognitive dissonance is, you might be an ex-Xian.
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    If you are relieved that your new neighbors are gay instead of a 'nice christian family'...