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    By "I visited hell" videos are you talking about near-death experiences and the like? Reading or hearing about them is evocative for sure, but if your church's pitch on it is messing with your head I suggest you go around and research the whole scope of near death experiences. They tend to reflect the person's own religious beliefs or the person's culture's religious beliefs (a muslim will experience a muslim heaven/hell, a buddhist some buddhist version of it, etc.) There are also chemical ways to evoke a near-death like experience such as with DMT or ayahuasca. There's actually really interesting literature out there comparing after-life vision imagery across various religions, near-death experiences, and psychedelic experiences. They all share various common elements, and may in fact point to some interesting commonalities and themes in human experiences. A big one is Aldous Huxley's "The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell". Your church probably exposed you to a very narrow, specific subset of recordings of such experiences that they showed you in order to validate their teaching - but the fact that they had to be so selective is itself pathetic and invalidating. Don't worry about the "evidence" they provided - the subject matter of such experiences is very interesting but your church or denomination's interpretation of it is most certainly BS. What a trashy "psycholigist". I wish I could get paid for pointing at a book quotation and giving my clients excuses for why I don't have to do my job. It is in fact trauma and you are in fact experiencing a type of PTSD. It's not discussed a lot in open because people are politically correct and afraid of offending major religions that are protected by their culture and their government. It is, however, occasionally discussed, and I think awareness on it is growing. Here's one link that describes what the author called "RTS - Religious Trauma Syndrome" <http://journeyfree.org/rts/rts-its-time-to-recognize-it/>. I hope it helps you recognize and diagnose your experiences, and find the appropriate healing process!
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    I was under panic, confusion and terror over all the different beliefs of verses... i was terrified of those “I visited hell” videos and then these contradicting arguments in groups if I asked a question.... I’d be so confused and tossing in my head. I was under terror for bible versions.. I felt evil inside me if I tried anything other than the kjv and go back to it and then not be able to read it. Others attacked me for not being kjv only. Studies said they were kjv only.. a board game was niv based... I got blasted by others for even reading any other bibles... I even got questioned over a non kjv verse in my fb header! I wondered what pastors were fake or real. Then they made me into a monster as I wasn’t yet “achieving my highest Christian self” and being like Jesus. I made notes to improve myself. I wondered why I wasn’t as smiley as Lysa Terkurst... (can’t spell her name) or glad as paralysed Joni Tada..or blessed like Corrie Ten Boom or successful as Twila Paris. They all spoke of the joy of God. I wondered what was wrong with me. I questioned constantly. I never got a response from God. I cried in bed at night. I got several self help Christian books I still own. Nothing helped. Basically they all just say how Jesus suffered... we must too or like my wealthy ex catholic psychologist “this is my allotment, deal with it” or point out just suffering verses. I have so many of these useless books. They don’t give real answers. I feel traumatised... I feel sick. I no longer have spiritual nightmares though. My abusive stepfather still watches Christian tv. It’s so contradictory it’s almost funny. He even prays. I had to endure “The Christmas candle” last night.
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    https://www.patheos.com/blogs/fridaynightheretics/2014/06/its-not-me-its-you-children-of-christian-narcissists/ This was shared with me by @GypsyMoon today, and it provides some insight into how Christian parenting can be pretty toxic when combined with narcissistic family systems.
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    This has been discussed on Ex-c many times. When one partner stops believing in god, what do we do? What do we say? How do we approach the believing partner? I thought this message summed it up pretty good and might give a few good pointers for those of you who still live with a Christian believer.
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    Has anyone here made any foolish or silly mistakes when you were a Christian in order to be more “Christ like”? for instance.. this is what I did * threw out all my secular cds to trash or op shop * threw out all my secular dvds to trash or op shop.. only a few sold on a buying site for minimal money... *spent so much money (hundreds) on a collection of rare and common anime goods...mangas...stuff like that.. these wouldn’t sell so I dumped them in the trash. I couldn’t sell for remotely half of what I paid. Only a few items sold out of the lot. A lot went to op shops as well. Jewellery and even rare canvas posters I spent heaps on. I thought this series was “wicked”. * hada favourite tv series from the 1980’s on a complete DVD disc set. I still loved the series but felt I had to remove this part of me. It went in the trash despite paying like $200 for it. I couldn’t sell it due to copyrighting. Still angry over this. * buying trading cards of a nostalgic series I loved as a kid..including the pockets to put them in. Out they went as well to op shop. I thought it was “idolatry” considering it was human people * buying a poster of a Japanese band I liked. Out that went. Idolatry. * throwing out a card game to an op shop as the women had showing breasts... it was brand new I just bought it. Thinking of the hundreds of dollars I spent to trash these goods because of “idolatry” angers me. I am not too bothered about the shows themselves as I no longer like the anime show or the band or the 80’s show. I feel that part of me was abolished when I threw that stuff out.
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    When I was growing up the term conservative was used by the one political party that represented Christians, the aptly named Christian Conservative Party. Because they had a very narrow view (Christians are great and everyone else should be like us) they drove themselves to extinction as they excluded so much of the voting public. For many years that was my only contact with the term, so I defaulted to linking the two terms. Decades later when I first heard of Ben Sharpio my first thought was "Ah, hes religious, thats why he conservative" and while that is certainly part of it, it didn't cover the whole picture. It is the old story that you can disagree with one aspect of someones ideas but that doesn't automatically mean all of their ideas are of no value. I certainly agree with Ben on some points and disagree on others, but everytime he starts on the religious rant he loses me. I watched a video today of Dave Rubin interviewing Sharpio and Peterson, which touched on lots of subjects but ended up back with religion. They keep raising this idea that we need to become more religious so we can find community and meaning. I can't become more religious, and feel such statements border on atheists destroy society, atheists have no meaning and all of the worlds problems are due to us. Can you get non-religious conservatism or is it so entwined that the two are inseparable?
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    I think you misunderstand the science. No one is predicting the sky to cave in. Sheesh.
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    Have I mentioned Religious Trauma Syndrome before? If not, here's some info on it https://journeyfree.org/rts/ This is what many of us go through when we deconvert and leave religion. A secular therapist would be able to help you with these issues - find one that you can have a discussion with before committing, as it's important they understand what you're going through. And from what you write about your family, it would be helpful for you to also read this other post of mine
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    You're welcome. In a world of crazy, it really helps to get validation. And then you can move on with how to deal (or rather not deal - likely the easier choice) with these types of people, because they aren't easy to deal with.
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    My nickname "Lost" means that I'm kind of a person, that is completely lost in this world. People seem to live quite easy lives and do casual stuff. They find someone to be in a relationship, have kids, parents, grandparents and work. Yes, they have problems, but not that complicated and complex as someone who lost their own identity after losing faith in God and who lost mother in childhood...and more different problems as well. People around me and from my family are surprised that I am not like others and don't do things like others, but...ugh (they will never understand what I have in my head). I guess, I will start to tell them that I have problems that are not that famous in society and I was diagnosed with personality disorder, so sorry I can't grow that quickly to the standards of a normal world.
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    Isn't it the usual practice in the US that to be elected, you have to be of some Christian denomination, regardless of whether you're a Conservative or a Liberal? Casey
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    Neither Robin Hood nor any other outlaw ever stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Most thieves steal because they're poor themselves, so why should they give their ill-gotten gains away? That doesn't make any sense. What you steal from the rich, you keep for yourself, if you got a lick of sense. You want to watch it though, the government hates competition! Did you know he used to introduce himself to the ladies as, "Trya Fuck?" Spoonerism, ante literam. Casey
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    Hi QO, Yes don't be alarmed by the sudden loss of Hope. I agree with truth-seeker - all of your hope was placed on one thing, which you no longer Trust. You will find new purpose and meaning and your life will have satisfaction and hope again! Hang in there.
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    The loss of hope is a natural feeling because you placed all your hope on heaven, or god helping you, etc. Christianity was your purpose. You can find another purpose now. Find out what drives you, what gives you pleasure, what do you enjoy doing? Start there. And if your friends were all Christians, start looking for secular friends, I can tell you from experience these friendships are much more genuine, based on real things in common, not dependent or conditional on fairy beliefs.
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    I got accused of treating God like a genie, not having enough faith and just some really rude responses. Basically saying God doesn’t work the way I want and I need to keep waiting and stop being selfish. The good ol “Job response” is popular. Like we are all Job right? I tried having faith, praying and asking God for mundane ordinary things. Nothing was responded to. I didn’t treat God like a genie, I treated him like the bible says, to ask in faith and just ask if you need anything. I listened to healing scriptures, read scripture (that ceetain verse Christians exploit annoys the heck outta me.l the one where Jesus healed our diseases... totally not why it means) oh and Jeremiah how God has a “plan for you” ... oh yeah.. so he has a plan to not fulfill all he tells me he will do for me in the bible? Give me a support system, health, joy... fruits of the spirit etc? That Jeremiah verse wasn’t even meant to be directed at Christians. I felt stressed after praying, trying to pray earnestly...wondering why after faith nothing happened. I asked for others healing too! I wasn’t selfish as soooooooooooo many Christians accused me of... I’m not joking! I didn’t understand why with all the love I had for God in my heart I wasn’t hearing from him at all. I tried hard. I sought help and even baptism.. when I did try it didnt eventuate then was told in so many words I’d go to hell for not being baptised. I couldn’t finish the bible or somehow keep reading... with reading issues and concentration issues it was impossible. I felt attacked spiritually within myself if I tried to do more than a line. I felt pressured to read the bible. I recently saw some posts of mine on worthychristianforums from like 2013 and I was suffering and needing help. More blame back on me. I was under stress in my heart so much...I wrote about that and accused then of “works salvation”!! Someone even said I wasn’t even saved. Even a pastor online made me more confused and questioning. I was constantly empty and unfilled. Churches were cliques...women snubbed me and even a high-up leader did. I wondered what I was doing wrong. I gave God my all. I did it with a true heart... not for anything from God. Now ive given up God I no longer have these spiritual panic attacks and ocd over it. All day I’d fret I was sinning and then have a guilt like feeling in my heart... sometimes I’d go to read the bible during one and then have another attack. I recently had listened to Christian music and went into a sweat...some sort of panic attack. I felt like I was dying. I feel so free from the pain but lost all sense of hope now.
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    I dealt with this shit for 16 years, give or take. It doesn't do a thing except make it worse to believe that god will help you with your problems. You'll only be convinced if help arrives in some form (doctors, medication, social support, financial support etc) that you can then thank gawd for, when indeed you should be thanking those who helped you. I'm free from all that shit, and so glad for it. My mind is free of all that undue mental stress these beliefs cause, and I hope yours is too.
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    Right, increased military funding will make us less prosperous and less happy. Thanks for the warning.
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    Kiwis and Diggers of many ANZAC expeditions have shed blood and body parts , been interred far from home in HRMs wars BO. Can we not even go there? kL
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    Yeah I don't think Xians in my life realize all the hell and damnation rhetoric actually gave me years of night terrors and depression. They think my problem is that I never took their beliefs seriously enough ; on the contrary I took their beliefs way too seriously - more seriously than then, for whom hell was just a convenient bludgeoning object to control people.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the unanswered prayers and confusion. It really does mess with your head to be told over and over that the problems in your life are because you don't pray often enough or earnestly enough. I pretty much suspect half the time it's X-ians making excuses for why they won't help people in need even though they insist they're holier than the rest of the human race ("why, no", they insist "I would never think of myself as holier than non-christians", they say, "I am too humble and too purified by Christ to have such unhumble, wordly thoughts!") I'm sorry to hear you've had to endure emotional abuse. I don't know what your life circumstances are but if you're able to don't take BS from anyone!
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    Ta da. An 8 minute entertaining crash course in logical fallacies. Useful for a quick brush up or a very broad introduction. Also considered fake news by some who think chess should be played without a chess board. (LF did you have to have that dig? Yes, yes indeed I did. The devil made me do it!)
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    Wow, fascinating stories! (Un?)fortunately), I have nothing to share regarding the topic. I partook of many "unchristian" practices with nary a shred of guilt.
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    I don’t know but I feel relieved I don’t have to bother anymore. I didn’t know why I felt that way....
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    You just had to remind me of the time I smashed and destroyed my album collection in the name of "righteousness". Grrrrrrrr arrrragh!
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    Ejected a VHS tape my nephew was watching and pounded it to pieces. Clan of the Cave Bear. I thought it was showing him things he shouldn't see. Family didn't react well to that, but I was insistent that it was not right... Other stupid stuff: Had pictures of aborted fetuses in my car windows. Yep, I was one of those guys. Also blocked doors to clinics 2 or 3 times. Arrested once. Did prayer-walks with groups of pastors about 4am some mornings. A "prophet" had told us to strike before the demonic activity grew when the heathens woke up... We bound demons and cursed porn shops, anointed things with olive oil mixed with frankincense (cause that's more stuff from the bible - wooooo!) none of which had any effect at all. We encountered a Vietnam vet on a bike one morning and he commented that we looked like a squad out on patrol. That juiced us up of course. In reality, we were idiots tricked into thinking we were accomplishing something magical with our belief and woo. Bought and threw away rather a lot of porn. Endless cycle of trying not to be a human male with natural lust. Lots of other believers in the same boat, including pastors.
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    You know...I cannot thing of a single thing that I did, or did not do, (aside from wasting many a Sunday). When presented with a decree from a fundy or pastor about something I should or should not do I researched before abstaining from anything - or doing anything for that matter. I searched for evidence, yay or nay, in the Bible. You know were THAT lead.
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    I tried with all my power to read it all. I tried for years. I only successfully finished genesis, about 35 chapters of exodus, about half of Joshua, the gospels and verses from other books. I did bible studios but wasn’t really “reading” it. I got good marks. I have residing issues.. not dyslexia but something else. Maybe depression... I couldn’t find it in me to be interested in the boring law, prophecy books etc. I tried with all my power to pray over reading, pray before reading... audio tapes. I just couldn’t do it.. it hurt me internally for some reason..my mind would drift. I even tried hiring Christian books. Nothing ever worked.
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    Basically what it says.. I’m questioning what I’m believing in
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    I believe Christianity gave me undue stress...worry and pain. I had spiritual nightmares, confusion, panic attacks, fear and so much negativity in it. It was like a sickness. So glad to give it up.
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    A plausible explanation is this god you speak of is an imaginary human invention.
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    Well....I mean I can make an exception for Jason Statham.... I can honestly see evidence to support this and I think that's a fair point. My only real comment on that, while there is plenty of truth in what you said, is that I see comments like yours regularly used to dismiss legitimate objections. If it becomes so noticeable that I STOP low-key checking out Ben Swole-o or Boyega and find it MORE worth my time to be actively annoyed at pandering and SHIT acting/plots that's BAD. Lol it gives me PTSD from religious proselytizing. You wanna make like Disney and produce actually diverse movies about other cultures? Great! You wanna stop the "poor maiden needs to be saved by her man so they can fall in love" plot and make awesome movies about things besides romance for princesses? Great! Moana and Coco were pretty fucking dope! Beauty and the Beast and even Frozen had nods to the gay community, which is a good example of changing times but doing so respectfully. They celebrated diversity by placing an interesting plot in cultural context! It was amazing!! But don't approach your casting with a little checklist of what radically liberal college kids (who think they know everything) want to see and think others should see to be "educated." It's hard to describe, but there is a HUGE difference and I can just tell. Even Zootopia, which wasn't even about humans, made me want to vomit it had such a preachy "vibe." Like I said, y'all, it just makes me sad because I like good movies. I feel strongly about this (and politics lol). I am perfectly comfortable letting "white people step out of the limelight" for more "diversity," but make it good shit! GIVE ME COCO, GODDAMNIT. Sometimes, I want to jump up and down and holler "You guys are doing the same thing as Christians; trying to convince us we have all these "problems" for which we need social justice!!" I get it, I'm white. But sometimes, you (generic you) and I have can agree on a problem and disagree vehemently on how to fix it. That's why I get mad. Because I can so clearly see the biased feedback loops that BOTH SIDES have created and it makes it hell for moderate, libertarianish types like me who see the problems both sides have and disagree with both on how to approach it.
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    Mine is basically a wink at "True Believers" who embrace the paradox that "True Freedom" comes from slavery to their supposed savior.
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    My agnostic father (to the point where he would pray every night "just in case"). Gave me this solid piece of advice, past down to him from his father: "Consider the source, and let it go". It took me waaaaay too much time; but, eventually, I did just that.
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    My older granddaughter used to put a very distinct “r” sound in the word “look.” “Lerk, Pops!” It was really, really cute I needed a new online name at the time and thought to use her pronunciation. I googled it and discovered that there’s a mythical creature by that name, and figured if I used that for my icon it would be less likely for people I know me in person to associate my posts with me, should I happen to be careless. I’ve written some things that would definitely give me away, yet this creature would likely make them second guess themselves. Of course, if they were to read this comment, I’d really be busted!
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    'cuz it's what I do.. Everyday! kevinL
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    Someone told me this a few months back. It was something I considered, suffering from depression and unanswered prayers. I wondered why God didn’t provide me a way out of my abusive situation. God being “all knowing” would know my limitations and issues in my life..surely he would help. Surely he would stop the situation or stop the emotional, verbal and even psychological abuse. Did I matter at all? Why couldn’t he make a way that I could help myself? Why didn’t he help? He knew all of my issues. He saw my tears and crying at night. Yet..always silence. Silence to everything I asked. I didn’t ask for a mansion or money. I asked for human needs and spiritual help. I prayed for a support system in church and around me nothing was answered. Not one thing
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    I feel like I wasted so much of my life, pocket, time and energy over something that I can never get back. All the fruitless nights praying, begging, crying... endlessly. All was wasted. All to someone who doesn’t exist. I’ll never get back those years or take back those mistakes. I still feel inside I’m doing “wrong” over silly things and need to get this out of my system for good. I have stopped praying and am no longer seeking help from God from prayer. I tried that for years it did me no good. God didn’t heal me of any of my problems and illnesses. I never thought I’d become an “ex Christian”..... I scrolled this site like a year ago..I was questioning then. I thought these people here were never real Christians, I was told all ex Christians were “never one to start with”, I don’t believe this anymore. I believe they tried it, had the whole heart for it, loved God but something just didn’t “add up”. The questions were never answered, the fact I was unable to read much, concentration, physical pain, mental torment, the prayers felt fruitless, the emptiness continued... the void was never filled.. so much. Something just wasn’t “right”. This was me but I fought it internally, blamed myself and sought help online on christian forums. Initially I was on a “high” with God, I learnt much about the bible and felt so much warmth and love in my heart. I loved others. Slowly it just..died. I wondered why I stopped doing things. I tried to get back to them but somehow I just couldn’t. I somehow couldn’t master forgiveness. I tried and tried. People on the internet were so perfect over forgiveness and I got kind of attacked. No one seemed to understand. I felt i have lost lost myself over the years. Interests and somehow a “sense of self”. I gave this up as I felt in my heart lead to do. The bible talks a lot about sacrifice and denying yourself. If there is a “god” he isn’t the biblical god. I’m agnostic currently as I believe there is “something” but I don’t believe the Christian god is correct. Reasons being there is lots of unanswered questions and unexplained spiritual experiences I have had in my life. It’s possible the bible is not the creator of this world. I still believe there is a creator. I hope this doesn’t offend but it does say this is for “ex christians” not atheists alone. I have a longing for something other than humans and soemthing other than this sinful planet. Surely this isn’t all there is? I do believe in angels and believe I was visited by them. Someone had prayed for me and at that exact time I reported what I felt back to them. There is no explanation. They told me the time, it matched. If there was a Christian God I believe he left my country of New Zealand. Either that or he didn’t “chose me”. The bible talks about pre-election. If this is true, I certainly wasn’t chosen. I constantly felt this in my heart. A gut feeling I wasn’t chosen by god. I always had this sickly gut feeling I didn’t truly love God or was one of his children. It makes sense now. I wasn’t chosen. Maybe we don’t really chose god..he chooses us. Making my own decision doesn’t matter I guess. I don’t know what there is out there. I don’t know. But something I did must’ve been wrong. I dont know what what to do right now. I can’t explaon the past and I can’t explain things that happen to others. Maybe the bible is wrong? I fought and fought to hold onto my faith that god cared about me, he would hold me up, keep my faith etc...in fact I had a song I sung over this. I prayed about it. It didn’t work. I prayed last night a little I admit. I asked God for one last time to help me..if he was there. Obviously I’m still on this forum so he isn’t. I guess this is “testing god” but I’m desperate and wanted to try one last time. I have depression and have had no success in that. I constantly feel empty, strange and different from others in a sickly awful way. I am treated like I am below others and can’t connect wit others. Treated bad everywhere I go. I was raised by a narcissist mother, non existent dad and abusive stepfather. Two brief friends my entire life. I haven’t had a mate in 13 years. I thought Jesus was my friend and that was why I had nobody. I always considered myself a Christian till I was about 22 when I discovered what a Christian was. I just called myself it because I had gone to church! That doesn’t make one a Christian! I thought that was why I had no friends and felt odd to others around me. I felt an emptiness and longing but I was badly bullied instead. I thought I had a friend in Jesus..as the song goes when I became a Christian around 2013. But no friend treats someone like this. I loved him so much... Im lost
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    Yeah. I got married so I could have sex @ 19 years old.
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    Please don't waste one more minute of life trying to get BibleGod to help you....he won't,,,, I wasted several hours EVERY day for 51 0f my 62 years of life trying and my life was literally hell on earth....no answered prayer.... and the more I pursued BibleGod and the more I tried the worse things got...I have had enough spiritual experiences with good and bad entities so I know their is something "out there" but the BibleGod won't help us!

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