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    @midniterider Yep! If she’s an evangelical as she claims to be, I sincerely doubt she would have been able to push past the cognitive dissonance and read or watch a single one of those postings you guys put up for her. Doubtful she looked at or read a single one of them. I care for those on this sacred site. Those who would have to endure her manipulative tactics while still dressing personal wounds. I give a fuck at this point and it felt good to lash out. Hey don’t come up in this house with that bull shit. Not having it. This site, to me, is holy ground. True holy ground. Where we purified ourselves and shared our deepest thoughts and experiences with each other as we grasped at reality with everything we had. We purged ourselves from that evil philosophy of self hatred and masochism. There are appropriate forums on here for her bullshit and last time I checked, this wasn’t one of them.
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    Thanks, saying all of this helps see her tactics exactly for what they were. Her nice routine annoyed me though and ultimately it fails when you tell people you're there to listen or learn and you do no such thing and then claim that people are nasty. At the end she almost turned it into a "you don't like my God therefore you're nasty" claim. It's just pathetic when you attempt to label people by telling them you "won't play their game" because they're making some points that you refuse to respond to.
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    Exactly this. Print this out and put a copy on your mirror and refrigerator door. Maybe keep one in the car as well. You can get no better advice.
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    @Axelle That’s awesome. Very happy for you. “What do I do?” If you choose to tell your parents about your situation then do so without apology or self guilt. You’ve got nothing to apologize or feel guilty about. You’re a grown ass woman with the world at her fingertips. You can’t control their reaction. Maybe they do flip their shit on you. Guess what? They will get over it. And if they don’t, that’s not your problem. Christianity teaches people to feel bad about who they really are. It teaches you to go around and apologize for literally just being yourself. Do you and fuck what anyone thinks about it. Period. To reiterate; be yourself and offer no apology for it. Sever the cords of self guilt that Christianity planted inside you. Cut ties with that mentality and accept every single aspect of yourself as best you can. You need not explain your actions or living situation to anyone, including your parents. Form and shape your own destiny based on what works for you. People have a hard enough time living their own life let alone trying to live yours for you. Do what thou wilt.
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    I taught General Biology and Anatomy & Physiology for a while, at a local college. When students would complain about the subject being too difficult to understand, I would say, "If a dumb Redneck from out there where the foxes fuck can understand this stuff, then y'all civilized city-folk ought to have no problem with it." Didn't take long for the students to start referring to me as The Redneck Professor.
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    This entire thread from start to finish should be a teaching lesson for how to spot evangelistic tactics 101. It was obvious to me from the second she showed her face on the intro forum that she was here to evangelize. Then I came over and read this thread and it really pissed me off. You guys opened up and shared your heart, personal stories, and researched materials only to have her dismiss most of it, offer disingenuous thanks, and play the victim all at the same time. Pretty impressive actually. **Moderator, quick question: can I say “fuck you” to this lady? Or would that be offensive? Never mind. Hold on let me address her personally before I continue: Lady, take your deceptive tactics and victim-hood mentality and f*** off (smiley face emoji). Oh just kidding sweeety my dear I meant no offense only joking lol. Here to be open and listen (smiley face haha emoji and praying hands). Makes me want to puke 🤢 🤮 I absolutely hate seeing good people throw out advice and info to someone who could give 2 shits. Ugh, sorry, ever since I left god and shit on the holy spirit, my ungodly language just will not stop. So sorry. Here let me start over @Miriam we got off on the wrong foot. I’d love to share my new views on Christianity with you... there is no god and ... HAAAAAIL SATAN!
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    “God loves you” in some form of another. Sends off anger inside me
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    Greetings everyone! Wanted to introduce myself and my work. I blog and speak to raise awareness about healing from the psychological abuses of religion. I'm working on developing a training manual on healing indoctrination for helping professionals. Before I transitioned out of religion, I was a Pentecostal Christian minister preparing to become a missionary to India. I studied Bible at the Evangelical Christian Wheaton College and obtained my Master of Divinity from Princeton Seminary. Religion was my life’s passion, but I suffered greatly from anxiety, depression, and guilt about my sexuality. I began to realize that the Bible’s teachings were the cause of my psychological distress. After a slow, painful process of awakening and denial, I quit my ministry job, left religion, and moved to California to start my life over. I began to study religion from the perspective of trauma. In my journey, I found healing through secular humanism, meditation, entheogens, and sexuality. I am a clinical psychologist in training at California Institute of Integral Studies. My writings and interviews can be found at http://www.lifeafterdogma.org/. I love to write articles, record podcasts, and work with people to heal from religious abuse. Reach out to me if you're interested in this work. https://lifeafterdogma.org/2018/12/20/is-god-the-devil/ - "Was the Bible Inspired by Dark Spiritual Forces? Why does God demand human sacrifice and spirit possession of his followers? Is God the Devil? " (Spiritual terminology used in this article as a literary device to highlight abuse) Reclaiming Sexuality from Religion Talk:
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    I agree with all the above advice. And never blame yourself for other peoples reactions. You are not responsible for others' emotions, that's one thing my therapist reiterated to me over and over. Christianity would have you think you are. Live your life that you want without the "I have to please people" mentality. If your parents don't like it, they will get over it. If they don't get over it, it's their problem.
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    I completely understand your reasoning. I think it’s a gut feeling that you get after having seen it time and time again. I converted my sister, wife, brother in law, sister in law, several friends, and led family members “back to the lord” using highly manipulative tactics myself. I’m talking about personal conversions where I led them to the lord right then and there or later as a direct result of my emotionally manipulative tactics (ie the holy spirit). Now that I’m out, the tactic she employed was painfully obvious to see from the outset. Things that gives it away 1. The false happy-go-lucky routine. ‘Oh don’t mind me just here to learn and ask a few questions.’ Lol. Bull shit meter tipped all the way to the red. 2. Playing the victim. You can read it over and over in her comments. Especially when she names those who were critical and praises those who were “nice and cordial” to her. It sets the tone for all those commenting further to handle her with kid gloves. ‘See how nice this person was to me and how awful and hostile this person was?’ It sets the tone. (She also claimed to not have money to afford a book. Jesus.) 3. They give themselves away in their speech. ‘I’m not here to evangelize or anything.’ As if that needed to be said. The only reason she said it was to take away suspicions so that you let your guard down. Oh honey I won’t hurt you I’m only here to learn and listen 😈. I could go on but it’s a wonderful tactic to disarm those who fall prey to it. Scary. To think I’ve disrupted and hurt so many lives truly bothers me. So I see the tactic and truly hate it.
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    Well I haven't been here long enough to have interacted with a lot of xtians and their evangelising on this site (and I never tried it while xtian) so I like to give them the benefit of the doubt simply because some of them may have genuine questions, but when @Citsonga posted his 48 or so page letter in the other discussion where we all opened up to her and she replied "oh I'll read it some day when I have time," she made it plain as day she was here to score some points and that's it.
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    When someone claims a major love affair with the Jesus, they are here to evangelize. And when they disappear after we lob our anti-Christian stuff at them, they weren't really here to learn something from us but to win back souls.
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    Facts. To come on an ex-Christian forum armed with a covert attempt to evangelize; narcissism in its purest form. I’ve seen this somewhere before I know I have. Oh wait, that’s right I’ve done it myself a time or two. Game recognizes game.
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    As soon as I read the "I'm not trying to convert anyone" line, my BS detector went off. Miriam subsequently outed herself quite thoroughly. Just another Liar4Christ.
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    Yesterday, I saw a "Smoking Area" sign in a train station. Someone had scribbled "God was here" on one side. So I guess God is a smoker and likes to take the train. I wonder whether he ever buys a ticket or rather dodges the fare. 🤡
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    “Be patient in suffering” tick tock tick tock..one year..two years... thrifty years of sexual abuse etc. Still. Be patient! This fucked me up
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    If Christianity is true, quite frankly, it is beyond me to understand it. I was just listening to a debate involving Laurence Krauss and two proponets of intelligent design. One of the debaters advocating ID stated he was and evangelical, who believed the Bible was the word of God, and he finds the evidence for evolution overwhelming. I am perplexed how this man is able to hold so much conflicting information in his head at any one time. How can he say he believes the Bible, but definitely does not think Genesis creation accounts are literally true, but then evaluates other parts of the Bible as literally true. Exactly what method does he employ to know when to take the Bible literally, when to take it figuratively, and when it just becomes a divine mystery. In my experience, talking to people in the church is like taking a survey of the mentally insane. People believe all kinds of whacky ideas that sound like the ravings of a mad man. My reason for mentioning this is that the church, viewed holistically, cannot even agree on what Christianity even is. No two believers believe the same thing. There is no agreement on the "essentials" from one church to another. Before I could even question whether or not I find the claims of Christianity good enough, I would have to know what Christianity even is. Most popular answer you hear is "a personal relationship with God." I have no idea where that rabbit comes from, because nowhere in the NT does that little piece of theological magic make itself apparent. And let's be frank, a personal relationship with God is not what people believe to be the bottom line, the dogma takes precedence. Then we are back to square one, what is the dogma of Christianity? Nobody can agree, just have a heart to heart relationship with God......YAY!!!
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    I have no need to come up with any criteria because: 1. An omniscient god would know what it would take to make itself known to me. 2. An omnipotent god would be able to do that which would make itself known to me. The ball is in god's court and mine is wide open.
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    "What would it take for you to believe?" Sound like "What would it take to get you to drive this car home today?" Apologies to any car salespersons out there.
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    I usually say Happy Holidays if I don't know someone's religion. If they greet me first I usually reply with the same greeting, including Merry Christmas. As others have said, the only time I get upset is when I say Happy Holidays and get a angry Merry Christmas in return.
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    I was taught that above all, one must fear and love god. How can you do both of those? You can't.
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    https://www.faithwire.com/2018/11/27/megachurch-pastor-warns-of-yogas-demonic-roots/ Yoga, meditation and anything that reveals the inconvenient truth that you don’t need Jesus or any god-belief to have a good life: these are all going to be attacked. If I were a pastor I’d be worried about yoga too.
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    Yoga opens up your wallet to demonic influences...influences that will decrease funding of my megachurch. I bet there is a Christianized yoga practice out there that is Satan-free. OMG, look at this: http://www.christianspracticingyoga.com/
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    It really has been fascinating once I got past the shock of it lol. Ole El and his pantheon kinda did the whole bible in for me. So I guess in a way the God of Christ did open my eyes lol.