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    I see there's still a lot of old-timers posting. Just popping in to say I'm now posting under the name Sarah Bowman on Quora, which is basically an information site formatted in Question and Answer style. More on this below. I looked at my profile here and I see I posted my age as forty. Must have been a while ago. I also said I was trying to find my way in "the world" after coming out of the horse and buggy community. I feel like I have found my way by now. ExChristian was a big part of that and I'd like to acknowledge that for all the newer folk here who don't know me. I was a basket case and a half when I arrived. Like good humans do, the exChristians took me in and nursed me back to health. It took years and years, a lot of patience on the part of staff and moderators, and hard work for everyone. But here I am today, feeling like a new person, forever indebted to these forums. I recommend them to everyone I meet that seems in need of this kind of support. Back to what I'm doing on Quora. Here are the main topics I write in: Alzheimer's Disease Atheists Belief and Beliefs Bible Christian Theology and Philosophy Creative Writing Culture (social science) Dogs (pets) Family Relationships and Dynamics Narcissistic Personality Disorder Personality [Myers-Briggs Personality Type] Using Quora [See also my blog on the topic, TIPS.] You may have to sign in to read but there's no strings attached that I'm aware of.
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    Just the simple truth...
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    https://news.yahoo.com/anti-lgbtq-pastor-called-pulse-053306602.html Donnie Romero — a pastor who gained national attention after his views on the Pulse nightclub shooting...
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    Hi all, I joined this site a few months ago but had “browsed” it a few times a couple of months before that, with the purpose of confirming I was right in having concluded a few years earlier that Christianity was false. Worries that I could be wrong had started to creep in and then hit me with full force (mainly featuring a fear of hell) 3 months ago. I’ve posted on here a few times and have been lucky enough to have had some great support from members. I think I’m right that the majority of members live in the US and wondered if there’s anyone else England-based here?
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    Hi all, It's nice to meet you. I've accepted that I'm an ex-christian. I grew up catholic, than baptist, and settled on charismatic pentecostal. I've been heavily involved in the pentecostal church for a few years (my home church is inspired by bethel (what a cult that is), hillsong, ihop, etc) and was super into the idea of the gifts of the holy spirit (prophecy, speaking in tongues, miraculous healing) and being constantly in tune with it. The bible was my foundation and I believed every wild story guest preachers (who also labeled themselves as prophets) as well as their visions of how to basically force the world to believe in jesus. I believed the devil was at fault for all the bad in the world. I was basically drinking the kool aid. However, at the same time I've had doubts, especially about the bible and it's validity. My pastor would always say that the bible never contradicts itself but every time I'd read it and analyze it, there were contradictions for days. I also questioned the prophecies made by guest preachers and members of the church. I even questioned my own. Was god really talking to us? Another issue was that barely any of my prayers were answered and almost none of what had been prophesied over me had come to past. I also realized that those "sins" I were struggling were really parts of my identity that I was repressing, particularly my sexuality. But what really broke the straw on the camel's back was when I lost my job in NY and had to move back in with my parents. God just wasn't really there. I devoted my life to him and I was right back to square one. So I slowly began to deconstruct my faith and removed myself from evangelism and fundamentalism. I began to take interest in witchcraft and learned that everything the church told me about it was complete bullshit. Since practicing the craft, I've been doing much better and I enjoy it. Throughout all these things, I tried to make it work with my christian faith but I've come to realize that it's just not for me anymore. I've pretty much let go of god and jesus and the bible. I like to think that the holy spirit is a divine being, something different but that's just me. Anyway I'm basically just starting my journey as an ex-christian and though I feel free, I'm also grieving from the loss. Thank you for listening to my story. I talk more about it on my blog, where I also post my creative writing: www.writersburlesque.wordpress.com
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    You have been missed. So glad to find out you’ve finished your deconversion journey and that you’re happy and healthy. Thanks for the update. I hope you will still drop by occasionally.
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    Here's the link to my profile and posts. https://www.quora.com/profile/Sarah-Bowman-28 Wasn't thinking straight when writing the post. Should have included it there. Feel free to visit.
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    I've seen this scenario play out many times here. Someone has an unreasonable and unfounded fear of some Biblical hogwash and seeks a good debunking of the claim. If the resulting facts are accepted and that fear laid to rest (though that's not always the case) they then dig up some other "information" on YouTube or somewhere and have a whole new fear to present us for debunking. This is a mental problem, not a lack of knowledge or reason. Such people continue to search for something to be scared by, much like an alcoholic hanging out at a bar to prove he's free of his addiction. The only useful advice in such cases, in my estimation, would be to stop looking for trouble and possibly seek professional help. Obviously, nobody chooses to remain frightened or unhappy.
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    Oh yeah, i heard about this the other day. Fascinating!
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    No guarantee that the signal is from an intelligent source...but one can hope.
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    Welcome. Ex-Pentecostal here. And now lazy chaos mage. The nice thing about paganism is it doesnt come with evangelism....or any rules, necessarily. I like that.
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    Ok thanks. I just wanted to hear from you whether or not this is too offensive a direction to take. Because this isn't about any one else, it's your thread about your thoughts and feelings at this time. I was just reading the thread and trying to help out where I thought the meat of the matter with Daniel can be located and discussed. I gotta tell you, deconstructing the bible like this can be a real eye opener. And I'm not surprised that it takes time to digest. That's actually very normal. My abrupt statement was more the case of cutting to the conclusion up front. The conclusion or happy ending, is that you don't need to be afraid about it. It's wrong. Now understanding that conclusion very well can take time, but that doesn't change the conclusion. And perhaps knowing that in advance might give you some added confidence in doing the leg work and finding out the details.
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    Man, that is never so apparent and in your face as after you've seen the light, eh?
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    Insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. I repeat the same behavior without expecting different results. Therefore, I am only half-crazy. I can accept that.
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    When someone claims a major love affair with the Jesus, they are here to evangelize. And when they disappear after we lob our anti-Christian stuff at them, they weren't really here to learn something from us but to win back souls.
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    This entire thread from start to finish should be a teaching lesson for how to spot evangelistic tactics 101. It was obvious to me from the second she showed her face on the intro forum that she was here to evangelize. Then I came over and read this thread and it really pissed me off. You guys opened up and shared your heart, personal stories, and researched materials only to have her dismiss most of it, offer disingenuous thanks, and play the victim all at the same time. Pretty impressive actually. **Moderator, quick question: can I say “fuck you” to this lady? Or would that be offensive? Never mind. Hold on let me address her personally before I continue: Lady, take your deceptive tactics and victim-hood mentality and f*** off (smiley face emoji). Oh just kidding sweeety my dear I meant no offense only joking lol. Here to be open and listen (smiley face haha emoji and praying hands). Makes me want to puke I absolutely hate seeing good people throw out advice and info to someone who could give 2 shits. Ugh, sorry, ever since I left god and shit on the holy spirit, my ungodly language just will not stop. So sorry. Here let me start over @Miriam we got off on the wrong foot. I’d love to share my new views on Christianity with you... there is no god and ... HAAAAAIL SATAN!
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    Dear God, Thanks for doing literally the opposite of every single one of my prayers. Thank you for making me and my family miserable. Thank you for giving me the desire to give up when I prayed for strength. Thank you for making me feel hopeless in a time where I needed hope the most. Thank you for ignoring me in the time I needed you the most. Thank you for nothing. You call yourself "perfect" but in reality you're less perfect than all of us. You pick favorites and leave the rest of us to suffer. Fuck you and your word. Sincerely, Your "child"

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