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    Hi, I am Mandy. I recently submitted a full fledged introduction on the main website but it’s yet to be posted. I introduced myself as agnostic but I’m thinking that if I were honest with myself and others I would label myself atheist. I know I don’t label myself as Christian which is what I was brought up in. I accepted Christ at age 12 and started the long process of giving it all up, beginning to shake it off at around age 20. I’m 39 now and honestly this shit is taking too long to escape fully. I want it out of my head, out of my life completely. The guilt and the irrational fears have caused more than enough damage in my life. I don’t know why I find it so difficult to say I’m atheist and why agnostic seems more comfortable to me. Maybe saying I don’t know is easier than I don’t believe. I mean because can I still be considered an atheist if I also say there’s a possibility there could be some sort of god? Also I think I refrain from using the word atheist simply because it feels like commitment. I feel like I’ve sat on the fence from the beginning lol so jumping to one side fully is strange. I always knew which side I would fall on though, lol. I’m watching Matt Dillahunty now on YouTube speaking on Atheist Debates about hell. Wow that was powerful. I have enjoyed watching his videos. Anyhow hi everyone and sorry I seem so scattered about. My mind seems to be all over the place lately with thoughts and emotions. I used to come to this website 16 years ago after my first daughter was born but haven’t been back since. I was thinking the other day, I should see if that website still exists. I’m so glad to see it does and that it has grown. I’m glad to find myself back here.
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    Well, About the atheist/agnostic linguistic issue You seem to talk about a personal psychological element of this. I am not qualified nor do I know you enough to give an opinion. I could recommend seeing a therapist, this has helped understand and improve elements of my life. Caution in choosing one however. Bad things may happen. As others have said here, the book of Marlene Winell , Leaving the fold, and her articled on her website may help you understand more, and of course why and how things are so difficult to give up. As said, do not take everything at face value, but she has some good points about certain problems. Again,it helped me in some ways. Also the personal testimonies and forum members may be able to help you more than me, having greater experience. The logical element is a little easier to clarify. Atheist comes from the negation "a" and "theist" ( which comes from the Greek word for God, even modern Greeks when they refer to God, is "Theos"). It means a lack of belief in a certain kind of supernatural being, usually the anthropomorphic/personal kind. So, if you do not believe in such a thing, you are an atheist. But belief is not such an easy thing to actually understand, because there are degrees, questions, doubts. It is not such a rigid and clear factor in the human psyche. But, on a whole, that it is. So, believing in a kind of uniting creation force and being an atheist is not contradictory. Agnostic, again is formed from the negation "a" and "gnostic" ( this word meant knowledge in Ancient Greek, and some form of it may be found in modern Greek as well). It means a lack of knowledge. If you do not know ( it depends in how you define knowledge) if God exists, that may mean agnostic. You can be both an agnostic and an atheist. They respond to different questions. What do you believe vs What do you know? Most people are the same. And it is important to know what the question is. I mean you can be atheist and also quite sure that the Christian God does not exist, so you are NOT agnostic about Christianity, but you ARE agnostic on the idea of a supreme being. Bart Ehrman says something like this somewhere. It is important for you to clearly define what you mean, because these words can mean several things. There are many terms like strong/weak atheist, antitheist, materialist, idealist, skeptic. Not all atheist have the same viewpoint. Research usually helps. It if you do not know (agnostic) maybe searching materials may give the required knowledge to give an answer. For example, you read Christian theology from several denomination and refutations of these by other religions and philosophers, Church and Bible History, psychology, linguistics, physics etc. That is what I am trying to do anyway. Also conversations with freethinkers, atheists, Christians, Buddhists, etc. For me this journey, although hard, is very rewarding. Stefan
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    Welcome to ex-c...where we heathens try to help each other be better heathens
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    Your words remind me of Trump's voice......and my old brainwashed preacher. (shudders) You are such fake news.
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    Yup. So very jealous. Which is why all the bad hombres are flooding over the border into the US from Canada. It's a real problem. There are caravans and everything. Young, strong men. An invasion. A crisis. Come to think of it, it may warrant the building of a wall. Or at least a barrier of some kind. In fact, you guys should consider shutting the government down until this is dealt with. You know. Border security and all that.
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    BTW folks... you guys talk about the far left in your country and refer to democrats in the same sentence. Those 'far left' democrats barely dare to breath terms like socialism (Save Bernie who seems to be confused... he thinks he's socialist when he's actually a capital socialist.) Here our center right wing party is probably similar to your Dems with a few differences of course, and our center left is... well left of our right. Yet we don't call them 'far left'... well except for hardcore christian conservatives who as discussed above, suffer from the affliction of taking an arbitrary line, and everything left of that is communist. Just altered quote above. I think apolitical would be outside that diagram i.e. Apolitical Far left < left < moderate left < (center) > moderate right > right > far right
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    I also wanted to add that if I don’t post a lot here or contribute don’t think I’m still not lurking around reading and enjoying the things others post. A couple years back though I deleted all of my social media platforms and haven’t used them since. This is actually the first place I’ve posted anything online since then. I used to share a lot on those websites and years ago I shared a lot here at this forum. I also kept an online journal at diary x. For me it’s been great leading a more personal life. I am enjoying it. I plan on sharing here of course but just wanted to warn you all that it may be sparse or erratic.
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    Hello. My name is Jeffrey. But I often go by Jeff. I'm 23 going on 24, and I like Dragonball and anime in general, as well as metal and classical music. (no subject) Desirae Q Hi Show 6 read messages Jeffrey Newell to Desirae 1 minute ago Details I left the Christian faith due to issues and questions with the faith. From 2011 to 2016 and part of 2017 and 2018 I was atheist. I'm slowly transitioning back to atheism as of right now. With all the things going wrong in the world, and with all the things wrong with the Bible and organized religion in general, and with my long-standing love of science and reason, I feel that I'm better off not believing in God. I'm transitioning like this. Deism-Agnosticism-atheism. Taking baby steps.
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    Seriously, it takes a lot of courage to face the unknown in a very real way, and to stick to what you know and feel is right despite a tidal wave of social conditioning. Browsing here the past year has been an experience of relief of knowing that I am not alone, and also an experience of awe of people standing up for themselves under extremely difficult circumstances that dwarf mine (not that it's a competition). Give yourself a break. Pat yourself on the back. Take a deep breath and 'remember who you are' a la Lion-King style. This has been: A Random Shoutout. -DT
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    Welcome back Mandy. I truly believe you will find this site helpful. All of our stories seem to have similarities, so we understand how difficult it is to get all that indoctrination out of our heads. Our journeys are often long and difficult, especially if we were associated with some form of Christian fundamentalism.
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    Welcome, and I’m sure you will find this site helpful in your journey.
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    Welcome to X-Xian, Mandy! You can call yourself whatever you want! Glad you're finding your way out of the irrational fears and anxieties that come with toxic religious beliefs! Hope we can help
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    I meant I did not want members here to simply reply "word salad" which often hides the fact you have no decent argument against the points being made, or don't understand the argument, Re your last line, you are right, it does attempt to do that using philosophy. The problem is, no matter how good a philosophical argument, if it isn't supported in reality it's nothing more than a good philosophical argument and that's where I think theists are at. Many of them don't even attempt to 'prove' gods existence, instead resorting to that god is a necessarily existent being stemming from ontological and cosmological arguments.
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    I’ve been there! Whether you’re atheist or agnostic, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t know.” I think keeping an open mind and being true to yourself is what’s most important. Thanks for sharing -Aaron
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    As pointed out by Josh, both Yahweh and Baal were sons of El in the Canaanite pantheon. A splinter group of Canaanites (Who became the Israelite's) took Yahweh as their main God and started applying characteristics of El to him. This can be seen in the ancient manuscripts where in Genesis both the terms El and Yahweh is used to refer to God. In English it reads "and the LORD GOD", but in the original it reads "and Yahweh El" indicating the crossover. Other evidences that I think best support the Yahweh name is that El was also referred to as El Elyon "God most high". In the bible there are many references to Yahweh also as the most high God etc. Interestingly, and never brought up by Christians, is that why do you need a commandment to worship no other gods before me, and titles of God most high, or Lord of Lords, if there is only one true God? The answer when taking off the religious hat is obvious - these people came from a pantheon religion and so thought there were other Gods.... but their god was the most high one. The big boss. The chief. As for what sort of God Yahweh was - well readings in the bible would seem to indicate a storm or wind type God as these references are used regularly. Aron Ra thinks a volcano god which also fits.
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    Yes. It's like agnostic - you don't (Or technically shouldn't) put agnostic in a diagram of theistic beliefs as it's your claim of knowledge, not what you believe. When I ask "so do you believe there is a god?" and the reply is agnostic, I'm like, so am I, but what do you believe? (or not) Same with apolitical. Apolitical is not your position in the political spectrum because you've removed yourself from it.
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    The term "cis male" seems unnecessary to me and no one outside of the gender studies word salad spouting crazies would ever use it. If I look male, sound male and if asked say I'm male, then no further clarification should be required. The people who struggle are the ones with so many categories and labels that they have to apply before they can know you. Normal person: "Hi, I'm Glen, nice to meet you." Gender studies person: "Hi, I'm Glen, a cis male, heterosexual, lgbtqia+ ally, with the preferred pronouns him and he"
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    Welcome Mandy! Myrkhoos has it right. Simply put, you can be an agnostic atheist and in fact there are a lot of ex christians who are. For the reasons he's already pointed out. Good job explaining that @Myrkhoos
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    Doing things that make you feel good is not the same as believing falsehoods. I have known a few Pagans of various stripe who "worshiped" gods they knew were made up. Rituals aren't necessarily about woo or false belief anymore than dancing at the club, having a Mummers Parade or meditatively folding laundry.
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    Welcome! I do so hear you on how difficult it can be to overcome the past. I've come to accept my past will always have an impact on me, but I've tried to actively be aware of the negatives and do my best to improve on them. I've had a lot of progress in some areas (irrational fears) but it's very slow progress in others (core identity, recovering from the "you are a bad/sinful/ rotton person" messaging). Glad to have you with us.
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    I don't know what wmc meant aside from maybe suggesting that we need to center left and right views out and away from an apolitical point. In the above it does makes sense, though, if the chart is mapping out beliefs in politics. Non-belief would be outside the diagram.
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    Thanks also Derek!
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    I was reading this story this morning when a known fundy walked by, noticed this story on my PC and said, "God must have had special plans for those children" https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/14/us/florida-children-die-chest-freezer/index.html I felt like banging their head against a urinal and all the while saying, "Your god has special plans for you!"
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    Welcome, Mandy...glad you could join us
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    That one post of mine hit you so hard you felt the need to respond to it twice 2 hours apart? Sorry man, didn't mean to affect you that much.
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    I think some people just do not live a lot in an emotional landscape per se and could even have this distrust of it. The ones that do, focus more on doing stuff that makes them feel good.
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    I don't think these are equivalents at all. For this to even begin to work one label would have to be something like apolitical. As to to the actual view that people seem to have about our political spectrum is works something like this: Left <-> Right Pretty simple. But then it goes a little like this (I won't do all the variations but it works this way on all sides): Left <-> Right <-> Far Right However, to those on the Far right it looks like this: Left <-> Right Or maybe: Left <-> Moderates <-> Right And there may well be some outliers, some further out folks to the right so it looks like this: Left <-> Moderates <-> Right <-> Far Right So they believe they're actually in the Moderate or mainstream group when they're really in the more extreme part. Again, this is just a simplification and using one side but it works for everyone all the same. mwc
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    I think the woo fear is that ritual, ceremony, meditation, (half-assed) beliefs will suck an Ex-Christian back into a toxic psychological religious nightmare. So instead of that they get into heated forum battles over Star Wars movies. lol.
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    That's what I hate about our current political system. It forces me to vote for a party and thus be associated with all it's policies. I'd prefer a system where I can vote based on policy. I like this policy, but not this one. I think very few people are eggs all in one political basket, but the political system as it stands divides people by some arbitrary line... then we end up with vids per the thread title.
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    i think something that gets lost in this conversation is the value of phenomenology (the study of subjective experience and meaning). Humans like things that are, in the words of anthropologist Marvin Harris, "good to think". this is, what makes us feel good. These things may not be logical, nor demonstrable, but they feel good nonetheless. The atheist idea that there is harm in this is I think unfounded. Humans gonna human. Call it "woo" if you like, but emotional experience is a valid human experience. Doing things because they feel good, like ritual, or meditation, is perfectly valid.
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    Sometimes I think someone is a right winger but they identify left ...and vice versa. People believe in some of this and some of that...then tack on whatever political label they like. It's kind of funny. My younger customers assume that I'm a republican because I'm 1) Old , 2) Wear a baseball cap. We got 50 genders now ... but only two (significant) political parties. (haha)
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    Both the left and the right enjoy the middle about as much as religionist's and atheist's do. I'll map that statement out in simplistic terms for visualizing pleasure. Atheism ---- Pantheism's ---- Theism Democrat ---- Moderate ---- Republican I don't know how it is down there, but in the states the hard atheists frown on middle grounds as do hard theists. You're either with them, or against them as far as that goes with religious views. Politically, it's no different. The middle ground is frowned on by the extremists. Neither lefties nor righties think very highly of moderates. It's very much an, "you're either with us or against us" attitude coming from both sides. I think that's sort of why MR was wishing for a "Moderate Party."
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    Awww BO matey, don't be triggered. I know it upsets you that people outside your country might have something to say about it, heaven knows that US people have plenty to say about the rest of the world (From various shitholes, to "great persons" ) but that's ok. We are all allowed to say what we want and think what we want.... sometimes.
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    I remember having out of body experiences and some lucid dreams prior to becoming a Christian. As a Christian I felt euphoria at times while reading the bible and singing in the choir. I can achieve something similar to the Christian euphoria without religious intervention. With lots of effort I can manage on OBE or lucid dream. There are probably more explanations than just :1) Supernatural Jesus or 2) Materialist Hallucination. There may be supernatural causes, but aren't necessarily Jesus. And if our material world exists inside a non-physical universal consciousness....that could make things more interesting...and confusing. lol. There are people who work hard at mentally creating a sub-personality imaginary friend in their head (see tulpa). Maybe yours just comes naturally at moments but only let's you know it's there with a word or two then disappears back into your subconscious the rest of the time. I was raised by two people who thought gods, ghosts and spirits were baloney and so I dont recall having any experiences of ghosts or disembodied voices speaking to me. If I was raised by a psychic maybe I'd be hearing all sorts of voices. I hope you can make sense of whatever it is/was.
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    You can speculate endlessly as to what this was. I tend to the rather practical approach of "might be this, might be that; either way it's an experience and an experience is a thing and is a reality, regardless of its' source". So, what "really" happened, whether in any one instance or, if a general explanation is capable of formulation, overall, is probably less important than what these experiences mean to you. Regardless of whether you see this as a voice of your own consciousness or something external, regardless of whether you see it as hallucinatory, psychological or something else entirely, the point remains that you had these experiences then and you don't now. That tells me that, potentially, you have the capacity to tap into a highly intuitive form of awareness, but the circumstances that permit, or, at least, facilitate that, no longer exist. Can you re-create those circumstances outside of Christian beliefs? I suspect so. Your description of the crystal shop incident suggests that it is possible. It may be as simple as trying to catch the right ambience. Always assuming you want to go that route, of course.
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    Interesting to note: The term "Feminazi" has fallen into disuse since those who hate feminists have recently recognized that Nazis aren't so bad. In fact, they have a lot of fine people among them. Clearly, feminists are worse so let's not smear the actual Nazis with any feminist references connected to them.
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    It seems Jesus once invincible power and influence isn’t what it once was. And it appears Jesus is slowly becoming less and less relevant in politics.
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    I have always been a happy person.
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    Well, *I'm* happy. I have a great family, financial security, a fantastic job where I'm learning something new almost every day, and extracurricular activities (music, writing and astronomy) that regularly bring me in touch with hundreds of people. If something you previously loved suddenly vanishes from your life and you just sit alone at home feeling sorry for yourself, you probably would feel rather unhappy. It's important to get out there and get involved in things you enjoy doing, making use of time that was previously wasted on church activities.
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    The majority of citizens don't want it, Congress clearly does not want it despite what spineless Republicans are saying publicly right now or they would have done it over the past two years when they had all the power to do so, professionals in the actual business of border security think it's a waste of money and resources, and Mexicans are perfecting their tunnel and stair building skills . Meanwhile, actual security in the country is compromised by the crippling of agencies and personnel, including the most efficient drug interdiction force, the Coast Guard, because of Trump shutting down government in order to extort us and bypass our system to get his way. With illegal crossings rapidly declining over the past decade or so and currently at an all time low, there is no crisis at the border, though people and drugs do still get in through the sea ports, airports and often legal visas they overstay. All but the least intelligent of Trump's base recognize the wall as political red meat and symbolic of anti immigrant sentiment, be they illegal or even legal immigrants. The most mentally challenged consider legal asylum seekers to be illegals and invading hoards of criminals. The current president has chosen to die on this hill. Well, as long as he dies...... I just hope he takes his brain dead supporters and enablers with him. I guess that just about summarizes the situation here.
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    Welcome! We get it. Brainwashing runs deep, but there actually is no valid basis for the religion. Deconverting is a process that goes quickly for some and slowly for others. Hang in there and keep reading and asking questions here. You're not alone.
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    1. No. Christ pre-destined me to live here. All those who do not know Christ are vessels of dishonor as Paul told us in the Bible. 2. I pray for the lost souls of all those going to hell who don’t know Jesus Christ. 3. Jesus said He is the truth so no I don’t pray with an open mind for truth. I’ve already got the truth. 4. As I just stated, Jesus said he was the truth. What more do I need to know? 5. I have all the faith in the world in Jesus statement to be true. He-is-the-truth. Why would I go outside the church for answers to the bible or my faith? We know as Christians that we are called to come out and be “separate” from the world. So no I’m not going to seek worldly counsel on the bible or my faith. I might as well ask Satan for advice while I’m at it.
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    They were both two of the "son's of El" within the Elohim pantheon, both below El Elyon the most high god, the father over these sons. Each of these gods ruled over the various nations, YHWH being for Israel....

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