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    It made me believe that by myself I was immoral. It made me believe that no one could be good to me. It made believe that I couldn't do anything without a supreme being. It made me believe that I couldn't help myself. It made me believe that little children were going to go to hell. It made me believe that all human effort was useless. It made me believe that I all I needed to do was rely on the promises and blessings of God. It made me believe that all my actions were only rags of dirt. It made me believe that I knew something I could never prove.
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    Nothing is impossible with God, except for the things which are impossible for God.
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    I realized a few years ago that my posts were visible on the search engines; and that, worst still, both my screen name and my little "ix" symbol are also associated with me in real life, meaning that anyone coming across my posts would immediately recognize me by my name and trademark. Fortunately, I've suffered from a lifelong case of the fuck-its, so, after the initial shock, I just laughed it off and went on about my business.
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    Here’s one to get you started. A very energetic one from Dark Element feat Anette Olzon. https://youtu.be/A7fuuDc2hH0
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    I recently met a man from Estonia who never heard the term "Cunts" in his country until he came to Australia. On one particular night we went out to the supermarket to buy some cigarettes, cigarettes are expensive here (25 dollars for one packet) He couldn't stop saying "Those cunts" they're all cunts! he'd say, to which I replied that we are all cunts, either good cunts or bad cunts.
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    This is probably one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/315487551?ref=em-v-share
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    Chris and Joni had known each other since Joni was a toddler. As long as Joni can remember, Chris had been part of her life. In Junior High, they made their relationship official; and in High School they were completely inseparable. They even went off to college together, to strengthen their relationship. One day, Chris asked Joni to become his bride; and she readily accepted. A year went by, during which time Joni spent a lot of time looking at dresses, picking out China, and reading Bride magazine. But Chris never gave her an engagement ring. Joni just figured the ring must be something really special; and Chris has some mysterious plan for giving it to her in some spectacularly romantic way. Another year passed; and for Joni’s birthday, Chris produced a ring with a low-grade, ¼ carat diamond wrapped in a bag marked “Big Al’s Gun and Pawn.” Joni was disappointed; but she just figured that Chris was wisely saving money to put toward the incredible future he planned to give her. Five more years went by. Joni was no longer excited about the wedding; but she was committed to the relationship with Chris. Because he had promised her that the life they would have together would be extra-ordinary. She dreamed of the house in the quiet neighborhood, the laughter of their future children, the vacations; and most of all, the love and happiness of their family. Chris had often comforted her with these thoughts during her periods of doubt and frustration. Twenty more years went by. Joni had passed the age where she was able to bear children. She would never hear their laughter, or walk them to the school bus stop. But Chris continued to promise her the bright future she had dreamed of since childhood. Do you think, maybe, that Joni would be justified in leaving Chris? If so, then you’ll understand why I (John) left Christ.
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    I passed a church today on my way to a business meeting - and something totally caught my attention. The first thing I noticed was the brick building and the words Unitarian Universalist. Next thing I noticed- four or five black homeless people with their belongings hanging out in the front yard of the church. The church had set up a table and was handing out something to the homeless people I couldn't tell what. I went to my meeting. On my way back to the freeway I passed the same church. The table with handouts was gone but three of the homeless people were still resting on the benches on the church property. Then I noticed the sign hanging out in front of the church that I took a picture of and that I now share with you: This congregation believes: Love Is Love Black lives matter Climate change is real No human being is illegal Women's rights are human rights All genders are whole, holy, and good. Then I instantly understood why there were homeless people who felt welcomed there. And my eyes filled up with tears at the beauty of it all. 7 years ago I would have looked at that "statement of faith" and scoffed. Now I look at it and it resonates with me deeply. I can tell you this - my white Fundamentalist Suburban Church with a really long biblical and orthodox statement of faith never had homeless black people taking refuge on its property. In fact, the pastor of that church, a prominent Evangelical, was one of the key signers of the recent statement on social justice and the gospel - the document that warned Evangelical churches that an overemphasis on social justice would confuse and obscure the gospel message... Now I can see that social justice is a thing for the Evangelical Church to fear because the more we take up the cause of the hurting, the outcasts, and the marginalized, the more we realize that the only Justice that will come to this world will be at the result of our hands, our efforts, our toil.
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    That was the huge crack in the wall for me. Sitting in the therapists office spilling my story about a narcissist father who was always hearing god for my life. And I realized that the bible is mostly men hearing from god who then tell people to go do stuff or stop doing stuff. The next big ah ha moment was when my oldest child tried to tell me she heard from god about a minor decision that needed to be made. I jolted back in my chair and barked at her to not say that to me. Took a deep breath and explained that if god told her something it was for *her* and not me. And again...I realized my words were in total contrast to most of scripture. I got on YouTube,fairly convinced whatever I found wasn’t going to stand up to thirty years of my religion and four year degree in bible college. I was wrong. It fell like a house of cards,the damn broke and I couldn’t take back what I had learned. The most important fact to me was finding out when the gospels were written in relation to the books supposedly written by Paul. I watched documentaries,Dawkins,Richard Carrier. Part of me felt like I was experiencing a death of someone I knew for my whole life. Part of me was so relived that hell isn’t real,that satan and demons aren’t real. That conditional love is damaging and destructive and wrong. I threw it all in the trash and started listening to “secular” music for the first time in my life. What was amazing to me at first was how god didn’t send me dreams or people or anything to woo me back. I realized that wasn’t going to happen. It’s only been six months since all this happened,so I still wonder about a lot of things. But I am So Much Happier now. I can be me and find out who that is and has been all this time.
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    Lets compare this with what the Bible says about caring for the homeless. https://www.openbible.info/topics/helping_the_homeless
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    Everything in your post applies to me as well, but I'd like to add one thing, if you don't mind... Religion stole my childhood.
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    You're not a troll. That was made clear. Let's just rock this shit out then. "To start this off, without any words, I got so high, I scratched till I bled, Love myself better than you, I know it's wrong, but what should I do..." "I'm on a plain, I can't complain!"
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    Thank you so much MOHO. It's a wonderful thing to feel appreciated. The internet is amazing in what it has done to help people who are questioning their religion to have readily available information (including things contrary to what is taught in churches) anonymously. My heart goes out to people and especially children who are wanting or trying to free themselves from these damaging cults. I retired last week and am thinking of starting a Recovering From Religion local group as part of my plan for creating a fulfilling new phase in my life. I believe you and I and everyone who contributes here are performing a much needed service that just wasn't available back when I was 13, 14, and 15 and would so much have appreciated a place like this to talk about what I was thinking and the problems I was facing. Your enthusiasm and genuineness come through so clearly (along with your sense of humor) in your frequent posts. Keep up the good work! It's great to be participating on this site with you.
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    And go to great lengths and jump through many hoops in order to attempt to do so? A ) All knowing god somehow misses the fact that he's inspiring bronze age priests to draft contradictory myths which he already knows future generations of believers will be unable to defend or make any sense of. Questioning his all knowing-ness. B ) All knowing god somehow purposefully inspired bronze age priests to incorrectly describe creation on purpose, willfully hanging up his own apologist's of the future with untenable foundations. So they'll always, no matter what, turn out completely wrong in the end. The god knows all, but misleads his followers on purpose. C ) All knowing god had absolutely nothing to do with any of it. Bronze age priests write about their own thoughts and feelings, call it god, which turn out to be completely untenable with respect to reality. And future generations of apologist's are stuck with the dead weight that the bronze age priests left them with. The god doesn't exist, so doesn't know anything and didn't inspire anything at all. It seems to me that C is the most obvious answer as to why believer's have to do all the talking for YHWH or Jebus, they always have. It's always been make believe. Making a more fitting title of "make believers." Maybe in time people will simply ask, 'so, are you a make believer or a non-make believer?'
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    How come believers have to do the talking for Jebus?
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    I'm so glad I don't need to take science and force it to square with it a centuries old fairy tale. I get a headache just thinking about it.
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    I think one of the things some of the others have been trying to explain, and you either aren't getting or not admitting that you are getting, is that the dust of the ground is star dust, because all of the elements in observed nature originated from the reactions within stars. So, to answer your question, which is improperly framed, by the way, there is no difference.
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    That the xtian god grow a pair, take a midol, haul his “royal” ass off his throne and stand before me, and prove its some kind of god. However I still wouldnt bow to this vile monster, nor become one of its “fangirls”, its actions as recorded in the bible warrants it as unworthy of anything but scorn.
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    Thanks a lot for the support and ideas guys. Feeling a lot better, its still very difficult to focus as this is on my mind 24/7 but I'm learning to control my thoughts...I think... Better understanding the arguments have helped me disassociate the voice with the devil and more so realise that these are bad thoughts..., still these thoughts get to me as it's not something I can stop thinking about and ignore, perhaps there is some way to manage these negative thoughts in a way that would help me focus in school and at work? Because right now it is a little difficult to focus and get things done, especially at school. Thanks once again for reaching out :).
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    Yes! I really love these sentiments and hope to pass on the same sort of ideals.
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    Well, you apparently have not read enough of SB's posts, or the years of posts he made before he changed his screen name to Serenity Blue (didn't know about those, perhaps?). SB has a serious mental illness. He was also deeply infected with a rather virulent strain the Christian God Virus. Over the years, we watched as he battled these two infirmaries and, slowly, but eventually, he deconverted from his religious indoctrination right in front of us. His mental illness continued and he has had many relapses in and out of the religious nonsense. The severity of his bipolar condition has diminished over the years, with occasional flareups. He is having a minor flareup right now. SB is not a troll. Your conclusion otherwise is simply wrong.
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    I had a similar thing. When people ask me what "started it" my answer almost always feels different. I can point to several moments of cognitive dissonance. The one that happened to me in Genesis was when I saw a meme online that was like "Right. There were three days before the sun was created" or something similar and I was like......"dumbass humans wrote this shit" lol
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    Your requirements for proof a quite good, if god is a personal god. However, this does not preclude the existence of a deistic god who simply doesn't care about you. For example, I was making yogurt today and in doing so, I create an environment where I pasteurize my milk to kill off all microorganisms then add in a live bacteria culture to then, be fruitful and multiply as it were. If, say, one of these bacteria became aware and asked me what it was, I could tell it that it's a bacteria in a pot. Being alarmed and confused it may accuse me of lying. As a comparative god to it, I'd find that amusing. ((NOTE: If I were YHWH, I'd be screaming at the pot, adding sanitizers to it to kill untold numbers of bacteria and demanding their praise and obedience for creating their world and the lives they have.)) If this bacteria started demanding that I demonstrate my power to it, I may rightly say that I have far more important things to worry about than answering to the demands of a bacteria in a pot. If after awhile there were countless numbers of them, all petitioning me for everything from finding their lost possessions to changing the very world they live in, demanding answers, praising me, cursing me and every which other, I may eventually just shush the pot and put a lid on it so that I do not have to listen and their world continues on has it has, as I made it. In this instance, the lack of demonstrable evidence of my power does not preclude my existence. Neither does belief or non-belief in me really matter to me in the slightest. But how would the bacteria who cannot leave the pot truly know if I am real or not? Well, there's a good chance they could never know unless I returned and started interacting with their world again. But unless I do, my existence actually doesn't even matter. What would it take for me to believe again? Well, definitely a god interacting with the world. But the only concept of a god I have now still wouldn't care about my belief or non-belief. If it reappeared and said, "Yup, I am the one who created life." I'd fully expect that if I started demanding answers of it, I'd be ignored. That god would do whatever it's motivation is to do and there isn't much I can do about it. Now, if YHWH is real and then shows himself to me, I'd first assume I was crazy and ask for external confirmation. If I receive that, my next question would be, "WHERE THE F*** HAVE YOU BEEN?!"
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    When you drive Jesus off the lot does he depreciate?