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    I fully agree. Perfect moment for the red pill, blue pill question. NO. I would not go back. Uh, "lean [yea] on my own understanding" is soooo much better! Cognitive dissonance is bad for humans. At the very least it causes significant stress and makes us do crazy things.
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    I don't see this ending well, and ending sooner than anticipated. Profit motive, and therefore political dogma, easily trump science these days. We can't even get the USA to work toward any real solution, and then there is the rest of the world that also doesn't give a shit. Not optimistic and glad I'm old and childless. Only Keith Richards will be here to worry about the virtual death of our planet in the coming decades.
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    Welcome! Your story is very similar to mine. I have been out almost 30 years, and still have to bite my tongue at times to keep quiet around many people. My patience was tested again just a few minutes ago while writing this. My wife asked what I was doing, and when I told her I was posting on this site, I got a snide remark about thinking I have all the answers. A path we have been down numerous times, and I won't go into details here, but maybe this will help you in your situation. She will not read the essay I wrote explaining step by step how I "studied" my way out of religion over 20 years. She never reads her Bible, or goes to church, but for some reason is too insecure to even look at the issue. I guess I am telling you this to show that some people are too insecure(?) Hard headed(??) To even consider other viewpoints. We have been married almost 51 years, and overall she is a very good person, but there are some quirks. She would tell you the same about me (having quirks) We look at some things very differently, and at 75 and 77 years of age, it likely will not change. HA! With senility it may get worse! Being agnostic can be lonely at times, but I could never go back. I have to be true to myself.
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    Just to fuck with the fundy wife once I said "You mean Satan created all those OTHER churches to turn people away from Mormonism!" I seriously hope that caused even a few seconds of ponderment.
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    I have many incredibly smart family members who have infected my facebook feed with Christian nonsense. I almost never go on the site. I have a disguised twitter account I hope is never discovered. I am utterly taken aback, though, by the huge blind spots and logic holes in their arguments. My best example is how my family views evolution. I was actually raised by Christian parents that believed in evolution. God directed it, but I was allowed to accept science like the rest of the educated world without being berated. Now, though, if I try to discuss climate change with them??? Sigh. Shoulder slump...I don't get it. They're not dumb, but they're acting rreeaaallly dumb. It's a type of willful ignorance that is quite dangerous as we can all see. Hello Facebook! Great post!

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