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    Questioningone, I understand what it's like pouring out your heart to some god that doesn't listen, doesn't care, and replies with nothing but a void of silence. I hope you are able to stop spending your emotions on this entity and channel it to real people, individuals who can in time genuinely care about you. Reach out to us if you have to, send us a PM, spend time in the chat room but please, don't torment yourself with a god that isn't there and if he is, he doesn't give a damn.
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    ...I could not reconcile that a god could make something perfect only to have it rebel and suddenly is not perfect. How can a perfect entity suddenly be not perfect? Makes zero sense. That was when I started researching, even more, then one day the question hit me..."Where have all the gods gone?" It was at that point I realized that the truth is far from true! From then on, I smelled the stench of man, not the hand of a god in writing that book. So, after much thought and research, I came to the conclusion that I had to admit there are no gods. We have so many religions because we have so many people with their own understanding of why we humans even exist, but we all wonder why we are here. And it is that very wonder that has moved some people to offer up their own answers, even to the extreme of forming a religion behind it. Some are sincere, some are not and have had ulterior motives for their doctrines, but the bottom line, not a single god has come forward and saved their creations from themselves. NONE. Humanity is the same now as it always has been. Nothing has changed but the humans involved. Dare I say, I found the truth to be that humans who sincerely just want to know the truth have been played by their fellow humans. If you really want to know the truth of a matter, go looking and you will find it, but be prepared for the answers you might not want to hear.
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    Many of us also prayed, fasted, claimed promises, quoted scriptures, "bound" the devil, etc, and nothing ever happened. The one reason for this is that there is no god there to hear us, no spirit creature cares if we go without food, none of the promises in scripture or any of the many stories of miracles are true they are all just stories, there is no devil or god just religions galore and nothing to make the magic real. It is a sad thing that so many humans are intent on convincing others that all the stories are real and trustworthy, that billions are spent annually on making churches and sending people all over the world to preach fairy tales. If instead all that energy was put into helping our neighbors, feeding the hungry, visiting the lonely, and so on, how much better humanity would be. None of the crystals, spells, tarot readings, and other things that are supposed to be magic have worked either, but people continue to insist that it's all got validity. I'm sorry that you are in pain. I'm sorry that the church promised you help and then gave you bullshit that didn't work. I'm sorry that all we can give you here are words. I hope the words can help you find a bit of strength in yourself. You are the one that has lasted through all of this, and all of the fake promises of help. You are the one that has lasted, demonstrating more strength that you may realize you have. Still, it sucks to have to be strong all the time. I don't even know how many real friends I have after years of associating with people. There are probably two or three out of several I know. The rest are good acquaintances, but I wouldn't be able to share anything deep with them.
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    Deeply held beliefs are , well ... deeply held. Emotional attachment keeps them that way. A Christian told me (when I too was a Christian) a good reply to someone trying to hit me with an anti-Christian argument is, "That's nice, but I choose to believe in Jesus." So, just summarily dismiss whatever a non-Christian was trying to hit me with, regardless of whether it made sense. I think the key is not to allow yourself to even consider it...because critical thought Satan will get into your mind like that. It's interesting that my Christian friend had to consciously suppress critical thought to give me his advice about supressing critical thought. I guess it gets easier with practice. I had some trouble being a Christian as it was antithetical to common sense , which was how I was raised. But I still managed to allow myself to be programmed somewhat.
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    Which question do I need to answer? Oops, that was another unsolicted question, wasn’t it? (<- and so was that!!! OMG) My bad.
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    There is a lot of bullshit coming from the pharmaceutical industry. However, in this case, the results of certain populations refusing to vaccinate are showing up and it ain't pretty. There is no link to autism and that has been thoroughly established for years. We do know better but the conspiracy mindset is a hard nut to crack despite in your face evidence. It's not unlike religion or political entrenchment.
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    Well. We went to the initial meeting where we talked about our backgrounds and our marriage for an hour with a counselor. When it was my turn,I could see the man trying to hold compassion for me and take in my trauma while also holding onto his own worldview. I remember doing the same on occasion. My husband feels that when he talks about his faith,I attack him. And that’s important for me to know because I thought he was simply listening to my impassioned thoughts on whatever it was. Young earth creationism briefly came up because it’s very important to him. I commented that I feel like I need to protect my husband because it means so much to him but at the same time want my children to learn about modern science and want them to be able to see the world from more than one perspective. Sigh. So our real work begins with a local couples therapist next week.
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    If God isn't helping then talk to a human being. Humans are often quite helpful when God just doesnt seem to care.
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    And the walls of Jerico fell down--------before the city was established??
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    Though I would add this to the absurdity of the exodus story. Recently, years after my deconverting, I read where someone calculated the length of the line of 2 million people marching out of Egypt. If they matched 10 abreast, with their belongings, the line would be likely be 200 miles long. By the time the front of the line reached destination, the end of the line would still be in Egypt. Were they pulling carts with their belongings? We're they driving livestock? How far apart would they be marching? If you believe the Bible to be the absolute truth, with no mistakes, take the time to figure this up and see what you find.
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    Well just in case he is still watching replies. I’ll give him my answer to his question. Even though the question isn’t really worded right according to our perspective. Ok william in our minds we have not rejected God because from our understanding the Christian God does not exist. Although most of us at one point in time Did believe he existed. So first I’m going to reword your two part question so I can answer it to the best of my ability. ”What caused me to lose faith in the Christian God? And why has that made me unable to support Christianity and the agendas that go along there with?” Research made me lose faith in the Christian God. Especially when I was trying to research information to prove points in the Bible. When faced with years of archeology, scientific research, obvious biblical contradictions, and biblical research, the Bible just fails on so many points. The first thing I did was try to find proof for the Exodus. To my dismay after over a century of trying to use the Bible as a guide for archeological research there was no proof that an exodus even happened. Archeologists gave up on using the Bible as a guide for accurate research. (Why? Because the biblical account is horribly inaccurate) They literally tried to use it as a guide and it failed. Building on that are issues that they did find. One being that Jericho didn’t even exist at the time and if it did certainly had not reached the point that it had built the wall around it. Even Jewish scholars that I read trying to make an apology for the issues saying that it was most likely a smaller group that traveled from Egypt and not the 2 million plus men and women as well as livestock that the Bible claims. I’m sorry William but that excuse doesn’t work for me. If the Bible says it was 2 million people then it should be 2 million people. If the Bible said Jericho had a wall it should have had a wall. If the Bible says that the Israelites came into Canaan afterward and drove the inhabitants out then that should be true. But what they have found is that evidence supports a gradual move Of semantic canaanites from the south to the north. By this time I was deconverting and was here at ExC. finding more things to look at. Not only was the Pentateuch not written by Moses it was written by 4 different authors over a few hundred years. All of them making their own changes to the previous text. I found out that even the gospels weren’t written until the apostles themselves would have been dead. On the same train of study I read Bart Ehrmans Forgeries and counter forgeries. It turns out that half of the Pauline epistles are forgeries. Which accounts for a lot of the discrepancies. William I’m sure you are familiar Jesus’ parable about the house that was built on the sand? My whole Christian life the word of God was supposed to be the rock I was building my spiritual house on. If anything should stand the test of time and the scrutiny of the nonbeliever, Gods word should have. A small tribe of Indians 1000 years ago in America couldn’t dig a hole to use the bathroom in without us being able to find it. Even without a text guiding us to where they would have dug that hole. But the BIBLE which is supposed to be the inerrant word of an omnipotent and omniscient God can’t? No sir that doesn’t work for me. At that point there was only one conclusion I could come to. The Christian God does not exist and the Bible is a work of fiction. My house that I had spent a decade building fell. And great was the fall of it. I had done what the Bible said. Built it on the rock (so I thought) but it turned out to be no more than sand after all. So that is a very long answer for the first part of your horribly worded question. The second part is easy. If I know that the Bible is fiction, Christianity in general is false, and those that follow the teachings are living a lie. How can I support that lifestyle? I do to an extent with my wife because she is still a believer. But I am not going to let the Bible dictate my decisions. Our lives should be dictated by sound logical reasoning that would provide the best quality of life for us and our families. The Bible doesn’t promote sound and logical reasoning whatsoever. I choose to live in the truth not to live in a lie. And living in Christ most certainly is living a LIE. Best Regards, Dark Bishop

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