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    Overcoming Religious Indoctrination: 6 Steps Towards Sanity David Nicholls Religious indoctrination is real. It is a traditionally-based process of all cultures. Its power is such that peoples so affected have a ‘belief’ they have chosen their particular ‘faith’ above the many on offer throughout the planet. All religions work on the principle of exposing each new generation to a single worldview, to the exclusion of all others, in a repetitious and authorative manner. Doubts, as to the veracity of such ‘teachings’, are not encouraged, indeed, are not tolerated. Once learned, the information so gained is retained for life, allowing it to take on an instinctive mantle in later years. As with all acquired knowledge, such as learning to ride a bicycle or rote remembrance of mathematical time’s tables, once taught, unlearning is not an easy option. This is not to say that the results of such methodology are not practically overcome-able. Youthful brains soak up information with little effort, establishing permanent neuronic pathways. Older brains require considerably more effort to alter this situation. There are many Atheists to attest to this. In fact, it is the rule rather than the rarity that most Atheists were raised from infancy under some religious regime or other. Even the most intense religious indoctrination can be overcome. Here is how it is achieved: First, one must become acquainted with and become used to the correct terminology pertaining to religious indoctrination. Even though the religious are quick to point out that others have been brainwashed (such as communists, other religious adherents and even Atheists), it is they who have succumbed to this process. Brainwashing/inculcation/indoctrination is one in the same word in meaning. These words are used in reference to promoting a one-sided opinion as being truthful, without allowing access to other ideas and with no reservation in calling it unjustifiably, the ‘truth’. Considering the adverse ramifications of such methods and results of brainwashing, this is nothing less than mental child abuse of the worst kind and one day it will be viewed that way. Just seriously think about this for a moment. If you are religious or harbour religious thoughts, it is more than most likely the result of being abused and mentally used as a child. There is no escaping this fact. That the abused can then go on to abuse others in a likewise fashion is near enough to proof positive of the reality of the situation. Under the guise of a good for humanity, the fear of death and/or eternal damnation is instilled into the pliable and susceptible minds of children and continues into adulthood. Sprinkled with tales of eternal life, temporal wishes supernaturally achievable, the unworthiness of humans and the existence of a ‘good’ and an ‘evil’, sets the mental scene for subservient confusion. Second, after recognising one has been abused and brainwashed against their will and without their knowledge, if escape is required, then effort to combat this negative outlook must be more intense and prolonged than the unwanted religious input. A good start is to fully appreciate that all religious people of the thousands of religions that have and do exist, have been similarly abused, with them considering that they have the correct religion and all others are wrong. Even religions under the same name can state unequivocally that their counterparts have it incorrect. As an example, fundamentalist Christianity classes the Pope as the Anti-Christ and Catholicism a heresy. Third, take a proper look at Earth. 50,000 Iranians have been recently killed by earthquake, 3,000 many-denominational people died in the Twin Towers, 6 million Jewish people died in the Holocaust etc etc. Where were their respective gods? They were remarkably silent as they have been throughout history in humanity’s darkest hours. Look at the system that sustains life on our planet: Every life form preys on another life form to exist. Some of this in such brutal and horrible fashion as to totally exclude the idea of a ‘loving’ god as the creator. Look how the dice of life favours some and is more than wretched to others. Look how natural disasters and pathogens kill and maim indiscriminately. Fourth, it must be consciously recognised that books and ideas of old came from ignorant times, and were written and passed on by ignorant men living by the malleable rules of all-encompassing superstition. Fifth, and most importantly, it must be remembered that religions have held sway since consciousness arrived many tens of thousands of years ago. It is only in the last few hundred years that science has leapt onto the scene, and in doing so, has began to devour the very pillars holding superstition aloft. Although it is not fully accepted yet, the one part of science that will eventually be seen as the most profound is the principle of evolution. Not only has science found no evidence for a supernatural realm, it has shown that evolution requires no such thing to sustain it. Sixth and lastly, it therefore has to be asked as to why a super-being or thing would initiate a universe with us as only an infinitesimal dot within it. The Universe works on definite laws in a rational manner. Even if quantum structure appears not to be so! Such a rational creative force would hardly expect us to accept the irrationality that is religion especially as it is introduced in the heinous form of child abuse. An all-loving god with control over every particle in existence, that chooses to allow immense suffering, cannot exist. An all-powerful god incapable of creating perfect happiness for its creation is an oxy-moronic concept. An all-knowing god that cannot see the inherent goodness of humanity and does not nurture and aid its creation in a fair and equitable manner is a god of immeasurably immoral proportion. These thoughts and similar must be the constant companion of the adult psyche wishing to escape the foolishness of religious mind control. Victims of child abuse can overcome the strong hold it has on them and in doing so can benefit greatly from the conflict. The brainwashing will always remain but in its subjugation it will eventually be replaced with feelings of pride of accomplishment.
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    I need a purification ceremony ... in ummm... the Bahamas. And some grocery store needs to pay for it.
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    Well Zeus is just something someone made up....
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    There is no way to checkmate a christian, it can't be done. they always find a way to get out of thinking their king is cornered. I don't know what it is, most of them are smart enough to see the logical fallacies in their beliefs, but they just downright deny how their beliefs really are.
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    More to the point, from where I'm standing, there's no way for Christians to checkmate me. They can't find a way to get me thinking their king is mine. I'm mostly smart enough to see the logical fallacies in their beliefs, and I just assert the the reality of how their beliefs are.
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    Why? Sorry, but you should want to believe in things that have supporting evidence. That observation aside, you've been out for a long time now. Perhaps professional deprogramming would help. Brainwashing can run very deep, some cults are more adept at it and some individuals are more susceptible. The very idea that you actually want to believe in a creator without evidence fueling such belief shows just how ingrained the programming is.
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    I agree about the broad brush, perhaps I should have tried to be clear this whole time that I am referring to the extreme SJW not most social justice endeavors. I was using Evergreen as a representative of extreme radical behavior, not to represent all people who claim to be an advocate for social justice. Evergreen is extreme, but there are PLENTY of video evidence that portray similar cultish behavior or at least on the same path to the same result in public places like universities or protest riots. The unquestioning "oppression" narrative does not have much factual basis, it reminds me of my time as a Christian. Also, hallelujah to the denouncing aspect. That is the far left's problem right now, they are NOT doing this as they should and they're going to begin eating each other alive if they don't soon.
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    I see your point, though I was not referring to all social justice. Your last paragraph summed up my point well, not all social justice endeavors are radical as we see in the video. I would like to reiterate that I was referring to radical SJW behavior as cultish though, so your feedback is not wrong. There may not be a ""leader" for but there isn't always one. Definitions include a "leader or object" and if the "object" is literally constant perceived racism or the pursuit of intersectional social justice without evidence than a lot of the checkpoints still apply. I think Florduh made a good point though, that the extremes on BOTH SIDES can be cultish. In the video, the canoe meeting was really disturbing to me. Made me wonder how pervasive the ideology behind that canoe meeting is, I suspect there is a correlation between that perceived oppression and radical behavior.
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    Since I was referring to radical SJW behavior, I accept this point. I do believe the radical stuff we see on Youtube is not representative of most liberals or conservatives. I always considered the "alt-right" to be a response to SJW tactics but I had not considered which one started first and cannot deny that these points apply to both. Lucky for us, most are moderate and those goes for both sides.
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    Myrkhoos, welcome to Ex-c. Good to have you here! If you want to debate topics, there are other sections on Ex-c for you to do that. So feel free! But this section is for testimonies of christians to tell their story and for us to encourage. This section is not for debating theological points. So keep posting all your points of view.... just in the other sections! Thanks my friend! And Welcome to Ex-c DevilsCanaBoy! Good to have you here at Ex-c with us! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks everyone. I very much like the look of you all! Please hold on while I try to navigate around this ship - not easy for an old 'un. I found and dipped into the Testimonials area and so much resonates. I received what I think must be a 'private message' from Weezer: thank you, I am grateful but have no idea, yet, about how to reply. That will come. For now, thanks again. Joshpantera: yes Armstrong on GOD is a great read.. I have seen a lot about 'Leaving the fold' but I'm not sure that it would be a good buy for me. I will look into Robert Price. I'll think about writing something more of my story but it might be more comfortable for me if I let it out slowly. I am not a well known person but Google finds me very quickly if the right words are input! Thanks again and I look forward to chatting and learning.
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    I just ask 'em if they believe in Zeus, and if not, why not.
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    Deeply held beliefs are , well ... deeply held. Emotional attachment keeps them that way. A Christian told me (when I too was a Christian) a good reply to someone trying to hit me with an anti-Christian argument is, "That's nice, but I choose to believe in Jesus." So, just summarily dismiss whatever a non-Christian was trying to hit me with, regardless of whether it made sense. I think the key is not to allow yourself to even consider it...because critical thought Satan will get into your mind like that. It's interesting that my Christian friend had to consciously suppress critical thought to give me his advice about supressing critical thought. I guess it gets easier with practice. I had some trouble being a Christian as it was antithetical to common sense , which was how I was raised. But I still managed to allow myself to be programmed somewhat.
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    I think the cause you’re looking for is called “Brainwashing”. And it’s been proven to be extremely effective. Evidence indicates higher education has no effect on it either. Once the God virus infects a brain it becomes almost impossible to extract it. And it is contagious too.
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    My only comment here is it that there can still be plenty of bias because we're still giving it our own meaning. Our human brains love to find patterns, even if there aren't any, and we mistakenly draw all kinds of conclusions that have nothing to do with the raw data. Example: Domestic abuse has gone up in recent years. Has it? Or has our definition of abuse changed, meaning more behaviors fall into the category of "abuse." That's why "science is changing" all the time, it's just us drawing new conclusions with new information. We're just monkeys trying to figure shit out lol, but the capacity for us to treat science just like we used to with the Bible with all this reverence is still there.

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