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    Ok, if we go back to your statement of following the scientific path and having an open mind, how would you define another realm, heavenly beings etc, and show that these things exist? Part of the scientific method is being able to show results to others. Now many don't like this because if you have no re-producible data, or sufficient pile of evidence then it's just guess work. Midnite was hitting at this in his post, and I agree it's possible there could be something beyond our means of scientific investigation. However, possible does not equate to probable. It's possible that we are brains in a vat, or that we are just computer code. But everything we investigate leads us to conclude our world is real, and that it follows physical laws, and thus we have no choice but to assume it's real. That doesn't mean we can simply invent explanations when we come up against the unknown. The glib reply is what did God say? Apparently God talks to many people and his will seems to coincide with their's which I find suspicious. But seriously, did God reply to you. When you say talked, I'm assuming you had a talk inside your head or talked out loud which is similar to what I used to do? If so did you get any actual reply - and I don't mean a feeling. Do you have the picture? Can you upload it? And if it is true would you still worship a capricious god? No I don't, but comparing a human who is greatly limited to an unlimited being is missing the point. I don't go an judge people for something I haven't confided in them. God on the other had is sending everyone to hell who doesn't believe in him. So some people he's giving a personal experience, and others he's not, and then saying well you didn't believe so hellfire for you sonny. Do you think that is even remotely fair? We are back at a capricious god. Again I am left pondering how you could know this? And how do you show this to someone who has different people telling them different things, most of which is mutually exclusive meaning they cannot all be right - but they can all be wrong. To finish off, here is a conversation between Matt Dillihunty and a caller who can't explain life experience except that it was God. (Similar situation to you). Matt goes through the points I'm trying to go through with you.. except he does it better. It's 17 off minutes, might be worth listening to?
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    Absent credible evidence supporting your conjectures/conclusion, the answer is yes.
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    God also told Pat that he'll be building a wall around Trump Towers to keep the Mexican Christians out and on their side of Heaven. Pat was extremely pleased at this revelation, as was his elderly in-studio audience as they banged on their walkers, oxygen tanks or honked horns on their mobility scooters to indicate their approval. (Nurses stood by in aisles with defibrillators in case of excitement induced cardiac arrest).
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    Yes, you are correct. Major strawmanning. My error as well as being overly fiesty. I shouldn't post anything in the morning. I just got fired up over use of the word delusion/delusional. It has a negative connotation as in "you're bonkers." I think we all have some kind of delusion yet are 100% functional human beings. Ok, 95% at least. :)
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    No, not at all. It isn't silly to be angry. Anger is justified. It isn't silly to overreact. We've all done that. Getting past the damage done by Christianity is not easy. Along the way, some rash things may be said, particularly here. That's part of the point of this place. But I think another part of the point of ExC is to try and help people like us to process the emotions that give rise to these kinds of statements. That's what I was going for. Rationality is important, in my view. It's good to keep a level head. But sometimes, it's nice to get carried away. If my comments weren't/aren't helpful, then please disregard.
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    Them flatulent Martian cows must be pretty strange looking living underground and such. Yes they have found seasonal methane production in the Martian atmosphere but seemingly no clue as to its origin. One possibility of the methane origin could be a Martian underground microbial source.
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    I've been working on a set of pamphlets to share when christians come a'knocking to share the "good news" with me and my family. I think the bible is a vile book and these pamphlets give me an easy way to explain why. I'm curious what others think. The first one is about the god-ordered genocide and sexual slavery in the bible. Genocide and Sex Slavery.pdf
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    Unless it's just for entertainment value, the debate really doesn't interest me. Even if there was definitive proof of a historical jesus, it wouldn't change the length of my commute, the length of my life, or the length of my cock.
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    In addition to Geezers points about Joshua (Or Yeshua in Hebrew) is that if what he says is correct, and it makes sense, it explains why, despite having quote Isaiah, they still chose a different name for the Messiah. I'll have to look into the original Hebrew, but in Greek and English it clearly says "His name shall be Emmanuel" … not Jesus/Joshua. But when you look into Isaiah 7, and then at the Jesus story there is no way it's related.

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