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    Hello all, I generally recoil from social media but I thought it was time to have conversations with like minded people. I'm not an athiest, not exactly sure how to categorize my beliefs yet. That's possibly why I am here as well. I have been an ex christian for about 10 years now. My mom dad brothers and sister are all hard core fundy lovelies. They are lovely! Not sarcasm. But I'm finding it increasingly difficult. They of course, quote scripture to me. Lovingly, apologetically, delicately. I'm struggling for words lol. I guess the next step on my journey is to finally reach out and associate with other people that may be like minded. To stop feeling like the lone black sheep you know? Although this black sheep is a wacky new age fruity space cadet lol. Oooh yeah! Look forward to meeting you all, have a lovely whatever it is in your neck of the woods!
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    I remember chapel talks at David Lipscomb high school and college where the speaker basically eviscerated an entire religion within fifteen minutes. Not much respect for differing views, for sure!
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    Obviously I disagree with him, but I disagree with firing him because of his statements. If expressing more-or-less traditional Christian teaching is grounds for firing, what other unpopular views justify it? In a religious culture, would it be OK to fire a guy for making strong atheistic comments? Way too many thin skins these days.
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    Although it is a cool picture in that the light from background galactic light enabled this photo, it has little detail other than its unexpected somewhat oblong shape. Many expected a long-time exposure to show the orbital motion of materials surrounding the galactic central galactic black hole of galaxy M87. Instead its surroundings appear to be atmospheric with no observable motion. Galactic black holes where their spin motion is measurable are known to have relatively fast spin motion to them. Even though not observable the black hole's surroundings also probably have relatively fast orbital motion to it.
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    Yeah that story. Well, a lot of explanations seems to be about power. People wanted power, or independent power, and Adonai , the God of the Jews, showed them who was the boss and that they should rely solely on him. To me, the whole narrative of obedience/rebellion seems unfit for a supreme being. Really, the whole point of existence is recognizing who's in charge and obeying? That just seems so psychologically damaged, like a wounded control freak of a person. I would imagine God is a very pleasant being to be around, not a power hungry tyrant. That is also why the whole "servant - master " dynamic seems weird as well. Al these things that have to do with control as the main element in the relationship between man and God, and that love is manifested firstly by unflinching submission from the creature side , and undisputed control and authority from the Creator. This seems strange for me. The idea that we are unworthy servants seems appaling. The idea that a supreme being creates beings just to be his servants, when he does not need servants , being all powerful and self sufficient seems absurd on top of that. The absurdity that if there is no evil, people do not have free will. Well, we should then allow poisons near little children and just tell them not to drink from them, and if they do, well, that was their choice. The absurdity of the fact that a life without the ability to reject God is not valuable. Such speculation. That kind of freedom just seems an unnecesary risk and gamble. If freedom has these kind of consequences when bilions may end up in eternal punishment, why do that? Is that really worth it? I personally would refuse to procreate if I was not sure of the salvation of my offspring. It just seems a complicated game. And again this is about power. God gave man the power to reject Him or accept Him. Man used his power wringly, and did not submit to God's power. Such talk about power, who has the power, who has the biggest power, between the devil and God there si a power struggle. It's more like political intrigue, past and present, than the celestial realms.
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    There are a lot of questions in the OP, but the underlying theme seems to be "what's the point?". The only honest answer I've ever been able to find to this question is "there ultimately isn't one". But that's not the end of the story. I agree with Fuego that life has meaning only inasmuch as we give it meaning. But that is to say that it does have meaning. It means something to us. I think that's as far as it goes, but that isn't nothing. Similarly, I think there's a significant difference between saying "morality is bullshit" and saying "morality reduces to social norms". I think morality is something that humans create so that we can live with each other. It helps us to give life meaning. It isn't objective, or absolute, or ultimate, but it is real. So my answer to the question "what's the point?" is "there ultimately isn't one", but to this I would add that we can give life meaning. Also, sometimes life is good of its own accord, and even when it isn't, it's not like I've got anything better to do...

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