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    I'm going to continue cause I got a few more words to say if you don't mind. We spend our whole childhood and adolescence being brainwashed by parents, friends, teachers or whoever made 'suggestions' to us like you have to be a really good boy and don't do that - don't do this - or people will think ''such and such about you''. Everything was done so you looked exactly like the neighbors in your town or city. We were ALL ''Stepford Wifes'.' So we tried to be perfect. We tried to get along with everyone in the school. If we got in a fight and were angry cause someone called us a name, we were shamed. Shame on this school mark. Shame on your loud voice. Shame on you that you are shy and can barely speak to someone. Shame on your anger. Shame on you touching your body. Shame on you for the way you talked to that lady. Shame on you that you touched that girl or guy and got caught by your parents. Shame on you for trying smoking, toking, alcohol, etc.... Shame on you for being born such a sinner. Jesus, we suffered guilt for all of this, so shame was taking us on a fucking journey to perfectionism. And that included trying to please every person in our tribe. So their duty back then was to try and 'perfect' us and brainwash us to the way they thought it should be. And all this time......god, himself was watching you.... and you might just go to his hell. If this isn't enough to make you crazy as a child and adolescence. No wonder so many of us get hooked on jesus. If we please him and he takes all our sin away, we are free, right? But we kept messin' up. Kept sinning. Fuck ups we were. Not even good enough for god. Failure. The nails in his hands did not work. I say this tonight to you so can hopefully learn to be completely comfortable in your own skin. This is so important. Be you...it's all inside you. If people don't like you then let them go. You only need a friend or two for good support. I personally do not want a lot of people in my life. I like being by myself also. Don't let the approval of other people stand in the way of you becoming comfortable in your own body. And you don't have to be mean about it. You can be kind. Try not to hurt anyone in the process. Be easy on you. You're human. You need to survive. Drop all perfectionistic expectations that you have bound yourself up in and expect of yourself. You are too hard on yourself right now. You have to learn how to do this slowly. That is why I say, ''take your time''. Hang loose for a change. Break free, my friend from the squirrels that are running around in your mind. Go fishing. Lift weights. Read a book. Post here. Take pictures. Rest. Once you get all of this, you will be a truly free man. And take your time. The grass is not always greener on the other side. But sometimes it is. So don't do anything right now. Think this all through. *Then you can move away if you want *you can stay at your job and smile and not feel like a traitor (remember, you are working for them - they give the paycheck and you can't help that you don't believe the same things as them.) Hush for now until you know exactly what you are going to do. If you have to bow your head and sign a paper and it's a white lie, be OK with that if you're going to stay. god is not going to punish you. *You can do anything you want. florduh made a few good suggestions. *This is your life I'm sorry for my ramblings tonight. But I finally got free after 10 years on this site and I want to share what I have learned. (hugs) to all of you for helping me.
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    Banned here? Or elsewhere? Clearly you were not banned outright on this site, because here you are. Here in the den I'm sure you'll find that whatever material you might wish to post will be allowed. By it certainly won't be exempt from criticism. Enter at your own risk. Want to play?
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    I think this is a misconceived question. It presupposes that there is an ultimate reason that things happen. I have an easier time making sense of what I observe and experience if I don't take this view.
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    My old boss was a dick. He was widely regarded as a dick according to the middle managers. Now he's a Christian and goes to church. Maybe this is karmic payback? (haha)
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    It's belief itself that's the problem. You can't believe your way to absolute certainty here, and in the end whatever you believe in just creates more uncertainty. Why? Because you can never deduce anything factual about a situation by belief alone. Beliefs can't tell you if Jesus is true, you know? Beliefs are the minds way of projecting bullshit scenarios about any given thing.
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    No, I don't believe in karma. Of course, actions have consequences. But lots of people get away with doing terrible things, and lots of decent people have terrible things happen to them for no apparent reason. People don't get what they deserve. They just get what they get.
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    If Jesus spirit really lives in you, if he has really opened your eye's to his word, if he really speaks to you personally. Then answer this simple question. Why do you need teacher's, TV evangelist's, Christian counselor's & Christian book store's? Why exactly? Unless Jesus can't do a damn thing about teaching you anything.
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    Advancement of knowledge is a good thing. Curiosity and inquiry is another good thing.
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    Karma is a lot like Jesus. It means different things to different people today. The original idea has been perverted and legalized. It simply means "your doing" or action. In the original idea karma fits into the Hindu view of life being a play with all parts played by God. There are no perpetrators or victims as we are all, in ultimate form, the same thing, that is, everything. I hear people every day talking about karma as some sort of magical justice or retribution. "What goes around comes around" is the popular and nonsensical phrase that describes it. That view requires that we assign roles of good guys and bad guys, not realizing that both are the same thing as the opposite poles of a magnet are one magnet. It also requires belief in a supernatural arbiter who sets things aright.
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    Good and evil are human notions. Nature neither knows nor cares.
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    Because the SPCA would bet their panties all in a wahd.
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    I remember when I was in a young adult prayer group. One of the guy's mother suddenly passed away and the pastor was formulating a strategy to witness to people in such a situation. I understand that some of these people are insatiable and have no shame whatsoever. Therefore I have to keep a close eye on the entire thing for such problematic individuals, the good news is that most of my father's friends aren't particularly religious. However, I don't want a repeat performance of my grandfather's service.
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    We've had discussion of child sacrifice and human sacrifice in ancient Israel around here before. And from what I understand they were both happening. Years later it's been glossed over, but, as you found, there are apparently traces of it left behind just as there are traces of the old polytheism left behind. And the two are related here in Exodus. I only posted the NOG translation to clarify that the "Lord" is Yahweh. And Yahweh is one of many gods in the old polytheistic pantheon. Ba'al is another god of the pantheon. So Yahweh mad about sacrifices to Ba'al is nothing more than the national god of Israel being mad (Yahwist priests being mad) that the people were sacrificing to a god other than himself. That's the entire saga between Yahweh and the other national gods right on through the OT. And all of that comes from Robert Price among others. The saga plays through into the Psalms, at least. In dealing with JW's I've just cut in with the total overview before, which is that ancient judaism was polytheistic and monotheism is a later evolution. Then hit them with the evidences. Another favorite is to start off by questioning their name as Jehovah's Witness, a corrupted translation of Yahweh and then ask why they are coming to me as witnesses of a corrupted translation of the ancient tetragrammaton and then start off from there. In order to outline their corrupt late 19th century origins by Charles Taze Russel, who, was a type of break away from Seventh Day Adventist contact. I've hit them with how pagan influenced the bible itself is (written scripture), in edition to the non-biblical traditions they reject as pagan. And then consider that the entire bible be tossed aside if tossing aside paganism is the objective. And that's just it, really. All of the child sacrifice and human sacrifice is tied into pagan mythological origins, no different than the pagan mythological origins of any number of ancient people who also had sacrifice, human or otherwise. These ancient Israelites were pagan people living in Canaan who eventually began to get the idea that they were not pagan, after slow periods of social change that began to isolate them from their surrounding neighbors. These were political and religious changes that called for narrowing down the pantheon of gods to only one of the gods, for instance. And resulted in verses like we're currently reading through.
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    Never found out the details.
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    I didn't investigate. I really don't know if I want to know. We know it was a car crash and he most likely died instantly. I still feel sad whenever I think of him. Funny, I never meet Mark IRL but he made a big impact on me, and many others.
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    Margee is right, R.C. Everyone grieves in a different way; let 'em do the Jesus shit if they need it while you think of other things. Sit near the back or a side door so you can leave if it gets to the point where you can't handle it. No one there would criticize you if you stepped out. (And you don't have to care if they did.)
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    Keep in mind that your nervous system contains many features and abilities, one of which is the ability of feel grief, loss, sadness, among other similar emotions. I submit that there is nothing wrong with allowing your body to create them, for you to experience them and for you to process them over time. As to other family members' need to cast events and feelings in a religious context, that is their requirement. Let them have their space to process their emotions.
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    We may finally know what causes Alzheimer’s and possibly the majority of senility cases. AFTER decades of disappointment, we have a new, promising lead for fighting Alzheimer’s disease. There is compelling evidence that these conditions are caused by a bacterium involved in gum disease which could prove a game-changer in tackling one of medicine’s biggest mysteries, and lead to effective treatments or even a vaccine. This could be a game changing benefit for the worlds ever-rising aged population concerning personal health, governmental, insurance, and related costs to treat the elderly, presently baby-boomers of retirement age. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2191814-we-may-finally-know-what-causes-alzheimers-and-how-to-stop-it/ Sleep deprivation is another known cause of Alzheimer's/ senility. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23631470-600-wake-up-call-how-a-lack-of-sleep-can-cause-alzheimers/
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    I don't think humans were ever supposed to believe, especially in a fundamental religious sense. Obviously you never fully accepted what those people told you was the absolute truth. Because in my thinking, if you did, you'd not be you at this point right now. I fear that there are many who surrender to the beliefs that they are exposed to, and from there they can never escape.
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    Time for a Council of Iceseeya. mwc
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    No, not in the common way of talking about Karma where in a person robs an old lady and then the universe punishes them the next day by hitting them with a bus. I do think that actions have consequences, but these consequences are not related to any mysterious external force. So if I go around being a dick, then one day somebody smacks me in the face you might say "ah ha, Karma" when in fact it was a consequence of me being a dick. Which brings me to my primary commandment: Thou shalt not be a dick. On the same token lets say I'm generous and help the neighbour, and during then next year my business grows by 50%. Karma you might say, except the two are unrelated and the universe isn't helping me - on one hand I'm being a decent guy, on the other I'm probably good at managing my business. Once again actions have consequences, and a consequence of being a good business manager is your business runs well.
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    With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, if I force a good intention on you, you will naturally respond with an evil (Bad) reaction. That's why you should never force your children to brush their teeth (No matter how good you think your intentions are) because they'll just end up doing the very opposite.
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this L.B. But I do think that time apart could help you both figure out which direction to go. How do you feel right now? It just blows me away how the horrible doctrine of christianity and hell can have such an impact on not just marriage, but in every aspect of life. So, so sad. I got my fingers crossed for you.
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    What is this about? I'd rather your insights on this clip, as I'm afraid of breaking bad.
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    Yes! Brilliant. I just seem to notice that there are people around that use our current scientific knowledge to prove the impossibility of any new concept and theories, since they can't pidgin hole it with the little they know. Which in reality prevent us from developing new testing methods and lines of inquires that can blow the whole universe wide open.
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    It is impossible to put into a percentage as we simply don't know what we don't know. I think there is a generalisation built into the question, that you need to know everything to know anything. I would say there are plenty of scientific theories which have been repeatedly tested. For example gravity can be shown to correctly calculate orbits, tides, acceleration, buoyancy etc. The knowledge we have of gravity is verified, repeatable, and mathematically consistent. The fact we don't know everything doesn't invalidate what we do know. There are subjects which we have no knowledge of such as is there life out there? If so what form does it take? If the discussion is on a subject like that then we absolutely should say we don't know.
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    Debunk. v. An official sounding term that falsely conveys some sort of authority where none really exists. e.g. "Oh, that was debunked years ago." synonyms: Bullshitting. http://www.skepticalaboutskeptics.org/examining-skeptics/daniel-drasin-zen-and-the-art-of-debunkery/
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    Hyper, as the former Treasurer of a 200 member church, less than 10% gave 10%. It was especially true of the adult lay leaders who preached tithing. A significant part of my history that created a significant amount of cognitive dissonance.
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    It is a reference to the period of 'critical development' which linguists hypothesize is the time where language acquisition occurs in young kids. While faith might come from hearing, the ability to speak doesn't according to the hypothesis of critical development. Thus, the 'forbidden experiment' is any experiment which would propose withholding children during this period of 'critical development' the interaction necessary to acquire language skills (speak).
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    My father passed away Friday evening. He started breathing heavily and passed out on the couch not breathing and without a pulse. Emergency services had me doing CPR on him while the paramedics arrived but my efforts and theirs were in vain. In a very short span of time I saw him embrace oblivion, which perhaps is the only mercy this indifferent universe gives us in the end since he was constantly in pain the last few years. There is no comfort of seeing him again, I do not subscribe to ideas that consciousness transcends our brains nor will I delude myself due to the current situation. Also, it's not the dead that trouble me at the moment but the living. My brothers are nowhere to be found, they'll only find out about our father's passing the next time they show up wanting something. I don't feel compelled to track them down as they couldn't be bothered when he was in the hospital multiple times. My mother is too hysterical to deal with the aftermath of the situation. Both of them were irresponsible financially and did not prepare for this situation thus the costs and burden of the funeral home will fall solely on me. I can't even afford to stop and feel anything at the moment. We're just a sliver of consciousness in an infinite void of oblivion that extends before our birth to the beginning of the universe and after our demise to the heat death of the cosmos. We waste that sliver on mostly meaningless garbage, be it religion, politics, or some other worthless pursuit. We can't just be direct and say what we mean, we carry things unsaid to our death beds. At least the void of nothingness will wash us of our regrets in the end...
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    She's divorcing me. I was supposed to stay at my parents' house tonight, but my father owns guns. A friend - her pastor, ironically, who is a legit friend to me - is putting me in a hotel room tonight, and taking me to where I can rent a car for work tomorrow. I still have no place to live.
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    I am very sorry for you. I started deconverting some years ago and returned to church in 2019. In the beginning I was glad but same problems occur again. Why God does not answer ? It is difficult for me to completely leave because I know some missionaries who preach gospel and people received healing. They give their testimony. So why some people are healed and some not ?? After a short happiness being back in faith I feel again the brainwashing and the fear of leaving again faith. I really do not understand God. His behaviour, pretending being the good Shepherd and he never answers. Just leave you alone. How can we trust him ? Is it not manipulative behaviour ? How can we explain that some people have granted payers and some not ? Very difficult for me too....what to do ? going out again ? You sadness makes me angry against God. It is not acceptable. He wants you faithful but there is no reciprocity.
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    Here's one of my favorites from the psalms: New Living Translation''Happy is the one who takes your babies and smashes them against the rocks!''
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    Update: My situation went from devastatingly bad to unbelievably worse. I'm out of our home with two changes of clothes and my immediate personal belongings.

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