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    I see. Now I'm wondering if epilepsy isn't actually demon possession. Abrahamic theology really fucks with people.
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    If you had a time machine, you'd probably be shafted from ever finding jesus at all. You'd probably find a slew of various jesus's around that time, none of which fit the model of the gospel character in full, only different jesus's fitting different parts of the story, and from different timelines.
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    There is no God, or god. Not one, there's never ever been one & never will be one. I say this because the idea of god is people reaching out to explain a cause of all existence. Every fucking idea of god people invent has hangups, why? Because those inventors of gods have hangups. Look at all the gods we have invented throughout time, aren't they all so pathetic, so human like. You know what I mean?
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    Based on your behavior on this thread so far, I'm starting to form the opinion that the description of "troll" might have some merit to it.
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    hello all! almost a decade ago I found this site and it literally saved my life. Some of you may remember me as Duckiegirl. Here's the link to the thread with all my crazy past as an out ex-christian living with my Calvinist parents: My Father Is Becoming a Pastor the past 5 or 6 years have been downright blissful comparatively. I met a wonderful, supportive man who I married in 2017, and i RARELY, RARELY have contact with my father. However, recently i began posting about my trauma, especially those caused by religion and my father. Specifically this and this. Today he texted me something of substance for the first time in....years, id say. I responded, and im quite proud of myself/sick inside, and i wanted to share it here to get your thoughts on my response, and his. Linking to imgur because its too much data to embed. yours in apostasy and self-confidence, sarahinprogress
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    In the same vein, string theory seems to be caught in the non testable rut at this point.
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    I read somewhere that when you are experiencing a NDE, your breathing is inconsistent and this leads to less supply of oxygen to your system. This can cause effects similar to hallucinations. Couple this with the fear instilled in you by your religious upbringing and you thinking about your god in that sense will give a heady mix. So a Jeebus 'lover' will have visions of Jeebus (I bet these visions would be a long haired, bearded, caucasian Jeebus even if Jeebus wasnt probably like this if he existed at all). A hindu might similarly have a vision of a hindu god, etc. A buddhist might see visions of Buddha. Basically it is simply your mind (or whatever is left of it) during your NDE that causes you to see these visions based on your thoughts while you are dying. I may be wrong. But this makes sense to me unless proven otherwise.
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    Let it go my friend, because. If you can't forgive your enemies today, Jesus will throw you into a blazing hot oven, and that's where you'll stay till the end of day's.
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    There is some strange information surrounding ndes. But to go from that to satanic deceptions seems a bit of a stretch...
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    No, not any comment. In this case, mainly just yours. You called the article "grossly unfair", called the author ignorant, and implied that the readers were equally ignorant. If you noted anything specific, I've missed it. Feel free to draw it to my attention. Otherwise, this is clearly just trolling, and calling it such is not being touchy. It's being accurate.
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    Scientists speculate that X is going on, Creationists speculate that Y is going on, psychics speculate that Z is going on......... at least I'll take a look, wait and see what scientists are musing about. Often their speculation evolves into something useful, never so with the other speculators.
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    Okay, now I see what happened. Stick around, I'll fetch the popcorn.
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    You were clearly trolling, and you were rude. When you post comments on someone else's blog, you have to play by their rules. Just how it is. Here in the Den, the rules are fairly permissive. If you want to state your objections clearly, I'm sure we could muster up some responses.
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    It is true god made us in his noodly image. String theory? More like noodle theory. We are one with the spaghetti.
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    Hey all, thanks for the replies. There are things I've been vague about because my story is unusual enough that I don't think someone in this sphere would have much trouble putting it together. It's probably delusional, but part of living this life is an outsized fear of discovery. ("Your sin will find you out.") The day will come when I'll be able to be more open about it, and hopefully look back on all of this with a very different perspective. Writing this out is absolutely a therapeutic exercise. I won't go into detail, but there's a precipitating factor I became aware of a few weeks ago that broke through my walls and reminded me of the precariousness of my position. Since then I've spent a great deal of time reflecting and adjusting, but I've felt paralyzed from taking any real action. Talking about it can be a form of procrastination (to which I'm prone), but it also removes some of the power it holds. I don't quite know yet what I'm going to do or how this is going to go, but I feel a little closer having put it out there than when it was all in my head, and the understanding replies mean a lot. I'm used to being self-sufficient, and it's surreal to face a decision that's bigger than I know how to make on my own. I wanted to communicate circumstance and emotion, but spelling it all out comes across a bit dramatic. It's sincere and largely necessary, but it's not my whole mind. There's a part of me that's stuck on the hamster wheel of doubt and worry, but also a part that's detached and methodical and going through business as usual while trying to work constructively on the problem. Staying the course right now is not difficult, and external circumstances are not going to force me to make any drastic decision for a while; it's just that it's become clear now that there's a clock on it. My background is in software, and I don't expect that interest to change. Part of that skill set is extremely fungible. But after all these years in one place, a large part of it is also very proprietary, and seeing over the horizon to where I'm able to be accepted and productive in a different setting is intimidating. I have many avenues to explore on that front; I know it's just a matter of time and conviction which will come. The loss of all the applied knowledge and history and purpose I have now may be the harder thing to come to terms with. I have to remind myself that being able to play that role in the first place is such a unique privilege of this moment in history and not something I should take for granted. I think my most important struggle right now is with foundation. I've lived for so long in a context that all of my decisions and intuition were oriented to. Now that it's being challenged, I'm realizing my vulnerability. Much of that is circumstantial. I was never in so deep that religion became my whole identity, though it did perturb it. But I may need better answers for "why" before the "what" comes into focus. And while I may not have to justify myself to anyone, if it comes to it, I want to be better prepared to express who I am and what I do or don't believe. Getting this out emboldened me to connect with a local secular therapist who I'll be meeting with soon. I don't know quite what to expect from that. It may or may not be something that I really need, but it will be a learning experience either way.
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    That's a tough project — explaining the mindset of believers. Keep us posted as to how you go about this.
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    Which one - provide link? That doesn't happen here - you have to be continually and for an extended period of time breaking the rules and posting in an egregious manner to get banned. Assumptions are the mother of all fuckups. No No No You are sure its not the case... but someone is touchy? So it is the case?? Hmmm Ok whatever the subject was hit us with your best shot. (PS I'm guessing it's a forum glitch as you are the second person to come through, make a post, but apparently your post count is zero. @webmdave is the system having issues with new members?)
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    The existence of a multiverse is not a scientific theory. It is speculation from some physicists.
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    Hopefully one them tries to answer you. @Justus @Christforums @LuthAMF @Thumbelina
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    It's pretty fucked how so many people are robbed from having equilibrium in their families because of one (I have no words to describe what slime Jesus was) I literally want to invent a time machine for the sole purpose of going back to his time, and throwing that prick off a cliff just before he got started.
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    This took off in various directions by the 3rd page. But I'm going back to square one. It's a balance. I think there should be a balance between pseudo skeptics and pseudo scientific claims. Because that's what these sort of issues draw out. And often the pseudo skeptics don't realize that they are equal, but opposite, of the pseudo scientists. But I've picked up on it over time observing. Read below and let me know if that's what you originally meant in the OP. Not an attack on science in any way, but a jab at the pseudo skeptics within science and in pop culture in recent decades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudoskepticism <snipped from link> Psychiatrist Richard Kluft noted that pseudoskepticism can inhibit research progress:
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    Just one of the many many examples of how fear and indoctrination can negatively impact society. Churches need to be licenced and audited to ensure they are not systematically destroying lives. Learning institutions need to offer classes on avoiding mind control and group think.
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this L.B. But I do think that time apart could help you both figure out which direction to go. How do you feel right now? It just blows me away how the horrible doctrine of christianity and hell can have such an impact on not just marriage, but in every aspect of life. So, so sad. I got my fingers crossed for you.
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    You are one strong woman. And remember, after the rain, the sun always shines.
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    Hang in there! No one deserves that kind of treatment, certainly not a child. Big hugs! I've only recently realized how human my parents were. No abuse, but sometimes their faults and behaviors are startling in retrospect. Kids expect their parents to really have a handle on life, but then we (or other basic humans we know) become parents and we see how they stumble through it all. That's normal parenting. What you had was and remains a very messed-up human who isn't a good parent or human, and caused a lot of trauma to you. I hope you can keep processing all the crap, and find comfort for yourself. You are on a great path of life now, discovering your real self and self-worth.
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    Welcome back! Wow, he's controlling, manipulative, passive-aggressive, crazy-making, gas-lighting, blame-shifting, and you are so very much better off without him or anyone like that in your life. I only had to deal with a housemate like that. He used to go through my stuff, looking for porn I think, and justified it by being "my brother's keeper" when he really just wanted wanking material and didn't want to pay for it. I once set up booby-traps in my room when I went on vacation, he set them off but never mentioned it. He had actually gone so far as to remove the insulation from the walls trying to see if I had hidden anything (I didn't have any to hide). He stored junk mail that came to me for months and demanded that I come get it. I told him it was junk mail and to toss it. He whined about it not being his responsibility to manage my mail (I'd already put in a change of address and all my actual mail was changed, but not junk mail). He would threaten violence with a smile, like he was something to be reckoned with, but was sickly, went around in a bathrobe all day unless a woman he was manipulating happened to come over. He scammed businesses out of money by selling them outdated computer hardware he picked up for pennies and billed them for thousands.
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    "I love Christ first [before my daughter]" Messed up priorities.

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