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    This is golden. Especially the last part. I could not seem to phrase that feeling of fleeting and ever moving reference points. I am not sure what to think of that. And this is also the point about God is love, but not human love, I mean God is not an emotion, so that word can mean virtually anything you want. Especially as the whole literal vs metaphorical interpretation is another back and forth. I would not say that there is Christinity, but lots of Christianities, even in the same denomination. I mean you can find different christianities in the New Testament from what I see, not to mention the whole Bible. And that is again the problem of reference. You cannot get a straight answer, but you are told that there is a straight answer. Weird.
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    Another Sunday morning that I am not racked with guilt over not going to church. I can't count the number of Sunday's that I went to church or mass because I felt guilty for not. I would awaken at about 7am as is my internal clock time. I would think of all the things I would rather be doing and how much I would rather go for a run, go fishing, take a bike ride or any number of things. Yet the guilt and shame that had been planted in my head over not giving God "his one day" would swallow me until I went. This happened for weeks which turned into years. Oh sometimes I would skip but those times gave me guilt. My mother was soooo addicted to God that she would ask me long after I left home if I went to church that Sunday. One of the most annoying conversations I remember having with her was over my work schedule and being exhausted. I had a job I detested. I worked 12-14 hours 6 freaking days a week and yes I was blasted tired on Sundays when by that time I had no guilt just fatigue. Once on the phone she asked about my church attendance and I reiterated my schedule and said I was way too tired to do anything but rest on Sundays. HER: have you been going to church lately? ME: way to tired. I repeated my work hours HER: "but who got you that job in the first place ME: (so as not to argue) God I guess HER: So you can't give him ONE day ME: Mom people ask me if I am ill because I look so exhausted, which I am HER : you should still go to church ME: (getting bolder now) Mom if God is as wonderful and loving as they say then he will be sympathetic to my need to rest. After all Sunday is supposed to be a day of REST. I don't remember how the conversation ended but by that time in my life I was already full of doubts and feeling bullied and manipulated. I finally retired from that lousy job which really paid well in terms of dollars but how much is my sanity worth??? That was several years ago. Mom has since gone to Heaven (I hope it is there for her sake and the sake of all who so staunchly believe). I just know that I like Sundays now. The religion I now embrace (Hinduism) does not require mandatory temple attendance. No guilt tripping My relationship with God is between me and her/him. It is so good to consider Sunday as just another day of the week. A relaxing day a stress free day, an easy day.
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    I feel no offense. Thanks for sharing your perspective I can buy that. I guess part of what I was trying to say earlier was that I'm bothered by how transactional the Xian perspective on charity is. Doing a nice thing for someone because the heart is uplifted and that it feels good can be a sincere and good thing. The Xian perspective doesn't say that though and it's more like you're purchasing a product ("eternal life"), or at least that's how it seems to me - there's no joy or sincerity in it, other than perhaps a temporary, manic relief of someone who is desperately seeking a narrative with which to escape their fear of death. In my experience Xianity seems to go back-and-fourth on whether salvation is a free, "gift" thing or it's something that's earned with works. There's a whole "salvation by works vs. salvation by faith" theological dialogue which pretends to put it to rest but rather ends up talking itself in circles - not leading to a definitive conclusion, in my opinion. There are so many contradictory directions as to what you actually need to do to be considered "saved", and the goalposts always move.
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    Thanks for sharing these, TF. The evidence that Hell is a concept that evolved through the millennia cannot be pointed out too often around here. Everyone who deconverts from Christianity has to deal with the issue at some point. Some of us - like myself - weren’t inclined to believe in Hell even when we were believers. But others start down the deconversion road but then are haunted by fear of Hell in the event that they’re wrong. One of the most valuable things we can do in this community is to ease and eventually dismiss those fears.
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    You know the one thing I was never told when I was young, the one thing never questioned? That was God is real, Jesus died for my sins, and if I didn't believe that I'd go to hell. Heck we went through sessions of questioning if the earth was really a sphere for fucks sake because it says in the bible the "four corners" and there ain't no fucking corners on a globe is there!? The title is right - get em while they are young. Don't ask questions, if they do ask questions obfuscate and deflect, or when shit really hits the fan make up bullshit!
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    Things exist. As to why and how they exist, the distinction is between natural, observable activity and magical intervention. Make a case for magic and I'll listen, otherwise it's an unfounded assertion no better than the Xenu story. Not understanding how an eclipse, a volcano or any other aspect of our universe works is not an invitation to use "God Did It" as a place holder for the as yet unanswered.
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    The weirdest story I ever heard was a man who went through foreskin regrowing procedure so that he could be re-circumcised by a Rabbi for his circumcision to have meaning to YHWH. He thought the one done by hospital staff wasn't religious enough. If you have it done by your parents without any consent or understanding of the procedure then it's not glorifying god properly. He felt the pain he endured affirmed his true commitment to following god's will. This man was a Christian who believed that modern Christians are all pagans pretending to be Christians. We all need to abandon all our holidays and use only Jewish holidays. Basically Christians should be culturally Jewish with the additional faith in Jesus (which must be pronounced "Yehushua"). I believe this is called Messianic Judaism now. Also the Rabbi that performed the procedure was highly against the whole ordeal, but he agreed to do it anyway after seeing "how committed to god" this man was.

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