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    @Rickswordfish, I'm sorry to hear about your continued struggles, and I understand that these issues are rendered more challenging to you by your mental state. Still, a number of people here have posted resources which are intended to help you through this, and you seem inclined to reject them outright. Why is this? Clearly the way you are currently thinking is bothering you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be posting about these things here. Why not try to accept the help that is being offered? I really don't think it comes from a place of ill-intentions.
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    I am of the opinion that if such a place as hell did exist, no one is safe. No one. It would not matter how fervently you believe -- a god that would create a hell is simply not to be trusted. It could simply banish anyone, even the most devoted follower, to eternal punishment simply on a whim. The reason that hell does not frighten me is that I embraced the possibility and turned it to my advantage. In 2007 I took a vow to go there on purpose to minister to anyone imprisoned there. It's been 12 years and I have not rescinded that vow, nor do I intend to. Fear can only protect you against real things that you can actually do something about. Fear coupled with helplessness can only lead to pain.
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    Because to all intents and purposes you want to believe that shit. You are reading sources that show incredible bias. Go out there and read scholars who are less biased. You're still stuck in the Christian mentality "who are we to question god". You gotta blow that thinking right out of the water if you want to have a chance with escaping Christianity. Question everything. Including the existence of god and his so called "good" qualities. But I will tell you one thing: you will only succeed with throwing the trappings of Christianity away if you are able to live with some ultimately unanswerable questions and view those unanswerable questions as freedom itself.
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    This "god" of whom you speak is a human invention and possesses all the human traits of anger, jealousy and so forth. You can't invent a merciful just god then give him a pass for all his evil and cruel shit. I think you were born to be a Christian apologist, so maybe just go do that.
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    No, I don't think that hell is even remotely probable. Neurology indicates that our awareness is dependent on brainwaves of specific frequencies (generally alpha and beta range, starting to fade into drowsiness when you get to theta waves in the 4-7 Hz range, and anything slower than that is associated with unconsciousness. I see no way for people to be conscious after death. And to briefly address the questions you raised in another post, I was indeed an agnostic polytheist with a special interest in Norse culture. About a year after writing the Ex-timony I linked to, I asked myself this question: "Would I testify in a court of law that Oðinn was real?" The answer was a firm, unequivocal "No, I would not." At that moment I became -- and still remain -- an agnostic atheist. I also spent about 15 years exploring various types of Buddhism, but in the end I mostly discarded that because the supernatural elements just didn't resonate with me. I do practise mindfulness meditation, which really doesn't belong to any particular creed or worldview and has no innate mystical elements. My current label for myself would be something like "Agnostic atheist humanist Stoic who meditates now and then and enjoys celebrating Old Norse festivals."
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    First off I would say you need to be selfish to a degree. That is to prioritise your needs before giving anything away. Make sure the basics are covered, rent, food, expenses and cut anything like donations until you are in a good place. You need to consider your shopping habits from a need verse luxury view. Do you spend on anything you can do without? Movies, music, dvds, smoking, drinking etc. You don't have to cut it completely but that stuff is low priority and should be a rare treat rather than constant expense. What are your eating habits like? Do you eat out, eat junk or snack constantly? Easy to forget how much we spend on food and massive savings can be made with a bit of effort. Run a food diary for a week or two and make sure you have a clear idea of those costs and potential savings. Sit down and work out a really basic budget. Income on one side, rent, expenses, bills, average monthly costs on the other. Once you have a clear understanding of the amount you have to play with, you can figure out savings verse entertainment. One simplistic method is divide in thirds. One third for rent/mortgage, one third for expenses and one third for saving, spending and the unexpected. This method can work in certain places, but not so much in big cities or high cost areas. Another suggestion is to talk to your bank. Many have advisory services that will help structure your accounts, sort out debt repayments, and make sure what you have is working the best for you. Debt is the other big pitfall. If you have any ability to avoid debt (eg don't take international trips if you have to borrow to do so) then stay debt free. If you have to borrow then make sure you shop around to compare interest rates and fees, especially with the smaller dodgy loan companies, they will aim to ruin you. Make sure that if you are going to use a credit card that you pay it off in full before the interest period.
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    First of all, you ought to read the link before trying to respond to it, Jane. I know you probably feel ganged up on as the thread is aimed at trying to hammer out some other arguments you and LF were having elsewhere. So when Pantheory post links and raised the issue of global cooling in contrast to global warming, you just assumed that he was arguing with you, when he actually wasn't. Then when I reposted an old thread about ice core sample and looking at the big picture charting out the last 65 million years of global temperature variations, you assumed that I was talking about "what happened 65 million years ago," instead of an unbroken record of ice core data starting 65 million years and running through to today. It's also to do with the cooling trends, showing how temperatures were a lot warmer in the past than they are now during the natural variations in temperature, and other relevant data graphed out in charts. And then taking a closer look a chart based on the last 10,000 years: The over all trend is a cooling trend, which, relates to what Pantheory was calling attention to. Now to the right of the chart you'll see a small red line. The red line is an upswing in temperature. That's the beginnings of an upswing in temperature during the modern industrial revolution heading towards the current era. In the past 10,000 years there have been warming periods (Minoan, Roman and Medieval) illustrated on the chart which were much warmer than today. The overall take away from the data has been that our modern warming trends do coincide with the industrial revolution, but at the same time represent small spikes in temperature during the course of a larger scale downward temperature trend. The down ward arch's on both charts describe the bigger picture. Now if we narrow the focus down even further from 65 millions years of temperature, then zoom in to 10,000 years of temperature, and then zoom in again down to a smaller focus on just the area to the right of the above listed graph, we find this general trend: Some of the arguments from the larger scale data perspectives and science (setting politics and special interest group propaganda aside) has been that the warming that has been experienced and documented is within a natural variation. And further, considering the larger trends and climate data from the ice core samples, it's entirely possible that future cooling can happen. And the down ward trend could continue despite the small spikes in temperature that are evident if we narrow down to 100 year period or so. But predicting the future is always a tricky business! Whether from science or religion. There's too many unknown variables at play in order to hammer down solid predictions at this time. Predictions depend on the input. And a lot of the input seems to have erred on the dramatic side. Temperatures have risen, but not to the extent that many over dramatized models have predicted. Maybe I'm wrong. This is just something of an off the cuff take on putting it all together at the moment. If we only focus in narrow (100 years or so) time scales then we still see temperature rise. Not as dramatic as predictions have alleged. But it's spiked up during the industrial revolution. It's still arguable whether or not it's within natural variation. And the bigger trends have shown small spikes and drops in temperature, as the general trend has been an overall decrease in temperature where the ice core samples are concerned. And we've seen melting ice reports in recent years followed by conflicting reports of ice gains. Both in the arctic and antarctic. The Greenland Ice sheet has shown both increase and decrease: There's a hell of a lot going on with this issue if you toss aside the political glasses and only look at it as a scientific issue. Hopefully the above explanation clarifies what we were actually talking about.
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    Christians get upset because their children deconvert...not because they think bible god is evil by the possibility of sending their adult child to hell, but because their child isn't kissing God's butt to avoid hell. How could you love something that ordered your child to burn forever? That is really a major mind twist.
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    Kinda makes you wonder what 'heaven' would be like. Dont mess up !
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    No, you can't have it both ways. Either He punishes people for things outside of their control, for thought crimes and for where they were born, or He is just and merciful. You cannot punish people for an infinite time for finite crimes and claim it is justice in any way.
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    @Rickswordfish Watch this video from a biblical scholar. This is the best short rebuttal I've seen of the 'prophesy' and covers many things not talked about.
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    Do you (or did you) believe god was Just, Merciful and All-loving? If so, such a being would not punish people unjustly. The concept of hell, that is punishment for things outside of your control, a permanent punishment for temporary crimes, does not even make sense for such a god. There is no justice in punishing people for being born in the wrong household, or coming to doubt based on the world we see. The very idea is a contradiction to god's nature.
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    I think it would have to be a widely shared experience. Any individual meeting with a supernatural being could be written off as drugs, hallucinations or mental illness. It would have to have that unbias third party confirming what you have witnessed was the same for everyone. Turn up and do miracles at a concert, UN meeting, the Olympic opening ceremony or some such. One twist is even if you confirmed it was a supernatural being, how would you know it was god and not the devil trying to trick you?

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