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    I have long enjoyed reading up on crazy conspiracy theories, especially to see how flat earthers will attempt to distort reality to make the world fit a pizza dish. The one thing that seems to be a driving force there is incredulity, and I wonder how much that is also a root of religious grounding? With the FEers you often hear "thats ridiculous", "unbelievable" and "I can't imagine that" when talking about the size, age, speed or mechanics of the universe. It seems to be all that is required for a lot of people to jump to conclusions that sound better to them regardless of counter evidence. "just look around you and you will always see a flat earth. Use a telescope or fly in a plane and you will still just see flat as far as the eye can see". "Here are videos and photos of boats sailing over the curve and disappearing from the bottom up" "That must be wrong because I've already decided the world is flat" I see the same incredulity from Christian apologists. "You think there was nothing and it exploded? Ridiculous", "You think life sprang from a rock? Unbelievable" or "I can't imagine a universe this complex without a controlling being" We have evolved to trust our senses, which on the local scale makes sense. Listen for the rustle of the bushes which might indicate an ambush, look for movement or approaching threats, and smell potential food sources to see if they may be off. It only becomes an issue when the scale of the question is so large that our limited viewpoint cannot encompass the scope. How do you envision the big bang? Evolution over billions of years? The distance to the nearest stars? Our senses tell us the world is flat but our calculations tell us our senses are wrong. Richard Dawkins said it was coming to understand evolution that took him away from Christianity, but not because god was no longer required but because his mind had opened to the beauty and wonder of nature. He stopped relying on his limited human perception and allowed his mind to expand to understand a bigger truth. Being in awe of nature makes you less likely to direct your wonder to the supernatural.
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    The earth’s shadow on the moon during an eclipse is always a circle, no matter what direction the moon is; that means that the object casting the shadow is a sphere. The ancient greeks figured that out. Flat-earthers might as well go back to living in caves. Anti-science people living in the modern world are a total contradiction. They use computers and cell phones, microwaves, fluorescent lights, airplanes, etc. without a second thought. But when something like evolution comes up, they insist it can’t be true because it contradicts their ancient book. It’s all the same science . . . .
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    Okay I don’t trust the early apostles at all... you have faith that god told them to put oil on babies and pray to paintings, I don’t have faith in that. I’d need better evidence than “3rd century John Doe did it” before I started swinging around incense and chanting nonsense. I agree that the Bible is well preserved compared to some things... but it’s also horribly preserved compared to others. The code of Hammurabi for example is older than Moses and multiple accounts of it still survive from Hammurabi’s own lifetime! Meanwhile Moses’ Ten Commandments are preserved out of order on a first century goatskin. No one claims the Odyssey is the word of God. If God inspired something why wouldn’t he preserve it? You left Islam because it was morally questionable? Please apply that same critical thinking to the Bible. God commands the killing and enslavement of woman and children multiple times in the Bible. He gives one city the option of being slaves or murdered. Another city he says to kill everyone except the virgins who you can take home and rape. Still another city he says to kill every man, woman, child and animal. Your god will cause me to be tortured forever because I don’t have faith in blood magic. What amount of finite crimes deserves infinite torture? If my worst enemy were lit on fire I’d feel morally responsible to try and help them. God on the other hand is tossing good people into lakes of fire to be burned forever. can you say that it’s immoral to rape, enslave, and murder people? If you have to skirt around those issues but you firmly know that homosexuality and doubt are evil, than what good is your morality.
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    The claim that Isaiah 7:14 is talking about the gospel jesus is one of the most untenable claims that a christian can try to make. And yet, being oblivious to the context problem involved with making the claim, they hail one of their biggest failures as if it were one of their biggest triumphs. And it's really embarrassing when it's laid bare. You can literally see the anonymous writer of Matthew grasping at straws to try and claim a fulfillment of prophecy.
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    Some Christian axioms have been appearing in my brain lately, narrated by voices from my childhood. As an ex-christian, I now recognise these phrases as in-built protective mechanisms of Christianity, burrowed deep into my subconscious, designed to drag me back to the fold. Below are a few: We cannot judge God in human terms. Apostasy is the worst of all sins. Do not put the Lord your God to the test. The fool says in his heart, "There is no God". Trust like a child. You didn’t pray with a sincere heart. Doubting Thomas. The threat of hell (this one should probably be at the top of this list). Recognising these protective mechanisms would have been helpful during my de-conversion process. Do you know of any other platitudes/protective mechanisms of Christianity? I also stumbled across this related video:
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    So how do I get a piece of the action? Gotta come up with a kooky religious video that everyone will want to watch. Hmm . . . .
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    The apologist LuthAMF did just that. Do our senses even tell us that the world is flat, though? How is it day light in one location but night in another if the world is flat? If you step on a ship, why don't either you fall off the edge of the earth nor the port you left from fall off the edge of the earth once you can no longer visibly see it? How many other celestial objects in the night sky appear flat, rather than spherical? Not the sun, not the moon, not the other planets and not the stars as far as the eye can see. So a flat, round disk earth but every other celestial object spherical? We're dealing with people that 1) credulously take the biblical cosmology at face value and 2) then put on an incredulous act towards anything contrary thereafter 3) when our senses don't even actually point us in the direction of taking 1) at face value. In fact, our senses, good reason and all observation point towards a spherical earth. So we're dealing with a mix of issues here.
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    1:25. Note that the strip "More Videos" along the bottom includes Susan Boyle, Victor Borge, How To Remove a Stump Cheaply and Effectively, and The Top 20 Greatest Drum Intros of All Time!
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    Can you point out where in the OT that a verse says with the specifics to the effect that "A messiah shall come, his name will be Jesus, he will be God"? I know that Isa 7:14 doesn't say that. In fact Isa 7:14 says: "Therefore the Lord himself will give you[a] a sign: The virgin[b] will conceive and give birth to a son, and[c] will call him Immanuel" Give who a sign? Not 'you' generally - you is referring to the King in the preceding verses. The prophesises in the OT only work if you are willing to shoehorn them to fit the narrative.
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    There are many here who have stated that their depression lightened or disappeared when they left Christianity, particularly the fundamentalist controlling variety. I think Christians are brainwashed in regards to life's purpose and thus they feel at loose ends when they leave and don't know how to think for themselves because they're so used to group think. Those who have rebelled against the group think in secret for years, as was my case looking back on it, they feel the load lighten when the depression is related to not being able to be true to who they really are.
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    I did a double-take because I thought you meant Benny Hill!
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    I am reminded of something I wrote about meaning and purpose on my site back when I was considering the question. I think it is as relevant today as back then: And to quote the great Carl Sagan: "“The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning. We long for a Parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal.”"
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    Its really not too different from those marketing scams you get that promise for a small layout of $200 you will receive a trading system that will make you RICH. RICH!!!!!. RICH I say. Yeah, nah. It's a scam. For those so inclined to fall for such I know a Nigerian widow who's husband recently passed away....
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    Totally understood. I'm one of those (rare?) ex-Christians who is politically very conservative. The climate change debacle is part of what led me to this position. Mind you, I am far from scientifically illiterate. I have a PhD in astrophysics and have read a small fraction of the climate science literature (which is far more than the general public has done). I believe the science, of course. But the claims that "the world is ending in 12 years" are not only laughable and childish, but akin to the apocalpytic fears of my former fellow Christians. The claim that climate change is an expression of white supremacy is likewise worthy of ridicule. You can likely infer from my choice of non-Christian religion that I do not possess any Western European heritage whatsoever, and I am claiming that racism in the Western world does not exist in a significant measure. To even discuss racism in the context of climate change negates the very notion of so-called "climate justice" which is promulgated by the political left. This is merely an atheistic version of the Christian persecution complex. Climate justice advocates are effectively evangelical Christians who want us to repent of our sins and believe that the world is persecuting us. "Take heart, for climate activists have overcome the world." I believe in climate science. I do not believe in climate justice. The latter is a religion, and I did not leave Jesus just to join another faith: one with far worse theology and worship music, at that. Avoid anyone who tells you that the Sun Monster is going to kill you. This is simply another version of the Beast.
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    Another way of viewing their claims. The doctrine of original sin is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you truely believe you are incomplete, and incapable, and need gods help to be saved, then it is so. You are hooked for life, and dependent on the religious police and saviors for guidance.
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    (In regards to his great and precious promises failing utterly, and only silence from our "daddy in Heaven", believers fill in the uncomfortable silence with) "He can say No..." "Maybe he wanted another angel at his throne" "You don't give your kid everything he asks for" "He's always faithful, all the time. He DID answer, it just looks different than what you expect" "He's not a cosmic vending machine" "You're just being contentious" "You can't trust your mind" "You can't trust your emotions" "Just trust the love you've already felt" (!) "God never answers the question 'Why?'" "Who are YOU to question GOD?! Remember Job!" Lots of people who would otherwise see through the lies get hooked again through guilt and other emotional manipulation. I remember one guy that was pissed at god, and asked hard questions, but never left the church. The other believers tolerate him and tell him to hush, which he does so that he can stay. He wasted his entire life stuck instead of cutting ties and moving on. He always seemed gay also, but the programming probably would not allow him to simply be himself and find a new circle of friends. When I was a young believer, I once read an atheist website in the early days of the Internet, and it hit home. But when I talked about how troubled it made me, other believers said that this was proof that it was the devil, since it robbed me of joy. Now I see that it was simply popping the bubble in which I found emotional satisfaction with the first friends I'd ever had (being an incredibly shy introvert at the time). Ignoring those questions cost me another 25 years of life that could have been explored. Then again, at the time, church (not Jesus) taught me the basics of being social, so there was some gain from that. I also learned a lot about how humans manipulate other humans, and use God as a justification.
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    Of course not. The standards for judging humans are far superior.
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    All religion is based on guesswork and wishful thinking, never on evidence. There is nothing "true" about it. Some beliefs are just less harmful than others. Not a great selling point for me.
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    From Marlene's article.... And the reason this "philosophy" came into being (MOHO's take) I am the only one who can talk to God so listen to me. Engage my enemy and smite him. Take his valuables and give most of them to me Do as I say - not as I do Serving me is just like server God - so serve me or I'll tell God to smite you.
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    Welcome, @UniversalFriendliness , Glad you found us. Religion and true - in the same sentence. Interesting. I recon that depends on your definition but, in my book, religion means to adhere to a doctrine or set of beliefs even in the face of new information. BAD! - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)

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