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    I don't intend to be harsh, but you could spend the rest of your life obsessing about biblical prophesies, the evidence etc. Is that really what you want to do? Thinking about these gets you nowhere when it comes to really considering whether Christianity is the One True Faith, as it claims. That is no kind of examination regarding the central tenets of Christianity and whether they hold up against scrutiny and logic.
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    Many years ago there was a supermarket tabloid called The Weekly World News. It's only on line now at http://weeklyworldnews.com Their stories center around the Bat Boy, and UFOs, Bigfoot, and more. A great time waster. Some of their stories might be an inspiration for you. In their print days there were classified ads in the back for various cults and nutter religions, all of which were much farther out than Christianity. As a practical joke birthday present for my dad, I sent in his name and address and the few bucks some of them asked for. He got a huge pile of all this stuff and had a great laugh over it. Some of them kept sending him stuff for years.
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    The most effective one in my ex cult was "doubt is a sin". Using your brain and logic was literally a sin. Also whoever invented trust like a child clearly has no clue what kids are like in their early years. Have you ever met a four year old that is easily satisfied with answers and cannot tell when the adults are just trying to placate them or make shit up?
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    One of the platitudes we were brainwashed with is that ''Satan comes as an angel to light to deceive the faithful.'' Every now and again ( yes, it still happens to me after all this time) I wonder if I am 'deceived' and yet, as soon as my rational brain kicks in, I ask why god would even allow that to happen to one of his own children!!?? That's like allowing an angry wolf to attack your own child??? Grrrrrrr
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    I have no idea why the poster of the vid alternated between normal type case words and full caps. Maybe he's related to Trump? Regardless... hold onto your seats ladies and gents - Hush Whispers has found the REAL (TM) (c) location of the GARDEN of EDEN. He called into The Atheist Experience to announce his discovery. Filled with excitement I went to his referenced youtube channel and watched the video below. I am converted. Eden was real, Genesis was real. IS REAL. I will spend the rest of my life proving this to you until you see the truth that I see. Behold I give you... EDEN!!!! Proof! Sorry. PROOF!! Ok I admit I only made it to 1:55 before all my brain cells died. Did you do better?
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    The problem here is that this belief doesn't make sense if god is omnipotent. According to the bible, god confused the languages at the tower of Babel. If god is fluent enough in each language to understand and answer prayers in each, then it stands to reason that he should also be able to translate his word accurately into each language. We are back to a god who can't seem to say what he means. Only, this time it's not because he is mysterious or anything; it's because he's incompetent. Or rather, trusts his word to incompetent writers. If god cannot control the accurate translation of his word, then he's not omnipotent. If god makes mistakes, even just a small one, then he is not omnipotent. Incidentally, if god can not maje mistakes, then he is also not omnipotent.
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    Should have access to that forum now.
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    "There also seems to be a major lack of understanding of christian theology on your part. " If understanding theology means praising Jesus and the bible then I guess I dont understand it.
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    And I am pointing out that if others authored the works, and hijacked Paul's name to lend authority to them, then doing so was dishonest and false.
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    Well this is curious. The New Testament rests entirely, and I mean entirely, on Jesus being the son of God as foretold in prophesy. Ironically the anonymous writers don't specifically state what prophesy, but Christians by and large point to Isaiah 7:14. Now the problems with this prophesy and attempting to match it to Jesus are numerous. Lerk has written an brilliant rebuttal to it here so I'll let you read it. To specific points you raise: 1) "The original Quran no longer exists" - ditto for the entire bible. 2) "discrepancies in the Quran" - ditto for the NT, and OT. We know parts were altered. I'd suggest reading Bart Erhman's works for a critique of the NT, and Who Wrote the Bible by Richard Friedman for a critique of parts of the OT, specifically the first 5 books. On a more general note of Theology - this is what you have to believe to accept Christianity: God had to come down and have a son, who was actually himself, and sacrifice himself to himself in order to provide salvation for a problem that he created. (Way back in Genesis). This idea - the idea of someone else taking on your sins that were actually inherited from people 6,000 years ago is morally abhorrent.
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    I totally agree with TruthSeeker0. You've been sucked in by this trick that keeps you from asking the obvious questions Rickswordfish. If you want to figure out if christiany is true go back to the beginning, leave all the christian preconceptions and slights of hand behind and with a mind that is open to whatever it discovers ask yourself if this religion appears to come from something beyond the bronze age thinking that was common at that time and in the place it was written. Is the god they describe much different from and especially advanced beyond the men who were writing about him? In my opinion there is absolutely no chance that this story of christianity is true, and being untrue it's neither necessary nor valuable to look for extraordinary truths that might possibly be contained in the many confusing jumbles of words written by primitives living in a barely developed social structure. I guess if any of us were to stare at something, anything, long enough and intently enough something eventually will appear to take shape but what does that matter especially considering that there are so many more profitable and/or enjoyable ways for us to spend the precious bit of time we have be given.
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    Every time I think I have rid myself of Christian thinking, I find another area where that bullshit is still impacting me! My most recent discovery is about apocalypse. Back in the day, this was always tied to the 2nd coming and/or rapture and millenium. On any given day you can find a headline that ties in to some prophecy and ‘proves’ that the Bible is right and *this time* it’s real, it’s happening. The end of the world. Of course every apocalyptic prophecy ever made has failed, otherwise none of us would be here. And yet I was forced to acknowledge that after leaving Christianity and becoming quite liberal in my beliefs I just traded one apocalypse in for another. This time the apocalypse was man-made. We’re killing all the animals and the air and now the climate and we’re all going to die at our own hands. It’s like I just started worshipping at the eco-disaster altar. I guess a second deconversion is in order...
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    This documentary always helped me to understand the earth (and what looks like an apocalypse) for probably billions of years. And of course humans are screwing it up even more. We, the 'entitled species'...... Lol
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    I've put this article up off and on for years. There is some fantastic information. It's long but worth the read. (hug) https://www.orange-papers.org/orange-deprogram.html
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    The earth’s shadow on the moon during an eclipse is always a circle, no matter what direction the moon is; that means that the object casting the shadow is a sphere. The ancient greeks figured that out. Flat-earthers might as well go back to living in caves. Anti-science people living in the modern world are a total contradiction. They use computers and cell phones, microwaves, fluorescent lights, airplanes, etc. without a second thought. But when something like evolution comes up, they insist it can’t be true because it contradicts their ancient book. It’s all the same science . . . .
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    1:25. Note that the strip "More Videos" along the bottom includes Susan Boyle, Victor Borge, How To Remove a Stump Cheaply and Effectively, and The Top 20 Greatest Drum Intros of All Time!
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    Why does "Adam's rib" look more like another part of the male anatomy?
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    Haha - I did say that I only made it to 1:55 before suffering complete brain shutdown. @Justus You look out the window and see Eden do you? I'd like to meet the talking snake, ask that forked tongue serpent what he thought he was doing. BTW I could swear that the Garden of Eden was locked and man cast out of it... hence I am cufuzzebubbled as to how anyone could find Eden, let alone look out and see it. Hmm lemme see... where was it now.... oh yes here tis! 24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. Gen 3:24 Hmm now thinking about this, maybe my Church doctrine was wrong. The doctrine was that the Cherubims stopped anyone getting back to the garden of Eden. However they are only placed at the east of the garden. Therefore I propose we could get in from the north, west or south and get to the tree of life that way.
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    That 3 minutes would have been better spent watching grass grow...
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    Thank God for global warming or that pork chop wouldn't be cooked, you do know were salamanders come from...
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    But - the flood reshaped the earth’s surface, so we don’t know where anything was before the flood, including the garden of eden. It could have been in south america. (Someone once told me this in all seriousness.)
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    Well they "see" all kinds of stuff in and coming from the clouds, so they might as well "see" it on the ground too. Imagination is a great thing....right up to the point that the gullible take it all literally. (And no, I didn't make it past 2 minutes)
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    Wow... If I didn't know the Earth was flat, I might trust Google satellite images
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    Delving into concepts removed from their specific framework can be confusing. These words , love, nothingness, oneness , get thrown a lot around, but one should be careful, lest they become little more than new age slogans. I mean they can refer to a lot of experiences, from drugged out to psychotic to certain deep insights. I mean certain people say, NAMBLA , that paedophilia is love. That word is too used too loosely in plain language.
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    I agree we have free will. Biblegod created us that way. Then biblegod pitches a fit when we use it. Absurd.
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    Did you use a Bible in your course? John the baptist said ... "But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for baptism, he said to them, “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" Mat 3:7 Christ said of John the Baptist ... "Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist! Yet the one who is [a]least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he." Mat 11:11
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    As a great theologian from the 23rd century put it, "what does god need with a starship"?
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    Not a thing that can be summed up in one catchy sentence but... that concept that whoever leaves the cult "never really was a christian". Nice way to shut down any doubt, providing an easy answer that jibes with the cult's doctrine. As long as you're willing to believe that you're invulnerable to reason doubt. This is 167 % defense / apologetics and -7 % logical.
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    Hi! If anyone remembers me, I just want to let You know that I am alive and still thinking about Ex-Christian forum and about people that I met here :) I just had a break mostly, because of problems with Internet connection at my home. Soon it will be fixed and I will come back here for longer time :) Greetings :)
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    Hmm I know those ideas that come with full force. Most of time however it seems to that they are empty phrases filled with fear, shame, guilt etc . Senseless like some advertising slogans. We cannot judge God in human terms. What does it mean to judge, anyway? What does God mean what does human mean what human terms mean? For exemple is judging saying attributes, etc words , ideas about God? That is what all the Scripture and theology is about. And it is absurd because because we are humans. In order to understand anything whatsoever about God even divine revelation we do it AS humans. I mean the Bible is written in human language. Trust like a child This one is contradicted by the man himself Jesus when he says to be pure as a dove and wise as a snake and the Apostle Paul when he says that cgristians should not be childish, but mature and children only in regards to doing evil. Threat of hell. Yes, like you may know this is one of the biggest for me and for most. First there is a tradition of universalism within the church. Modern proponents are illaria ramelli and david bentley hart, both scholars one in ancient graeco roman history the other in philosophy. And again doest not make any sense whatsoever. This is something I observe about these thoughts. Extreme power, little to no meaning/ sense. Like some kind of mental bullies. Do not put your lord to the test. A tricky one, but I actually asked this one, I did not get a goid answer, but anyway. The context, with the trials of Jesus in the desert at least, means being wicked with God. Like trying to trick him or just do it for fun . Othrwise the Bible is full of tests the prophets and saints people did with God. I mean case in point Elijah and the fire. I dot know exactly how to deal with them. For me EMDR therapy has been of help though. Reading cult manipulation tehniques, effects of trauma and stuff regardung mental health in general is doing si.e good things.

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