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    If you are feeling guilt, then you haven't yet communicated to him about church and religion. He of course sees his church as "different" and his god as a real living interactive being (in truth, an imaginary friend like Spiderman, made to feel more real by having a special building and a bunch of people singing and possibly raising hands.) If your staying there requires that you go (a rude arrangement), how about a late service? If you didn't agree to go, are you in danger of being kicked out? All in all, express yourself more clearly about why you don't want to participate in a service when you are not a believer. He likely hopes that magic will happen and you'll be like him. If you can convey that your unbelief doesn't make you evil or whatever he may fear, just human, then maybe he won't pressure you.
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    I'll have to check it out because we have a topic about this going at the moment in the debate section:
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    Room and board isn't free. Just don't let it cost you your self respect.
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    We have a big-time fundy friend who has been through a number of these. At the moment, it's essential oils. According to her, all problems can be traced back to some sort of imbalance that can be fixed through the use of these essential oils. My wife has world-class orthopedic problems including four rods and ten screws in her back and a steel plate in her neck. She's in constant pain. But according to this friend, if she rubs essential oils on her back that should take care of the pain. Said friend sent some of this junk, which is rather expensive, as a gift, but of course it was worthless. (By the way, cannabis is legal here and she finds that CBD oil works and is more effective than the prescription pain killers, which make her feel sick.)
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    It seems that these were first offered at $1425 (after Matthew 14:25, a Bible passage that describes Jesus walking on water) but they sold out in less than a minute to resellers who are offering them for $3k to $4k. But if anyone is interested, I can fix you up with a pair of shoes worn by one of the most wonderful and amazing persons ever to exist on this planet* for only $500, a substantial savings over the Jesus shoes, and offering every bit as much excitement and pride of ownership. The soles of these shoes are contoured to match the soles of the original feet, which will give you an unparalleled feeling of closeness to the original owner; the character of the uppers revealing significant moments in the life of this outstanding individual. This is a rare opportunity and quantities are limited. _______ *That would be me, according to my grandchildren.
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    OH MY GOD! You mean some xtians are <GASP!> CHERRY PICKERS!
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    That's an interesting concept. In my experience it's not that easy to just buy any MLM product. As I said to an Amway guy who was showing me the downline principle I asked about selling product rather than recruiting. He said there's no money in selling product. I quipped, "Well, SOMEBODY has to buy the damn soap!"
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    My fundy dad once dragged me to a "party." Fun people, he said. Fun party, he said. It was an Amway ambush. Some kid about 18 or 19 did a presentation showing how as a college student he was already making over $100,000 with Amway. I asked him if he was making that much money why was he wasting his time in school. He said he needed a degree to make a living. Let us pray.....
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    Knott, the word ex-christian exists. We use it to describe ourselves. You have no say in the matter.
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    I know you went to church. I know you sang the songs. I know you felt the Spirit. I know you read the bible. I know you loved the Jesus. I know you joined the church membership. I know you did mission work. I know you tithed. I know you went to Promise Keepers. I know you tried to evangelize other people. I know you did and felt and lived a Christian life. But dammit! You was never a REAL Christian. LoL. I really have little hate or rage about Christianity. But when a stranger comes here to tell me who I am and what I'm thinking .... when really he doesn't know anything at all about me...then a little anger flares up. .... You speak of 'abuse of the system.' The system IS abuse. Christianity IS abuse. The bible is abusive to one's mental health. Why does your Jesus allow abuse in his own church by his pastoral staff and congregation? Probably because he isn't real.
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    I was familiar with the 'Once saved, always saved' stuff - never understood it. But, what the heck, if you want to say that - you may as far as I am concerned. I'll stick with ex-Christian. You do realise don't you that if you get saved .... ahh I see where you are going...I never was saved in the first place! 58 years wasted NOT
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    No True Scotsman.

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