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    I would only change one word in that statement. You WILL be very grateful. At least I have been, and more so as the years go by. At 78 years of age I no longer fear death. Like you, I have always been very curious, and more than once lately it has occured to me that maybe my curosity about life after death wil be answered. HA! If there is consciousness! But either way, the fear is gone. I think the final straw for me with de-conversion was when it occurred to me that my faith in Christianity was determined by being born into it, and conditioned into it. If I had been born in a Muslim country, into a devout Muslim family, I would have believed that was the truth. Or whatever I had been conditioned into. That is when it became so clear to me that religion was fabricated by mankind.
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    Yes, I understand. Staying exactly on topic is sometimes difficult to realize whether the universe is flat or curved I like the quality of your posts. When you ask questions, they usually are good ones. And when you explain theory you generally add appropriate comments. Because of your profile I understand cosmology is a keen interest of yours. I know you will continue with your good postings and keen interest. best regards, Forrest, AKA pantheory
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    My answer to this is "false". From science, we have knowledge which contadicts this claim. That is to say, science leads us to strongly believe, on the basis of a lot of evidence, that this statement is ontologically false. Remember, science attempts to get at ontological truth. It does this via epistemic models, so it doesn't lead to ontological truth directly, but that is not to say that it can't give us knowledge of ontological truth; it's just that our knowledge is never 100% certain. But that's true of basically all knowledge on my account, so it isn't particularly troubling. I agree with this. Some people might even say that something like this could be taken to be your personal truth. I generally find such statements to be silly. Certainly it is possible to believe the claim, but belief doesn't entail truth. Even knowledge doesn't necessarily entail truth on my account. With this particular claim, I have a hard time seeing how it could be said to be epistemically true at all, because it is fundamentally an ontological claim. As such, what we think about it is not supposed to matter. And our best scientific evidence contradicts the claim, which is why I say I know it is false. Yes, I agree with this. I think it's just bad reasoning, to be honest. This is good, and it's one of the reasons why I made this thread. A theory of truth is no good if we can't apply it to actual examples. I'm hoping to be able to look at how this applies to lots of things as we go forward.
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    That makes sense to me! If God is real, why couldn't he just let us love him freely. Get to know him first. Show himself to us. Give us a hug and say "i'm so happy I created you", without the fear of hell. I mean I still can't get the whole scare you into a relationship. To me its like if I would have forced my husband to marry me by gunpoint. He wouldn't have really wanted to marry me or be with me, he would've felt forced. But if God would just let us know Him first. I'm sure everyone would fall in love with him, if he is all love. And people say look at the trees they are so beautiful and the universe is beautiful and amazing so we know how God is. But if a human makes something beautiful but treats me really bad, it just says thet they are creative but don't really care about me. I don't understand a lot of things about God if he is real, and his ways seem harsh to me. But at the end of the day I truly feel like if he is real he does not care about me. I know it says if you are not for God you are his enemy. I never woke up and said "i wanna be God's enemy" I just didn't want to go to hell. I even prayed to God and prayed that I would get closer to Him. I Just didn't know how. And I guess people can say that I put other things before God like netflix and silly things. But why does the relationship all depend on us. Doesn't the relationship depend on God too? I mean it kinda feels like when I was a little girl and my dad wouldn't ever call me and he would simply say "the phone works both ways." That didn't make me want to call him. That just hurt me. I feel like its the same with God. The more silent, the less I want to talk. And in the same scenario, I always knew it was wrong that my dad was my dad and didn't reach out to me but expected me to reach out to him. He was the adult. And if God is real, he is so much bigger than us and so much more powerful and apparently so much more loving. I don't see how its not his responsibility to reach out? He reached out to those in the Bible, directly. I just don't understand. I want to tell myself because He's not real. but I am so afraid he is.

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