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    Christianity doesn’t have anywhere near the influence it did when I was growing up in the 50’s & 60’s. The internet has been a game changer IMO. The historical reality of the origins and evolution of both the Bible & the Christian faith are readily accessible all over the internet. The truth about the Bible & the Christian faith is no longer a secret that can be hidden from the faithful & the general public. Religion continues to decline in numbers and influence with each new generation.
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    I'm with TEG here. There's a broad spectrum with pastors and church leaders. On the two extremes are some who really do believe it's true and some who are full-fledged charlatans. In between there are others who don't believe but feel trapped because they don't have transferable skills, some who realize it's not totally true but think that religion is necessary for morality, etc. There's no one-size-fits-all.
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    https://www.loudersound.com/news/jesus-he-knows-me-a-massive-statue-of-the-baby-jesus-looks-a-lot-like-phil-collins Haha
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    And that (emphasis mine) also bears repeating. Yes some are talking shit on both sides, but that's not proof that the entire topic is bullshit.
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    I'm one who questions the clergy when I have the chance. And I have found quite a lot of professing agnostic theist pastors, and church school administrators. Because they know that there are at least some problems with the way in which the bible is presented to the public. That it's not 100% infallible. Because they are educated enough to at least have some understanding of the fact. But then again, I've seen those types go in front of everyone and ride the party line all the same. It was painful to go to my best friends Dad's funeral. He was an SDA school principle. I specifically knew that he did not believe that founder Ellen G White was inspired by god. He was only theistic in a vague, agnostic sense. But at the funeral the pastor went on and on about how devoted he was in life to the teachings of Ellen White, and the bible, and that was pure bullshit. I knew that he had not only spoken to the pastor about his doubts but that specifically made a stand about trying to get away from the Ellen G White material. He was teetering on the edge of heresy. The pastor knew that. And yet I sat there and watched him lie his ass off at the funeral. I was a little pissed off about it too.
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    A friend commented that the baby starts out looking like Phil Collins and then grows up looking like Kenny Loggins (if you have the white Jesus).
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    True that. I also recall the fight that Hugh Hefner put up in courts against the entrenched morality police, and won. But I still recall how "shocking" Three's Company was. And mom wasn't sure I should be watching "Love American Style". What a different culture we had!
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    A certain number of them really, truly believe every word of the bible: the serpent in the garden, the tower of babel, the talking donkey, the sun standing still, the resurrection, everything. They’re basically flat-earthers: a lunatic fringe who are convinced that everyone else is deceived. Remember pizzagate? Some people will believe ANYTHING. And we are sharing the planet with them . . . . Of the clergy, there are others who don’t believe like this; some of them are undoubtedly foisting it on the gullible to make a living; but I think others, such as in the mainstream liberal denominations, have congregations that don’t really believe it either; to them, the bible is a kind of inspirational literature, and they go to church for family, tradition, a good feeling, etc.
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    It's quite insulting, isn't it? Nobody would be stupid enough to "choose" to go to a place where they'd be tortured forever. A lot of Christians can't wrap their heads around the fact that there are people who really don't believe, and the best response they can come up with is regurgitating a thoughtless, idiotic threat based solely on their fairy tale.
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    I'm doing well, mostly. It's been an eventful year. The highlights are prostate surgery, retirement, and a trip to Africa. You can see my Africa photos on Facebook with a side of Ro-bear humor. No photos for those other things. I follow you on Facebook. I want to be like you when I grow up.
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    I sort of think my husband might already know because I started to refuse to pray, but he responded with "If you don't pray you'll go to Hell, but it's your choice." I really hate being threatened with hell. If you want to know how bad it was, my very fundie grandma raised me, and when I was 18.... Yes I was a legal adult, she found out I was playing Pokemon, yes Pokemon, and she heard on Christian radio it was evil so she literally yelled at me for hiding it from her. The little old lady who is my neighbor is very devote too. With Christian books stacked all over the place, I wonder how much she payed for them all O_O; And I was raised with evolution is so bad that Pokemon is evil partially because Pokemon evolve. In college I dared to study Zoology.... Yeah, I tried defending Noah's ark in a paper I wrote and got a bad grade.
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    Um, that baby statue is quite ugly. Wonder what Phil Collins would say about this??
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    Church is a constant shell-game of promise and deflection. Many of us started believing because we were promised that God loved us and had a wonderful plan for our lives. Several folks I knew came in through 12-step programs for eating or other issues, and their "sponsor" was a believer intent on evangelism. Once we bite the bait, we slowly learned the stories of the bible and the miracles, then through church attendance we got the Old Testament mixed in. Meanwhile, our social circle changed to mostly believers. For me, any time the doors were open I was there doing the sound system and socializing with people (something new to me at the time). There were clues that it was a tower of lies, but the other benefits of salvation and friends were plenty to keep me hooked. On one hand they'd tell me not to trust my feelings, but then when I had real questions about the faith that made it seem sour, they'd say "just trust the love you've already felt". Shell-game. Or if they didn't like the question, I could be accused of being "contentious", that is, not following blindly and making them feel uncomfortable. So bit by bit after taking the initial bait, we were fed the tribal taboos and myths and accepted them as truth because we'd already trusted that the Bible was the word of God. When god acted like a narcissistic asshole in the bible, we were taught that we deserved it because of sin. When Israel committed genocide after genocide (Holocausts) of people groups as they traveled, and kept the young girls as sex slaves after just watching their families slaughtered, and god blessed that and commanded that, that became a good thing instead of shockingly horrifying. We were conditioned to think a certain way, and god always got a pass because otherwise he might hurt us and we'd deserve it because he's "holy". I finally figured out that we were the abused wife in a domestic relationship to our god who only ever gets good press from the leadership. I wrote this article about that discovery. So when we repeated the lies to others, it came from years of mental and emotional conditioning to see myth as real and a despicable bloodthirsty god as the definition of Love. It all started with that initial bait and hook.
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    That has a catchy ring to it: "Don't know, don't believe and don't care!" That would make a good shirt!
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    The issue here is about whether climate change is real. There is hyperbole coming from both camps as to the seriousness and immediacy of the problem, though some still deny there even is a problem. That is the issue I'm addressing here. Will we all drown tomorrow? Probably not. Can we cut back on adding our own known contributing factors and at least not hasten the change? Definitely yes. The extreme positions are politically motivated and not stemming from the science.
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    I thought I was going nuts and thinking thoughts no one else did. It's a relief to not feel alone. I keep working on getting over things, just being happy, coming from love, only to find myself taken advantage of and angrier than ever.
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    I just wanted to say hi and tell you that since the last time that I was here (not sure how many months) I haven't had a single manic episode and I have been living a normal life. I have the correct medicine and I have a secular psychiatrist. I have very little interest in religion. I just wanted to say hi and let you know all is well.
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    I think it's spot on. All churches should be required to have one. mwc
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    @Renora Welcome to Ex-C! Sorry you're going through some nasty stuffs. Helps to talk about it. Let 'er rip when you are ready. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
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    It’s easy to think Christians make up the majority of the population, but they are kind of like flies. They seem to be everywhere and they annoy the crap out of people. Glad you found this sight. I’m certain you will find it helpful.
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    Hear! Hear! I was in my forties when I stopped caring what other people believed or thought. Thirty years later I have even less interest in walking on tiptoe through the minefield of stupid. How you doing, Ro?
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    There are a lot of people working in the pharmaceutical industry who have major problems with the pharmaceutical industry, and for the same reasons (dishonesty, greed, taking advantage of the poor/gullible, etc.). I imsgine it's the same in some other industries, like healthcare, or automotive. Bottom line, though, is the bottom line. People gotta eat; and most just do what they have to do to get by. It ain't fair; but that's the way the world works.
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    I just tell people I'm an atheist. I don't care if some consider the term pejorative. I'm too old to worry about what other people think. People need to know we are here,
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    Yes, basically. The technicality is that the observable universe is not the entire universe. So a major handicap for the fine tuned arguments is found there. And just based on what you're saying above, even within the observable universe life represents a fraction of time, in only one particular place that we have confirmed. That hardly constitutes a universe, designed intentionally by a literal transcendent being of some type, specifically for the purpose of producing life. It's just a way of apologist's grasping at straws and special pleading for their pet beliefs. I really wish people would start looking at the big picture, as theists, and understand the pointlessness of making untenable claims. They are completely unnecessary. People really ought to consider keeping their pet beliefs to themselves and not embarrassing themselves by trying to argue for and / or prove things which are not provable. You wanna believe in ghosts, great! Why is it so important (to the point of destroying credibility or making a fool of oneself) to try and make everyone else believe it as well? There's really no where to go with it. It's the same with gods. There's no where to go with it. Maybe new generations will start growing up aware of the futility involved and it can fade away more and more into a non-issue.
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    I just thought this post bears repeating. When up against Creationists we have no trouble accepting the overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution. When 97% of scientists agree on climate some tend to doubt their validity, probably due to an excellent propaganda machine for the fossil fuel industry. It's not unlike arguing flat earth conspiracy.
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    I tell people all the time I'm not a fundy or an Xtian. In fact I tell them straight away that I am an atheist - family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers. I get responses... 1. met too! 2. you should reconsider that. 3. I believe in god but not Christ. 4. I am spiritual 5. I will change your mind ("good luck, penis breath!") 6. blank stare You know What?... I live through it. It usually is not awkward. I stay married (your actual mileage may vary) I am still friends and on speaking terms will all So buck up and let it rip. You'll feel better! <<HUG>> - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
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    I think it is 12 for me, this month.
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    Welcome! If you're being taken advantage of, it's time to set boundaries (many of us here didn't grow up with proper boundaries and needed to learn about them) and take your power back.
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    Welcome. This is a community built on helping others in similar situations. Feel free to join in and contribute, ask questions, etc.
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    Sit back, relax and enjoy the conversations you have here.
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    Hi Renora, and welcome. Florduh is right. Most of us just maintain a low profile. I'll bet there are more than you think in the pews on Sunday, there just because, and perhaps for the social aspect and the food. And we're here to listen any time you want to vent.
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    Welcome. I'm sorry to hear that you get taken advantage of. I hope whatever the situation is can be resolved. Here's wishing you the best as you move forward.
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    Welcome aboard! Enjoy the community!
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    Welcome. You're not nuts or alone. There are more of "us" than "they" care to admit. Feel free to jump in!
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    We really dont mind taking the time. It helps lurkers and newbies who are seeking freedom from religion. Consider it a ministry we feel called into. Better yet, it's all part of god's plan.
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    Thank you very much. Same hobbies. Basically just reading about history, art history, photography, fiction and am thinking of buying a newer camera to perhaps take pictures. My two cameras are too old. Thank you very much everyone for your well wishes.

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