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    I wanted to check in with everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and interacted. I know it sounds weird, but since I was in such a dark place when I first visited here, it’s kind of triggering to come back to this website right now. For some reason it makes me anxious. But I wanted to let you all know I am doing better. You all gave me the hope and encouragement I needed to even start questioning everything. So I just wanted to say thanks!!! I am doing better but still struggling. I think that’s expected. It will definitely be a process I see. But I hope to feel okay enough in the near future to come back and interact with you all more!!!!
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    About that baby! Fear not! Life is just fine on the other side of the christian hurtle. Many of us who are raising kids without christianity, or religion at all for that matter, are doing just fine and so are the kids. In fact, I think we're all much better without the smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand that christianity brings. There's a certain amount of integrity that goes along with raising children without lies, fear tactics, and all that went into fucking us up in the head for some many years. Why pass that along to another generation? Well, for myself and others, there is no good to reason to pass any of that along so we've nipped it in the bud! Encouragement! Happy New Year!!!
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    I posted my leaving Christianity testimony almost 2 years ago, but have another testimony. I am 78 years old, but still functioning very well. HA! At least physically. But there is a history of strokes on both sides of my family with a couple of sudden unexpected deaths. Due to a suddenly occurring hearing problem, they did an MRI of my head and found I have already had 3 tiny strokes. But they were not the cause of my hearing loss, and there are no other obvious after effects that aren't typical for my age. But my mortality has reared it's head!! My New Testimony? My de-conversion must be complete. After decades of worrying about it, there are no second thoughts about my "salvation". Hopefully this can encourage those who might be having second thoughts.
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    2019 was almost as risky. The 19 could be turned into 1997 for example. I'm not worried. If this is all you have to worry about...
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    " those evangelicals who are enraged at Christianity Today for calling out Trump’s abuses of power aren’t enraged because they think Trump’s good outweighs his bad. They’re enraged because they think he is all good. " If I believed in spirits and demons and gods and such, I'd think that the evangelicals had literally sold their souls to Satan. The god wouldn't give them the judges they wanted, so Satan came along and said "I'll give you more judges than you ever thought possible! You just have to let me pick the president! Oh, and you have to be completely loyal to whomever I pick. Oh, and you go to Hell when you die. But you'll get your judges!" It's almost enough to make me a believer! (Okay, not really, but I've been really tempted to post something like this on facebook where nobody actually knows that I'm an atheist.)
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    It's a long process. But it gets easier. For me it's been easiest getting on by cutting contact with people I knew in my ex church and anyone who tried to control my choices or influence my mind. Listen to yourself. Listen to your own mind. Walk your own truth. Religious people would have it otherwise, but you can cut yourself free of all that.
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    Exactly. If it's even real, then the christian approach only makes sense if the god is a narcissistic type of psycho, not unlike the religious zealots of the bronze age who were themselves WRITING all of this down, contradicting one another's writings in the process, and generally not keeping very good track of the claims which are being made within the same said writings and various ramblings. Some type of all knowing, all present, all good, all this or that supernatural being shouldn't very well be nothing more than a temper tantrum throwing little shit, right? It should by default, be much more than that. Way beyond (hint, hint see the definition of transcendent) all of that. That just sounds like the ramblings of a human ego. Magnified to supernatural status. Not necessarily what we would expect of a superior being. What we find in scripture doesn't make very much sense unless it's put into it's actual historical context - eccentric personalities involved with religion during the bronze age ranting and raging about what ever happened to be on their own minds, and acting as if it were not their own personal opinions, but the absolute word of a supernatural creator of the universe. The simplest and most obvious explanation often tends to be the correct one. This instance not withstanding.....
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    Maybe Trumps secret plan is to provide plenty of underground space on the moon for aliens.
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    Same here! Had a good time with some family and friends, that's all. I've never bothered with decorating. Too much trouble! I enjoyed sleeping in and not having to go to work. nice, relaxing time!
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    I plan on being the last person to die during my lifetime.
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    NASA has requested an increase in their 2020 budget of $1.6 billion in order to make another crewed mission to the Moon by 2024, supposedly followed by a sustained U.S. presence on the Moon by 2028 if it is budgeted. Trump says he supports all aspects of this project.
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    The aliens warned us to not return to the moon.
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    There is no normal. There's only people striving to live up to the image of what is projected as "normal" at any given point in time. Just be yourself.
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    As I look back over my whole life, I know now that I was always searching for ''safety''. Safe from what I knew deep in my heart (even as a child) the suffering and heartbreak that went on in the world... even in my own small, little world as a youngster. I had a turbulent childhood with lots of fighting, drinking, etc. that was very scary to me as a child. There wasn't any talk about hell in the United Church where I spent my childhood. They only preached about the love of Jesus. But I remember thinking when my cat got caught in the fan of a car on Christmas eve day, why would jesus let this happen to me and my sister? We were devastated. Then came family deaths (some at an early age) and I remember so clearly thinking that god made it hard for humans. And I observed suffering all though my teenage years, even though I was having a lot of fun. By the time I was 21 and went to my first fundamentalist church I was a prime candidate for the doctrine. The preacher asked if we were really saved? Did we accept Jesus publicly? Did we know for sure we were going to heaven? And I thought to myself, my United Church was wrong. They didn't preach any of this? I had now found the true religion. This was what was missing for me to feel that 'safety' I always wanted to feel. So I accepted the lord as my Savior and thought for sure I finally had 'someone' who would protect me from the suffering in life. Well, you guys know the rest of the story..... The point that I am trying to make this morning is that my friends and family still love the 'safety'' they feel. They refuse to look at the reality of the world. When I ask them how god could allow such suffering, they always have the right answers. Besides, jesus is coming back to set up a new world, right? And these were the answers I gave when I was a believer. I remember how much I tried to explain Genesis to my atheist cousin and he thought I was nuts. He told me way back then that this church had me brainwashed. I would not listen to him at all and as much as i loved him, i thought he was 'lost'. 911 was the day i knew I couldn't believe in a sincere way anymore. Why some of us wake up and some don't is still beyond me? But I think it has something to do with 'safety'. I don't have that anymore and i am not afraid to admit that I miss that part of the religious belief.
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    I've been out of religion, and open about it, for over 16 years, now; and I still don't fit in with the "normal" crowd. That's okay. I don't even like crowds. I tend to be the quiet wallflower at social gatherings; and that is just as valid as being the life of the party. Pay no mind to the expectations of others. Be true to whoever you turn out to be.
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    I just wanted to say hi and tell you that since the last time that I was here (not sure how many months) I haven't had a single manic episode and I have been living a normal life. I have the correct medicine and I have a secular psychiatrist. I have very little interest in religion. I just wanted to say hi and let you know all is well.
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    “God’s ways are higher than our ways”. This sentence is one of many in-built, phrases/protective mechanisms of christianity, which keep you from questioning and leaving. This realization was the final straw for my faith.

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