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    Since this has become a diet and nutrition thread I shall add my experience and thoughts. With my family history and the looming prospect of starting meds for the dreaded DIABEETUS I decided to modify my diet first. I didn't know I was at the vanguard of a fad but all I knew was that sugar and other carbs were bad. Later I discovered I was doing keto. I was motivated and very strict for about four months. Not at all hard to do, and I lost 30 lbs, though that wasn't my goal. Blood glucose dropped, A1C down, BP down, cholesterol down, and inflammation causing a pinched nerve was gone. But I'm old, and many old people build their life around dining out with friends and having picnics and parties. As I introduced the "bad" foods back into my routine I kept a close watch on my numbers with home testing and doctor visits and blood tests. Numbers all stayed good, not perfect as before, but good enough. I put on 5-8 lbs and maintained. Something had changed permanently. I believe that everyone already knows what foods are beneficial to them and what aren't. It's a matter of motivation. Clearly, cutting out carbs would benefit almost everybody. At this point, I just want to enjoy dining out and not catching the DIABEETUS. If I ever need to go to a low carb high fat diet again, it won't be difficult at all, but it sure will impact the enjoyment of dinners with friends.
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    This seems to be happening lately. It's EX-CHRISTIAN.net not SEX-CHRISTIAN.net!!!!!! And not SEX-CHRISTIAN.fishnets or anything similar.
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    I'm actually unsure why you have the question "I don't know what to do" when you clearly define both the problem, the guilt trip and your wish to leave. You can see the problem and can see the solution, all that is left is to take the step you already know you want to take. The only other way this could work is to look at it from a capitalist view. You have marketable skills and they want those skills. You could figure out an hourly rate and charge them for your time on a contract basis. Probably a church that small wouldn't have the funding to afford your time, but if they could then you could turn it into a paying hobby. You would of course have to put up with the material and people, which may be a big enough problem that its not worth the money. $30 per hour times 10 hours a week would be ~$15k per year.
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    Welcome, and there is no need to apologize for your English; it's quite good. You said, "I understand that they're just manipulating " so that should be the end of it. You have already gone beyond any obligation you may have had and their selfish manipulation just needs to be ignored. Not argued with, not explained, just ignored. Leave them. Go now. Don't look back at the leeches who would continue to drain you as long as you let them.
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    Well, the domain name seems available. Sex-Christian.net. The no-guilt site for horny Christians. First month free with a year's membership. Only $9.95 per month, one year paid in advance. Credit cards accepted. Not sold in stores.
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    It happens when the sugar runs out. It burns fast, so when it is gone, if that is all you had in the furnace, suddenly you get cold. Far better to have a moderate amount of slow burning carbs, some protein, and some good fats.
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    A friend of mine has had great success losing weight with Keto. He’s like a new man. And he’s kept the weight off too. I’m convinced that carbs in general and sugar in particular are responsible for the epidemic of obesity and diabetes (among other things) in the rich world today. And so many people don’t know this: I’m flabbergasted at the way people consume soda/pop and sweet tea by the gallon in most parts of the US. We’re not fucking hummingbirds.
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    DB, my step daughters boyfriend was pushing 300 lbs and so was my youngest brother. Both went on keto diets around before thanksgiving and both are down over 30lbs. I was around 250lbs and jumped on the keto bandwagon the day after thanksgiving. I'm down to 237 lbs already. I'm only going to the 220's and then letting it plane off and maintain. But the other two want to go down 50 lbs or more. This is the only successful diet I've tried so far. My wife has a keto cook book and it's easy to stick to when you see results like this. Just putting it out there for consideration. Best of luck this year buddy!!!
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    Yes it is @cp30rocks he is my oldest. (He's the one graduating this year) He made a profile but I don't think he's ever posted. I was looking for archeological evidence to show him the bible was true and found quite the opposite. Kinda cascaded from there. I was already questions the obvious fairy tale stories like Noah and adam n eve. but when I found out Moses was even a fable, nothing in the bible fit anymore. My Father in law is still alive, it was my mother in law that passed. But thank you for your condolences. I've been posting some the past month. I usually only do a personal update once a year tho. I had to be persona non grata for a while b/c of the lil lady. She thought you guys were keeping me from coming back to the fold, I think. Hopefully I've seen the end of those issues Lost 10 lbs the past couple weeks. Almost ready to hit the gym. Just a little more stiffness to get out of my knee. DB
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    Hey Everyone, I like to post an update in this forum at least once per year. I know it sucks for people to come in and ya never hear how things went after deconversion. I'm coming up on 3 years now. Last time I gave an update I mentioned how my wife and I were still having issues over my deconversion. We had a good talk early in the year in 2019 and things got better after that as faith was concerned. I still visit her church from time to time but that has gotten fewer and farther between. We were also able to buy a house last year which was awesome!! Really enjoying having my own home again. I lost my last house during the housing market crises a decade ago. But as the title of this post suggests, This year was not all good things. We had a lot of downs this year and maybe those downs were even part of what helped my wife and I get past the religious differences in some way. It probably would have been a good thing for me to have deconverted sooner to start getting healthy. For the past couple years I thought I had an ulcer in my stomach that kept coming back. The problem got worse and worse until one day I had a great uncle that passed away and was attending a funeral and I kept having chest pains. They had started extending down my left arm and that was something new. I went to the funeral and then stopped at my moms afterward. I thought........ we'll maybe I just need something on my stomach. I was fixing myself something to eat and the pain kept getting worse. Finally I just started crying because I knew something was wrong. I asked my mom to take me to the hospital. They ran the usually chest pain gambit of tests that I saw them run on my wife the year before when she had an ovarian cyst rupture which caused shooting pains into her chest. Well all the tests they ran on me came back good. They had me set up and appointment with the family physician, who set up a stress test which came back irregular. I forgot the name of the first procedure. But I went to the hospital for them to go in and see if I needed a stent but what they found was a calcified blockage they weren't prepared for. I ended up staying in the hospital two days and having a rotoblation procedure where they basically drilled the blockage out and placed a stent. They said that was the only blockage in my heart. It was an 80-90% blockage. So now I have a nice assortment of pills to deal with LOL and just so you know. Blood thinners suck!!! I only have 5 more months to deal with them tho. A couple months later my mother in law and father in law were in a bad ATV accident that left my father in law with a nasty concussion and killed my mother in law. To say the least the last half of the year was bad. especially around the holidays. My father in law is having a very hard time coming back from this, understandably so. He is working his way through the grieving process as is my wife. But it has been very painful to watch my father in law deal with his loss. You would just have to know the history I guess. Long story short, he looked for love a long time, Had a couple wives that stepped out on him with other men but eventually found love with a woman he had known most his life. only to be with her for 11 years or so and lose here like this. Just talking about it brings tears to my eyes. My wife's family is so close nit. There were probably 20+ people in the room when they took her off life support. We were all standing and crammed in. They even wheeled my father in law in so he could be with her as she passed. I"m sure that many people in a room is against ICU policy but they still let us all in. She had 8 brothers and sisters and 3 step brothers and sisters. Plus the nieces, nephews, cousins, and in laws that were able to get in the room. That was the second time I saw this happen with my wife's family. The first was when her grandfather passed. It's not the type of family dynamic you see much anymore. At least in my experience anyway. So 2019 was a roller coaster for our family. That's just the major things that happened. There were smaller issues that i'm not going to bring up. Mostly stuff that were an effect of one of the major events I've already mentioned. Moving on, For 2020 I'm going to work on the things I can control. I feel for my in laws, My wife, and my kids I really do but I have my own issues now I really have to deal with before...... Well before I end up dying basically. When I deconverted I knew that I had been unhealthy for a long time and started taking steps to help me get better. But it was to late. Now that I've fixed a couple things it's time to get serious. The holidays are over, right now I'm dealing with some knee pain. but as soon as i'm well enough to hit the tread mill it's time to get all this weight off. I know it's over ambitious but I would like to lose 100 pounds this year. I could stand to lose more. Just saying. I'm a fatty and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of always filling like crap. It's always something related to my weight that is making me feel bad. Even my knee pain now. Gout. I had a Bad flare up just before the end of the year. I actually rang in the new years laid up in bed not able to walk. At this point it's either get healthy or go ahead and start making funeral arrangements so my kids n wife don't have to. I've already started eating healthier. The past week gout has forced me to eat mostly vegetables which i plan on sticking with for some time. Another thing I can control.... I want to work on the new house. It makes me happy. Maybe I can finally start getting that meditation area set up that I wanted. I have a man cave to finish. and a house that is ours that I can help my wife decorate. I want to focus on a more stress free year in 2020 as well. I know I can't get rid of all stress. But I'll settle for less stress. I have one son Graduating this year which is awesome. Hopefully I can help guide him onto the right path for his life. And my other son graduates next year. Also I hope to spend more time on Family, my hobbies, this community, and other stuff that brings a smile to my face. I wish you all well this year. Sincerely, Dark Bishop
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    There are some very good Blogs here at Ex-Christian.Net. For whatever reason, I - and probably others too - often overlook them. I was reminded of this by a very good new post by @Lerk in his Blog “Be Ready Always to Give an Answer”. Do yourself a favor and check it out, along with the other Blogs. Good stuff.
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    I second all the responses so far. There is only one thing I can think of to add. You could point out that they're being hypocritical in asking a nonbeliever to serve in a ministry capacity.
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    Sounds like a lot of treble. But, not to worry; after all, Every Good Boy Does Fine.
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    Hi Art, You've already been patient and generous in staying around as long as you have. Time to be firm, and polite if possible. You need to "cut them loose" as we say in English. And your English is just fine! I hope you'll tell us more about yourself when you get a chance.
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    Welcome I'm not sure I can add anything more useful than what Florduh has said. You already recognise they are being emotionally manipulative. It's your life, you do what's best for you in this case. As far as the immorality thing fuck them! You don't need to justify leaving the group because you no longer believe the bullshit they do. If one leaves a tennis club they don't start heaping emotive shit on the exiting player. What they are doing to you is immoral. Their bible is immoral, many of their teachings is immoral. And if they start whining about not having music etc if you leave - ask why they don't believe that God will provide for their needs Good luck. Get out of there ASAP!
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    Yes! I never felt any sense of loss! There's a lot of stress involved due to family and societal expectations, but realizing it wasn't real was such a relief! I never felt like I had lost anything at all!
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    There's a saying by Reinhold Niebuhr known as the "Serenity Prayer." It says "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". A discussion in the forums made me realize something today: For a Christian, the above is impossible, or nearly so. That's why they think the prayer is so important that they post it on knick-knacks all over their houses. They want their god to grant these things to them, but because they really think that by praying they should be able to change those things that are beyond their control, they will never have that serenity. But as an atheist, this is easy! Once I realized that there was no such thing as Yahweh or any other god, I actually gained that peace that is beyond the Christian's understanding. I know for a fact that there are some things I can change, and some that I can't, and so accepting the things I cannot change becomes easy. There are many things that Christianity claims for itself that are merely wishful thinking. The "peace that passes understanding" is once. Another important one is "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." These are things that only the atheist can enjoy.
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    In a sense it is true. Like Fuego said, it is when your blood sugar level drops to a certain point that you can feel chilled. I have had insulin dependent diabetes (type I) for 52 years. One of the ways I can sense dropping sugar levels is feeling chilly. Often times it is accompanied by feeling agitated, or getting mad easily, due to low sugar levels in your brain. People with hypoglycemia can get the same reaction by overloading with sugar without a mix of food like Fuego mentioned. The body injects a little too much insulin, and when the sugar burns up, you wind up with low blood sugars, chills, agitation, etc. At least that is my understanding. I have been letting my blood sugars run too high, and not eating right, and it has caught up with me also. Did my last splurge at Xmas, and went on a new regime of food and medication. My nemesis is ice cream!
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    Agree with keto approach. I can't even stand the smell of donuts at work. It's like being smacked with a sugar hammer. I used to devour all that and more when I was a kid. I'd have a thick layer of sugar in the bowl of cereal I'd eat back then. Chocolate milk was breakfast all they way up to high-school where I started shivering in class due to a sugar crash. I still didn't clue in until college when the same thing happened in class and a guy there said "Dude, eat a damn salad instead of donuts". I did and felt a ton better. That was the event that changed my perspective on sugar. That has helped now that I'm middle-aged and fat appears almost overnight.
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    Your approach here is similar to the philosphy of Stoicism, which is experiencing a resurgence in recent years. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is happening in parallel to the decline of Christianity. Stoicism is not necessarily incompatible with Christianity but it seems to work better without the futile hope that a deity is going to intervene.
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    In the writings attributed to Paul, the author twice says that he's giving his own opinion rather than something from the Lord (I Corinthians 7:12 and 7:25). He also twice says that he's not quite sure regarding what he's talking about (I Cor 1:14-16 and II Cor 12:2). Those are pretty blatant admissions that at least some of what he wrote was not the divinely inspired Word of God. Beyond that, to the best of my recollection the epistles attributed to Paul never claim to be divinely inspired, but instead they frequently use his status as an apostle to establish himself as an authority (Rom 1:1; I Cor 1:1; II Cor 1:1; Gal 1:1; Eph 1:1; Col 1:1; I Tim 1:1; II Tim 1:1; Tit 1:1). That clearly doesn't bode well for divine inspiration.
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    I use the MyStream feature as my default feed, so I see new forum messages but also blog posts and status updates from members. I definitely get the feeling that most members don’t see the blog posts or status updates.
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    "Being honest with myself" is such an important thing to grasp and practice. I used to rely heavily on the opinions of others. I used to accept stuff without much questioning because I had been convinced by 'people who know better' that god is real, jesus is real and so on and so on. I preached this stuff because I believed it. Then I woke up and had to come to terms with my previous nonsense. I had to work at 'being honest with myself'. That is what brought joy and a sense of freedom.
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    “No. "Unbelief" is honesty. "Doubt" is the path to unbelief and honesty, but that path is often not traveled due to the fear instilled by the religion itself. The meme of Christianity has evolved to continue to exist by overtly stating that doubt is caused by external, evil forces...” My period of doubt ended after I read a passage in a book that convincingly made the case that the world works exactly as it would if there were no benevolent deity overseeing and intervening. This realization turned my doubt into unbelief. Being honest with myself required it. At a certain point, the only reasons to shrink back from unbelief are emotional ones: finding continued theism to be so reassuring or the prospect of non-theism to be so fearsome.
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    It's an eye opener. When you go on Keto you get laser focused in terms of looking at the world as an observer of just how much carbs and straight sugar everyone is consuming regularly. This becomes more and more obvious when you look around at every restaurant menu while on Keto. I see it all, but I ignore it. It's all around me all the time. Carb's, carb's, sugar, sugar..... But I'm devoted and determined and seeing the lbs come off steady keeps me focused on the straight and narrow. I just keep ignoring all of the carbs and sugar constantly around me everywhere I look. This is an interesting disciple to take on. I guess like walking through bars as an alcoholic, constantly seeing the alcohol all around you but ignoring it. I finally allowed a "cheat day," at Christmas. To be honest, I felt like shit after eating carby christmas food. I was actually happy to get right back on the wagon with my salads, low carb tortilla wraps, meat and veggies, and Keto cook book items that my wife cooks. Yesterday we had Keto pizza. Loved it. The cook book is, "Simply Keto" by Suzanne Ryan. We save money because going out to eat is so limited that we hardly do it anymore. Overall, I feel good. I'm focused. I feel healthy. And I've noticed a certain amount clarity by going on this low carb diet. I'm not starving myself. I eat till I'm full and I keep losing weight.
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    It is worth noting that this guy posted only twice, on Dec. 26, and hasn't been back in two weeks. Perhaps he found what he was looking for.
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    I'm 5 days on the wahls protocol so far, it's Paleo with more restrictions. It's going to be difficult maintaining weight if anything. It's true about the sugar and carbs though, we eat way too much of them. Go without sugar for a week and your fruits will taste very different.
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    I'm certainly not fucking a hummingbird. In fact, the idea has never crossed my mind.
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    You sound quite determined and motivated. You'll succeed. Here's a quote that helped me once. I keep it on my desk. I hope it helps you, too: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. — Arthur Ashe
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    Hello DB, nice to read your update, even though your life has had significant challenges lately. Good luck with your goals, in particular the health related ones. I can tell you from personal experience that if you up that veggie count and cut back on sugar and carbs, those alone will be huge benefits in your weight loss journey, even without exercise. I'm starting a quite strict diet myself, Paleo with some additional restrictions. The key is to ease into it, do not by any means cut out all the not so great stuff cold turkey, or it's just too difficult and you lose your motivation. The other thing that has helped me a lot is the MyFitnessPal app which helps you stick to your recommended calorie intake per day. Good luck!
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    That's a lot of stuff to deal with. Getting through it has been quite an accomplishment. I hope you are able to accomplish the health goals, and do some work on the house. Completing projects always helps me feel better about life. HANG IN THERE!
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    The flood survived by Noah's family and the animals they took onto the ark, was said to have wiped out all human and animal life on the Earth, to be started over by the inhabitants of that ark. Ironically, part of God's anger and reasoning for causing the flood were the Nephalim. In Genesis 6 we see that the race of Nephalim came along when the sons of god (El, not Yahweh) married the daughters of man and they bore children to them. It refers to them there as the "mighty men of old." In verse 5 God decides that this just isn't working out like he planned, so he starts preparing for Noah to build the ark so that he can try again. So everybody's wiped out and mankind starts over with Noah and his family, right? But wait! Centuries later (430 years, to be exact), after Israel has escaped Egypt and they're supposed to be getting ready to go into the land of promise, Moses sends 12 young men to have a look (Numbers 13). You are no doubt familiar with Joshua and Caleb, who end up leading Israel in the wilderness for 40 years while everyone else dies off. But who do the spies find in the land of Canaan that scare them so much? The Bible tells us that it's the Nephalim (verse 33). God went to all the trouble to flood the earth and wipe the people out, and the main ones he wanted to get rid of, these half-human half-god creatures, it turns out that their descendants are still around all these years later! By this time, God Most High is gone and Jehovah his son is god of Israel, so he's stuck dealing with them. It'll be another 1500 years or so before Jesus, the son of Jehovah and the grandson of God Most High, comes on the scene. By that time, not only do the Nephalim seem to be gone, we see in Psalm 82 that Jehovah's brothers have lost their deity and have probably died. The Bible is so much more interesting when you read what it actually says, instead of what they tell you in church. The Old Testament is a lot more interesting when you don't try to impose the New Testament on it. Seriously, this is almost as interesting as Norse mythology! Marvel needs to adapt these stories!
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    Ah, life in the closet! Fodder for blog posts! Sunday morning's sermon was called "Motivations for Holy Conduct." Sermons usually have 3 main points, and number three, which the most time was spent on, was "The Wrath of God." This was pretty ironic, because I spend my time during the sermon reading in the Nook app on my phone. Right now I'm reading "The God Delusion," and I'm in chapter 7, "The 'Good' Book and the Changing Moral Zeitgeist". Part of the chapter deals with the wrath of this supposed god. So while the preacher is droning on about how afraid we ought to be of going to Hell, and therefore motivated to do good, I'm reading a chapter that directly dismantles these arguments. The wrath of Yahweh presented in the Bible has him bringing about natural disasters, or instructing the Jewish army to perpetrate war crimes (killing all men, women, and children, except for virgins, whom they could take home and rape), or punishing the wrong people -- Abraham passes Sarah off as his sister instead of his wife (twice), and the kings who take her into their harems are punished, rather than Abraham, who told the lie because he was afraid they'd kill him to take her if they knew she was his wife. Yahweh also gets really upset when Israel or Judah starts to follow one of his brothers, such as Baal. He'll wipe out a bunch of people just because he's jealous. It even says his name is "Jealous!" Many modern theologians would protest that these stories are just metaphors for something. Of course, I'm in a fundamentalist church, so the preacher insists that these stories are real. Regardless, there's no moral lesson in these passages. The god depicted is capricious, unfair, and just plain evil. The Old Testament in no way depicts modern morality, even though fundamentalists portray the book as being 100% consistent from beginning to end. This god of the Old Testament was ruthless and evil, and if he were real, we certainly would be afraid of his wrath, and on pins and needles because we would never know what little thing we do in ignorance might piss him off. In the New Testament, we're supposedly forgiven because Jesus suffered in our place. The only thing is, "salvation" seems to be a sort-of light switch, constantly turning off and on. If I mess up, I'm headed for Hell until I repent. Not that anyone would directly say that, but it's implied in every sermon. I suppose the most ironic thing about this "motivator for being holy" is that it's entirely fear based. God, in this picture, is an abuser. He's irrationally angry and will send you to eternal punishment ("where the worm dieth not") for really minor infractions, and for things that are considered sinful for no logical reason. It isn't a "works salvation," but it is. You can't earn salvation, but you have to try. You can be a really good person, do all of the things Yahweh insists upon, and still go to Hell because, well, works don't really count -- thought crimes will get you. Your church has an organ! Sorry, you're going to Hell! Oh, you thought you were saved before your were baptized? Sorry, your obedience doesn't count... off to Hell for you, too! Illogical. But we aren't supposed to trust our own judgment, we're supposed to figure out what this inconsistent book is trying to tell us. In Ron Reagan's FFRF ad, he concludes by saying "Ron Reagan, lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in Hell." When I first heard that I wasn't sure about its effectiveness, because to Christians this would sound arrogant. But the truth is that there's no reason to be afraid of burning in Hell. There's no reason to fear the wrath of a mythological being. In my imaginary conversations with Christians, I would ask them if they were afraid that Zeus would strike them with lightning. Their answer, of course, would be "no." Why? "Because Zeus isn't real." But aren't you afraid that he'll strike you with lightning for saying he isn't real? "Well, no, because he can't, because he isn't real!" Exactly! Yahweh can't send me to Hell because he isn't real. He can't get mad at me for saying he isn't real, because he isn't real! If you aren't afraid of Greek gods, you shouldn't be afraid of Hebrew gods, either.
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    Greetings to all of you! Sorry if my english is not very good, it's not my native language. So I want to ask you guys to give some advices about my situation. I'm a musician, worship minister in a small pentecostal church (about 20-30 members). The other members of the group never considered themselves as a musicians and was doing their ministry only because there was no one else who was ready to do it. So when I became a minister, all technical stuff about how to make music not to sound like shit was layed on my shoulders because I was the only one in the whole church who knows how to do it right. Not so long ago I was came out to my pastor and to other ministers about my non beliefs. After some discussions when they realized that I'm serious about my decision to leave the church they're have nothing left to say but to ask me not to leave my ministry until a replacement was found for me as a musician. Actually I can understand them, because the rest of the worship team still can't do good sounding music on their own without me as a director who can tell them about what they're doing wrong and how to do it right. Of course I was giving them some private lessons about music and stuff, but almost no one of them were actually practicing on their own without me so as a result there was almost no progress. So In the end, ministers told me that despite the fact that they understand my discomfort with being in the church, they believe that I will act immorally, leaving the group on it's own without musical leadership. And because we are actually a good friends I couldn't say no to them. So here I am on stage for 2 months after that conversation, singing songs about stuff that I'm absolutely in conflict with, playing music that I don't like, wasting my time on repetitions etc. And there's no reason to think that someone could take my place any time soon, because as I sad earlier there's almost no one in group who do care about a real progress of their musical skills. And for those few who care, in any case, it will take a lot of time that I will have to spend in the ministry before the moment they will be ready to replace me. It's kind of trap and it's hard for me to just stop giving a f*** and leave... Soon I'm going to talk about it with ministers again because I can't let it last longer anymore. So I'm asking you guys to give me some advice about what actually should I tell them, how to react if they again claim that I am immoral for leaving the team on it's own etc. I understand that they're just manipulating me, even if they think that they doing it for good. But I'm just so exhausted that I literally can't think clearly about that. Everytime when I think I'm ready to tell them that I am going to quit I feel this guilt and shame (even if I actually understand that it's irrational) for what would it be if I leave my worship team on their own. Maybe some of you already been in my situation, maybe you could share links to some videos or text testimonies of those who been. I would appreciate any help..

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