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    I used to be chief of a small volunteer fire department in a predominantly religious community. Occasionally, we would "make an appearance" in church on Sunday morning in dress uniform just to appease the masses (usually on some special occasion like christmas or easter). I was always relieved when the service was over. Thing is, I use a LOT of 4 letter words in my everyday speech, and it was kinda hard to keep that in check while I shook the preacher's hand as he was welcoming my crew to gods house lol. But I would rather have been checking hoses
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    I have fewer concerns with "controlled" usage where there is supervision by an experienced, educated person. And I have seen some benefits, especially with marijuana. But there are also some charlatans out there who prey on people, even using "bought" sheepskins/degrees. And beware of those who are selling their products. And I have seen the results of some bad trips due to people getting substances laced with synthetic drugs. If it is not a certified, or controlled substance, how do you know for sure what you are getting? And one trouble with any feel good drug, especially the fast acting kind, is the potential for addiction. Also, people react differently to different substances. What may calm one person, may make others more anxious, or even violent. The same is true with antidepressants. Some actually make some people more depressed, instead of less depressed. The message I want to give people, is that you only get one brain. Be darn careful what you do with it!
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    I was riding along on a rescue, when getting my EMT certification. The rescues and fire department are combined here, so you'll have both working out of one house. It was a Sunday morning, and they all decided to go out to eat for breakfast. They called a second house, and we all met up at a place that was between both stations. It was a local place that was familiar with the department. We showed up and they were really cool about getting us seated and served as quickly as possible. They didn't pack everything to go, and I never asked, but I did wonder what would happen if we all got called out in the middle of eating. Based on how familiar everyone was, I am certain they have dealt with that before. I have been to a couple church services, for similar reasons and for funerals. It isn't great, but I am fine. I understand the way things are, and I am not going to get far if I fought that and got offended. Still, I enjoy hose testing more than the church, even when it is the old moldy-smelling 5" supply lines. I would rather be soaking wet, exhausted, and stink like old hose than sit through a church service in my dress uniform.
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    However I believe firmly that in some way all human beings have an innate search for truth. .... I believe things too...nobody ever respects my damn beliefs around here.
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    Oh you ARE a naughty one, arent you. You are trying to sidetrack me from my innate search for truth, arent you?
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    @midniterider I joined!!! Might as well try some of the stuff I never did in my life!!
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    Congratulations and welcome! And I must confess, I've always wanted to try Ayahuasca.
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    Margee, if you only knew what true happiness is. Here let me tell you. (jk)
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    I too cannot respond to any posts that are already in that section!
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    I'm unable to post in that section. Do I need to be granted permission? Thanks.
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    Myrkhoos, influencing friends and loved ones is a wonderful thing. And I really get what you are saying. But you can't lead a horse through influence and still make him drink. He will only drink if he is receptive or he is 'thirsty ' for the water. He or she must be receptive to wanting to change his religious belief in god.... even if you try to influence them with love.
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    You ole' Newfie, you!! Lol Hope you're doing well my friend!
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    Agreed. I work in a jail and see (and hear) the results of lots of bad trips combined with mental illness. Screaming for hours, kicking and punching a metal door for hours, endlessly operating an invisible switchboard, etc. Meth, bath salts, heroin, and then the synthetic ones that could be anything in any dose, and likely contaminated to boot. I prefer the natural ones, and even those can have serious effects if you mistakenly choose a toadstool instead of what you wanted. Some mushrooms can kill, so make sure you either have a legitimate source or learn how to identify them yourself. That said, the good ones can open up very interesting experiences, remove anxiety, open new perspectives, and create a feeling of belonging (or remove the feeling of not belonging to the human race or nature). Some cities have psychedelic societies that can offer information and meetups.
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    The only reason I considered the local UU congregation was to have a bunch of people to commune with on Sunday mornings. But, it was a long drive and I didn't share a lot in common, plus I felt out of place with my age and everything. That probably would have improved, had I spent more time. Now I find that sense of community in the fire service, and we spend time hanging out. We actually have a hangout planned this Sunday morning. Well, it's testing a bunch of hose to make sure it is still able to be kept in service, but it is still better than church. LOL
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    I think it's sad when you see stuff like this happening. You want to do something about it, but short of kidnapping them (illegal) and trying to forcibly reprogram them (good luck), I guess you could continually hit them with non-belief, logic, reason etc , via email, telephone or in person. Of course this may also piss them off so they decide to go no-contact with you. Depends on how you go about it. Being an ex-Christian makes it worse , in this situation. If you were both Christians you may at least both agree that if something went wrong , he would end up in heaven...a little early. Something similar is going on when my nutrition specialist body building relative looks at me , secretly predicting my early demise because I'm overweight and eat junk food all day long instead of working out and eating right. (He's given up on trying to 'save' me.) But really , all that is , is fortune telling. It may happen. It may not happen. Your mind is a powerful thing; powerful enough to cause yourself grief if you let it. I sometimes have to tell my mind to shut the F up because it is spinning a new Kobayashi Maru to stress about. ... I could suffer the rest of my years eating unappealing yet nutritious food .... the same exact meal (like the bodybuilder does).... every day. And have a longer, unhappier life. Your relative could appease you , become an ex-believer ... and resent you big time for it. But now I'm fortune telling. Do whatever you feel is best....but some of the solution might be to live and let live. There are so many things in this world that can kill us ... cigarettes, Round Up (kind of joking with that one), fatal car accidents, earthquake, tornado, random active shooter, helicopter accident...who knows? Try not to worry too much about stuff you have little control over. think about the serenity prayer. Replace the God part with Flying Spaghetti Monster if you like. Take care.
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    Well, I just got back from the group meetup. The people there were nice and supportive, and It was really good to be able to talk with people who have the same mindset. One of the group leaders is a former minister who's now an atheist, so that was very interesting to see. I don't feel quite as alone anymore.
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    Here ya go: “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” — John Muir
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    Just trying to sort through this article is mind boggling. The blind leading the blind comes to mind.
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    My father made an interesting comment after he retired. He was a church of christ elder, a building contractor, built 2 buildings we worshipped in, and did lots of work for church members. One day he told me he came to dread doing work for church members. Said he had more trouble working for them than anyone else. He just could not understand why that was so. And in my experience I now avoid doing business with businesses who use the Christian "flag" to attract people. If that is all they have to attract people, they may not be very good at what they do.
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    I see businesses note, in their advertisements, that they are owned and operated by Christians. They realize many Christians prefer to do business with other Christians because, in their mind, they are more honest and trustworthy. That doesn’t mean they are, of course, or that they are actually competent. Cults prefer to do business with other cult members.

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