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    I figured we could use a break for that and see how everyone occupying themselves right now.For me, I just got done doing a Karate session via Zoom since my dojo is closed due to the shelter order. My bedroom was a bit cramped, but it was still a good half hour of training. Our Shihan/sensei told us to stretch before the session so we had enough time to go over our kihon(basic techniques) with basic kicks and some variations. Other than that, I've been catching up on fanfic writing, reading, meditation and some video games and Netflix for good measure. I'm also trying to stay on top of my EMT homework and studying since if I pass and get certified I won't have trouble landing a job given the circumstances. How about the rest of you?
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    I’ve found the deconversion stories on this site very helpful. I also read books that would’ve been taboo before because of their anti-theist or anti-biblical content. I’m currently reading through Bart Ehrman’s “Heaven and Hell: A Story of the Afterlife.”
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    I think, in a society where ventilators are stolen and sold to the highest bidder, all of our lives have been deemed less valuable, and "civil rights" just a talking point for election year.
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    Well, I've been retired for years so my routine isn't too much different. Both my wife and I are homebodies. I think I'm spending (wasting) more time on the internet reading news stories, and I'm not making trips to town. The worst is not being able to play with my grandkids who live on the other side of town. Otherwise taking care of some family legal business with the lawyer via email and skipping a doctor's visit for something that is of little consequence and can wait until later. Exercising on alternate days against 2-mile walks down the street; picked a bucket of oranges this morning. I've only been off the property five times in the last six weeks. Mrs. Older gets the groceries.
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    I actually felt a lot of anxiety vanish when I first realized I no longer believed in God. I suppose it's different for everyone. I was Catholic so perhaps it was a Catholic guilt thing. I found Dawkins and Hitchens books to be very helpful in shaking my scrupulousity (*spelling*) loose. They're light on theology so eventually I was recommended Bart Ehrman. There are lots of videos on YouTube of his talks, debates, and interviews. Because he was so devout and a biblical scholar and historian, he can be very freeing to listen to. And obviously this forum has been very helpful.
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    Christianity caused me paralyzing anxiety. When I left my last church I genuinely intended to find another one after a brief break. Because of “legitimate” reasons it’s easy for my still-christian friends to understand why I don’t attend church on Sundays. For the most part I’m comfortable with my newfound non-religious self. As for how it’s changed my relationships, I haven’t disclosed it to any believing friends yet. For the sake of honesty I hope to, but I’m not there yet. I no longer have this anxious, condemning voice inside my head berating me for not sharing the gospel with people. I’m able to enjoy people as they are and get to know them for them. They’re no longer “projects” or “my mission field.” I sucked at it, but that only added to my shame. I appreciate life more than I have before. Have you heard the saying “make sure you’re not so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good”? That was me. Not externally - I rarely ever shared the gospel and when I did it was probably just as excruciating for my victim as it was for me, but internally I appreciate life in a way I haven’t before because I was wasting so much time on things that I now believe didn’t matter. This is not at all to say my life is perfect or that I don’t ever fee anxious. I just appreciate being alive in a way I haven’t before.
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    Hello All, Firstly, I hope that you all are well during this challenging time. I found this site today actually, because I was just looking for support. I would like to share my story and hope to connect to any other individuals who have similar stories and maybe we can just support one another on our journeys. My family was very religious and the practice of Christianity goes back generations. I am of African American decent and so religion and church in general played a huge part in my ancestors lives, post slavery. It gave the black community a safe space to socialize and just have a sense of peace. Unfortunately, what many of them did not understand and still don't is that Christianity was forced on them and their original African spiritual practices were stripped from them. So fast forwarding to my Grandmother and Mother, they continued the traditions of going going to church and reading the bible and believing that the only way to salvation was through the blood of jesus. In the 90's though my mother left the traditional black church and joined a church called " The International churches of Christ." Now I could really go on and on about that church but to keep it simple.. They believed that they were the one true church, and had their members believing that they had to share all of their sins with their leaders before they could be considered able to join the kingdom of god. So yes, my Mother joined that church and then my grandparents did as well. I was born in 1995 and so was raised in the church from birth to around 7 or 8. Fortunately, my Mother had a wake up call and realized the toxicity of that church and removed my family from it but my Grandparents remained members and are till this day. After my Mother removed us from that church we spent years basically church hopping. She was trying to find a new church home for us, but we never truly settled anywhere. As for how christianity affected my childhood, I grew up thinking that having crushes on boys was wrong, I couldn't listen to any music with bad words, I was told that I was a sinner and the only way I could be good was if I gave my life to god and asked him for forgiveness and many other things. Finally, in 2014 my mother and I found these Youtube videos exposing christianity and it's lies. From that day on we have never looked at christianity the same way again. As of now I am now on my own journey trying to find what I believe and agree with and what I don't. I found Yoga in 2016 and that truly has opened my mind to a whole new understanding of life itself. Unfortunately, I had to move from my home with my mother and step-father due to their issues causing me emotional and psychological trauma, to live with my still devout christian Grandmother. She is who I am quarantined with at this time, and It is very difficult at times hear her on the phone say things like, " people need to wake up and come to god during this time" or " People just need to repent from their ways and not turn their back on god". It just angers me because she and her friends act as if they know the truth and everyone else is beneath them. She says "they are the ones that are called" and as a person who is now receptive to all philosophies and ideas about life and the higher power and afterlife, having to be with someone on the total opposite side mentally is challenging. Currently, I am finishing my associates degree and have a plan to move in 2022, so I know this is temporary and I know that her ways are just based on ignorance but I can't sit back and say that to encounter that type of energy consistently isn't draining. I am grateful to have yoga and meditation as practices to help me cope with my current circumstances and I am grateful to have found this website and hope to connect to others trying to adjust to a life free of constraints from a psychologically traumatizing philosophy. All the best,
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    There are plenty of online scams that allow you to work from home. Usually they require nothing more than cashing a few fraudulent checks and paying other "employees" via gift cards or money transfers. Plus, you'll probably be helping some junkie get the drugs he needs, so there's medical benefits, too.
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    If they start using beer for communion, I might be tempted to go church once in a while lol
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    It is one crime where there is very little physical evidence. Usually conviction comes down to a large enough group of victims that it shows a pattern. Unfortunately one or two victims have next to no way to prove their claim. In many of these cases the abuse happened decades ago, making it hard to confirm the details. We need priests to be like the police and wear a chest mounted camera 24/7.
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    Up to this point I'm working from home - 10hour days - 5 days/week. I've been working from home at least 2 days/week for the past year or two but being here full time is...well...as an unapologetic introvert I'd be OK. But, you know, the retired wifey who, when not making masks, is glued to xtian end-of-time shit and watching sermons on her laptop. Fortunately she is in another room. We do our 2-mile walk most days. There's another round of furloughs at work next week and my number might come up. Employees are not allowed to work when on furlough as companies could use gub'mint $$ to offset payroll expenses. I will keep working, however. I'll just place my development database on my own lappy and keep coding. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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    Shows what power and money can buy you (Namely a really good legal team)
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    I get kind of "fidgety" when I'm not working...so I've been fixing some stuff around the house that's been on my to do list for a while...we finally have a dishwasher lol I also work out with weights and do a little cardio, so that helps keep me out of trouble as well
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    I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home. Other than that, YouTube, Netflix, and reading.
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    I just wanted to say "If you were a 'true' skeptic like LF, you wouldnt watch any of that show at all!!!" (haha. just messing with ya...and LF) .... My daughter and I used to watch those ghost investigation type shows on tv. People slinking around an empty house then suddenly screaming and running for no apparent on-camera reason. It cracked me up. I think people probably have the ability to set themselves up to be scared by any random noise or feeling. Fun to watch though.
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    Some are not holding brick and mortar gatherings but as far as I can see many have been gathering anyway and have no plans to stop it. In fact, there's a "Woodstock type" rally for Christians coming up. IMO it's time for tear gas, rubber bullets, chains and padlocks.
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    I left the cult over 30 years ago. Fear of a vengeful god and hell/damnation is long gone. I don't feel much of anything any more other than an occasional tinge of anger every time someone speaks about how good and mighty god is or some other stupid crap. You're on the right track...keep going...you'll get there
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    I left the Christian church about 20 years ago. (Well, now I go to a Unitarian Universalist church but mainly for the sense of community. They're accepting of atheists, agnostics and free thinkers.) For years afterward I still feared hell. Sometimes I prayed, "If You want me to believe again, You have to give me good reasons. It's not fair to send me to hell for unbelief, if You didn't provide evidence." But as the saying goes, the heavens were silent and Christian apologetics didn't convince me. For example, Lee Strobel's Case for Christ seemed completely one-sided. Over time, my fear of hell has diminished but it is stubborn. It's like the claws of religion, digging deep into you. It's not rational, but over time and with thought and reason it gets better. I agree with MOHO: baby steps.
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    @freedwoman, As @florduh pointed out everyone has undergone differing levels of indoctrination. Not sure if we all respond to the same stimulus the same but I'm sure you can find the answer to that on the interwebs. Just keep in mind that your fear and angst are the result of said indoctrination (professional speak for brain washing) and it can be undone. Keep reading/posting here. Read from the myriad of authors on the subject - the works of many of whom are offered here, and stay the hell away from anything that will reinforce the B.S. We're talking church, churchy friends who cannot stop talking about jebus, xtian music, fundy spouses (Yes, I leave the room when she starts churching out!) , and abscessing about hell. Once the indoctrination begins to wain you will start to realize how stupid and man-made all the fundy crap is. Baby steps, Free. Baby steps.
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    I grew up in a fierce hell-fire-and-brimstone fundamentalist family, so yeah it took a decade or more to get passed some very deep rooted fear that God hates me or that I was destined to go to hell. It was a long journey but I slowly worked through my childhood fears of annihilation/abandonment, and was able to see their theology as insane and self-serving as they are. I also studied a lot of religions and beliefs along the way - which helps even if you don't adopt one of those other belief systems. It helps see the commonalities of these beliefs and elements of the basic human condition they represent - not some "grand" singular TRUTH that will will be punished eternally if you don't adopt it NOW. It also helps that I worked hard, got lucky, and managed to become financially stable early on so my parents couldn't continue to flaunt potential financial/social abandonment in my face. There isn't anything left they can take away from me. My self esteem comes from my own life and my own accomplishments now. I have friends who accept me for who I am. A couple of my closer friends effectively form my 'de-facto' family. I am no longer afraid of God or Hell. Christianity has definitely affected my life and my relationships. My relationships are better and more meaningful now that I am no longer Christian. My purpose in life is to be the best me that I can be, and, to the best of my abilities, embrace the multitude of opportunities and experiences my life offers. My purpose is also to be as kind and as wise as I am able to be, and also to watch out and care for my own self that was so un-cared for by people who were supposed to during my childhood. I hope to extend this care to people who have likewise been deprived. This gives me gratification, because it helps me feel as though I was able to win back what I have lost. Cheers on the courage you showed by taking a step into this path. I hope my replies help
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    The assertion was made that consciousness is eternal. I am going to defer the question of how we know anything because that is an entirely different subject. I do not perceive any evidence of consciousness apart from a brain, such as a spirit arising from a dead body and speaking, or a disembodied hand writing on a wall. You can turn someone’s consciousness off by whacking them on the head, or giving them drugs. When someone descends into dementia due to a disease like Alzheimer’s, it is often painfully evident that they are not the person they once were, not recognizing their family members and so forth, because their brain is not what it was. And when someone dies, that’s it; no more consciousness. Hence my statement, I do not see any evidence that consciousness is eternal. If you have evidence, I would be interested. The reincarnation links are interesting, but a lot of it seems sort of vague, and strictly speaking it seems to deal with preservation of memory from one individual to another, not continuous consciousness per se.
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    The highest court in Australia has just released Cardinal Pell because there was insufficient evidence to prove that he sexually abused those kids. It's kinda hard to have proof when one of the key witnesses died as an indirect result of his abuse though. I was abused by a priest as a child, and this has reopened old wounds (not completely afresh but enough to bother me).

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