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  1. Wow, @Lost there is so much to unwrap here. You've had many personal tragedies, you imply your dad has a drinking problem, you are on the verge of bankruptcy, it sounds like you are a new nurse (I know nursing school is no easy feat. . .I'm a former professor of nursing). . . and you are struggling with many choices like what to believe in, and feeling uncomfortable with being unable to put yourself in a category like "liberal" or "conservative." For some of these things, I think you might be creating struggle where struggle does not need to exist. Lots of things in life are on a continuum: mental health, religious belief, sexuality, political affiliations, even things like morals change depending on cultural and environmental "norms." My advice is to simply accept yourself the way you are, with all your insecurities and doubts and undecidedness. Once you stop fretting about where you are supposed to be and how you are supposed to think, perhaps you'll be able to relax and absorb information from multiple sources and actually process this information and eventually come to terms with who you are - without having to label yourself. You are unique. As long as you aren't harming other people, there is no right or wrong way to think or live.
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  2. The higher power doesn't have to be "god". Just something outside yourself. I heard of one person who chose the, "collective wisdom of mankind", to be his higher power.
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  3. I never did cocaine; but I've always loved the way it smells.
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  4. Jupiter and Saturn are already close enough in the twilight sky that you can see them - Saturn is up and to the left and fainter. FWIW, the conjunction is closer to Yule than to Christmas, so you could probably slip in a snide comment about Allfather Oðinn opening His eye and muttering "Hvað í fjandanum eruð þið að gera þarna niðri?"
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