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  1. Quote: Agnostic...... Due to the limited capability to understand the incomprehensible, being skeptical seems to be the natural way to approach reality.'' Your post is so interesting. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that all out. It so reminds me of my posts when I joined here many years ago. My head spun for wanting answers.....I drove Ex-c crazy. Lol ''Somebody, tell me what the fuck is up? Who do I believe? Who am I?'' ''Is Christianity true or not''? When the new agers say you can live in a different dimension, I lived there for 5-8 good years. I felt as if I had left my body and someone else stepped in but I didn't know who? After questioning the fuck out of everything I could watch read and post here, I was able to finally breathe at some point, throw my hands up and surrender to the fact that, ''I just don't know''. I love being here in this head space because I don't have to fight with anyone, try to be right, prove anything, etc.... I am who I am and I still don't know who that is! I have a dark side and a good side and now a very inquisitive side. And I love to laugh. It's seems staying agnostic is the best option for me. I don't really even care to label myself but that word is a better match for my personality. If someone's asks me who was behind the Big Bang, I say, 'I don't know'. Sometimes I even say, 'I don't understand'. It's a beautiful surrender for me. So, If I feel like studying witchcraft for an evening to see if anything makes sense, I do it. I laugh, I giggle, I say what a bunch of crap but I'm always open. If I feel like watching a documentary on evolution, I watch it. I love to read history. I love to learn from everything and I won't apologize to anyone for that. It's who I am. I listen to philosophers and I learn and stay open. But I also love to listen to astrologers. Lol I'm just so open to everything. It's all for my entertainment. I live to learn. But I don't look for anyone to convince me of anything anymore. I simply can now say, ''this is interesting'' and listen to everyone's point of view. At the end of the day, I take the good things that I learn and try to be a better person and I throw out anything that doesn't resonate with my personality.. I wish you much joy in your journey! Don't stress out. It will all come over time. Have fun with it all! Big (hug)
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  2. good morning everyone, Its been awhile since I gave an update about whats been going on. I know several of you have been concerned about my well being and maybe even making sure I'm staying in the right head space. Its been a Rollercoaster for sure. My wife and I will be divorced in less than two weeks. So I knew I had to tell my parents. The big question as you all know was how? All of you gave me some great advice for me to contemplate. Well this past week I went to my parents house to give them the news. It was lunch time and of course my mom was glad to see me and have lunch with me. I waited till after lunch to tell them. I decided the best course of action was to rip off the divorce band-aid first and fill in the gaps from there. I just told em "I gotta tell yall something, me and "Mrs. Bishop" are getting divorced". I told them we had grown apart over the years and that my wife felt like we were two different people now and wanted a divorce. Which as I told you guys before, wasn't enough of an explanation. My dad started asking for more details because people just don't grow apart there had to be something. I gave them a couple of the main reasons and even told them that after being dooped into believing in a cult that I lost my faith. I didn't tell them to what extent I've lost my faith so my mom saw it as an opportunity to invite me to her church. (BTW they believe their church are the only ones that will be allowed inside the holy city. All the other Christians will be in the suburbs apparently lol . ) but atleast they know I've lost my faith and I'm not going to church. This seemed to satisfy my dads curiosity and we talked about the past atrocities of my former church for a few minutes. They were happy that this time I wasn't cheated on and that the divorce is being handled in an amicable manner. That was a HUGE step for me. Especially letting them know I had lost faith after having been a bishop/assistant pastor at my former church. I really thought they were going to take it all worse. But mom even reiterated how she was proud of me for being a good man, raising my kids, holding down a job, and being a good husband to my wife. All in all. So far so good. The worst part of letting everyone know is out now. Everybody else can find out on Facebook. I still have a lot of adjusting to do. I haven't actually kept up with the bills in a long time. That was mostly my wife's job except for a couple of things. So I've gotta train myself to keep up with those and rework my budget considering child support. But I'm pretty sure I can manage all that. Going to open a new account this coming week to start separating the finances and such. Thanks for listening everyone. I'll keep yall posted. Dark Bishop
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  3. The most important focus now needs to be on the kids. It's hard being a father after a divorce when literally every custody and child support law is stacked against you. I've been there with Redneck Jr. You'll have to be strong for them, even when you're weak, tired, fed up. But let them see that they are still important to you and that your love for them hasn't changed.
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  4. Good to hear it went so well with your parents. That’s one less thing you have to worry about!
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