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  1. I struggled with this same thing when I left Christianity. I found a book by James Warren called, "Facing Death - Epicures and his critics." It really helped me to come to some of the same conclusions you mentioned in the post. As others have said, it was realizing that I did not exist for billions of years before I came to being. It did not bother me then, why should I be bothered about it when I die. I am certain that I will probably have some level of fear when I am actually dying, if I am in a situation where I will know I am dying. Mostly because I have never done it before. The book addresses that as well; I found it really helpful.
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  2. The above is one issue that would be nice to see aired out in a Carrier versus Ehrman debate. I'd like to see Ehrman try and defend his opinions about Carriers usage of Bayes Theorem.
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