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    zomberina, Thanks for posting this insightful essay. You make the case clearly and convincingly. The following paragraph illustrates it quite well. The example of the predator and the prey is disturbing. "It is akin to a pick up artist at a bar, trying to find an emotionally vulnerable woman he can proceed to lay out all his accomplishments to while gently pointing out his target's failures. Ironically, this stands a chance of elevating his desirability as a role model in the victim's eyes, hopefully eliciting a knee jerk response to want to prove she is worth his interest." Again, good essay. Human
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    How utterly sad. How heartbreaking this is. So tragic. This story of Scott is the epitome of a human brain that had snapped and only saw hopelessness in those last days. Death would become the only way out of the pain. He had no hope left and he didn't want his wife to have any either. For whatever reason, maybe his hopelessness and depression had caused her to want to begin another life and he wasn't going to let her. Maybe she just wanted to move on because the relationship wasn't working? But whatever, his sick brain said 'no' to her. So he took her to. Heartbreak can cause its' own mental breakdowns. How sick was his mind that he would leave behind his three dear, innocent children without their mom and dad? I personally believe that mental illness is caused to a huge degree by the world itself. If you do not have a strong fighting spirit, you will not make it on this earth. You will become a victim of life itself. Because of mankind's strong instinct to survive, the world of humans has caused complete chaos from the very beginning. The tribes wanted their power and it all started there. Their beliefs, their ways...and if you don't agree with them you could become their victim because you don't fight against the 'so-called' one in power. They will try to take you down. And they will if you let them. You are the 'sane' one but the world makes you mental if you are not strong enough. Scott was probably at one time a very sane man. We are like innocent butterflies flying above the light until it burns us. And burns us more. And then burns us more again until the spirit to fight back leaves you... and you are now 'mental'. The stresses of life can make you mental if you are not strong. Sometimes, the cold, hard facts of life are not easy to deal with. The environment in which we live has lied to us on every level about the way life really is. We are just human machines programmed by society and our environments. Most people had a lot of hope when they were younger. Our parents, teachers, governments, clergy fed us their own version of lies.....lies that had been passed down to them. The world lied to us about what being in the military 'service' was really about.They made war look like a game of winning. They lied to us about money and debt because if we knew all the truth, we would never use a credit card again. That's how they keep us trapped. They lied to us about body image and how we are supposed to look. We were not allowed to use our own mind and be different than the 'clan'. They didn't teach us in school that someday our loved ones would die and how to deal with that because most of us were taught that god's ways are mysterious and that we just had to accept that this is the way life is. (besides, they told us we would meet them all in heaven someday) We don't even get to grieve properly because of that stupid belief. We live in self-criticism because of our failures and some of those failures were lies to begin with... the lies of what is success looks like in life. So humans become depressed.....and get tagged with a mental disorder. It's some of the reasons we eat junk, spend money we don't have, gamble, drink, smoke, toke, take pills, drug, sex... and whatever other distraction you can think of to heal the pain you feel inside and make you feel good again. I didn't understand my fathers' alcoholism until he got so drunk one night and told us some of his horror stories about the war. My father turned to alcohol to deal with the things he saw. All for the cause of fighting for your country. What did this man Scott see when he was a soldier? How hard was it when he found out that god was a lie? That he was on his own to survive? We do not know the false mask he was wearing for his public. Obviously, his brain had turned to mush. He didn't have any fight left in him. And his sick brain didn't want his wife to survive either. Now his 3 children will be infected with mental disorders for the rest of their lives. Can anyone else see that it is getting worse as we evolve? We are victims of this world unless we know how to fight. And you must be one hell of a good fighter in order to make it in this world. The only way to change this world is by starting to change who we are and growing out of the beliefs that the world have shoved down our throats and try to help others see this truth. As I have said before....unfortunately, people do not want the truth. This story is so incredibly sad. R.I.P. And may those dear children get the proper help they need to help them deal with this tragedy.
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    Awh Travi. I'm sorry to hear what you've been through. I cannot offer much advice, except to say that you are not a fool. Only you truly understand your position, and only you can decide how and when it is the right time to move forward. I don't mean to sound generic, but I wish you all the best in working through your situation. You come across as a genuine and compassionate individual even though you have been dealt an unfair hand, and for that, I admire you. All the best ♥
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    Well, it seems god has an obsession with genitals, human, donkey, or otherwise.
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    This is so profound for me, in that I've not considered the "bundle" idea. You're right, we do accept the "package." I've come to the conclusion, even though my deconversion and recovery from religion is still ongoing, that I'm not interested in "peddlers of hate" from any organization. On the atheist side as well of the Christian side, there are plenty of those. At this point, I just want to live in peace, and enjoy what life I have left. I've give too much, for too long, to those with agendas that don't match my own. Gone are the days of meekly swallowing the bullshit, just to be accepted -- no matter who is selling it.
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    "In the New Testament, we're supposedly forgiven because Jesus suffered in our place. The only thing is, "salvation" seems to be a sort-of light switch, constantly turning off and on. If I mess up, I'm headed for Hell until I repent. Not that anyone would directly say that, but it's implied in every sermon." Oh contraire, there is someone who would say your salvation is a light switch, and his name is Dan Corner. Runs a website called evangelicaloutreach.org. On his website, Mr. Corner goes through all the reasons most everybody is not going to make it to heaven. I am not sure if he includes himself in the possibility of losing his salvation, but it hubris otherwise. He is what I would title a hyper-Armenian. The weirdest part of his website is the backgrounds of all of his quips. Just random pictures of stuff and then a warning about hell or how eternal security is bogus.
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    Great update Travi We should hang out and play some games together man. You can stream us
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    Awesome Travi!! Good for you!! Sounds like a fantastic plan! ((hug))
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    First off, I'm sorry about your friend, truly. However, I disagree with pretty much all of the rest. Pretty damn sure the Kurds don't subject their people to Sharia punishment. Either, you're privy to some information that I'm not, or you're misinformed. The KRG, and their compatriots on the Syrian side (YPG/SDF/Rojava) are pretty much the only ones who've consistently been fighting DAESH. Kurds are far from perfect, but they are - on average - a lot more moderate than most other groups in the region. And I mean moderate in the true sense of the word, unlike the EU and Obama administration who resorted to calling Al Qaida affiliates "moderate" because it suited their needs in their fight against Assad. Please tell me what land the Kurds stole from Iraq and Turkey? The KRG has been around since the 90's, and South Eastern Turkey is de facto Kurdish. As for the Rojava ("West Kurdistan", i.e. northern Syria), what were they supposed to do? Let DAESH take over? In fact, if anyone should be accused of landgrabbing, it's the Turks. Easternmost Antolia used to be Armenian, the southern parts Kurdish and Assyrian. Not to speak of coastal areas that used to be inhabited by Greek speakers.
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    In some ways I envy the time you have, now. I'd use it wisely and for some adventures, too. Do things you have often put off because you didn't have the time. I hope that things work out for you in terms of finances. There is the added stress I know, of not getting an income while this is going on.
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    That's really rough, sorry to hear about it. It's so true though, so many people who live in pain/poverty/life-threatening situations from day to day have not done anything to get into that situation except be born (and that is not a choice). Not everyone has equal opportunities at all. Virtual hug.
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    ((z)) you will always be zomberina to me Really appreciate your remarks. Something is different now, not to sound like a broken record, but 'it's hard to explain.' All those years I didn't understand what truly knowing Christ was, and now...in an instant, I do. The Bible, not sure what I'm going to do about that...lol I like some passages, always did, but in its entirety, it's illogical. However, I'm coming around to the notion that maybe spirituality and logic are both very necessary to the human experience. Hope you have been well. <3
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    Wow that is rough! I can relate on some level, as I have two mentally handicapped brothers, though they are both more than 10 years younger than I am, so the situation was never able to be similar. I can see how they could be like that if they were older than me and weren't on medication though. =( What you said about wanting him to "feel everything" really struck me though. That was how I felt about my depression for a very long time. I didn't want to be on medication because I thought it would be a lie or something. As though it would diminish a part of who I am. I am glad that you are sorting through all of this though! I hope you know it's ok to be feel angry about things, especially if you are actively dealing with that anger in a healthy way! Hugs!
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    I just wanna hug you for a zillion years.
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    I liken the peace to that feeling you get while drinking heavily. Your judgement is impaired and you're eventually left sick and with a splitting headache. You then reach for more attempting to get that wonderful buzz but the cycle repeats itself. The user is eventually left hopelessly dependent and cannot live without the religious high. You know, you may be very right.
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    Awesome, and very important stuff. Please post to Religion is Bullshit. Thanks.
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    ATI, IBLP and Bill Gothard...is all a freakin' cult. Seriously. Check this out: https://mobile.twitter.com/SarahEvonne/status/601838249959620608 That's a worksheet from Gothard's ATI curriculum, which the Duggars and many other Quiverfull families use to homefool (referred to as such because very little education is actually involved) their offspring. The topic covered in this particular worksheet? ABUSE. Specifically, what you should do if you are being abused or suspect that someone else is. It's sickening, but hey, it's ok because JESUS. And FORGIVENESS. More to the point, most of the people who follow the dog and pony show called 19 Kids and Give It Up Already are aware that Bill Gothard (founder and leader of the ATI cult) resigned from his post after allegations of sexual harassment from dozens of current and former employees. [Link here, goes to Christian site so use caution]. The real icing on the Josh Duggar sex scandal cake was that the cop that they reported the crimes to turned out of be a total pedo/kiddie porn collector. He's currently serving like 50 years on such charges. "Jim Bob told police in 2006 that when Josh returned home in 2003, Jim Bob, accompanied by some of his church elders, took Josh to Arkansas State Trooper, Jim Hutchens. Jim Bob knew Hutchens personally. Hutchens did not take any official action and instead gave Josh a “very stern talk.” As In Touch magazine reports exclusively in this week’s issue, Hutchens is now serving 56-years in prison for child pornography. He took no action on the Duggar case." -- http://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/bombshell-duggar-police-report-jim-bob-duggar-didn-t-report-son-josh-s-alleged-sex-offenses-for-more-than-a-year-58906
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    You are sounding a bit depressed. I'm glad you took your SSRI dose... I have found that being even say 6-12 hours late for a dose can make my mood drop. Try to make it part of your routine to take it at roughly the same time every day, and make sure you don't run out of pills. A plastic pill container marking the days of the week is a great tool because you can easily see if you have missed a dose. You may also need a dose adjustment or a check up. When did you last have blood tests? It's important to rule out medical conditions that can affect mood. You ARE valued and worthwhile and important. The depression stops you seeing that. Don't think that if you lean on someone for support that it will wipe them out, get a little support from everyone so it's not too much for any one person. We are here for you too. I love reading your blogs and posts, you write well and always have insightful things to say.
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    Your article is a good one, but I have to take issue with the last graphic. We get annoyed when Christians claim such people as Thomas Jefferson or Albert Einstein as their own, so we atheists must be careful not to engage in membership inflation ourselves. The author of the poster was a little too eager or didn’t do his/her homework. As far as I can determine, these are the religious positions of the men in the poster: Ernest Hemingway: atheist. Abraham Lincoln: Deist. Carl Sagan: agnostic atheist. (He denied being an atheist, but clearly misunderstood the definition of “atheist.”) Mark Twain: agnostic; whether theist or atheist is to be revealed in an as yet unpublished portion of his autobiography. Thomas Jefferson: Deist; a letter to his nephew Peter Carr suggests that he was also an agnostic. (He claimed to be Christian, but only in the “Atheists for Jesus” sense. If Jefferson was a Christian, then so is Richard Dawkins.) Benjamin Franklin: Deist, although he supported the Presbyterian church in Philadelphia. Albert Einstein: agnostic panentheist. Charles Darwin: agnostic; whether theist or atheist, I am unable to determine. While all of these men were undoubtedly secular, not all of them were atheists. Half of them clearly were not atheists, and only two of them definitely were atheists.
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    FWIW, I just started reading your writs and you have a very unique style of writing and it keeps me coming back for more. I started with the piece you wrote on Mayberry and the way you conveyed your thoughts to words was amazing. It is very easy to follow your message and you keep my interest piqued due to your writing technique. I could be wrong but it seems your writing style is that of the abstract by the way your articles flow. Once again excellent!! Thank you for sharing this. Dan
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    Trust me Zomberina, I have a feeling you're going to love it... And, by love it, I mean you'll probably feel a strong urge to rage-hate on it. lol It epitomizes everything you just wrote about.
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    I ordered my copy! Glory!
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    the program wouldn't run for me either. so i will take a whip-crack at it and use your weed theory. if the person gardening knows that they are cultivating weeds then ok, no problem. if the person says the weeds are actually herbs then that person needs to be told the truth, if they still refuse then yes, as long as it isn't hurting me or anyone else, i would leave that person be. i hope i answered correctly without being able to see the video. if not then well....just tell me to go plant some weeds....=-(
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    Oooohhh.... It sound eerily like the bible's definition of faith in the book of Hebrews: "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not (yet) seen." But hey, why should Christianity have a monopoly on faith? I'm very familiar with New Age. I was sort of New Agey Christian for awhile. And I know a lot of people who are into New Age and metaphysics. They would like your blog entry. I think it's worth discussing in the ExC spirituality forum. I'd like to know more about the Law of Attraction. Good blog entry, yunea!
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    Your relationship offers a lot of parallels with the one I have with my partner. Despite me being an ex-c, like your partner I grew up an atheist and have spent the vast majority of my life as an atheist. As a result, I came out of it all with much less scarring than most other exers. My partner however is similar to you in that she has been through a hell of a lot of shit and has depression and PTSD to deal with as a result. Can't really offer any insight or anything like that but was very illuminating to read the perspective of someone on "the other side". I do hope things work out between you, I'm sure these things are manageable and workable - I know they were in our case at least so I hope the same for you.
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    Fascinating analogy. Religion as LARPing, religion as live theatre where all the players mistake it for reality. Religion as the ultimate 'reality play' (which we know is really just a show). Very insightful. (Hey, do you wonder whether JRR Tolkien, who was a devout Catholic, realized this on any level of thinking?)
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    Do your best because god won't do a damned thing- that's my motto
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    Only 7% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences are theists. Education erodes faith-based reasoning.
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    Thanks for sharing this. I feel the same way. I am not open with my deconversion, but I am confident that when I do eventually come out, I will be faced with these very same issues. You've helped me to think things through a bit differently.
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    I'm sorry too about your childhood, no kid should have to go through that. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. ((Hugs))
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    Rach: Of course I don't know for certain what the right action would be for you to take. But I would be careful about putting too much trust in the pastor. That could backfire. Maybe it's just me but I really don't trust pastors, unless I have known them for a while and learned from that that they are trustworthy. I'd be concerned about word getting back to your mum which might be really bad. Is there someone else,non-christion who you could trust? How long do you anticipate having to stay at your mum's home? If it's not too long to where it's unbearable, perhaps you could wait it out without making waves. It's just a thought. I hope you can figure a way to get yourself free. bill I'm really sorry you are in this predicament.
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    Wow. I should stop complaining so much. Compared to you I've had it easy.
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    Bravo! I burst out laughing when I got to "You don't .. need.. salvation?"
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    And remember you can always form yiur own circle of community. I am actively working towards that in my own local area so I have the joy of felliwship. I worry sometimes about the back lash from those who would see me as threatening their precious church fellowships (like I am only trying to subvert THEIR god), but I refused to be bullied into exile when clearly others are like me out there.
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    I think you need to decide that it doesn't matter what people think or have to say. You are not required to engage, and you can most certainly influence bystanders who are in the same boat as you. Put your thoughts on issues out there and make them known. Call people into your circle instead of trying to fit into theirs. There are plenty of us out there who will heed your call. <3
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    I can accept it, I just fucking hate it, and I hate being expected to live in it, but it is not unusual for gifted people to be stymied by being able to see how good we could be..... Never mind. Big fat smile commin' at ya Margee
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    Are there a lot of nanowrimo participants on here? I definitely agree with you, it's good therapy, even though I didn't take it as far as I could have. Last year was my first go at it, and I'm working at outlining a couple of story ideas for this year.
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    In order to find out if you are losing muscle mass or gaining it, you would have to take bodyfat measurements every week as well. From there on, you can calculate your Lean Body Mass and you will know exactly how much fat you've lost. As of now, there is no way of telling and you might be losing muscle mass. Losing muscle mass is very undesirable, because it makes losing fat a pain in the ass in the long run.
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    That was cool, and resonated with me a lot, especially the part about enculturation. Sometimes I wear my fingerless lace gloves with my disco pants, but only in the comfort of my own home Whilst lilstening to Rammstein.
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    What its done to my mother is unforgivable. Its totally fucked up that she has to go through her life not only believing that but perceiving her first born being tormented and tortured for all eternity. She doesn't even practice Christianity but in her words, she was showed verses in revelation when she was a child so she knows where we go. She knows she has hell to look forward to because of how she lives life, so death is something she fears because it's not the end but the beginning of eternal torment. That's a complete psychological mind bomb.
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    That was simply fascinating, thank you, SK. I'm starting to perceive that a big part of progressing as humanity is going to be learning about and working with the psychology passed down to us by our primate ancestors.
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    I hope I never have to sit through a church service where anyone talks about Lot, because now I will only be able to think of this joke, and I might not be able to stifle the laughter.
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    Reminds me of the cartoon where Lot is at the dinner table with his 2 children. One of the kids asks his dad to "Please pass the mom and pepper."
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    To expect any less would be naive. Stepping up the the challenges of re-creation is never a tiddly affair for any of us, if the truth be known. Life is messy, outlandish, cruel. We all have blood on our hands! Having come this far, I would prefer the battle in the muddy trenches of "becoming" than the ignorant bliss of a fairy tale ("happily ever after") with my head up a fable and devastated lives strewn all about! MACK trucks hit no harder than blind abusers trapped in their own small and self interested worlds! To (reblog) ones life is not unlike Nature's way of dying to live. Keep rebloging Zomberina, not only for your sake but for the sake of those you love! Congratulations for breaking the cycle!
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    Great post, NEWsong. Good for you for finding a new and more authentic sense of who you are. I've found this to be true for myself, too. It's still a work in progress, but I am more confident and I'm learning how strong I really am. Yay for us!
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    2H, I stumbled across this on my way out the door. Wow, I have a lump in my throat. I'm printing this off for my husband. I can honestly say I relate 100%, as another unhealed "daughter of God". Thank goodness for our physicians and our husbands. And I agree--please consider writing a book. Your perspective is actually quite different from many of the ex-timonies out there. I wish I could meet you two one day! :-)

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