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    If believers only knew how many other cultures had this same story, almost exactly, and long before the Israelites picked it up and added it to their folklore. Many of the OT bible stories were taken from other ancient cultures myths.
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    Good for being aware of focusing on your breath. I was going to add a YouTube link for you, but no success. Anyway, check out Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's Introduction to Meditation. My depression and anxiety are under control largely to Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. What I like about his teaching is that it's scientifically based and not woo-woo stuff. I bought his books on Audible and find his guided meditation very helpful. Keep focusing on your breath. FTNZ is right, "This too shall pass."
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    you go girl! you are in control of your own life, and if someone is gonna try to control your life for you, you need to get out of that scenario ASAP. you deserve to be happy! this is gonna really suck going through all this drama, but it will be worth it in the end! we are all supporting you and whatever you do dont give up!
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    Great story. Keep up the progress of getting rid of this fake idea of God from your head. It is a long hard road but it seems like you are doing great!!
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    Praise science! I'm so glad you are okay. You would have died if you let that go too much longer. Get some good rest and have sweet dreams.
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    zomberina, Thanks for posting this insightful essay. You make the case clearly and convincingly. The following paragraph illustrates it quite well. The example of the predator and the prey is disturbing. "It is akin to a pick up artist at a bar, trying to find an emotionally vulnerable woman he can proceed to lay out all his accomplishments to while gently pointing out his target's failures. Ironically, this stands a chance of elevating his desirability as a role model in the victim's eyes, hopefully eliciting a knee jerk response to want to prove she is worth his interest." Again, good essay. Human
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    Have you seen the film "Miss Representation"? It is on Netflix. I watched it last weekend. It touches on some of the issues covered in your post. It's not just rap and hip hop. Other genres have that weird sexist thing going on. It's just more overt in hip hop and rap, imho. There are cultural reasons for it and they run pretty deep. I think that the outright sexism and misogyny found in popular music speaks to something deeper having run amok in our modern culture. What's wrong with America that our artists and musicians are putting out such content? It's not a lack of Jesus per se but a lack of higher ideals, imo. What do young people (minorities in particular) have to look forward to these days? Gee, you can take the moral high road and work 2-3 dead end jobs or be a government debt donkey for higher education...or maybe you'll hit it big and become an athlete or a rapper! But first, you'll have to be a thug or a playboy or a fast girl and there are no guarantees that you won't end up dead, in jail or doing the rounds on Maury and Springer and the Judge show circuit to make ends meet. So that's where this shit comes from and that's the target audience for a lot of it. It's supposed to inspire young kids in the hood to stay strapped and keep strivin' for their piece of the pie. Because being knee-deep in money and honeys is the goal, yo.
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    If there is a God, he/she/it/they took notice of your humanity vs. their elitism and shut that ridiculous place down for you.
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    "Being honest with myself" is such an important thing to grasp and practice. I used to rely heavily on the opinions of others. I used to accept stuff without much questioning because I had been convinced by 'people who know better' that god is real, jesus is real and so on and so on. I preached this stuff because I believed it. Then I woke up and had to come to terms with my previous nonsense. I had to work at 'being honest with myself'. That is what brought joy and a sense of freedom.
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    “No. "Unbelief" is honesty. "Doubt" is the path to unbelief and honesty, but that path is often not traveled due to the fear instilled by the religion itself. The meme of Christianity has evolved to continue to exist by overtly stating that doubt is caused by external, evil forces...” My period of doubt ended after I read a passage in a book that convincingly made the case that the world works exactly as it would if there were no benevolent deity overseeing and intervening. This realization turned my doubt into unbelief. Being honest with myself required it. At a certain point, the only reasons to shrink back from unbelief are emotional ones: finding continued theism to be so reassuring or the prospect of non-theism to be so fearsome.
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    If there is one message I want to get across to newer members is, leaving religion isn't the end of the road. You must abandon your tendency to gravitate towards one ideology or another, you must mentally stand on your own.
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    Good posts and very relevant for today's culture. When I left religion I didn't, and haven't, acquiesced to being pressured into joining all the nonreligious atheists causes, political movements, and general mindset. As a Christian I was a political conservative. When I left religion I didn't become a political flame throwing liberal. I still tend to be more politically conservative than liberal, except for social issues. I am a social liberal. I see no conflict in holding both conservative and liberal views because neither view has all the right solutions. Once you identify with any group you're expected to a agree with their entire agenda be it religion or politics. I won't do that so I don't identify with any particular group. My wife is a Methodist and they are a pretty benign denomination and they certainly do a lot of good benevolent work, but I have no intention of ever identifying myself as a Methodist or an atheist either. I am satisfied identifying myself as a non-believer and a political independent. That eliminates the need to become one of the sheep in somebodies herd.
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    I'm convinced that the New Testament version of Satan is adapted from Angra Mainyu, the "evil god" that the Zoroastrians believe in. In the OT, Yahweh has no enemies with supernatural power. By the time of the NT, the Jews apparently believed Satan was nearly a god. Well, he was a god, but they couldn't admit that because there was supposedly only one god. But having been in Persian captivity, they borrowed the idea of a nemesis for the good god (Yahweh for them, Ahura Mazda for the Zoroastrians) and assigned it to "The Satan" (translation: "The Adversary"), whom they'd heard of in the book of Job. In Job, he's man's adversary. In NT times, he's Yahweh's adversary.
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    At the time 2 Timothy was written, the only scriptures that existed were the ones that make up the old testament. So, its not possible that the new testament would be included as part of this scripture. Another mistake often made by Christians.
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    A facebook friend (and Methodist minister) recently posted something to the effect of "'Thy Will Be Done' -- the prayer that never fails." She clearly didn't understand how ironic that is. If this god were real, it would be his ultimate "get out of all responsibility" card. What it really is, is the best way for a person to ignore any cognitive dissonance they may experience. Another thing I've noticed is people who have a lot of problems, after they've described the latest serious difficulty in their life, adding "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good." Really? They're receiving no help at all beyond, for instance, what the doctors can do for them at the moment, and they can't figure out what's wrong, yet they end this by claiming that their god must be doing good things for you even though they have no idea what those good things are. The reality is that they're trying to remain faithful, even though there's no reason to. But they believe that they must. It's sad.
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    I was the same kind of Christian. There’s a book called “When God Talks Back” by cultural anthropologist TM Luhrmann. It’s about people like us!
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    @hockeyfan70 Search Yoga for Adriene on YouTube. Her vids so far have been pretty great.
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    How utterly sad. How heartbreaking this is. So tragic. This story of Scott is the epitome of a human brain that had snapped and only saw hopelessness in those last days. Death would become the only way out of the pain. He had no hope left and he didn't want his wife to have any either. For whatever reason, maybe his hopelessness and depression had caused her to want to begin another life and he wasn't going to let her. Maybe she just wanted to move on because the relationship wasn't working? But whatever, his sick brain said 'no' to her. So he took her to. Heartbreak can cause its' own mental breakdowns. How sick was his mind that he would leave behind his three dear, innocent children without their mom and dad? I personally believe that mental illness is caused to a huge degree by the world itself. If you do not have a strong fighting spirit, you will not make it on this earth. You will become a victim of life itself. Because of mankind's strong instinct to survive, the world of humans has caused complete chaos from the very beginning. The tribes wanted their power and it all started there. Their beliefs, their ways...and if you don't agree with them you could become their victim because you don't fight against the 'so-called' one in power. They will try to take you down. And they will if you let them. You are the 'sane' one but the world makes you mental if you are not strong enough. Scott was probably at one time a very sane man. We are like innocent butterflies flying above the light until it burns us. And burns us more. And then burns us more again until the spirit to fight back leaves you... and you are now 'mental'. The stresses of life can make you mental if you are not strong. Sometimes, the cold, hard facts of life are not easy to deal with. The environment in which we live has lied to us on every level about the way life really is. We are just human machines programmed by society and our environments. Most people had a lot of hope when they were younger. Our parents, teachers, governments, clergy fed us their own version of lies.....lies that had been passed down to them. The world lied to us about what being in the military 'service' was really about.They made war look like a game of winning. They lied to us about money and debt because if we knew all the truth, we would never use a credit card again. That's how they keep us trapped. They lied to us about body image and how we are supposed to look. We were not allowed to use our own mind and be different than the 'clan'. They didn't teach us in school that someday our loved ones would die and how to deal with that because most of us were taught that god's ways are mysterious and that we just had to accept that this is the way life is. (besides, they told us we would meet them all in heaven someday) We don't even get to grieve properly because of that stupid belief. We live in self-criticism because of our failures and some of those failures were lies to begin with... the lies of what is success looks like in life. So humans become depressed.....and get tagged with a mental disorder. It's some of the reasons we eat junk, spend money we don't have, gamble, drink, smoke, toke, take pills, drug, sex... and whatever other distraction you can think of to heal the pain you feel inside and make you feel good again. I didn't understand my fathers' alcoholism until he got so drunk one night and told us some of his horror stories about the war. My father turned to alcohol to deal with the things he saw. All for the cause of fighting for your country. What did this man Scott see when he was a soldier? How hard was it when he found out that god was a lie? That he was on his own to survive? We do not know the false mask he was wearing for his public. Obviously, his brain had turned to mush. He didn't have any fight left in him. And his sick brain didn't want his wife to survive either. Now his 3 children will be infected with mental disorders for the rest of their lives. Can anyone else see that it is getting worse as we evolve? We are victims of this world unless we know how to fight. And you must be one hell of a good fighter in order to make it in this world. The only way to change this world is by starting to change who we are and growing out of the beliefs that the world have shoved down our throats and try to help others see this truth. As I have said before....unfortunately, people do not want the truth. This story is so incredibly sad. R.I.P. And may those dear children get the proper help they need to help them deal with this tragedy.
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    Thanks, I still have a bit more to go. I will update the post later tonight to finish the summary (It was getting late last night so I decided to save where I was at and continue from there). If you look here this time tomorrow there'll probably be a few more paragraphs (if that is of interest to you). I'm a fan of Price. I've spent a lot of time listening to his podcast the Bible Geek, and I've listened to a few of his debates and the biggest takeaway that I have of his is that he is like a fountain of knowledge. He's read extensively and it shows. With regards to what you said. I think that if you're completely unfamiliar with the subject matter he covers, then yes it's going to be an incredibly hard read (I'll update my summary to discuss this as well). I first read his book just after leaving Christianity, and having been to bible college so I was able to dive in easily. The only thing that makes him hard to read for me personally is that he likes to use his extensive vocabulary. I don't often have to look up words while reading a book, and I looked up probably 20 or so in the course of reading his. For me (and I'll expand on this in the post), the biggest criticism of him I have is that it often comes across that he's made up his mind, and is now trying to find facts to support his conclusion. Sometimes it's massive stretch the connection he tries to make, and other times he will say that a passage is the result of multiple very different processes which is hard to agree to. His biggest sin however is several times in the book he'll say that author X doesn't say Y, and then argues that the times they actually do say Y are interpolations or what have you. His bias is very evident. So while I don't agree with everything he says, he at the very least makes it hard to accept that there's a historical Jesus to be found in the gospels. He compelling argues that what we see of Jesus is the agenda of the various authors seeking authority through Jesus' name, as opposed to actual fragments of things he said and done.
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    Keep up the good work JA! I'm down 70lbs as well since last April, and still going strong. Never give up!
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    Hugs. Would seeing your therapist or doctor be an option? It can be a good idea to let your BF and anyone who is around you day to day know you're concerned about getting unwell, so they can keep an eye on you. Chances are you will be fine, but having a plan and a check up might give some reassurance. A good therapist can help you plan ahead and have written down what you would like to see happen if things changed. Good luck, and hang in there. "This too shall pass".
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    I can so identify with you Flower. It's psychologically unhealthy to live the Christian life - all that fear and trembling and anxiety! Who wants to live like that? Brainwashed people, that's who! I lived that way for 59 years! No more! Peace be with you, babe!
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    People like her actually don't change. You might be interested in researching narcissistic personality disorder. These types of people just change partners. It may seem that she is drama free, but trust me...people who use others, just don't magically stop one day. You should not allow yourself to know anything going on in her life, go no contact. By no contact, this means do not ask others about her, do not allow others to talk to you about her, and do not lurk on her facebook or any other social media. This is to bring healing to yourself. You haven't healed from this yet, but when you do...you will see the forest through the trees.
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    Awh Travi. I'm sorry to hear what you've been through. I cannot offer much advice, except to say that you are not a fool. Only you truly understand your position, and only you can decide how and when it is the right time to move forward. I don't mean to sound generic, but I wish you all the best in working through your situation. You come across as a genuine and compassionate individual even though you have been dealt an unfair hand, and for that, I admire you. All the best ♥
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    It's interesting how we convince ourselves that when family rages at us and tries to control us, that they love us. I too grew up in a very dysfunctional home, and while things are much better between my dad and me now, I don't settle for crappy behaviors from him or anyone else. Giving you hugs, and be brave and I hope that things work out for you.
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    i wouldnt judge you no matter where you stand spiritually. Whatever is right for you, go for it. No one should ever judge someone or look down on them for having a faith they don't agree with. that's just plain stupid. we all got our own opinions here, but we arent looking to single anyone out.
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    I am glad to see you are strong and you are trying to move on. Like you i realized life is tough sometimes and putting a "religious patch" on the problems life dishes out just wont work. Actually, it seems to make it harder. You are doing great. Keep progressing like you are doing.
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    The footprints in the sand are yours. Your foundation is the values that you have and the identity that you build for yourself. That has always been the case. The only thing that's changed is that you now realize it. Keep going - eventually you will discover what you want to do with your life an studies and you will build further from there. As to loneliness, I'm afraid the only cure for that is to develop a circle of friends and (if possible - depending on your circumstances) to get back in touch with your family.
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    I just want to bless the Lard for you, Sister! Glory!
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    You are sooooo right about the on the edge behavior that happens around Easter. On "Good Friday" I had a co worker, on my personal Facebook "sadden" that my daughter might marry her girlfriend and made it clear how bad this would be. I have learned not to counterattack in these circumstances; it just escalates things and gives them a standing (in there mind) of being attacked and "persecuted". So instead, i wrote a paragraph directed toward both of my kids and their SOs assuring them that they were very special, that they were not to allow anyone to make them feel or believe otherwise, and, most importantly, if they were ever to get, married they would be adding joy to the world and that they would definitely would not be doing anything that could be considered either immoral or wrong. Shortly after my show of support for my adult kids the co workertook down/deleted what she posted and immediately changed their ptofile pic to a cross and their background to a pic of an empty tomb. Why the deleted comments? I don't know, one would have to ask them. Having "been them" in the past i still have a bit of empathy and understanding, but, I find it becoming increasingly difficult when they directly go after the ones I care most about.
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    I'm a people pleaser to a fault. Yuna, I so very much resonate with that sentence. It took me forever to realize that because I was so busy running after everyone else's preferences, I literally had zero idea what my preferences were. Being comfortable, and confident, in your own skin can be so difficult. I haven't really started wearing mine until the last four or five years now. And with that ownership came a whole other level of confidence that I really didn't even think I deserved to enjoy because of all my mistakes and imperfections. I'm so glad I started hanging out on this website and with others in my own boat. it really helped me realize the error of my social relations with others. I'm so glad you're putting your foot down and being you! Dental work. I'm hedge hawing around it because I can't afford it, but whenever I have had work done, the immediate difference in EVERYTHING was amazing. I need to start putting money away and try to get my mouth worked on again soon. I miss chewing food normally. <3
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    Haha, it didn't even cross my mind that my story could inspire anyone, but if it does, all the better. You're probably right, too - the more I think of it, the more grateful I am that he went ahead and did it. And yes, I won't be missing any check-ups anymore, I learned my lesson! I also already scheduled more appointments for much less acute tooth problems I know I have, and I'm looking forward to discovering whether I'm even phobic anymore after this extreme shock treatment.
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    Wow, if ever there was a story that can get people to the dentist regularly, this is it. I think he knew it could/would be very painful, but he didn't want to risk your life by any delay in getting you to the hospital. I'm so glad it turned out ok in the end. Dental check up every 12 months from now on then?
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    Wow. Thanks for sharing. I can really relate because I too suffer from mental illness (bipolar disorder and BPD) and I too have attempted suicide multiple times. I wrote about it here: http://smokeyinthebox.com/thoughts-suicide/ I totally agree that the mental health system in this country needs improvement. But I have to say that I am getting excellent care right now.
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    My experience with the mental healthcare system has been better than most, but I realize my experience is the exception, rather than the rule. We are in need of a major overhaul, though getting people to sit at the table and discuss such things is likely to end in a murder. One of my life goals is to acquire great wealth. Another goal is to use that wealth to make lives better. I have ideas I'd like to implement, but--like so many things (including mental healthcare)--it comes down to the money.
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    hi rach, I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much distress. Are you not leaving the house at all now? How soon will your a-mum's religious be over with? What sort of coping techniques have you used in past situations, to help you get through? Is there anyone at all, or some support (crisis) telephone number you can call, so you can talk with someone when you feel like your situation is too much to bear? (Please keep reaching out here for support also.) I wish you peace. Human
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    Jaded, I feel you on the positive reinforcement. It's hard to do that when all you want to do is see that number on the scale go down for the reinforcement. I think you should start taking some encouragement in the changes you are making for starters. That isn't anything easy. I will tell you this. I tried the lower cal sodas. They made me crave even more than just skipping or substituting coffee instead. I also made certain times of day off limits for consumption. I don't know if it will work for you, but you might try that. But yes, baby steps pay off in the long run. That's why I focused on portion size, portion content, and the hardest part was time of day to consume said portions. Exercise is built into my job, so I have a bit of advantage there, but you might try even something as simple as elastic bands training you can add on top of your treadmill? Love those things. And they're cheap! You have to make a regimen that you know you can stick with, not what will yield you the quickest results. Otherwise, you'll fall off the wagon like I had done, gain it all back, and be even more bummed out. Hang in there though. Sometimes, before you can begin to lose weight, you have to get habits under control first.
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    Very good post D! I agree. But, sometimes I wonder if the journey isn't necessarily a destination, but just to stay away or go somewhere else. Its like your time as a Christian was like you moved to a new city. It was originally seen by you to be a strong, prosperous city that you happily lived in and were glad to be a part of. But slowly and surely, the city began to have issues and you became disconcerted with everything you trusted and your happiness left you. The city that used to be a monument to the joy and happiness that christianity brought to your life became just a wasteland of false truths and emptiness. So you left it behind to travel your journey. The city is still there. You just don't visit it any more. You travel elsewhere, seeking new joys and happiness. You visit other cities and even create new cities and visit them often and enjoy your new found life. But the old city is still there. looking good to others who pass into it or who live there. Whether or not it ended up bringing joy or pain. It is simply a memory of who you were. A time in your life. In the addiction field, addicted people are always susceptible to relapsing. The human body is remarkable in that if you are sober even for a very long time, if an addict uses just once, their body will pick up where it left off, not start over. So, in some ways, sobriety is simply just avoiding the city. It will never cease to exist. It just becomes somewhere that you can't visit again, or bad things will happen. I hope this makes sense. In this case, closure can be found in accepting what happened and working to move farther away from it. Your ending "My deconversion will be complete, when I've fully processed and made peace with the fact that religion was never my friend. Never my saving grace. Never my Comforter. I'm almost there, but not quite yet." fits this aptly. Best wishes friend. Storm
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    I share your angst. Am I idealistic to believe that if every child were taught and modeled Humanism, popular sentiment and society would be different? People of all genders and orientations and lifestyles would treat one another with respect, equality, and compassion. Maybe I'm an anomaly in believing in that. If we honor Humanity and demonstrate that to one another, little by little, more people will see what they have rather than what they don't have. They will see who they are rather than you they are not. And maybe we won't ever see the entire society change. But we will see individual minds and lives change. Maybe that's the way it's supposed be...
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    zomberina, You've described very well. It took me several months after walking away from the church culture, to delete all the church people from my fb friends list. I do understand the addictive aspect of the religious experience. I wonder that I did what seven77 did, examining the faith all the way to its end and then coming out the other side, all in an effort to stay ahead of the addiction. Otherwise, I would still be in that former mindset and environment, smoking the holy crack. Peace, Human
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    Messianics (the branch of the Christ-cult I was involved in) find such preaching to be, well, disgusting. It's a sign of someone not being properly "intellectual" or something like that. They believe that if a person is talked into faith, they can be talked of it. So they rarely evangelize or anything like that. Yeshua (Jesus) will draw people to His holy presence through you (or sometimes via the Spirit). That's one of the things I liked about the church I attended. No preaching, no evangelism, no altar calls. Either you believe in the message due to its perceived merit or you don't. Case closed. We were encouraged to question everything, discuss, research, read, debate. Now, this openness was only to be used to validate one's beliefs. I took it too far and lost my faith. I know some others struggled but ended up staying because they were guilted by spouses, parents or group leaders who weren't afraid to preach at them. Basically, they were worn down by spiritual preaching attrition. People can escape and liberate their minds from toxic spiritual teachings and mental prisons, but they have to want to do so. Every person must see and decide what it is true for themselves. That is why I believe that arguing someone into non-belief is just as counterproductive as arguing them into belief. If a person is unwilling to accept that faith is a fantasy, then they will become angry when someone shares the not-so-good news with them. And that leads to bullshit time-wasting arguments. My time is too fucking valuable to waste on arguing with righteous godly asshats.
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    Church signs make me laugh too. They can also piss me off. I've heard that insipid saying before about doing your best and God doing the rest. My ass. In my experience as a Christian, my best was never good enough for God. I continually fell short of his standards and Jesus' death on the cross really didn't save me after all. So God wasn't required to do the rest for me. Only the good little lemmings got to be around the caring, loving, happy, helping hands version of God who listened to their problems and helped them. Me, I got to do it all on my own, then listen to his self-righteous asshat followers preach at me about how I wasn't really a believer, didn't really love God, wasn't praying enough, wasn't memorizing enough scripture, etc. When I failed to live "in the light", it was all my fault because I didn't "trust Him with XYZ". Glad that's all over. There's just me and I refuse to carry a cross any longer.
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    Bah. Any scientist that tries to prove Creationism or Intelligent Design needs to have their heads examined. Creationism is flawed because it is based on a theory that some guy pulled out of his ass (sorry, bible) in the 15 or 1600s. We don't need to look any further than that to dismiss it. ID proponents have come up with all sorts of neatly packaged hypothesis, but none of them are workable for the reasons you mentioned. Flawed methodology, falsifiability issues, assumptions, assertions, deliberate misinterpretation, twisting of words, moving of goalposts, etc.
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    Ask yourself this. Are you an atheist about powerful beings in the Universe, or the status of godliness?
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    I like this entry. However I like to keep things simple. When I encounter the "You can't know for sure . . . " line I simply repeat it back except I replace "God" or "deity" with Superman. God is a specific fiction that humans dreamed up. If there were strange beings somewhere in the multiverse and these beings shared a few traits humans gave God that would be a coincidence.
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    I think zomberina, you can be proud of yourself to have had the courage to let your daughters go for those five years in order to be able to face your own issues. So many parents just try to keep on the smiles and not even realizing it is not doing any good to their kids. Like my adopting parents who to this day are not able to communicate the most trivial things like what time they wanted to leave the house for a vacation. And meanwhile they pretend as if they had been the best parents who did everything right and don't realize how damaging that is not only to me but themselves as well. Makes me mad every time. And my biological mom has dealt with her issues but in a way she has not really dealt with it if that makes any sense. Like she runs from coaching to coaching and finds one method over another and then tries to convince me to try it as well. It feels the same way Christians try to convince you about Jesus and all. While I understand her feeling guilty for having me given up for adoption it is a difficult relationship for me. I constantly have to chose my words carefully and also to be prepared to get pseudo psycho analyzed by her. And that's my main issue I have with her. It is about her all the time. Her getting in touch with me, her wanting to say sorry for stuff I was not even mad about, her asking for forgiveness for things I have forgiven long time ago and told her so etc. It makes it all so hard to connect with her, since she is not really looking to connect with me or she is not able to. Might sound harsh maybe, but it is what it is. So I give you great credit for dealing with your burdens and even if it took five years of not having had the chance to be your children's mother, you have the chance to be their mother now and this is what is important.
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    Well, you are not rejected here. Thank you for sharing this.
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    Want to try and cheer you up a bit but I honestly don't know what to say... so...
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    "Only the unborn is deathless. Find what is it that never sleeps and never wakes, and whose pale reflection is our sense of 'I'."
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    Oh my gawd.....THAT would be soooooooo fun!!! P.S. (I almost got my husband deconverted too!! shhhhhh...... he dosen't know it yet.... ) .... then we could all have a big 'non-believing' bar-b-que together!!!

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