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    I was a staunch believer of the story....questioning it now
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    Love your write up ... puts the truth out there easy to see and understand.. .For those who insist on believing the Noah Story I suggest they watch NOVAs Secrets of Noah's ark / produced by Blink Films and Yap Films ; written and directed by Ric Young. (I got it from the local library). It tells how it was ONLY possible that Noah built an ark large enough for his family and only HIS livestock... engineers built a round boat (ark) that perfectly matched the materials and building techniques available in that area at that period of time . Also tells how the area that Noah lived flooded all the time. Frequent minor floods, MAJOR floods every 100 years and CATASTROPHIC flooding every 1000 years. Still floods today, or at least did until Osama Bin Ladin drained that area making it a desert to retaliate against those living there. Anyway it is a great fact based DVD that disproves with facts and science the whole world flooded legend...... (Edited to add facts about flood frequencies)
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    I'm convinced that the New Testament version of Satan is adapted from Angra Mainyu, the "evil god" that the Zoroastrians believe in. In the OT, Yahweh has no enemies with supernatural power. By the time of the NT, the Jews apparently believed Satan was nearly a god. Well, he was a god, but they couldn't admit that because there was supposedly only one god. But having been in Persian captivity, they borrowed the idea of a nemesis for the good god (Yahweh for them, Ahura Mazda for the Zoroastrians) and assigned it to "The Satan" (translation: "The Adversary"), whom they'd heard of in the book of Job. In Job, he's man's adversary. In NT times, he's Yahweh's adversary.
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    If believers only knew how many other cultures had this same story, almost exactly, and long before the Israelites picked it up and added it to their folklore. Many of the OT bible stories were taken from other ancient cultures myths.

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