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    So I haven't been on here in a long time and I thought it would be good to come back and give an update just in case anyone was interested. My husband and I ended up getting a divorce because my lack of faith became too much of an issue. It wasn't bad though, it was amicable and more just like recognizing that our lives had us on different paths and the most loving thing to do was to just let go. I have moved back home, I am super happy now, going to school still (now I can pursue my school and career dreams better than I would have been), and I am seeing someone else who is a way better match for me than my ex ever was.
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    John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." The truth certainly set me free!
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    I am overwhelmed because for the FIRST time in 62 years of life I am free to say, think, feel, be and do ANYTHING. And for the first time in my life I can finally find out WHO I AM. And the icing on the cake!!!! Without all that wasted time reading, studying, listening to the bible and Christian teachings and without all that time and energy wasted praying and trying to figure out what I need to say/do/believe differently (because it isn't working) and be so guarded and controlled in every way........... I, yes... ME, has time and energy to learn ART, Music, Astrophysics, Neuroscience, Life On The Space Shuttle, Gardening, Wildlife, EVERY other religion/belief system/spiritual practice that is and ever was. And so much more. My public library is awesome...I have found all kinds of DVD's on every subject in the world. There are DVD series called The Great Courses done by college professors and other professionals, but not dry, boring or overly detailed like taking a college course. (and no Tests, homework, Class Attendnace ) They have teaching series on many subjects. Before deciding to deconvert I started with The Great Courses Bible and Early Christianity series by Bart Ehrman and others . Then Buddhism, Hindusim and others. And about Mythology by Joseph Campbell, Truth about Noahs Ark (they built a ROUND one) by National Geographic. Teachings like these helped hasten my deconversion. Now I am past all that and getting the fun Great Courses that show and tell me about the Great Masterpieces in Louvre/Museums of Art/National Art Galleries/other places I will never be able to travel to see. And many other fun subjects. But the most important part is I am a ME!! And it is for the first time OK to be a person! And the turmoil, chaos and Voices are mostly gone.
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    Finally put in my two weeks at my shitty job!! I am SO excited. And I'm about a month out from finishing school!!!!!
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    I asked the librarian for a book about Pavlov's dog and Schrödinger's cat. She said it rang a bell but she didn't know it was there or not.
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    I recently heard it said, 44 Earths can fit in Uranus, 45 if you relax ....
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    I've decided I'm an atheist.
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    I’m slowly reading through the testimony section. I hope everyone knows how important this section is to people like me. I need to know I’m not alone in my experiences and thoughts.
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    "Judge not, that ye be not judged... Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." Somewhere along the way Christians forgot this and decided that they are jury and judge.
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    It has been over 7 years since I first created my account. Over the years, I have grown as an Atheist. I have become less concerned with proving Christianity wrong & more with being apathetic on the issue. Perhaps I started out like that so I could prove something to myself. I was scared & doubtful. Today, I am confident. I really don't give a shit what people believe, so long as their beliefs are not pushed on me or anyone for that matter. The conversation these days is simple. I tell them I don't believe in their stupid Bible and they typically state that there is no need for further conversation. Without the Bible as the center of the issue they have nothing and, frankly, I have better stuff to do than argue with a dumb ass.
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    It's all fine. He told them and his job is 100% secure and they don't hate me, not that I care if they did. I'm just so burnt out, this whole thing has been so stressful and I am an introvert. I've retreated to a different room and sort of made a safe space for myself and he apparently doesn't understand the meaning of leave me the hell alone.
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    I decided to look up my old testamonie. i been here since 2005 damn. I think one day I am gonna stroll down memory lane of my life. I love how everything is still here and this place is still kicking. I got a good lap top that forums work well, on so, I will be here again
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    I'm glad the forum is back! Thanks to all who contributed.
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    LOL, looks like I'm going to buy a car with the lisence plate "EXC-(number)". hahahaa!
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    I miss the days when liberals weren't crazy and republicans weren't reactionary. We could have intelligent, productive conversations and both were interested in the good of the country. Now it's just polarization and mud slinging. I'll go back in my cave now.
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    I find that I am still stunned to find people I know who are politically fundamentalist. That is, they are so completely entrenched that they only speak of others with disdain and mockery, attacking a straw man of "libtard" or "republicunt" instead of issues. When I encounter it on forums, I can tune it out easily and move on. When it comes from people I know, it is like a smack in the face. Otherwise intelligent people are reduced to using stupid insults like I just mentioned, and creating caricatures that are worthy of the KKK or Nazi propagandists. To them is has all been reduced to a simplicity of obvious black and white conclusions and there is no room for discussion or thought, only missiles of insults and disdain. I start to think that they are hearing the same simpleminded thinking repeated to them over and over, and eating it up since they agree with the general concepts, and then they parrot the propaganda as though they had actually thought it through. I don't even watch TV these days, so I assume that a lot of it is coming from there, and a lot from churches where monolithic thinking is rewarded with smiles and amens. I find it all disgusting.
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    Hi! If anyone remembers me, I just want to let You know that I am alive and still thinking about Ex-Christian forum and about people that I met here :) I just had a break mostly, because of problems with Internet connection at my home. Soon it will be fixed and I will come back here for longer time :) Greetings :)
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    We might have a lot in common, I am sort of a Redneck also, and have a college degree ( in engineering), we live in the middle of nowhere also and in the South:-)
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    has a brand new pail of drywall mud. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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    Complex Societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history -- Pretty interesting little research snippet on the development of complex societies and religion
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    The bible didn't mention you have excellent sunglasses.
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    Electronic devices work using magic smoke. If you see the magic smoke coming out, that device is not likely to ever work again.
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    I'm rarely on here anymore but just wanted to say I finally graduated cosmetology school today!!!! Some of you were keeping up with my progress so I wanted to update
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    This forum is beyond the pale.
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    Todays date is the 12-6-18... or if you are American its the 6-12-18... all divisible by 6 *Gasp* that's 3 6's... today is the number of the beast! 666! See I can still do Christian woowoo
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    “One of the most amazing and perplexing features of mainstream Christianity is that seminarians who learn the historical-critical method in their Bible classes appear to forget all about it when it comes time for them to be pastors. They are taught critical approaches to Scripture, they learn about the discrepancies and contradictions, they discover all sorts of historical errors and mistakes, they come to realize that it is difficult to know whether Moses existed or what Jesus actually said and did, they find that there are other books that were at one time considered canonical but that ultimately did not become part of Scripture (for example, other Gospels and Apocalypses), they come to recognize that a good number of the books of the Bible are pseudonymous (for example, written in the name of an apostle by someone else), that in fact we don't have the original copies of any of the biblical books but only copies made centuries later, all of which have been altered. They learn all of this, and yet when they enter church ministry they appear to put it back on the shelf. For reasons I will explore in the conclusion, pastors are, as a rule, reluctant to teach what they learned about the Bible in seminary.” ― Bart D. Ehrman, Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible & Why We Don't Know About Them And this my friends, is why the masses in the church, down through the ages, know nothing about the historical origins of their so-called "sacred, god-breathed" scripture they deify as the fourth member of the trinity.
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    Taking a break for awhile. Will check back in sometime later. Have a great summer everyone!
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    Coffee VS. Oxygen. One is needed to survive... the other is oxygen.
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    Just because a person is an atheist/non religious doesn't mean that they're suitable to be a lifetime partner. Likewise, just because a person is a Christian, doesn't mean that they're unsuitable. If I had to commit to marriage I would rather have a faithful, stable, Christian wife than some of the individuals I've seen in the atheist community so far. Of course, I don't know the whole story or what else could have gone into her decision (besides pressure from her Christian mother and her child). (Sorry, I meant to reply directly to your status but posted here by accident, I can't delete this now).
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    Its 11:20pm... and I just fried my brain cells reading Guths Eternal Inflation paper. Thanks disillusioned!
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    Woo Hoo! 666 upvotes! I have officially arrived
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    The church accepts progress each time it can no longer prevent it.
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    Just went to Ken Ham's Ark Encounter with my family. Whoo boy... Lots of circular reasoning. I'll probably post about it when I get back home.
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    My divorce is FINAL! I get to keep my house.
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    Put my yearly update up in my blog. TL;DR version, complete with shameless plug.
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    Yes, whoo! Thanks to all who helped get this site up.... even if it was just letting folks know
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    Back from sunny Ελλάδα. The Aegean coast of Rhodes is quite remarkably windy - which helps keep it comfortable, I suppose.
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    Saw a guy pulling at prayer beads in his hand while smoking a cigarette the other day. Sometimes, sin and repentance are very close xD
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    You may forget but Let me tell you This: someone in Some future time Will think of us --Sappho
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    I have never jogged or ran four miles in my life. Today, that streak ended. 4.07 miles during my jog. Take that weak lungs, take that body that always thought it couldn't.
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    Thanks for the follow, and I'll follow you back.
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    As I approach March 18th, I had a good laugh this evening when I used to think of how I would pray before any major event. All the time I used to spend praying for a positive outcome, never once thinking about how selfish it was for KNOWING my often trivial prayer would be answered while someone else in the world with an ACTUAL prayer request would likely be denied. Sometimes I wish I had figured it out sooner, and those times I wound up succeeding was due to my own doing. Like I hope next weekend will be. On the 18th, I test for my 1st degree black belt in my martial arts style. It will likely be a 5-6 hour ordeal pushing my, and others, physical, mental, and emotional limits. Everything from running, balancing, sparring, technique, to managing energy levels, trying to regulate the body to not use as much hydration since we cannot drink anything during, and finding that spot in the mind to crawl into to ignore the pain and fatigue. It's eight years in the making for me, and since that last test - I believe I am in better shape now than I was then, despite being older. Probably a tad bit wiser too, and I get good praise from my own instructors on how well I am doing. My senior instructor is a tough taskmaster, he pushes us (especially those like me, the lower ranked instructors) to better ourselves consistently, but it's only because he expects the best out of us, and no one - including himself as he'll admit, does anything perfect. We can all be better, and he'll be the first to admit it for himself. That is someone I can respect, follow, and learn from with confidence. He is among the ones who has said I look very good in technique and feels I am ready for this challenge. Years ago, I would pray for a favorable outcome. Now, I'll just have to rely on my skills, my talent, and my hopeful endurance of my body holding out. Any good vibes and so forth is always appreciated as I take a huge step forward in my own journey toward realizing a goal once again. Have a great night everyone!
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    I like that moderators are able to receive likes now. Squeeee!
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    "My mother and I swapped realities. It seems as if the moment I left my faith behind, she decided that it was... https://t.co/1F9S6daUqu
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    So the husband sort of forced it out of me last night. He was guessing and I couldn't lie. Now he wants to tell the eldership at church (he is employed as a youth pastor) and I am worried he is going to lose his job. He is not indicating that he wants to leave me, at least not yet, he is still going through lots of emotions so I am just trying to give him the time and space to process and be as understanding as possible. I'm kinda scared guys.
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    The holidays will be so hard for me as my mom passed on the 11th of last month.

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