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    I thought I was going nuts and thinking thoughts no one else did. It's a relief to not feel alone. I keep working on getting over things, just being happy, coming from love, only to find myself taken advantage of and angrier than ever.
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    … this time he's saying gays and abortion is to blame for the Australian bush fires. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2019/11/israel-folau-says-gay-marriage-and-abortion-to-blame-for-bushfires.html How brain dead can someone get? I mean the fires wouldn't be a result of the worst drought in decades gripping the region would it? And what about the bushfires going back millennia? Morons like these peeve me off. We have our own moron here in NZ - Brian Tamaki who blamed the Christchurch earthquakes on homosexuals.
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    That's good news for the USA. We don't have all the loonies.
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    I would disagree that having gods united populations and created coexistence among diverse groups. In fact it was the god idea that historically caused the most division and warfare.

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