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    Yes, I need explanations in plain, coherent English (or very forgiving Spanish).. When I was younger I was better at deciphering gibberish. But seriously, THIS is your analogy? It might work somewhat if man created the ants and was then displeased with them for acting like ants, as we knew they would. We humans would also need a way to torture the bad ants forever and not just kill them. And some clarification is needed on the fact that God created the "evil human" with complete foreknowledge and therefore it's his own doing. But I'm just a befuddled senior citizen.
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    I think the idea of hell is not only terrifying, but overkill, and unfair. It's so unfair it almost has to be a man made creation. I cannot believe an all powerful all knowing supreme being would be happy to create this torture place. Hell is such an over the top ridiculously terrifying concept, it's almost as if some people got together and thought "what can we use that will really scare them?" Has to be man made.
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    Funny, that goes against Christian teaching. You are worthless, a worm, in need of outside assistance.
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    Excellent points! My sentiments, exactly.
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    I hadn't thought of it like that before. That's very interesting. Thank you All I want is to find some peace. It's a roller-coaster of emotions that won't slow down.
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    Well, this certainly explains Hitler... wait... never mind.
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    No, no, no. Christianity defines you as "bad." You are a lowly and flawed creature forever beholden to its creator. And there is nothing you can do other than hope grace is extended to you. It is impossible for such a degenerate to improve himself and grace is apparently doled out at God's whim.
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    Every time you start thinking about hell, or having doubts that you are going to hell, or thinking that hell exists, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and state "I've chosen to worship evil," until that sinks in. Couching it in those terms - that by believing in the xtian god, his creation of hell and his sending human beings to hell - you'll be more aware that you do indeed have a choice, to step away from the worship of a god that's worse than evil. And that by stepping away, you can choose a morality that is much more humane and loving.
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    Another example of beliefs that don't match reality.
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    I can somewhat agree with the sentiment that if you believe in miracles, you will see miracles everywhere. I probably wouldnt articulate it with that kind of religious phrasing; but I agree with the idea. It's about perspective. If you are looking for the good in life/people/circumstances, you'll find it. Conversely, if you're looking for the bad...
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    It was like being smacked in the chops by an invisible wet mackerel. I thought it hurt until I realised it wasn't real.
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    I really made god mad. He came to me in a vision last night and said he is going to turn up the heat on me when I get to Hell. He was also ranting and raving about so many people being cremated these days. Says it is much harder to restore dead bodies when they have been cremated, and if they scatter the ashes, it is a lot of trouble to collect all those tiny pieces. HA! Just to spite him, I decided last night I would be cremated and have my ashes scattered from an airplane. If we all do that, it will be something to keep him busy for a few eons.
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    Once a person has accepted what they believe to be real, that belief will be as real to them as anything tangible in this universe. Of course Jesus and his invisible kingdom is real to many Christian's, because the belief itself has taken entitlement over their normal sensory functions. It constantly feeds the person incorrect information (As viruses do) that it may gain full control over the host's brain.
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    Here's what I think in the context of the current pandemic.
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    I can't help you can't keep up at your age....the mental leaps. We are subject to whatever...God, the Universe, something larger. Likewise, there are things subject to us. I'm just saying that within your own righteousness, you have probably killed an ant, as God has, some evil human. You understood the ant could sting, God understands the capabilities of man. The problem is you are projecting your moral subjectivity on to a larger...

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