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    Uh.... isn't that what you do every Sunday? And perhaps daily in between? Who's the troll here? You came here, we didn't invade your world. Just a side question here. The premise of Christianity is that there is an all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent deity who sent himself to earth and killed himself in order to avenge himself for a curse that he put on us because one of our distant ancestors ate fruit off a magical tree after being told to do it by a talking snake. My question is: Do you believe this because it makes sense or do you believe it because other people convinced you that bad things will happen to you if you don't?
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    To add to LF's comment, the above is not christianity. It's actually heretical to orthodox christianity just to make that clear. According pantheistic philosophy, you are correct about the the 10 year old girl. And according to omnipresence, you are also correct. Orthodox christians subscribe to belief in the omnipresence of god, but then pussy foot away from the necessary implications. The implications of omnipresence is being present everywhere, which, amounts to be everything. Try figuring out to be present everywhere without being everything. I've challenge orthodox christian apologists to do it. They either drop it, evade or fail at trying. An omnipresent go who is all, has to be both the good and evil, light and darkness, pain and pleasure, or any such dualistic concept. The god is raper and the rapped, if the god is everything. But then here's the kicker. That which is everything, is no one specific thing. It's just the totality. And ultimately, it's not even a god as traditionally conceptualized. It's just existence itself, the universe, and so on. That's why pantheism and atheism run together in a lot of cases. But one thing is for certain, what we're discussing is NOT orthodox christianity. So we are not reasoning here with an orthodox christian concerning orthodox christianity. We're reasoning with an apostate christian full of unorthodox claims and views who can't very well represent christianity in this exchange. We're discussing whether it's possible to reason with a heretical christian is what we've been doing for several pages. And to some extent the answer is yes, we can. But, there's still a lot of baggage to be found in the evasion department nonetheless.
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    Well, at least Edgarcito has changed his stance from being covertly evasive to being overtly evasive.
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    If god suffered, but can do nothing to end human suffering, then he is surely impotent and not omnipotent.
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    ...and even after 11 pages of asking, they aren't being answered.
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    I think Pantheism is a cool idea. I talked to someone calling himself a pantheist. I said, what can a God do according to pantheism? He said pantheists, like religious people, have many different beliefs. He said: for me as a pantheist God can only do those things that are permitted by nature. The meaning of this is that he equates God with the all of nature. God would have no knowledge or consciousness, and only the powers of nature. So for him he could call himself an atheist or pantheist depending upon his preferred definition of a pantheist.
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    Well, that settles that.
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    I'm getting the troll feeling from Knott so I may just stay with low effort replies.
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    LuthAMF 2.0, imo.
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    Maybe you could answer the 'good questions' for someone else that might be reading who isn't bitter like you think I am for some reason. Maybe I'm not angry but just older and a bit wiser about allowing myself to believe biblical nonsense. Who am I bashing, you? Was I hurt? Am I fuming? I think you have me confused with someone else; maybe some stereotype you have in your mind about what an ex-Christian is. Why do I have to go "where" to torment and troll others? Here you mean? Trolling you? Who started this thread? It was you and you were denying the idea of what we are. Ex-Christians. But no, I'm trolling you. Sweet. And illogical. This is an ex-Christian forum where we talk about the fiction of Christianity and how it messed up our lives and continues to mess up other people's lives, like our relatives and friends, marriages, etc. Cant have what both ways? Why is it important that I stop talking about my negative experience with Christianity? I'm not visiting other pro-Christian forums (at the moment) and posting anti-Christian messages on them. I'm posting here. I'll post anything on here that Dave lets me and seems relevant to ex-Christianity. Ex-Christian.net: A place where people freely talk smack about Christianity and Jesus Christ. That must be hard to stomach for you.

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