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    Robert Price has commented on these christian and muslim fundamentalist flare ups in recent years. His take is that it's a natural fall out from religion losing ground in society. Especially where older fundamentalist ways are waning to new liberal forms of religion. This affects christianity and islam. Liberal theist's tend to water down the old hard line positions and that's part of it. And so these push backs flare up from the fundamentalist sides. And in Prices view, it's all signs of the decline and some last desperate grasps for air of an old dying beast. And looking at it that way, I tend to agree with him. This Fellowship business is more of the example. That's why I say good luck to them. Gaining power as religionists as religion is in rapid decline seems more of a going down with the ship while screaming orders and commands at the crew as the ship sinks. I wouldn't be too worried about it. It's certainly worth following and paying attention to. I'm just not worried about them gaining major control or the country turning into a theocracy or anything like that. I don't think this contractor down here is associated with the fellowship. He's just an over zealous southern baptist certain that evolution is a hoax, and that museum fossils are made in China.
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    One difference between a Christian and someone who has never been one, is the never-been-one doesn't really think about purpose. At least I didnt...nor do I now (as an Ex-c). I was brought up as agnostic and to just enjoy the present moment. That's all we really have. You can certainly make goals for yourself if you are a goal-oriented person... If you deny this life's enjoyment in favor of some vague afterlife, then I think you're missing the point of being alive (personal opinion of course). ... Does being atheist mean you can't have an afterlife? Maybe there is a godless afterlife. I wouldn't stress too much about it, though.
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    True, we'll just have to vote the religious whack jobs out of office. One problem they might have with taking over America for Jebus is the younger generation of "Nones", in a rapidly declining religious America. https://www.pewforum.org/2019/10/17/in-u-s-decline-of-christianity-continues-at-rapid-pace/ I agree we should keep an eye on organizations like The Fellowship ... but they have been in business since 1935.
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    You'd think that god would tell us beforehand who was going to do this, and actually protect the child. But no magic...
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    One of my granddaughters is that age. She'll spend the weekend with us, along with her four siblings, while her folks are away. I'm going to give her some extra hugs. How these things happen is just a mystery to me. How can anyone hurt a child? And these kinds of things prove to me that the Christian god cannot possibly exist.
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    But, unfortunately, not in the House or Senate. It could be argued that the Speaker of the House and the Senate leader have more power than the president. Yes, the pres has the nuclear codes but lots of other kinds of damage can be caused by the legislature.
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    Thank goodness for term limits.
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    I'm glad I exited a belief system that was chronically worked up over some future apocalypse. At least, I think I did . lol.
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    I dont know about other branches of the US military but you have to take a test in the Air Force to promote through the enlisted ranks past E4. E1 thru E4 are just time-in-service promotions. My son who separated as an E5 three years ago didnt seem to mention Jesus. Granted, there are churches on military bases and there are definitely factions of high ranking evangelicals and I bet there are even some people 'pretending' to be evangelicals to get some good performance reports from their evangelical boss.
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    Good luck but it appears to be a losing battle and here's why in my opinion: in America the Christian religion is still seen as the "norm," in particular among white people, a great many of whom have an interesting take on American history: that they and their norms (white Protestant middle class) are what makes America great, and that anything different (and true equality with others) is dangerous. Trumpism involves white evangelicals much more than black and for a good reason. I just watched The Great White Hoax, which examines why divide and conquer has worked in America historically, and why it's working now. Under such a system, how do you create change? Tell the people who their enemies are and the uneducated, dissatisfied, ignorant ones (there's a lot of them) will run with it, in particular when they are religious. It all explains why the current leader of the White House is where he is and why secret organizations such as The Family are rejoicing in that. The way I see it is that Americans are involved in an ongoing battle about what it means to be American: progressive multiethnic multi-religious, diverse society of equal rights and privilege (many whites refuse to see how white privilege operates) vs some version of a white Protestant 1950s style America as normative, that in it's most dangerous form is explicitly racist and has no shame about it. One only needs to watch Trumps campaign speeches from the last election to figure out which side of this battle he has appealed to.
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    What Fuego writes is, I think, very true. I just saw the movie 1917, and the line that stands out most in my mind is when one of the soldiers said, "Some men just want to fight."
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    Oh man I can totally relate to this. I have a fundie sister that I try to reach out to (she is a decent person aside from her belief system, and we used to be close as children). I still reach out to her at times but I try to keep things unrelated to religion or our parents. I mean, if you think about it, our whole relationship got twisted and recasted to be about pleasing our parents or validating/disproving/arguing about our beliefs and it's just not fair. Any conversation we try to have at that angle is already pre-scripted by our parents who turned us against each other... and it's better to try to connect us for just being us... I mean I missed the times we used to have long conversations about random fantasy stories, novels, or video games. We had a real connection before religion hijacked our narrative. Just saying.. I empathize.
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    Here's one of the local GOP extreme Christian terror supporters: https://www.columbian.com/news/2020/feb/20/legislator-suspended-from-republican-caucus-to-emcee-local-gop-event/ And a link to his manifesto of Biblical war: https://www.spokesman.com/documents/2018/oct/25/biblical-basis-war/
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    Many prisoners who get released find a way to go back to prison. The issue is that they got so used to the regimentation they never had to make and choices or decisions on their own. It's too big a transition for some people to make without professional help. I see many people who leave the church in the same situation; Who will tell me what to do? Who will tell me the approved activities? Who will tell me what to think? If you can't handle the sudden freedom and autonomy and are overwhelmed by having unlimited choices, perhaps some professional help is indicated. It's not a unique situation. Good luck.
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    Exactly. People compare the present to the past. Don't do that. The future is yours for the taking. What do you want out of life?
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    I struggle with depression as well. And this journey into atheism is very new to me. I have had been thinking a lot about purpose. Specifically, I have been thinking "without an afterlife, what purpose do I have?" I would be lying if I said it hasn't affected my motivation in a negative way. But it got a little better today. What has given me comfort is thinking about being a very young child. I didn't have any real concept of God, death, or an afterlife. I just enjoyed life for what it was. I enjoyed playing in the dirt, laying in the grass, climbing trees, playing games with my friends, buying candy with the change I found, and so on. It's freeing to me. To allow myself to live in the now. I also see much to find meaning in still. Family, taking care of the earth, helping eliminate poverty, protesting against war, etc. I hope that is helpful.
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    If god answers prayer, you’d think he would have answered these (in the affirmative): City that prayed, searched for missing girl to say goodbye https://apnews.com/ab23f1fc60e4a40e1240f96ca5c3cd18

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