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    Random thought, what pet peeves do you have? A few that have come to my mind recently: people calling polygraph machines "lie detectors", theres a good reason they aren't allowed as evidence in court. Lens flare in video games and movies. You should never see lens flare in a first person shooter, its created by light hitting the lens of the camera, so unless you are playing as a cameraman that effect should not occur. People who get on buses, trains or elevators without waiting for those getting off to clear the way. Street preachers screaming fire and brimstone at people minding their own business. Who do they think will ever be convinced by ranting? Exploding cars in movies. With thousands of car crashes a year guess how many explosions there are. Martial arts movies where a spinning head kick that lands flush does little more than make the guy take a backwards step. Dog owners who have no control. Dragged down the road by a pulled leash, doesn't come when called, barking non-stop (for which yelling at them achieves nothing), just obvious who is in charge. Then the dog attacks someone and the owner says "he was always so good before, he never hurt anyone". Parents dropping kids at toy sections of shops to play while they go shopping. Carob, designed by the devil to ruin chocolates good name. Game of thrones book 6, now been waiting 7 years. Theres slow writing, then theres just taking the piss.
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    Yes sir. I must say my mind has not been this preoccupied upon one thing in a long time.
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    One thought I've heard discussed was imagine if the effort, money, labour and dedication to building churches, cathedrals, temples, and religious statues had instead been focused on more practical endeavours. It doesn't matter which religion, if any, was actually correct, the majority of the world and everyone throughout history must be wrong. So the majority of works are dedicated to non-existent beings, from the giant Buddha statues to the temple of Zeus, imagine those people putting the same decades of work to building housing, hospitals, schools, or infrastructure. Imagine the wealth of the Catholic Church aimed at reducing poverty or preventable diseases. So sure, an individuals belief may not be harmful in itself but it does rob society of a resource that could achieve so much more.

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