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    I got that same error the last time I prayed.
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    Been there, done that. I no longer play chess with pigeons. Arguing can be fun and even informative for lurkers, but serious debate with someone who already has all the answers from on high, one who plays by rules that don't include logic, has proven to be a waste of time for me. I know how useless any cogent, informed arguments are against a Christian apologist because I used to be one. Nobody other than myself could dent my armor.
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    You don't even see that you're making too many assumptions by posing this question. This points to my basic problem with debating Christians. Ex-Christians, such as those found around here, definitely have left behind their belief in the Christian God. Not all former Christians are atheists as a few take some sort of deistic view or other. The reason for rejecting the assertion that the Christian God exists or that any other god exists, is the lack of evidence for such an extraordinary claim. As a Christian you believe in one particular god out of a field of thousands. Why do you not believe in all those other gods? It's the same reason(s) I don't believe in yours.
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    So far each time I have encountered that from a new xtian guest it has turned out to be misleading. 1. I take that as a personal insult as many of us have spent years learning what xanity is and what it is not. 2. You have not spent much time here. To answer your invite: I am under the impression that the intent is to sharpen the arguments and develop new "logic" aimed at keeping those in doubt from leaving the fold - as well as to recruit new indoctrinees. This is a horrific goal given the negative impact cults have had on they fragile psyckes of individual inductees as well as on society as a whole.
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    And here we go again ..... around and around and around we go...god never speaks, never shows up in any tangible way...ever...but we are supposed to believe anyway ...it is all our fault,.. never the no show god...blame the victim...we try harder...numb out more thoughts and feelings ...more blind faith, more self blaming and still no show, no speak, no tangible anything from god ,,,,so we repent and change and change and change and improve and improve....and still nothing ...and it is still us thinking, believing, doing something incorrectly..........we didn't believe the right thing, about the right god, at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way, on the 5th Tuesday, of the sixth month, during the correct leap year, on the correct solstice, while only wearing the exact required shade of blue, when it is a waning (not waxing) crescent moon ..what exactly is that method, formula, belief, perception, understanding, teaching and feeling to please god we didn't get right so he will actually be real? wheeeeeee, around and around and around we go!!!!
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    This is a false dichotomy. You've limited the options to either accept god or reject god (with the unstated provision that "god" refers to the christian version). There are other options available: pantheism, agnostic theism, deism, deistic Buddhism, to mention a few. Moreover, neither atheism nor agnosticism is a "rejection" of God. This is a "kindergarten" misrepresentation. Both positions are simply default of disbelief based upon lack of evidence to support the claim that a god or gods exist. I'd advise you take an advanced tutorial in logical fallacies before proceeding any further.
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    Aww, so sweet! Pat yourself on the back too, you're doing thing same thing with us. Thanks for what you bring to the forum too. ❤️
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    Welcome Mandy. I think it's more important to remove the Christianity from your head than to declare yourself this or that. There's certainly nothing wrong with calling yourself an atheist ... unless it doesn't feel right for you. It is not mandatory to choose a title nor are you required to believe/accept a certain set of rules. I enjoy some pagan ideas, some Buddhist ideas and some atheist ideas. For me titles are somewhat irrelevant and yes they do tend to bring with them the concept that once you decide you are then locked in to that philosophy and must think only that way. That's nonsense. Anyway, glad you're here.
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    Hello everyone, My name is William and I'm the owner of https://christforums.com. I stumbled upon this site coming upon it by searching certain Google key word phrase queries. Lemme not mislead anyone here, I am a former unbeliever and now "very devout" Christian. I'm not here to pound anyone with my bible etc., but I had a thought while visiting this site. Would staff here accept an invite to dialogue and debate on our forum? I was thinking it might be rather interesting after having agreed on a topic or rather one where we could touch upon some of the "reservations" against Christianity. I'd like to invite this board's staff or determined reps to our forum for a discussion. After we agree on a topic and we debate it on our board we would gladly debate the same topic or another here. Consider this a sincerely friendly invitation. The way I look at it is that a lot of "kindergarten" or misconceptions could be cleared up. Often times someone receives 3rd grade level education on Christianity, but today they continue in public education and graduate high school or attend at the University level where they're subjected to increasingly developed secularism though their education in Christian theology never develops any further than Sunday school. I noted that while browsing this board that "televangelist" are often a rightfully so targeted. Shame such people with horrible theology are the basis of rejecting Christianity. I must say if face to face with Televangelist I'd reject Christianity too. I'm not buying what they're selling. I'd like to approach topics ect from a classical or historical Protestant perspective. While I often think about the audience I'm addressing lemme leave on this note. God bless. I imagine some might cringe at that notion, perhaps, but nonetheless, I mean it. God bless, William
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    Hi, I am Mandy. I recently submitted a full fledged introduction on the main website but it’s yet to be posted. I introduced myself as agnostic but I’m thinking that if I were honest with myself and others I would label myself atheist. I know I don’t label myself as Christian which is what I was brought up in. I accepted Christ at age 12 and started the long process of giving it all up, beginning to shake it off at around age 20. I’m 39 now and honestly this shit is taking too long to escape fully. I want it out of my head, out of my life completely. The guilt and the irrational fears have caused more than enough damage in my life. I don’t know why I find it so difficult to say I’m atheist and why agnostic seems more comfortable to me. Maybe saying I don’t know is easier than I don’t believe. I mean because can I still be considered an atheist if I also say there’s a possibility there could be some sort of god? Also I think I refrain from using the word atheist simply because it feels like commitment. I feel like I’ve sat on the fence from the beginning lol so jumping to one side fully is strange. I always knew which side I would fall on though, lol. I’m watching Matt Dillahunty now on YouTube speaking on Atheist Debates about hell. Wow that was powerful. I have enjoyed watching his videos. Anyhow hi everyone and sorry I seem so scattered about. My mind seems to be all over the place lately with thoughts and emotions. I used to come to this website 16 years ago after my first daughter was born but haven’t been back since. I was thinking the other day, I should see if that website still exists. I’m so glad to see it does and that it has grown. I’m glad to find myself back here.
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    Unfortunately, I was divorced and remarried, which, according to the assemblies of god, means I cannot lead ministry. I knew I should have murdered when I had the chance. They'd have forgiven me for that; but, woe unto the man who's had two wives.
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    maybe you might? get this?? I was born and brainwashed from birth by my parents who I held COMPLETE trust in that Santa Claus existed. After all ... I loved my parents, they were my ROCK in life and of course they could NEVER lie! Only they knew ALL truth! This of course went on for some years ... but one day ... I was forced to step outside the egg shell of their indoctrination. As I grew older and became more able to think for myself ... I asked questions and sort answers from outside that shell, from which protection I had been forced to go. It was not until then answers started becoming VERY plain! I had been taught a lie ... without stepping OUTSIDE that shell and looking in from the outside .... I would never have known that! So have I rejected Santa Claus?
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    William likes me better. Sticks my tongue out at you. Awesome point : What "humans telling you God is" is the entirety of Christianity. In a nutshell. Seriously, if it isnt the bible telling you what God is, it's all those Christians jabbering at each other.
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    Are you serious? You can ask anyone here, I don't get annoyed easily. You asked for a representative to go debate on your site, I agreed to do it, you said nevermind. You asked a question on this thread, I answered genuinely, you have literally not responded to anything else I've asked or said to you. Then you go past my reply to call another post the only one that looks genuine to you? We get it. You think you know the truth. I know, because I used to think that too. I understand. You'll likely go on some tangent about how this life isn't about what we want, it's about what god wants, and spending eternity with him. Or maybe you'll go the "What you want is of the flesh, what you "prefer" is sinful, so of course you will pick it." Not doing it for you? Maybe, "Your perspective is limited, why would you choose to lean on your own understanding over the understanding of an all-powerful, loving, infinite creator?" Easy. If god wants me to worship him, he needs to show up. I'm willing. I don't "reject god," I reject what humans tell me god is. Just like you're trying to do. Tell me who he is, what he wants, etc. He can tell me himself and maybe I'll do it.
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    Rejecting God is not my only option. I keep my options open. I chose to reject biblically imposed guilt for having bad thoughts (Matthew 5:27) and a few other things that made belief in Jesus into a mental irritation. I got tired of apologizing to God every time I said Goddammit (agnostic with a foul mouth for 30 years prior to accepting Christ). I got tired of the OCD associated with these thoughts and behaviors and just said, "Adios" to God one day. I told him that he would just have to deal with it. He never really said anything to me about that afterward. Most of the time I don't worship or believe in anything special but sometimes I enjoy some Zen, Advaita, pagan or other philosophies. Then years after that I came to this website and discovered all the logic and reason behind why Jesus most likely does not even exist. Not an atheist here. Just prefer to run my own life and think my own way. My view of a supreme being is one who doesnt reserve a Hell for people dont love him. A supreme being isn't jealous. A supreme being doesn't employ original sin or inherited guilt. imho. Hope that's helpful.
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    The reason people receive a kindergarten level education in Christianity is because Christianity is a kindergarten level philosophy. I like my own personal brand of beliefs better. I seriously doubt we will change your mind or your people will change our minds because change comes from within. I'm really poor at obeying silent invisible beings anyway. Thanks , though. edit. Hey, if I joined up over there would you let me link back to this website in my signature line?
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    @Christforums You want to ‘clear up’ misconceptions and address kindergarten reasoning lol. What misconceptions? You mean like how the gospels were written by anonymous authors, how there’s no evidence of the Jews in Egypt, how the story of Noah’s Flood is an absolute joke and was plagiarized by ancient flood myths that predate it up to a 1,000 years, how several letters attributed to Paul were in fact not written by him, how a major forgery was inserted in the last chapter of Mark, or how to explain the numerous contradictions in the Bible? Are those the misconceptions? Or was it stuff like how early Christians forged historical writings about Jesus like they did to Josephus’ writings? Just trying to narrow down these kindergarten reasons you’re referring to. Is that the ‘kindergarten’ shit you’re referring to? GTFOH lol. Ant no kindergarten people here. Just a bunch of “woke as fuck” people who don’t believe in talking donkeys or in a half human half god who can moon walk on water and turn water into wine. That’s all you’ll find here, people who no longer believe in BULLSHIT.
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    Welcome. The Lion's Den is the appropriate subforum for you. Thanks and have fun. BTW, there's already a thread in the Lion's Den that's seems tailor made for you. https://www.ex-christian.net/forum/6-the-lions-den/
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    Fun question! Insightful because I am an optometrist... and a deep thinker. I totally could have gone with "1or2" which would have been a fun play on the question optometrists ask and the many gospel discrepancies... How many blind men did Jesus heal? 1 or 2? How many angels were at Jesus' tomb? 1 or 2? 😃
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    Agree with both posts...seems like there are some very cool people here.
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    Parents can love their children but remain brainwashed and fearful. That's where all their anxiety and stress that their children are going to hell is rooted. It was difficult enough for me to break free, and I grew up with a very different exposure, education and view of the world than they did. Hence my pity for trapped people. My parents are also elderly and so I have no wish to take away from them what they see as their reward in the afterlife. I don't see it as a simple choice for them, it's complicated. It was easier for me to let go of bitterness and anger about my upbringing and the current state of affairs when I thought it through properly. But I also understand it's different for everyone, we've all had different life circumstances etc. Edit: imo the most important thing post Christianity is to establish proper boundaries, and I think you're doing a great job with this.
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    You asked why the only option was to reject your god. Rejecting something implies it exists. It's a bullshit question, as has been pointed out to you. Next?
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    I have replaced what humans say god is with my own personal experience and grasp of reality.
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    Welcome. But I will be direct with you: you are yet another Christian coming here with the notion that those in this forum somehow havnt accepted, or studied, or aren't knowledgeable enough about the truth about Christianity. The message also comes across in a patronizing manner. I invite you to the Lions Den where you can do your best with us. I do propose that if you do so, drop that patronizing view first and attempt the conversation as an equal. Also, don't even attempt it if you aren't open to serious consideration of your Bible. If you're going to throw us Bible quotes and operate on the basis that the bible is the truth, your simply wasting your time. Also don't attempt it if you're not open to the possibility and debate that your god does not exist. -TS
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    Not a Christian apologist here. Atheist with a Masters Degree in Theology, to be precise. I read the other responses. The one about the truth really hit home. I'm not the only one in my family who left the traditional horse and buggy community. Two of my sisters left, too, so I thought they might be more open-minded. I showed them Ken R. Miller's DVD Evolution: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps (https://www.hhmi.org/order-materials/holiday-lecture/evolution-fossils-genes-and-mousetraps), which is a simple scientific introduction for Christian high school students on what evolution is and how it works. Since we were schooled in a church school with only eight grades with basically zero science, I figured my sisters might benefit from this simple introduction. They are evangelical Christians now, so I figured an intro that allowed for belief in God might be helpful. I have also tried talking to my sisters about other things. One day, I got this response: I have the truth. I don't know why I keep looking elsewhere. I was dumbfounded at such a blatantly narrow-minded comment. She made it with such conviction, with such disgust at the thought of acquiring more worldly knowledge. I think her response qualifies as an apologist's answer because she is considered (or considers herself--I'm not sure which) some kind of minister or preacher in the group she associates with.