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    I'm personally very sick and tired of hearing people spout lines about how good or bad anyone has it right now, and how they deserve or don't deserve what they're getting. This just sucks. For everyone. The fact is that it sucks more for the poor, the disabled, the elderly, etcetera, etcetera, than it does for anyone else. This is not a matter of opinion. The fact is that many, many people will die from this. How many, precisely, depends partly on how we behave in these next few months. The fact is that many of us, myself included, are very fortunate to not be in financial need at this point in time, and to not be members of a particularly vulnerable sector of the population. Bully for us. But I'd hazard that I'm not alone in having close friends and family members who are not so fortunate as I am. No one needs to thank me for the welfare they receive. No one needs to be grateful to me for the help that they get in this dire time. The fact is, I want to live in the kind of society that helps people out when crises strike. And I don't care at all about whether anyone is grateful or not, because that kind of society is just better for everyone involved, even for those of us who end up contributing more to the social safety net than we receive in return. The fact is that I honestly don't care if anyone agrees or disagrees with me here. But I'd very much like it if we could try to get through this together rather than attacking each other for no apparent reason. Stay safe everyone.
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    Yes. Keep your eyes open. Just keep your hands away from them.
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    I'm a much better person AFTER leaving Christianity behind. Leaving Christianity has given me more empathy than I can handle sometimes. Leaving actually made me want to help instead of harm. If you'd have met me when I was a full blown brain washed Christian just 10 years ago you'd know the difference in me. I was your typical hateful, bigoted, close minded, self righteous, pious Christian. A typical fundamentalist. Opposite of who I am now. If I could go back in time, I'd kick my own ass.
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    Yes, as long as beliefs cause no harm I have no issue what a person believes. I might disagree with you, but I respect your right to believe what you like, even if I don't respect what you believe. On your morality question: Not really. Many of the mythical gods are narcissistic or have other sever behavioral traits that are undesirable. Largely this is because gods are made in humanities image, and not the other way around. Human's can be narcissistic, brutal, greedy pricks, as well as kind, loving and generous. So it is with the gods we have made. Now if you are the sort of person who only worships the 'good' gods, all power to you, and I certainly think you display a better moral compass than someone who worships and endorses a morally abhorrent god/s. However, note that being a polytheist doesn't guarantee you such a morally superior position. What if you are the sort of polytheist who only worships the bad gods? Meanwhile many Christians cannot come to terms with the difference between their own moral compass and some of the stuff in the bible so they say their god is all loving. Jesus loves you. He loves the gays. He loves trans people. He loves the god damn atheists! Again that person is a much better person, and morally superior than a polytheist who worships the bad gods. If you study people, their gods generally take after them and their biases. A judgmental person with little empathy will tend to go after the Yahweh type god and preach that gays should be burned, eternal hell awaits the unbeliever etc. The empathetic kind person will preach that Jesus loves everybody and all can come to salvation, and that hell is not a real place. The same will probably apply to polytheists. Good people will worship good gods, arseholes will worship the bad gods. . . . The smart people don't worship any gods *Ducks and leaves the room*
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    Doctors are in a prisoner's dilemna. They have been put in that decision by lots of bad political actions as well. But medicine has a simple base critaria. Preserving and increasing biological life quality. When you have finite resources you spend it on people that have the best chance of survival and quality of life. The principle is simple. Its aplication can be fuzzy as many actions in reality tend to be. So, you have a ventilator. Two patients in critical condition that need it. You have a 60 year old patient with diabetes and a moderately healthy young person of 25 who happened to have a slight sensitivity to respiratory disease. Based on that principle you give it to the young man, because of the odds are that he can survive and have a longer life. Is this calculation 100 percent certain? No. Does is take into consideration ALL of the data? No. But that is life. We make decisions based on limited data with uncertain results.
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    Having experienced general anesthesia for a surgical procedure (or rather, NOT experienced it!), the idea of not existing is easier to grasp and to accept. For that thirty minute period, I experienced nothing whatsoever: no dreams, no sense of time passing. It was quite different from sleep. If something had gone wrong and I had died while I was "under", it would have been just an infinite extension of the same nothingness - except that my heart would have stopped and my body would have started to decompose - but that would have been somebody else's problem, haha! Although I can't expect my eventual death to be as peaceful initially, everything would likewise fade to black.
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    I don’t see this growing into any kind of panic, financial or otherwise. As pandemics go, this one is highly infectious but not very deadly. Now if we had something as nasty as Ebola that was as easily transmitted as Covid-19, that would be way different. The economy and financial systems seem basically sound - unlike the 2007-8 financial crisis, so I think things will bounce back fairly well. Of course some businesses will collapse, but they’ll be replaced and things will go on. So my advice is to Keep Calm and Carry On!
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    Probably the old chestnut "god is testing us". You can cover all sorts of horror with that phrase.
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    It's not impossible that there are such things as ghosts/spirits/angels/demons/gods/minds-without-brains, but it's highly unlikely. But this I know: Even if there are such things as gods, the Bible doesn't describe a real one / real ones. The Bible starts off with "The Most High" and his sons creating the Universe in 6 days. At some point, those sons mate with human women and produce a race of giants called the Nephilim. At a later point, those hybrids would necessarily die because the Most High causes a flood that drowns all but 8 people. Later, one of the sons who happens to be good, Jehovah, calls Abraham so that he can make a nation of his descendants. When the nation emerges from captivity in Egypt, Moses sings a song explaining how the Most High divided up the people of the world into nations, one nation for each of his sons, and Jehovah (aka "The LORD") gets the descendants of Jacob as his inheritance. The LORD is said to be much better at leading his people than the other gods, who are by implication his brothers. In Psalm 82 we see either the Most High or Jehovah pronouncing that the other gods are going to lose their divinity and will eventually die. NO CHRISTIAN THAT I'M AWARE OF BELIEVES ANY OF THIS, yet it's exactly what the Bible says. There's just flat no reason to think that any of the Bible is anything other than myths and legends. Christians don't believe a bunch of it because it's simply unbelievable. I bet you never heard in church that the Most High is Jehovah's father -- normal Christian theology says that they're the same god -- normal Christian theology denies what the Bible says about the gods. So, no, I really don't believe or even think it's possible that Jehovah is real. Edit: I didn't read the entire thread before posting. I see now that you're not sure whether you believe or not. My conclusion is basically, if there are such things as gods, they clearly don't care whether we know about them or not. But as far as I can tell, every god that people believe in is the product of speculation about what a god would be like if there were such things as gods. Regarding morality, it would necessarily have evolved or the human species would not have survived. Other animals have morals, as well, even though they can't write them down. I highly recommend the book "What it Means to be Moral" by Phil Zuckerman
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    Sorry, that actually is offensive. It demonstrates assumption and judgment without understanding. Historically speaking it is those with one god belief or other that have done the most evil in this world. No god belief is the default we are born into. Theists then try to do all the convincing. When that tactic fails for lack of evidence then one does not have to convince oneself that no evidence has been presented. It is simply a fact that the case for a god existing hasn't been made. It is not facts and logic that bring people to such god beliefs, it is emotional.
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    God is well known for reigning disease and death on the earth in the bible. The book of revleation not withstanding. Many christians believe they are living in or near the "end times." Times which predict things like global pandemic at gods order. And on social media people are commenting in that direction. This would be a go to for priests, I'm sure. The catch is that this has been a go to for centuries, every time some plague or sickness hits. And time and time again, it isn't the end times. The end times have been a carrot-on-a-stick traditionally and this doesn't look to be any different. As to why a good god would do any of this? That's a contradiction that priests and leaders have been straddling for centuries now. At least since ancient Greece when the philosopher's proposed such questions. Regardless of the contradiction or impossible situation, people carry on nevertheless making nonsensical claims about an all good god, who, coincidently, isn't "all" good........
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    Hello All, Firstly, I hope that you all are well during this challenging time. I found this site today actually, because I was just looking for support. I would like to share my story and hope to connect to any other individuals who have similar stories and maybe we can just support one another on our journeys. My family was very religious and the practice of Christianity goes back generations. I am of African American decent and so religion and church in general played a huge part in my ancestors lives, post slavery. It gave the black community a safe space to socialize and just have a sense of peace. Unfortunately, what many of them did not understand and still don't is that Christianity was forced on them and their original African spiritual practices were stripped from them. So fast forwarding to my Grandmother and Mother, they continued the traditions of going going to church and reading the bible and believing that the only way to salvation was through the blood of jesus. In the 90's though my mother left the traditional black church and joined a church called " The International churches of Christ." Now I could really go on and on about that church but to keep it simple.. They believed that they were the one true church, and had their members believing that they had to share all of their sins with their leaders before they could be considered able to join the kingdom of god. So yes, my Mother joined that church and then my grandparents did as well. I was born in 1995 and so was raised in the church from birth to around 7 or 8. Fortunately, my Mother had a wake up call and realized the toxicity of that church and removed my family from it but my Grandparents remained members and are till this day. After my Mother removed us from that church we spent years basically church hopping. She was trying to find a new church home for us, but we never truly settled anywhere. As for how christianity affected my childhood, I grew up thinking that having crushes on boys was wrong, I couldn't listen to any music with bad words, I was told that I was a sinner and the only way I could be good was if I gave my life to god and asked him for forgiveness and many other things. Finally, in 2014 my mother and I found these Youtube videos exposing christianity and it's lies. From that day on we have never looked at christianity the same way again. As of now I am now on my own journey trying to find what I believe and agree with and what I don't. I found Yoga in 2016 and that truly has opened my mind to a whole new understanding of life itself. Unfortunately, I had to move from my home with my mother and step-father due to their issues causing me emotional and psychological trauma, to live with my still devout christian Grandmother. She is who I am quarantined with at this time, and It is very difficult at times hear her on the phone say things like, " people need to wake up and come to god during this time" or " People just need to repent from their ways and not turn their back on god". It just angers me because she and her friends act as if they know the truth and everyone else is beneath them. She says "they are the ones that are called" and as a person who is now receptive to all philosophies and ideas about life and the higher power and afterlife, having to be with someone on the total opposite side mentally is challenging. Currently, I am finishing my associates degree and have a plan to move in 2022, so I know this is temporary and I know that her ways are just based on ignorance but I can't sit back and say that to encounter that type of energy consistently isn't draining. I am grateful to have yoga and meditation as practices to help me cope with my current circumstances and I am grateful to have found this website and hope to connect to others trying to adjust to a life free of constraints from a psychologically traumatizing philosophy. All the best,
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    I believe when we die we get to enjoy the beer fountains and strippers. Why not make up the best story you can?
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    Paul advising women as per translated into modern language: "Shut up stupid, men are talking!" What an asshole.......
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    Anyone over age 70 is supposedly in the high risk category. Around here that's damn near everybody! But people of all ages and health situations can and have died from the virus. Teens, middle age and seniors can die or recover. I don't think fatality projections are a swipe at any particular group. Regardless of one's assumed susceptibility, everyone just needs to stay at home. You can't catch it if you don't go out. It's that simple.
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    These are not the Druids you are looking for. (Never gets old)
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    https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-topics/bible-interpretation/first-person-misogyny-in-the-bible/ Don't I know it. I grew up in a very "Pauline" church where men were the preachers, teachers, and rule setters about what women could and couldn't do (no birth control, make-up, piercings, movies, TV, dancing...endless list). So a Bible written by men and interpreted by men, doesn't require a lot of thinking to figure out what such a god (read: man) favors.
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    I used that one on Facebook when Obama was re-elected. I said the Lord has spoken. (haha) A Christian said I took that scripture out of context. Now if Romney had won, I bet it would have been in perfect context and I would have received an "Amen!"
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    I think the same question arose during the various plagues. As Wertbag said, the default is some kind of test, blaming themselves for hidden sins, blaming the Jews, and the TrueBelievers™ chalk it up to the deep mystery of God's will (shrug). "He can beat me to a pulp if he wants, because he luvs meeee and is always right and good and holy. Beat me again Jesus, yesssss Loooorrrdd. Beat the sin out of me. Sha ba ko nashey to. Crucify my flesh...." Meanwhile science...
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    Christianity caused me paralyzing anxiety. When I left my last church I genuinely intended to find another one after a brief break. Because of “legitimate” reasons it’s easy for my still-christian friends to understand why I don’t attend church on Sundays. For the most part I’m comfortable with my newfound non-religious self. As for how it’s changed my relationships, I haven’t disclosed it to any believing friends yet. For the sake of honesty I hope to, but I’m not there yet. I no longer have this anxious, condemning voice inside my head berating me for not sharing the gospel with people. I’m able to enjoy people as they are and get to know them for them. They’re no longer “projects” or “my mission field.” I sucked at it, but that only added to my shame. I appreciate life more than I have before. Have you heard the saying “make sure you’re not so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good”? That was me. Not externally - I rarely ever shared the gospel and when I did it was probably just as excruciating for my victim as it was for me, but internally I appreciate life in a way I haven’t before because I was wasting so much time on things that I now believe didn’t matter. This is not at all to say my life is perfect or that I don’t ever fee anxious. I just appreciate being alive in a way I haven’t before.
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    Hi. I'm looking for other people who are interested in skepticism, atheism, apologetics and Christianity. I grew up in the Lutheran church. In my early 20s I earned a degree in biblical studies, but that experience led to my deconversion. It's a strange analogy, but I think of it like someone who loved hot dogs finding out exactly how they are made. Now I don't ever want to eat another hot dog. Goofy, I know. But I'm still fascinated by the big questions, and how and why people believe. Thanks for reading.
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    Probably have non-advertised gatherings in the middle of nowhere on Easter.
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    Ouch. Don't be so hard on yourself! Btw theres a big connection in growing up brainwashed in xtianity, essentially being told you're a worthless peice of shit and need Jesus for redemption, and the messages and self talk that people give themselves throughout life. Many of us exit xtianity with terrible self confidence and little idea of who we really are. And this negative self talk is definitely influenced by the pattern of negative messaging we have received. One book I'll tout again that goes into this in great detail (and helps you come to terms with this messaging and heal yourself) is Leaving the Fold by Marlene Winell.
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    I left the Christian church about 20 years ago. (Well, now I go to a Unitarian Universalist church but mainly for the sense of community. They're accepting of atheists, agnostics and free thinkers.) For years afterward I still feared hell. Sometimes I prayed, "If You want me to believe again, You have to give me good reasons. It's not fair to send me to hell for unbelief, if You didn't provide evidence." But as the saying goes, the heavens were silent and Christian apologetics didn't convince me. For example, Lee Strobel's Case for Christ seemed completely one-sided. Over time, my fear of hell has diminished but it is stubborn. It's like the claws of religion, digging deep into you. It's not rational, but over time and with thought and reason it gets better. I agree with MOHO: baby steps.
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    @freedwoman, As @florduh pointed out everyone has undergone differing levels of indoctrination. Not sure if we all respond to the same stimulus the same but I'm sure you can find the answer to that on the interwebs. Just keep in mind that your fear and angst are the result of said indoctrination (professional speak for brain washing) and it can be undone. Keep reading/posting here. Read from the myriad of authors on the subject - the works of many of whom are offered here, and stay the hell away from anything that will reinforce the B.S. We're talking church, churchy friends who cannot stop talking about jebus, xtian music, fundy spouses (Yes, I leave the room when she starts churching out!) , and abscessing about hell. Once the indoctrination begins to wain you will start to realize how stupid and man-made all the fundy crap is. Baby steps, Free. Baby steps.
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    No worries, I think you've mentioned this before. If I'd remembered I would have softened the tone of my reply. I wouldn't say you have no social skills, clearly you have some, probably quite a lot. Don't put yourself down so hard. I guess a tip for forum communication would be... well maybe two tips. First is a line followed by emojis like mine? If yes then its safe to assume the line is not intended seriously as the persons actual position, and 2, when in doubt assume the person intends well with their post instead of assuming they are attempting confrontation, and 3, (yes I said 2, but this one is free) if you are not sure ask. Like I've been asking LeiaBryant to clarify things because sometimes I just cannot pick up her intended meaning from her posts.
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    Boomer Remover and Boomercide. This thread is worth it just for the terminology.
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    Because it took 120 years to build the ark. Didn't you listen in church brother florduh? (Edit: Haha, just read TRP's post. See we have the revelation - the same one. Praise the great horn, it doth thrust upon me) Hear my words: Now Moses lived to 120 years. 120 is 3 x 40. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness 40 years, and 3 is the number of the godhead. Now Noah was 600 when he went into the ark, which means he must have been 480 when he started the ark to make the 120 years until the flood. Now, 40 into 480 is a perfect 12, and as we know 12 is a significant number in the bible. There were 12 disciples, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 is the number of judgement. So God was telling the world that judgement was coming on the earth. Now 40 into 600 is 15... that means nothing. Ignore it. ... I feel like I'm going down a biblical numerology tangent here. I could be a preacher. To answer @Wertbag - you can read it anyway you like. ITS THE BIBLE! People read it to suit whatever interpretation they like. I just spouted some stuff at you above. It means nothing, but people believe this shit. It's a story, written by ancient people, for ancient people who were trying to explain why shit happens. They hadn't learned at that stage that shit just happens! I present you case exhibit A - Covid19.
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    As someone posted elsewhere on the net: "When you are dead, you don't know you are dead — it's difficult only for others. It is the same when you are stupid.
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    Yes!!! Poor children. So many parents don't deserve children.
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    I just had the best talk to my doctor over the phone. I have been going to him for 23 years and he knows all about my anxiety. First he told me that sleep was very important because the body recoups through restorative sleep. So 6-8 hours. And rest and relax. Do some meditation to calm the body down (which I have been doing for a long time) He wants me to dance in my living-room, play my favorite music, do a hobby, spring clean, go for walks and only turn the news on twice (if I absolutely had to) once in the morning and once at night to get caught up with what's happening. And then watch as many funny movies or interesting documentaries as I can. He said how important it was to keep the stress hormones from surging through my system because it would completely take away from building up a good immunity in my body. We all know by now that stress kills. He also said to get to the store for groceries at the seniors hours because yesterday (apparently) you practically had the store to yourself. Basically he told me to stay out of any other store except for going for groceries, unless there was an emergency of course..And stand the 6 feet distance from anyone. Also vitamin c and d were very important nutrients for good immunity so I take those. But through all that is coming in the next few weeks, I am to stay calm and not create stress in my body. (the flight or fight response) He said this was so important. I just thought I would post this because I have experienced every kind of emotion a person can go through in the past month. I can go from calm to terror in a minute. And because I have an anxiety personality, it gets exaggerated in my mind, ( Ex: I have everyone in my family dead from this) so it's really important for me to stay calm. I wanted to share this talk with you in case their are other members who have this cursed type of personality. Love you all and please stay safe.. (hugs) to everyone.
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    I disagree. At least for the version of heaven I was taught. A never ending journey unto God, getting closer and closer and more and more. And I would be positively DELIGHTED for a risk free life. I HATE risk. For me, risk of suffering destroys or dampens most of my zest for life. A life free of suffering sounds magnificent. I believed that, in Heaven, all creation would feed solely or principaly from God himself, and would be ever expanding. So no boredom, no suffering. We would not even have the organs that would allow suffering to exist or smth like that. All round ever growing pure bliss. That sounds wonderful! By the way, really get the fear of hell thing. I also posted about it. It kind of exhausted my mental and physical wellbeing. Especially as it is regarded in the Orthodox world, in many places, as a very good thing. Terrror of getting to hell as it makes you do the right - right according to the church - thing. One known ancient preacher said in a book that it is good to extinguish the fire of sexual impulse with the thought of the eternal fire of Hell. So basically whenever you think about sex, think about the fact the consequence will be eternal suffering and that will end it. On a purely psychological level, that kind of works, by the way. It is hard to maintain an erection when you are scared shittless. In general. :)) Probably not always, but anyway. It still affects me. Matt Dillahaunty said something funny, that christianity invents the disease and that proclaims to give you the cure. You may stop believing in the cure, but somehow stopping believing in the disease is harder. I also read that humans generally react much more intense and viscerally to the prospect of danger than to the prospect of pleasure, and stays stronger. So, if you think a rock is a cake, you will walk normally to it and inspect it. If you think it is a coiled up snake, you are going to run and stop to think only 40 metres away. It is something built in. If the rock turns out to be a cake, there is no problem in walking towards it and inspecting it. If it is a snake, you could die, so it is a safer bet to run. We could call it the thought action pattern of the danger part of the body, the firefighter side of the brain. I also recommend cult related books. Search a term like phobia indoctrination. Steve Hassan, Alexandra Stein, Jon Atack, International Cultic Studies Association, Daniel Shaw, Rachel bernstein, etc. On the subject of Hell, the books of Illaria Ramelli and David Bentley Hart on universal salvation are worth the read. One is a renowned historian, the other a philosopher. Both with decades of work and academic credentials. That does not mean they are 100 percent right, but seem like people who really investigated this issue. I thought and continue to think that a God that IS all knowing - and the the existence of prophecy as a concept presumes omniscience, that creates beings fully knowing some of them, angels and humans alike, will suffer eternal consciencious torment abhorrent. And even IF I did not, that also means that we cannot do anything about it. God knew you and me will go to Hell, and still chose to create us. And if that was the decision of an allpowerful being, we are screwed no matter what we do. Free will, even IF, and that is an IF I do not agree with, exists, has nothing to do with this. I am talking about God's decision to create you BEFORE you even existed, so BEFORE you could make any choice. So in that moment, this God supposedly freely created you, in full knowledge you will go to Hell. You and million possibly billion other beings. That means 1. he has the power so therefore 2. he is to blame, ultimately. I repeat, many christians think that an all powerful, all knowing being created beings with the full knowledge trillions will suffer eternal conscious torment. I cannot ascribe the last usual descriptor of this God, all-loving or omnibenevolent. And, to add to the irony, in eternity, there will two kindgoms - the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the Devil. So in that worldview, the devil partially wins. He gets his own part of eternally ruling billions of people. A sort of co-regent with God himself. Also, on the side, this means our creator cannot find the means and wisdom to convince us to choose him. As such, that means he is not all powerful or all knowing. So, in that view, we are left with a being that is actually NOT all powerful, NOT all knowing and NOT all benevolent. Like, you guessed, most if not all the gods in the ancient greek and middle eastern world. Like them, he has sex - or some kind of divine intercourse with human women and produces demigods. Like them he can get angry. Like them, he expects and demands submission and worship. So a being, with great power, who is emotionally unstable and capricious, sexually active and demands devotion. Hmm, not at all like many, probably most, tribal chieftain of that age, and unfornatunately, this age. So the model of that God seems like a psychological imprint of warrior tribe boss. This model can be found in many other species, especialy social mammals, but not only. And as time goes by, this chieftain gets more powerful, with more servants and a bigger hierachy of messengers and workmen. Just like when a tribal warrior chiefatin become a king and then emperor, his power getting bigger and bigger, requiring more and more servants, specialized workmen, etc. So you see, thatimage of God seems like a symbolical history of the actual human social history. Like the symbolic represantions you have in your dreams about actual, current reality - the reason dreams are valuable in many types of psychotherapy as they can point to many actual, emotional truths hitherto unrecognised. I kind drifted about here, but maybe this drift will help someone. It did help me to write it and about it.
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    They will praise Jesus for delivering them from the persecution. That way they are never wrong. Never.
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    *A RECAP OF THE LAST THREE WEEKS* AMERICA: Oh my god! Coronavirus! What should we do? CALIFORNIA: Shut down your state. AMERICA: Wait... what? Why? CALIFORNIA: Because 40 million people live here and we did it early, and it’s working. OHIO: Whoa... whoa... let’s not be hasty now. The president said that this whole coronavirus thing is a democratic hoax. CALIFORNIA: He also said that windmills cause cancer. Shut down your state. TEXAS: But the president said that we only have 15 cases and soon it'll be zero. CALIFORNIA: The president can’t count to fifteen. Nor even spell it. Shut down your state. NEW JERSEY: Us too? CALIFORNIA: Yes, you guys too. Just like when Christie shut down the bridge, but it’s your whole state. FLORIDA: But what about all these kids here on spring break?? They spend a lot of money here! CALIFORNIA: Those kids invented the tide pod challenge. Shut down your state. LOUISIANA: But wait let’s have Mardi Gras first. It entertains people. CALIFORNIA: It also kills them. Shut it down. GEORGIA: Ok well how about we keep the state open for all of our mega churches? Maybe we can all pray really hard until the coronavirus just goes away! CALIFORNIA: Which is working like a charm for mass shootings. Jesus told us to tell you to shut down your state. OKLAHOMA: What about the tigers? CALIFORNIA: What about a dentist. Shut it down. WYOMING: Hold up, maybe we should go county by county like the president said. CALIFORNIA: Stop acting like there are counties in Wyoming. There are no counties in Wyoming. Wyoming is a county. Shut it down. PENNSYLVANIA: But big coal. CALIFORNIA: But big death. Shut it. WEST VIRGINIA: But we were the last state to get coronavirus! CALIFORNIA: And don’t make us explain to you why that was. Shut it down. NORTH CAROLINA: But the republican national convention is coming here! CALIFORNIA: SHUT... ok fine do what you want.
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    No, but it's the men who are told what to do with their women in the Bible. Where in the Bible do you see it admonishing women to kill their husbands in such and such scenario etc?
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    @Margee, I don't believe the U.S. or Canada will sit idly by and allow anyone to lose their homes. Especially those who have been making payments for 2+ decades. That, in and of itself, would have a huge impact on the economy - an impact neither country wants.
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    Couldnt you pray over a couple saltines and bless a beer? Right from your home?
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    Disillusioned, Thanks for the reply. "I don't have a lot to add, but just a brief note for people who may be struggling to follow the minutia of this discussion:" I'm sorry that things are getting complicated, but I can't really help that. However, I'm open to any ideas you might have to make things easier. You too Josh. Please let me know, guys. Thank you. Walter.
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    I listened to the entire segment. Ehrman basically confirms the Bible is man made theology that is filled with contradictions, inconsistencies , and folklore. It consist of a lot of different cultures beliefs that were incorporated into Christianity, and these beliefs have changed and evolved over time, and continue to do so. I didn’t really learn anything new, but it’s definitely worth listening too for those that are still questioning.
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    Not just the old testament., but the new testament also: https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-topics/bible-interpretation/first-person-misogyny-in-the-bible/
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    This is a good description of where I’m at. I don’t know if there’s some impersonal Supreme Being out there, but I have concluded the god of the bible doesn’t exist (which still feels scary to type out but yet it’s my honest belief).
  43. 2 points
    This sentence makes me wonder how many "Christians" will "forget" to donate. Perhaps those pastors who won't stop the services are worried about cash flow.
  44. 2 points
    Because we are Ex-Christians. Were we Ex-Muslims we would be talking about how bad Allah is. And no, I don't hate or hold grudges against fictional characters. Imagine if during a discussion about The Lord of the rings, and we were discussing how evil Sauron was, and I came out and suggested that people harbored grudges and hated Sauron. It's a bit silly really. To answer the question of the thread: Am I really sure I don't believe? Yes, I'm quite sure. The one thing I can be sure of is what I do and don't believe. This is how I know Christians are speaking utter bullshit when they say I know in my heart that God exists, that I just deny him because of xyz reason. It's horseshit. I don't like Trump, but I acknowledge his existence. If I believed God was real, even if I didn't like him, I'd acknowledge his existence. But the one thing I know is that I know that I don't know if god exists, and I know that I don't believe any gods do exist.
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    I grew up in a fierce hell-fire-and-brimstone fundamentalist family, so yeah it took a decade or more to get passed some very deep rooted fear that God hates me or that I was destined to go to hell. It was a long journey but I slowly worked through my childhood fears of annihilation/abandonment, and was able to see their theology as insane and self-serving as they are. I also studied a lot of religions and beliefs along the way - which helps even if you don't adopt one of those other belief systems. It helps see the commonalities of these beliefs and elements of the basic human condition they represent - not some "grand" singular TRUTH that will will be punished eternally if you don't adopt it NOW. It also helps that I worked hard, got lucky, and managed to become financially stable early on so my parents couldn't continue to flaunt potential financial/social abandonment in my face. There isn't anything left they can take away from me. My self esteem comes from my own life and my own accomplishments now. I have friends who accept me for who I am. A couple of my closer friends effectively form my 'de-facto' family. I am no longer afraid of God or Hell. Christianity has definitely affected my life and my relationships. My relationships are better and more meaningful now that I am no longer Christian. My purpose in life is to be the best me that I can be, and, to the best of my abilities, embrace the multitude of opportunities and experiences my life offers. My purpose is also to be as kind and as wise as I am able to be, and also to watch out and care for my own self that was so un-cared for by people who were supposed to during my childhood. I hope to extend this care to people who have likewise been deprived. This gives me gratification, because it helps me feel as though I was able to win back what I have lost. Cheers on the courage you showed by taking a step into this path. I hope my replies help
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    Everybody has had different degrees of indoctrination. Everybody handles things like this differently. There is no standard formula or timeline for recovery. Some people find it useful to seek professional secular counseling.
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    I had heard this idea from several different Christians, probably those with a literal reading but little in-depth research (a category that a great number of people would fall into). A quick Google search found these examples: https://www.bibleref.com/Genesis/6/Genesis-6-3.html https://www.neverthirsty.org/bible-qa/qa-archives/question/to-what-does-the-120-years-in-genesis-63-refer/ To find Christians don't understand their own bible, who would have thought? As its been clarified this idea of the 120 years being related to lifespan is incorrect, therefore trying to validate the data used for an incorrect statement is of no value. Ignoring the snarky comment, you can't by default imagine everyone is going to come to the same conclusion as you. There are old earth creationists and young earth, there are those who believe in a literal 7 day creation and those who believe it was metaphorical. There are those who see the bible as a complete literal truth and others who believe parts are only moral stories (although which parts are to be read which way seems a point of debate). There are those who pour over every last word, compare those to the oldest translations and debate the meaning of the translations, and millions who haven't even read the book cover to cover once and yet call themselves completely convinced Christians. Its a massive wide range, so don't make the mistake of thinking everyone will think one particular way.
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    To Freedwoman and Dave... 'Christians say that everything needs a creator.' Well, as far as I know the leading Christian apologist who advocates this philosophical position is one William Lane Craig. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Lane_Craig He uses the Kalam Cosmological Argument, which is in turn based upon his interpretation of a science paper by Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose that was published in 1970. In that paper these scientists present a mathematical proof that the universe had an absolute beginning. Craig uses this proof to assert that therefore science agrees with the Bible, specifically Genesis 1:1, where the universe didn't exist and then, by the will of God, it did. With all of time and space having a starting point (Hawking and Penrose call this the 'initial singularity') some 13.72 billion years ago. According to Craig this 'proves' that everything, including the universe, MUST have had a creator. However, Hawking and Penrose placed very strict limits on what their 1970 singularity theory can and can't do. If the universe possesses something called a positive cosmological constant, then their theory doesn't apply to the universe. Their theory only works if the cosmological constant has a zero or negative value. Fast forward to 1998 and three separate teams of astronomers measured the universe's cosmological constant to be a small, but positive value. https://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/9805201 Observational Evidence from Supernovae for an Accelerating Universe and a Cosmological Constant https://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/9805200 The High-Z Supernova Search: Measuring Cosmic Deceleration and Global Curvature of the Universe Using Type Ia Supernovae https://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/9812133 Measurements of Omega and Lambda from 42 High-Redshift Supernovae The Hawking - Penrose singularity theory therefore cannot be used to prove anything about our universe. It's been refuted by evidence. The irony is that this happened in 1998 and Craig didn't start publicly making his assertions about this theory in 2007. On his own website, Reasonablefaith.com. So he was wrong from get go. In fact, any Christian who claims that science 'proves' that the universe had a beginning is wrong. Firstly, because the currently accepted theory of cosmic origins, the Lambda Cold Dark Matter model, says nothing about the actual 'creation' of the universe. It takes over after that and begins with the universe in a hot, dense state, from which it 'inflates'. Please Google 'Cosmic Inflation' to learn more about this. Or I can provide you with some helpful links. Secondly, in the sciences only mathematics uses proofs. A mathematical proof is complete, absolute and unchanging. Whereas all the other sciences use theories, not proofs. Theories are tentative and not absolute. They can be overturned by new evidence, just as the Hawking - Penrose theory was overturned, over twenty years ago. The bottom line is that Christians can argue that the universe had a beginning and they can believe by faith that it did, but they cannot 'prove' that from science, nor can they even demonstrate from evidence that it did. Anyway, Disillusioned, JoshPantera and I have been discussing the shortcomings of William Lane Craig's cosmology in this thread since Oct 1 last year. https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/82597-the-failed-cosmology-of-william-lane-craig/ Thank you, Walter.
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    DarkMatter has an excellent video on this subject.
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    It’s been a beautiful day. The sun rose to a clean blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds that looked like giant cotton balls sprinkled to the horizon. I stepped out for my morning walk and the thin breeze was cool but not cold; the warmth of the sun seeping through my flannel shirt, which I soon had to shed. Walking down to the corner and turning west into the breeze, the neighborhood was quiet except for the excited little dog that always announces my approach. I could tell that traffic on the main road to the south was barely extant as the usual dull hum was reduced to an occasional whoosh when a solitary car motored by. I walked at a brisk, but not exhausting, pace, thinking about standing tall, admonishing myself just as my mother would have. I stopped to take a snapshot of the gate at a driveway about a mile farther on. I found it amusing; the closed and locked gate of vertical metal bars capped with spikes, and the very serious-looking sign, “BEWARE OF DOG.” And in the middle of the gate, a wreath of thin pine twigs in the center of which was a scrap of wood marked with hand-painted letters that read, “Welcome.” Lunch came soon enough, some fresh sweet grapes, a few forkfuls of potato salad (with egg, the best kind), and the last two of Mrs. Older’s homemade chocolate chip cookies washed down with milk in a chilled glass. After lunch it was naptime, and this one provided some quickly forgettable but happy dreams. The vanilla crunch bar, being a required post-siesta elixir, was firmer than yesterday, the freezer having cycled away from its automatic defrost temperature. The drive across town to daughter’s house was easy as the usual chaos of after-school pickups was absent, and the terror of just-released high school drivers did not arise. Daughter brought out the block of cheddar cheese we had ventured out to get and the grandkids lined up on the sidewalk to exchange I-love-you’s as we maintained social distance from inside our car. As the normal rush hour approached, we trundled east on what is usually the busiest street in town. As we passed the main commercial avenue and the freeway onramps, which are usually backed up at that time of the afternoon, we got all four traffic lights green.

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