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    It is invariably a shock to evangelical Christians to hear or read about someone who has turned his back on the "faith, which was once delivered unto the saints." The quick justification from most believers of such an announced occurrence will be to piously point out that anyone who turns away from Christ was never a real believer to begin with. Or as an insider might say it, "He was never born again."

    Read the rest at http://exchristian.net/exchristian/2002/04/sabbatical-or-my-anti-testimony.php

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  6. Today is a very special episode about an ex-Muslim's deconversion to atheism, while living in Iran. His story is so important to share! He grew up in Iran in a Shia Muslim family. He was a devout Muslim until he got curious about Salman Rushdie's book, The Satanic Verses. His curiosity leads him to banned anti-islam websites. He reads articles and books, eventually realizing he's an atheist. Muhammad began to spread anti-islam materials on websites and social media. After 3 years, he is caught and aggressively arrested on the street. He spends time in prison and solitary confinement. His parents put their house up for bail and he is forced to repent and make a false confession, which airs on Youtube and Islamic Republic television. While on bail, he is eventually called back for the trial and an inevitable 15 years in prison. He decides he must escape Iran. View the full article
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  11. Jordan grew up going to church every Sunday with his family. He went to Bible studies and lived a typical Christian life. When he was junior high age, his family stopped attending church regularly. As Jordan grew older, he struggled balancing his church friendships along with his non-church friendships. He didn't want to live a double life. His faith becomes more serious and he discovers Calvinist theology. At first, he embraces it. Later, he begins to question more than just Calvinism. The difficult process of deconstructing his faith leads to agnosticism. View the full article
  12. [Mail] Thomas H: "It is 'ET-cetera', not 'Eck-cetera'." [Audio] Church excuses practice of not reporting confessed pedophiles to police. [News] 'Demonic power': Franklin Graham claims supernatural element behind attacks on Trump => https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/franklin-graham-claims-demonic-power-behind-attacks-on-trump [Mail] Chuck in AZ: "Ninth Commandment" "Since 'Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor' seems to forbid lying only about others, I assume that God is fine with me misrepresenting myself. This seems to be supported by the 'Be fruitful and multiply...' instruction since the human race would go extinct if men couldn't lie about themselves." [News] New psychology research indicates that subtle exposure to religious words can increase benevolent sexism => https://www.psypost.org/2019/11/new-psychology-research-indicates-that-subtle-exposure-to-religious-words-can-increase-benevolent-sexism-54956 View the full article
  13. Wishing everyone a tremendous day with people they enjoy.
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