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    It is invariably a shock to evangelical Christians to hear or read about someone who has turned his back on the "faith, which was once delivered unto the saints." The quick justification from most believers of such an announced occurrence will be to piously point out that anyone who turns away from Christ was never a real believer to begin with. Or as an insider might say it, "He was never born again."

    Read the rest at https://articles.exchristian.net/2002/04/sabbatical-or-my-anti-testimony.php

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  1. I didn't say dwell on the past. Or, fret about the past. If tacos gave me indigestion, then I would be wise to avoid tacos. That is learning from experiences in the past. Look, if you prefer allowing unchangeable past decisions to afflict you, that is your free choice. I was just suggesting that there are other choices. I apparently erroneously assumed you were interested in resolving some issue or another. My apologies for the assumption. Respectfully....
  2. The moment we start to regret something in the past we are fundamentally acting against something which is out of our control. So, all that can be gained from regret is frustration and anger. Physical exercise can be painful to our muscles, but with endurance and regularity exercise develops our bodies. Struggles of all kinds are painful, but with some courage and endurance, struggles test, mold and develop our character. We don't leave anything behind by growing. I once loved playing with blocks. I remember those days fondly. However, I don't play with blocks anymore. I outgrew th
  3. Tell us more. Seems to me there is always a forward. Time marches on, and all that.
  4. I share your opinion. I admit to being a bit embarrassed about some of my behavior as an Evangelical believer, but regrets? For being sincerely wrong in my thinking? Not really. Been wrong too many times about all kinds of things to carry around that burden. Life is an ongoing education. Always learning, Anyway, there is nothing to be gained from regret. The past is unchangeable. Best to just learn what we can from past mistakes and move forward.
  5. Welcome back to another Atheist Experience. Today Matt Dillahunty is Joined by Mandisa Thomas! Mandisa is the founder and president of Black Nonbelievers and they are having their 10th Anniversary Celebration in New Orleans and online January 15-17. Make sure to attend! Our first caller, Enoch in PA asks if we would become christians if the bible was all proven true. That’s a hard no, there are too many horrible things in that book. Do you not see how abusive it is that you would rather serve an evil god than suffer in a hell? Your god should denounce the immoral crap in the bible. Neil in ID
  6. Happy New Year and welcome back! Get ready for today’s Atheist Experience: The Canadian Invasion! Today ShanonQ is joined by Paulogia to tackle a new year's set of arguments and apologetics. Find more Paulogia content at: http://www.youtube.com/c/Paulogia Our first caller, Tim in KS how does atheism better account for the world as we find it than his Christianity does? Atheism isn’t a worldview. Biblical interpretation is not a way to look at the real world. We can argue about morality all day but your personal experience does not hold any explanatory power for us. Brian in MD is doubting
  7. It is a worldwide classic work (1951) that may be beneficial to anyone interested in better interpreting social, political and religious movements. Eric Hoffer (deceased in 1983) is an iconic thinker and a very readable author. His observations in 1951 are remarkably relevant and applicable today. Highly recommended.
  8. One of my favorite books that insightfully relates to this topic may be of interest: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0060505915/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_t1_8mD8FbTN9BSNY
  9. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! Strap in, today’s Atheist Experience features Matt Dillahunty and Jenna Belk! Happy holidays! Our first caller again is Enoch in PA asks our thoughts on why humans are different from other animals, given humans have morality/religion/philosophy. Humans' niche is intelligence but other great apes & pack animals have moral drives. We can’t communicate with other animals and we aren’t special...just different. Joey in IN asks if we have thought how Star Trek relates to Christianity on earth, given the crew dealt with skepticism and religions on
  10. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! In today’s Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by ACA’s own Jim Barrows. Welcome back Jim! Our first caller, Enoch in PA argues that it makes more sense to believe that god created everything rather than it happened by chance. That is a false dichotomy, those aren't the only 2 options. There hasn’t been sufficient evidence that there even is a god, let alone that god is more likely the explanation. I don’t know a perfectly acceptable answer. Connor in TX argues that he can debunk atheism and atheism is making a blind assumption about a
  11. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! Today’s AXP Matt Dillahunty is joined by Shannon Q. Glad to have Shannon back in the co-host chair! Our first caller, Stephen in OR asks if there are any aspects of religion that we miss? There isn't much of anything we miss, we have been building a community. If anything, we miss the relationships with believing family/friends. It was nice to not have those religious arguments. We are appreciative in everything we gained since, looking at the universe without the lens of religion is amazing. Ahmad in Syria says that slavery in Islam is perfectly
  12. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! For today’s Atheist Experience, Jenna Belk is joined by Anthony Magnabosco. Anthony is best known for Street Epistemology, a method for addressing beliefs/claims. Learn more at https://streetepistemology.com/ Our first caller, Mark says that prophesies are keeping him tied to his religion, saying several predictions/claims are real. Try not to jump to conclusions about these claims, a more natural explanation tends to be best. Allow yourself to question and doubt the things you thought were true. Amber in SC can’t shake her belief that souls a
  13. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! Today Matt Dillahunty is joined by DB Ramsey, author of “Speaking of God We Don't Know Sh*t”. Mr. Ramsey’s book takes a look at religious practices and god beliefs, learn more at https://www.dbramsey.com/ Our first caller, Michael in CO is engaged to a Christian who wants to baptize his daughter and make him go to classes about it first. No one should be forced to participate in religion. Making you go to classes seems more like she is trying to change you. Decide what you are comfortable with and have those discussions with your wife. Paul in En
  14. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! The hosts of Atheist Experience today are Matt Dillahunty and Jim Barrows. Yay, another Jim week! Our first caller, Enoch in PA wants to know why man would evolve and think up a god concept? We imagine beings with more capabilities to one with maximal capabilities, it's a natural progression. Enoch fails to prove god using his hypothetical scenarios. It’s no surprise that man made up the god concept. Charles in TX starts out spouting bible verses, even on hold. We aim to have a conversation, not just be preached at. Matt addressed some verses af
  15. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! The hosts of Atheist Experience today are Matt Dillahunty and Shannon Q! Glad to have you back Shannon. Our first caller, Bonnie in WI read some horrible passages in bible and that is what sparked her journey to non-belief, specifically child sacrifice and slavery. We agree the bible is whacky and full of horribleness. Alvin in NC argues for his 100 patterns in Genesis 1:1. Matt sits back on this one while Shannon breaks down the math for statistical analysis. If you can’t answer Shannon’s questions, you need to take your claim to mathematicians
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