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  1. It's not always just about writing novels and books. Having the ability to write well will give you a significant advantage in whatever career path you go down. Believe me. I know. A large portion of my job is writing and editing what others have written, and I do not work in even a remotely literary field. Writing is more than a learned skill; it's a talent. When you're good at it, others notice. Most people are terrible writers the same way most people are terrible singers, but nearly everyone recognizes good writers and good singers.


    If you're naturally good at something, develop that talent as much as you can. You never know where it might lead or just how far it might take you.

  2. In the job I had prior to the one I presently hold I frequently used to say both quietly to myself and out loud to a few: "I'm tired of being the brain bug!"


    People either don't know how, or are to lazy - to think! THINK for crying out loud!


    Believe me, I feel your pain.


    I mostly work alone now. Heaven!

  3. I suppose I'm more concerned with not appearing to be a bitch than I am with getting my point across clearly.  I don't know where the middle ground is.





    That is the trick isn't it. Let me know when you find a full-proof method of finding the middle ground in relationships. I'd like to know that myself.

  4. When it comes to this subject, I've found that logical thinking goes out the window for most people.


    When it comes to attraction and finding a prospective mate people on both sexes frequently don't make a lot of sense.


    However, I'm sure he'll get the message eventually.

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