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  1. The Magnet: By Carl S ~ In case you haven't noticed, people who are abducted by aliens, or… https://t.co/z3oAGIW3hp

  2. How Christians Avoid the Facts that Matter: By WizenedSage (Galen Rose) ~ I get TheHumanist… https://t.co/mudQee6xiP

  3. I was a True Follower of Jesus: By Carl S ~ Go into a Christian church parking lot any… https://t.co/0EkANMYF7h

  4. Re-Visiting Church: A Few Weeks Later: By Tania ~ On the first Sunday of April, I went to… https://t.co/h3TSNmqvQ0

  5. Can atheist organizations work together?: By Karen Garst ~ When my husband and I left… https://t.co/jMyOASgyEI

  6. When the puzzle falls apart: By -Anony-mouse- ~ As this is my first post, I suppose that an… https://t.co/FO3lOA3Bki

  7. 22 Amazing Women – Part Two: By Karen Garst ~ As promised, here are excerpts from three… https://t.co/qV30ybnW7d

  8. 22 Amazing Women – Part One: By Karen Garst ~ In this post, I am going to introduce you to… https://t.co/s3HvVQa94D

  9. The loss of my "real" Father: By fisheroffish ~ My father died last month. Recently, I have… https://t.co/gDp867hsgl

  10. Nausea: By Carl S ~ January of 2017 was one of those periods most of us would prefer to… https://t.co/ivZ6tTXoND

  11. New Vision: By BlackFreethought ~ During this last foray into Christianity I held more… https://t.co/CTuJUidbEK

  12. Deny, Deny, Deny: By Carl S ~ A few days ago, I purchased a fascinating book, “Leningrad… https://t.co/0np63GcRjB

  13. Deny, Deny, Deny: By Carl S ~ A few days ago, I purchased a fascinating book, “Leningrad… https://t.co/0np63GcRjB

  14. Questioning my faith in the Christian God: By manwithquestions ~ So I started dating a… https://t.co/4PMGNaozOc

  15. Not Surprised: By Carl S ~ New Years evening 2017. My wife's church had a bonfire to… https://t.co/u8m3Ka0VFt

  16. Have We Already Passed the Tipping Point?: By WizenedSage (Galen Rose) All positive social… https://t.co/xNbknsDPe2

  17. Women Doing Street Epistemology: By Karen Garst ~ Epistemology = “The theory of knowledge… https://t.co/miJ9GdxzBS

  18. THE PURSUIT OF TRUTH: By Ben Love ~ I’m pretty much obsessed with truth. In fact, I would… https://t.co/Whe0VLgDuc

  19. A Logical Ascension: By David Barker ~ As a child, like most children subjugated to… https://t.co/AVA1mtjDre

  20. Progressive Christianity is the non-alcoholic beer of religion: By Black Freethought ~ It's… https://t.co/HO0UrdPcYU

  21. THE BONFIRE REDEMPTION: By Ben Love ~ I waited until my wife was asleep. When I was sure… https://t.co/lVrxzVl3OY

  22. If I'm Wrong I'll Be All Right: By Tina Rae Collins ~ I often hear Christians saying… https://t.co/h4l0l7nhFJ

  23. Surviving religious trauma and dealing with anxiety: By Dan Pazmino ~ I left Christianity… https://t.co/6sY8HAoxPZ

  24. Think or Thwim: By Carl S ~ Would you prefer to think or believe? Which is more important… https://t.co/UYgCWDUmWt

  25. The Good News: By Carl S ~ I was unable to sleep. When I woke up at 3:40 a.m., I went on… https://t.co/QDHVCRM1Mv

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