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  1. I didn't think you were suggesting any such thing. My post also was sarcasm. What I was trying to illustrate is that if as you seem to be saying, namely that white people don't have a clue about this issue, then both white allies and white detractors are equally ignorant and clueless. Therefore, regardless of where a white person stands on any of this, the white perspective is that of just another armchair critic. Just a thought... .
  2. In the past, I would agree. Defining empathy, however, is sometimes difficult. When I am told that not my non-participation in BLM rallies shows a complete lack of empathy, I am troubled. I used to hear that same song when as a Christian I would not participate in protesting abortion clinics. I was told I had no empathy for the unborn. Since empathy is always defined by the individual "feeling" it, it is not particularly convincing to me. Empathy and hatred seem to share the same space at times.
  3. Before I met and married her, my future wife (who is white) was held as a shield by her black girl-friend while the friend's black husband smashed open the front door of my future wife's apartment, raised a pistol and shot his wife in the head, firing past my future wife's head, killing his wife. Miracously, the man left without shooting my future wife, which made her the prosecution's only eye witness. Throughout the trial, the murder's relatives verbally threatened my future wife, saying she would suffer for her testimony. After the trial she left town by joining the Air Force, which is where we met. It took her over 10 years before she could endure even the sound of fireworks without bursting into tears. She still "feels" uncomfortable around black men, even though that episode happened 40 years ago. All that being said, my wife realizes her unique experience and strong feelings do not actually define reality. She knows in her frontal cortex that not all or even most black men are murderous or evil. I happen to have several friends working in law enforcement. None of those officers have ever been accused of any misbehavior or abuse of power. None of those friends make much money in their regular jobs so most also work during the week as school, hospital, store, etc., security to help pay the bills. Judging an entire race or entire career group as a single entity, I believe, is a mistake. There are bad actors everywhere. In some places there may be a gang or two of bad actors. Thoughtful reasoning is needed to rationally address issues. Emotional (empathetic) beliefs based on personal experience might be natural, but.... Just my opinion...
  4. I am also white and completely agree with you. I would say the vast majority of the white people expressing dogmatic opinions regarding the life experiences of black people are speaking out of a deep well of ignorance, hearsay, well-intentioned interpretation of available facts or other reasons. Yet, a large number of white people are protesting. If white people are incapable of drawing "conclusions concerning the lived experiences of black people," are you suggesting all white people should put down their signs and remove themsleves from the discussion, since they haven't really a clue? Circumstances have made this a national and even worldwide discussion. All people, regardless of race, nationality or perspective, are now involved.
  5. Perhaps I should have said emotionally tortured. I agree that reasoning is not being tortured. And, no offemse here, but perhaps the RNP is capable of correcting me if I misunderstood his tone? Just a thought.
  6. I sincerely hope you eventually come to some level of peace with all these issues that are apparently torturing you. Peace.
  7. To me it is akin to managing religious, political or any ideological fanaticism. You can pass laws in an attempt to steer society one way or another, but you cannot control people's thoughts and emotions. "Cerebral upheavel" or measurable change in beliefs regarding truth and reality, usually requires considerable time -- generations, even. 'Tis the fate and history of humankind to evolve very slowly. I can hopefully control and adapt my reactions (more quickly) to unproductive stimuli, but controlling everyone (or anyone) else's minds and responses is beyond my power. Peace....
  8. Placing generalities aside for now, is there anything specific you would recommend?
  9. Assuming your view is accurate, what in your opinion is the solution to this apparently widespread problem.
  10. This article may perhaps be of some interest... https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/mind-in-the-machine/201809/understanding-the-racist-brain
  11. In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Phil Ferguson. Phil has been a long time and recurring co-host on the show. Welcome back to the co-host chair Phil! Also happy birthday Phil! Let’s get to calls. The first caller is David from Georgia. He claims that 100,000 years ago, the magnetic field was decaying and caused the Earth to… all of the what? I am not following this caller at all. Phil puts it succinctly: “Wow, that was… profound.” Next up, a different David, this time from New York would like to talk about prostitution and has reasons for believing it is morally wrong. He provides these reasons and doesn’t provide evidence or provide justification for these reasons: 1. Self value (“selling oneself”) 2. Harmful/damaging to one’s self/spiritually/psyche. It sounds more like he has a personal problem with it and seems to be projecting. Paul wants to know why atheism is a better default position than theism. It’s real simple, Paul. We have no evidence for the existence of a god (any god), much like we also have no evidence for the existence of Thor, Odin, Zeus, et cetera. Oh… here comes the argument from experience and god of the gaps. And here comes the intelligent design argument. Todd is an atheist and is wondering how to approach the argument of intelligent design provided by friends and family. ‘I don’t know’ is a legitimate answer to this sort of argument and saying so shouldn’t be seen as a weak position. Tom in Ohio, is hearing voices and claims they are mystical/natural in origin. He has heard these voices since the 70s and have increased in intensity lately. Oh, I feel for you Tom. Please seek and find the professional help you so desperately need. Pack it up folks, we are done being atheists! Miner is up next. He says the story he has is very powerful and says once people hear this story, we won’t be atheists anymore. Are you ready? His story: Some helicopters scared some bobcats off while he was playing guitar on a mountain with a friend. That’s it... Just checking, I’m still an atheist. Mallory from Oregon is up next. Recently deconverted after most of her life passionate about religion. She is having trouble finding joy or interest at the same intensity as religion anymore. Matt provides some really great advice on this. You definitely don’t have to figure this out today, best of luck! RJ claims he can prove god with the mathematical progression argument and statistics. No it won’t. He claims that static growth models and population science gives more relevance to the bible. Claims the current count of human population is impossible. You didn’t do the math right RJ. Stop Googling and go talk to anthropologists and scientists. Jesse from California claims that the brain has a high level of consciousness… then changes the subject when he is actually on air. Dude, that’s really dishonest. Next! Steve has facts and evidence to back up his opinion about god and prayer. Um, ok. How did god lead you to Daniel 8? And you’re done! That’s our show for today folks, stay safe out there! Even though it looks like the shelter-in-place orders are being lifted, please try to continue to keep yourself safe and healthy out there. View the full article
  12. @Joshpantera, A shame people are reluctant to give ear to positions contradictory to their preferred narrative. Human condition, I suppose.
  13. Candace and Larry are tremendously well spoken and frankly very brave to boldly stand against the currently populast narrative. @Joshpantera : Many thanks for sharing.
  14. Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Are Christians Lazy?. Don asks whether Christians are doing all that they can in understanding their religion and the world. View the full article
  15. In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by the wonderfully amazing Don Baker. Before we get to calls, we have a topic to discuss from Don: ‘Are Christians Lazy?’ Let’s get to calls. Andrew from California wants to discuss something that has never EVER been discussed on the show… Are you ready for it? Julian from Canada would like to break down (in a nonreligious way) that a god or deity or higher power exists. Are we ready to get dizzy? When pressed on the definition of god, he responds with “god created himself and creation.” Keyon from Utah is wondering how we had the first babies and how they came about. Ummm… they came from their moms? He also tries to argue against evolution, talk about divine human intervention through “visions” at church, and we are just denying god. Wait. what!? O.o Caller Dave is next wanting to talk about Christian laziness with Don. This will be great! Don asks for examples he would like to talk about and Dave claims it’s the atheists’ burden to bring those examples to the table. Hmmmm… how about no, you called us... right? Next up, David wants to convince us that the god particle actually proves god. Oh yeah David also says he's an atheist. That's a bold move, Cotton. Let's see how it plays out.. Miner in Arizona claims to have an argument against atheism. Um, ok. Go on... He claims that because there are so many people on the Earth, there has to be a god. Correlation does not equal causation and I’m not following Miner’s line of thinking. Is this an argumentum ad populum? Oscar in Mexico would like to discuss the spiritual meaning of life if you’re an atheist. Is there a drive to do anything if there isn’t anything spiritual to inspire you? Matt tried to speak Spanish during this call! Ben in California asks about Jesus’ existence and is wondering why Matt doesn’t claim he doesn’t exist. How will Matt handle this one? Our last call, Cory in South Carolina believes in a god but is worried this god is an evil god. He claims he did some research and is calling back to talk to Matt and Don about what he has discovered. That’s our episode for today, please be safe and healthy out there folks. The world is way better with you in it. See you next week! View the full article
  16. Matt Dillahunty with guest Johnny Angel. Viewer calls. Matt and Johnny take calls. View the full article
  17. In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Johnny Angel. Welcome back to the co-host chair Johnny! We loved having you on with us a couple weeks back, glad to see you again! Let’s get to calls. The first caller in the queue is a returning caller, Javier from Florida. He would like to discuss how he had a street discussion with a preacher against theism and it had him in a bit of a fluster. It sounds like he is almost on his way out and clinging to religion it seems. Good luck to you Javier! Next up, Dormand from New Jersey claims that he can prove a god and this god is all powerful. He’s called before and we’ve gone over this before with him. But this time he claims he can prove it with mathematics and philosophy! Show your work then, I’m waiting for the equations and eventual fallacies. Nathan is up next, claiming he has good reasons to believe in god, and it’s FAITH. It’s our problem we don’t believe because we are atheists, man. C’mon dude, give us something to work with here. You’re not providing us with anything to discuss here. FYI, faith is NOT a good enough reason. David had a vision in 1994! The room turned a hue of pink and was visited by someone (maybe Jesus) who was 10 feet tall. This person spoke and he provided instructions to not cut their hair and to meet them on a mountain in 2011. Hmmm… Was it drugs and alcohol? Why didn’t he explore this further? Sounds like an argument from personal experience… What the heck is in the water in Colorado??? Next up, Zachary in Alabama wants to talk about how incorrectly atheists assess evidence and have an inherent presupposition against believing that Christianity is true. He continues to say that it is “totally true.” It isn’t true until it is proven to be true and faith on it’s own is not a reliable path to truth. Oh boy and we end on the morality of slavery, Matt’s (so not) favorite topic. Our last caller of the day, Raul from Texas. He claims he can prove intelligent design. Look at the stars, especially the constellation Orion, The Big Dipper/Ursa Major, and Scorpio! We are blind to these constellations being figures that were constructed by god. Wow! Humans time over time look for patterns and this is definitely one of those times. Sigh. Have a great week folks, we’ll see you next week! View the full article
  18. Jenna Belk with guest Anthony Magnabosco. Viewer calls. Jenna and Anthony take viewer calls. View the full article
  19. In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Jenna Belk is joined by Anthony Magnabosco. Here’s his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/magnabosco210/ and here is his website: https://streetepistemologyinternational.org/ Ready for round two Anthony? We are so glad you are here. It should be a good show! Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Trudy from Texas. She is all over the place on this call and super difficult to follow; babies are miracles, she has an Atheist best friend, she experienced an NDE. Listen in and challenge yourself to figuring out what her point is because I’m totally lost. Next up, Debbie in New England is calling in with her son Eric who was on a mission trip in Australia and is now home. He was encouraged to call in with his mom as an update from their last call. He talks about his reconversion and his experience within the LDS church. He was convinced of these two things: The LDS church and their message/teachings made sense and was appealing to him. Ooooh boy. Adam calls in saying he is about to be kicked out of his home due to watching the ACA shows. Our hearts go out to you Adam, please stay safe and take care of yourself first, then work on coming out. Also, please reach out to the Recovering from Religion, they may have some great resources for you. Jack is coming in hot with a huge amount of claims about the Bible, Jesus is real, Evolution is false and we Atheists are wrong. Dodging and deflecting left and right. We first try to establish who is an expert and Anthony tries to figure out his confidence level on his “studies.” We dropped the call because Jack refused to listen and have a dialogue. Call back (or don’t) when you’ve calmed down. And NO, we aren’t scared, you didn’t “own” us, and you didn’t provide anything close to a good argument. Next up, Jack in London claims that truth is something we experience first hand, and belief is something we don’t but we think it to be true without evidence. Umm… I’m a bit lost here. That doesn’t sound quite right. Dean in North Carolina ponders the strengths and weaknesses of street epistemology. The strength that Anthony could see is that it is something that everyone can use. A weakness in this method is two willing participants. If one isn’t willing to interact in this way, it can become a difficult conversation. That’s all folks for today! Thanks for tuning in, stay safe and healthy out there! View the full article
  20. Perhaps this may provide some encouragement: https://dailystoic.com/marcus-aurelius-leadership-during-a-pandemic/
  21. I need a break from podcasting. You can stay in touch via email, Twitter or Facebook. vodpodcast@gmail.com @vodpodcast on Twitter Steve Hilliker or the Voices of Deconversion pages on Facebook. View the full article
  22. Welcome back to The Atheist Experience! Today’s show is hosted by Matt Dillahunty & Shane Isgrig. We have a little pre-show chatter, but most important is we have Secular Survey results! https://www.secularsurvey.org/executive-summary Charles is curious whether our hosts accept any sort of supernatural phenomenon, then explains that God is as clear as the cause of a scraped knee! David wants to talk about Aristotle’s reason for believing in God, assuming we care specifically about Aristotle’s opinion. Andre has an argument from quantum mechanics. The call ends quickly and Matt and Shane discuss these odd “proofs for God” from quantum mechanics. What an interesting follow up from quantum gods. Michael says God exists, doesn’t exist, is mathematics, and is reality. Uh...what?! Brian believes Matt’s position on how likely a god is to exist changed, and Matt clarifies this misunderstanding of his own positions. Glenn says the whole show is pointless, because God doesn’t exist and no one will ever call in with evidence of God! Vladimir has proven God: a creation needs a creator. He’s got us. Pack it up. Matt in Indiana has an equation that MAY prove god, he thinks. I have an idea on which side of “MAY” the answer will end up. Kanyon is saying she’s had a lot of unexplained things happen to her, and for that reason she thinks “something” must be behind it. Daniel in Toronto insists that, since there are so many alien abduction stories, some of them must be true! He also says that there is evidence of alien technology on earth. Ooh, aah! That’s our show today! If you want to support the show you can check out https://www.patreon.com/theatheistexperience for a monthly subscription to podcasts with NO ADS, or https://tiny.cc/aenmerch for ACA merch! Matt is on Twitter @Matt_Dillahunty and Shane is on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/shanemysterio). View the full article
  23. Matt Dillahunty and Shane Isgrig. Churches as Essential Services?. Shane talks about church-state violations that are becoming common during the Covid-19 crisis. View the full article
  24. Not everybody. Not James Stockdale. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.usna.edu/Ethics/_files/documents/stoicism1.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiQtabSrKXpAhUVCs0KHY59BHMQFjAAegQIBBAC&usg=AOvVaw1qeQ6iExCthZtJYaGcutZm https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.usna.edu/Ethics/_files/documents/Stoicism2.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiQtabSrKXpAhUVCs0KHY59BHMQFjABegQIBBAK&usg=AOvVaw0fHdYta-1IOOBCgSwn2wA1 https://books.google.com/books/about/Courage_Under_Fire.html?id=GdWoAAAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button If we allow others to control our minds -- only then are we in their control.
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