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  1. Perhaps you are unintentially suggesting magic and science have commonality, but by labeling science, religion (magical thinking) and New Age (magical thinking) as three conflicting "schools of thought" and using the phrase "bigotry about the other two," then finishing off with "integrating all three," you appear to be suggesting all three perspectives deserve equal respect as if each is an equally valid understanding of reality. I posit that it is not "bigotry" to reject magical thinking. Since you seem open to critique, as a general rule I prefer clear, succient writing. Excessive wordiness can be, in my opinion, a hindrance to achieving clarity and retaining reader interest. With respect: This Could Have Been Shorter
  2. Technically, his pupil Arrian wrote down what we have from Epictetus. Like Socrates, Epictetus gave spoken discourses and never wrote anything down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discourses_of_Epictetus However, his discourses are better than Jesus' parables and unlike the gospels, were written down while Epictetus was still alive.
  3. I was a Calvinist. One of the five points is Perseverance of the Saints. So, yes, if you are saved, you persevere in the faith. However, you must be predestined to be saved. You don't and can't choose it. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Calvinism It is all hogwash, naturally. But it is Biblically supported (aren't they all?) teaching.
  4. I like my life just fine. I feel pity for you that your life is so depressing and worthless to you that a relationship with a pretend god is your current chosen reality. Please speak to a professional counselor.
  5. You are not getting that you are living in a fantasy world little different from an alcoholic fog. Please seek professional help.
  6. If these ideas of yours keep you from drinking, then more power to you. However, if these ideas of yours are not true, you are still not drinking, which means your temperance, self control, etc., has always actually been within your power. You do not need the magic feather of religion to fly.
  7. Joe, I hope you will one day extricate yourself from the odd cult that has captured your imagination. Any entity that would condemn a human to eternal punishment for merely having the incorrect thoughts would be a monster. Any entity that would condemn someone to everlasting punishment for temporal "sins" would not deserve even polite respect. You are promoting an horrific idea. You are terribly deceived. Please get some help.
  8. So, if I am kind to others, live with integrity and am honest in my dealings, none of that matters? All that really matters is that I share your belief?
  9. It sounds to me like you are saying that if I don't agree with your ideas, then I will be eternally condemned for the thought crime of unbelief.
  10. Are you saying that those who think your beliefs are silly are devoid of value, only fit for eternal torture? Really, juat because of a lack of belief in your ideas?
  11. This is interesting to me. How come you are able to see the light when others are not. Are you spiritually superior?
  12. OK, got it. So, do I have to do something, or what? Juat say "I believe" and I am good, or is there something else involved? I mean, do I still have to pay bills, wipe my ass after taking a shit, eat animal and vegitable flesh, feed my kids, fuck my wife, or can I just get on with the wave thing? Sounds sarcastic, I know, bur beyond accepting this idea of yours, what is next? How am I supposed to live each day until my wave transmorgification? What specific non-particle activities should fill my time?
  13. OK, fine. Let's for the sake of discussion let us agree that your unique interpretation of Christian eschatology is beautious perfection. So what. Now what.
  14. That is a ridiculous and meanless statement. A suggestion. Before you resort to wordy, critical, puffery, please keep in mind these three words: context, context, context. Look. If you honestly believe magic and science have anything in common, and such an opinion positively contributes in someway to your life, well then good for you. And I wish you, adieu.
  15. If I were to choose, then I would prefer Ernest Renan's vision of Christianity.
  16. "I find that there are three conflicting conventional reactions, based on whether people's viewpoint is based on science, religion or New Age beliefs. [...] I am trying to integrate all three..." Obviously, the scientific method does not rest on a foundation of mystical belief as does religion and New Age. Scientific hypotheses are repeatedly tested in the crucible of experimental observation. Belief in the supernatural exists exclusively in the magical playground of imagination. Phraseology which suggests equality between verifiable reality and superstition is dishonest or perhaps merely ignorant. Science: atoms and void Supernatural: opinion
  17. Uh huh. Just like many other religious cult leaders and other types of "true believers." "All religions are equally sublime to the ignorant, useful to the politician, and ridiculous to the philosopher." -- Titus Lucretius Carus, On the Nature of Things: de Rerum Natura
  18. "Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion." -- Democritus, Greek Philosopher, 460 BC - 370 BC
  19. What does "without sin" mean to you?" I understand that your biblegod considers any disobedience of her commands to be sinning, but what do you mean by "without sin?" Perhaps you mean being free of feeling guilty for having disobeyed your biblegod?
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