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    Living life to the fullest, raising kids in a godless home and keeping fit.
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    I left christianity in 2004 and have never looked back.

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  1. It's good to see this thread still in existence after 7+ years! That makes me 9+ years out of Christianity and never once turned back.
  2. Wow how time flies, I started this thread 6 years ago!. When I left Christianity, 8 years ago, my husband was still a Christian until about a year and a half ago. I can't say I caused his de-conversion but will admit to being a catalyst. He took a very different route out of the insanity and now he's a true blue atheist debating Christians
  3. There was one moment in time when I realized that I no longer believed in God, and I shall never forget it, however, I never bothered to record the date. May I ask, what happened 21 Mar 2004? Was it a sudden revelation or a quiet moment of reflection? It was a quiet moment of reflection after a very intense 3 months of studying the bible, christianity and anything related to god. When I became a "born again" christian I had been told to write the date of my new birth in my bible. It just so happens that my departure from christianity came exactly 13 years to the day later. DD
  4. Just want to add that my husband of 11 years has left christianity. We started together as christians and now both athiests. It has been only a few short months since he left and nearly 6 years for me. WOW! We are now attending a Sunday Humanist group together with our two youngest children. Finally, my prayers have been answered...j/k. DD
  5. Wow it's been over three years since I started this thread and people are still responding.
  6. Personally, I don't believe homeschooling is harmfull. What is harmful are the rightwing (or insert any extrememist here as well) nutjobs who homeschool their kids to keep them from being influenced by our ebil society. Often they then rely on very biased curriculum to teach there kids. My oldest has just gotten his Honors GED, he is 16 and will be starting college soon. An Honors GED is well above average and better than 95% of highschool graduates who take the test. Yes, he was homeschooled on and off as I deemed necessary not the government. I homeschooled him both as a Christian and a
  7. Then I have a suggestion for you which you and your fellow christians should find appealing. The next time you get sick or injured, don't go to a doctor. Don't use a hospital. You don't need them. Just call a prayer hot-line and mobilize all your fellow-believers. The rest of us can then sit back and watch the numbers of christians in the world drop off the charts. Go ahead...give it a shot. Where's your faith? This is unbiblical. Are you trying to test God? Again, another Christian who doesn't know his bible. Matthew 17:20 James 5:14 These are just a few unbib
  8. Well Madame M I'm so glad you stayed out for good this time. I remember your public announcement, however, I remember it happening in June of 04. I believe you posted here about it on my birthday. Um yeah I was shattered. Not really but It did have a lasting impression on several of us.
  9. 3 years today! It is odd looking back at my days as a Christian. Just before my road to deconversion I could not have fathomed becoming an apostate. Even more bizarre is thinking how lost, twisted, delusional, and blind non Christians were This site was among many that I came to as a Christian and though it wasn't the deciding factor in my deconversion, it was helpful to see so many others who had been through it before me. Thanks Dave for a site that has allowed me the freedom Christianity promises but never delivered. Fuck yeah! Oh, and thanks for letting me swear LOL. I'm
  10. I am not calling Paul a fraud, simply saying that he is not right about everything. He, too, missed the mark. As did Socrates and Buddha and Moses and Albert Einsten and Thomas Jefferson and... The "accept it all or throw it all out" viewpoint doesn't seem logical to me. In fact, it seems fundamentalist: It's all literally true or it's all literally a lie. To throw out the Bible and religion and metaphysical philosophy, for me, would be like gouging out my eyes and sticking pencils through my eardrums. Why would I do that? Why would I dismiss an entire realm of knowledge and understa
  11. You are the first christian I have seen in a very long time admit to Pauls fraud. So why do you stop at Paul? Just curious....
  12. Very introverted here and another INTJ Your Type is INTJ Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging Strength of the preferences % 100, 62, 25, 33
  13. Being a christian I believed I had the truth, no need to search for it. Then one day something I read challenged me to question what I had been taught. The simple question I asked myself started my journey out of christianity... "How do I know that what I've been taught about christianity is true”? I believe the difference between me and lets say my christian husband or friends is summed up simply by this quote. It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. --Epictetus
  14. The following is a test that was given to a prisoner. The questions are in black his answers are in blue and the grading notes in green. The test was administered and graded via mail, any one who would like the name and address (of the test giver) is welcome to it. Please PM me if interested. I’m thinking of requesting his teaching material/booklets for this test and any others. Grade the test yourself if you like. The questions and answers are a joke in my opinion and gave me a good laugh, F+. “F” for failing to prove God exists or show any evidence at all, and a “+” for the humor. Sp
  15. Is the above quote also from Wikipedia? Check it out. Bolding added
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