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  1. Well someone has to be an idiot on the internet for us to laugh at, looks like he is just next in line. He'll eventually get frustrated, go crazy and quit when he realizes no one is going to convert from his canned argument.
  2. Here comes Christian group think, when one starts thinking somethings a conspiracy... they all do...
  3. Herp Derp, I see this moronic crap all the time, but this one really annoyed me for some reason.
  4. It's like they want this to happen, oh wait, they do.
  5. In your opinion, what is dumber in Christianity, Young Earth Creationism or dispensationalist end-times theology (Left Behind series/countless Christian projections on world events, Israel is number one! Ect.) Personally, I'm going to go with end times theology because that prevailing Christian attitude has a real world political effect, particularly on U.S. treatment towards Palestine.
  6. I am going to rate this movie. Racism and racial stereotypes: 11/10 Bullshit arguments: 11/10 No arguments:11/10 Bias: 11/10 Strawmen: 11/10 And the grand total, of Christian Circle Jerk found in this movie... 55/50. _____ But seriously, this movie was absolutely incredible in how bad and misinformative it was. It was a Conservative Christian's wet dream. It had Duck Dynasty in it, it had Jesus, it had snobby atheist, it had more reason's to hate Muslims, and in the end everyone goes to a Gods not dead concert! Except the Atheist professor. He dies. But only aft
  7. I once had a Christian youth pastor tell me the holocaust was a miracle because without it there would be no Israel. No joke. No he wasn't trolling, he is just insane conservative Christian.
  8. Since you are a free thinker, please explain to me how cells with no cognitive ability performed feats that cognitively driven humans cannot perform even today. How did cells agree to work together to turn themselves into Killer Whales, coyotes, mountain lions, elephants, polar bears, and bald eagles? You are so quick to call me an idiot, but you have no explanation for this. Let's presume that all of the necessary building blocks for every creature in existence was present at one time (a big "if"). How did this giant pile of mass assemble itself? You call ME an idiot for refusing to be
  9. What's most annoying about this, isn't the picture, its the comments that evolve under the picture. https://www.facebook.com/JaySekulow
  10. Oh, Lawd, look at the title of this one. http://www.faithit.com/atheist-heroin-addict-gets-schooled-on-power-of-prayer.html
  11. Haha sounds like a Darkmatter2525 video, that was really good. I applaud. Here is my favorite DM video WarriorPoet, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r6oXukz_Cc
  12. I find that Atheist who did not experience religion first, don't usually understand much about the "spiritual" side of life, example being how we define purpose in a universe without a god to give it to us, why we exist, and what the point of it all is. So when they are confronted with these issues either from Christian prodding or just experiences they don't know how to deal with them. Of course this isnt the case for everyone, but its what I normally observe.
  13. I remember sitting in church and reading about God ordering the slaughter of the Amelikites, I was already on the border and I found this passage on accident and when I found it I remember saying to myself "I dont want to be apart of this anymore."
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