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  1. The bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. Perhaps on the principle that a silly question deserves a silly answer, he replied, "Because they keep money in them!" If you asked a paedophile why they work in a school or a church they'd answer, "Because there's kids there!" Same thing. Casey
  2. Hitler had the chance to do something very similar after October 13, 1943, when Italy changed sides in the Second World War. He had apparently been quite of a mind to invade the Vatican, although his main objectives would have been to loot the place of its valuable artworks and grab the Pope ("It wouldn't be the first time the Pope has been taken hostage," he'd allegedly mused at one time.) If he had done it, there would certainly have been resistance, against which the Nazis would have acted in their customary brutal fashion. Quite possibly most of the Vatican might have been turned into a parking lot, as was Monte Cassino Abbey, although in its case, by the Allies rather than the Nazis. However the backlash against this would have been intolerable for Germany. Put simply it would have set many German Catholics firmly against Hitler; they didn't care how much he persecuted the Jews as long as he left their religion alone, and many of them were very senior officers in his armed forces. Many such officers, not all of them Catholic, were already showing signs of disaffection and discontent with the regime. Therefore Hitler had to content himself with making Northern Italy a Fascist puppet state and setting up defensive lines which cost the Allies very heavily. As to the rest, he didn't dare bite the hand that fed him. Casey
  3. One reasonably thought out refutation of the "miracle." The author first saw this story on The 700 Club, which is run by Pat Robertson, a well known Christian liar. The author is not critical of Mr Van Natta, whom he regards as an honest man, but he does point out many things which are more sensationalism than they are fact. Casey
  4. At 55 seconds in. Casey
  5. It would have been more practical for your alleged God to have warned Mr Van Natta, "Never get under any vehicle which is supported only by a jack!" That tends to prevent accidents like that happening in the first place. Casey
  6. "Healings," and "Miracles," can easily be set up by Pentecostals, Charismatics and other Holy Rollers to entice the gullible. They do these things in the same way as the old Spiritualists used to do them, by setting things up beforehand. People who are perfectly capable of walking, for example, can be tasked with sitting in wheelchairs for a while until, Lo! they are miraculously healed! And it's not hard to get hold of a few crutches etc, either, for people who don't need them. Then there are other things which are more in the province of legerdemain, such as the aforementioned, "Lengthening of Limbs." Christianity has a history of "Lying for God," going right back to the Donation of Constantine and various medieval, "Pious Frauds." It's no wonder Christians don't like Spiritualist mediums and the like. No one is more critical of you than your closest relations. Casey
  7. I have the gift of the discernment of spirits. Therefore I can say Glenfiddich Single Malt is a much better spirit than Johnny Walker Red. Casey
  8. Casey

    Killing in the Name of...

    Killing in the name of God is perfectly all right, if God's name is Necessity. Given human nature, it is a brutal fact killing is sometimes necessary, meaning there has to be someone who is trained and ready to do it. No sane person likes killing another person, so it really isn't surprising if, having done it when there was good cause to do it, they make themselves feel better by pronouncing themselves convinced they did it because it was "God's Will." As long as "God" doesn't tell them via a voice in their head to kill at random, I'd think it was more constructive to think that way than to attempt to drown out reality with a bottle or drugs. Casey
  9. Casey

    The CruciFiction

    Alternatively, Mary could have been that same soldier's ancient version of a "Shack Job." The phrase didn't originate with 1960's Hippies; it was an American military upgrade of the term, "Campaign Wife," which had been known since the 18th Century or earlier in the British Army. When a soldier posted to "The Colonies," was far enough advanced in rank, seniority and pay that he was no wet behind the ears recruit any more, and so didn't fancy cleaning his own quarters and kit (this might even include his weapons) he would seek out a local woman who would, for a consideration, attend to these menial tasks, and share his bed as well. If she fell pregnant, that was usually the end of the relationship. The practice was certainly established by the time James Jones wrote From Here to Eternity; Prewitt keeps a shack job, although the term isn't used. It was however, well known by the 1950's. Human nature being what it is, one has no reason to suspect the ancient Roman Legionaries of high enough rank, etc, didn't do exactly the same thing. Ancient Judea was a hellhole posting where the locals were many of them poor, and it wouldn't have been hard for a Standard Bearer to procure himself a woman of that sort, and that's very likely what a hardened old soldier like himself would have done. Casey
  10. A slightly edited version of a post I originally made on another forum, if that's OK, Moderators? I was born into a cult. I wasn't given any choice in the matter. This cult was called the Roman Catholic Church among other things, some complimentary and others by far the opposite. The church didn't call itself a cult, but oddly enough, liked to bestow that pejorative on other "Denominations," which were, as I discovered later, simply variations upon the same theme. All of these cults centered, as they still do, upon a man who may or may not have existed. He was supposed to have been born of a virgin (a new star even appeared in the heavens, for No-God's sake!) and to have been visited by three Magi bearing gifts, of gold, frankincense, and myrrh it was written. Oddly, there is not a single account of these events outside the gospels, nor is there any record of Mary or Joseph making any use of their new found wealth. You'd think there would have been; for peasants like them, this would have been the equivalent of winning the bloody Lottery! There is a principle known as Occam's Razor which posits that the best explanation for any extraordinary event is the simplest which can be found. In this case this would be that a Roman lover of Mary jumped over the wall one night and, so to speak, put the bitch in pup. There's even a possible name for this lover, Julius Abdes Pantera, who was the Standard Bearer of a Cohort of Archers known to have been stationed in Judea at the time. In modern times he'd be a CSM or RSM, in either case a squaddie who could afford his, "Bit on the side." After the offspring of this affair had become famous, or infamous if you like, his alleged birth was re-invented to avoid "Shame an' Scandal in de Fam'ly" as The Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth, neither of which myths are unique to what I like to call Christinsanity. They are part and parcel of several ancient tales, but their Christian versions are the ones in which "The Faithful," happen to believe. They don't like admitting their "Saviour," was probably born on the wrong side of the blanket, if indeed, that is, he was born at all. Anyway this bloke went to do all kinds of good works, miracles even. Then he got himself strung up for what appears to have been inciting a riot. Yet this too was sanitized into today's version, not by contemporaries who were there, but by authors writing a century after these supposed events who didn't even bother to get their stories straight, in that no two of the four gospels agree on significant details. For example, they don't appear to have known Roman Law very well; they wrote he was crucified "Between two thieves," but petty thieves weren't crucified. Armed robbers were, and if that was the case, why didn't they say so? There is a difference, I should have thought. Also, what are we to make of a certain Barabbas, whose name simply means, "Son of the father," rather like "John Smith," in modern times? He was an armed robber, and an insurrectionist to boot. Pilate wouldn't have dared to release him; he'd have soon been strung up himself. The Romans were particular about that sort of thing. Carrying on with this gibble-gabble - bibble babble, we are told he finally died in great agony around noon. No sooner had he kicked the bucket than a violent storm broke out, along with an earthquake of such magnitude that "The veil of the Temple was split in two." Not only that there was three hours of darkness throughout the world, and, "The dead arose and appeared to many." Not all that many outside of the four gospels it would seem; not a single ancient scribe recorded either of these events. Come on! The Zombie Apocalypse ante literam happens in Jerusalem and not a single scribe records it?! The miracles he allegedly performed were all reported to have been done by several contemporary figures, Apollonius of Tyana being but one. Turning water into wine has been, and is, a popular stage trick down through the ages; it's but simple chemistry and a little legerdemain. All in all, if anyone believes any of this tripe they may as well believe someone looking a bit like Jesus walked into an inn one Easter and asked to be "Put up for the night," then threw four nails down on the counter as payment. No one who had the wits of a weevil would believe a word of any of the above. Nonetheless the naive and the conniving entered the priesthood or "the religious," either because they were simple minded enough to be looking for a better eternal reward or because they were cynical enough to go into it for what they could get out of it, which included in some cases being red hot after boys or girls, age being no barrier either way. I'm not saying all priests and religious were or are paedophiles or paederasts, but over the years there's been so many you'd almost think The Devil must have been looking out for his own. Actually I'd say the reason for most of the child abuse (including physical and mental abuse) was that parents thought of the priests and religious as being the modern day "Lares et Penates." These were Roman household gods kept in little niches about the house in a practice not unlike Japanese Shintoism. It is, I've read, where we get the phrase, "Little tin gods," although I might be wrong about that. In any case it was considered very bad form to insult or in any way criticize these entities for want of a better word; to do so could bring the very worst of bad luck. It was certainly true, down through the ages, that if you criticized ordained members of the church for misconduct sexual or otherwise, you would have a thin time of it afterwards. I left the cult when I was old enough, and have had nothing to do with any of its other copies. They are all tarred with the same brush as far as I'm concerned. The name of their god means no more to me than a convenient swear word, one which is all the more effective if you drop the F bomb in the middle of it. However, "Live and let live;" I don't care what others choose to believe, I know what I believe. Casey CSM = Company Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class Two) RSM =Regimental Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class One, the senior Warrant Officer of an Infantry Battalion)
  11. Casey

    Quick list of Global flood issues

    Oh for No God's sake! Any settlement on Earth usually started near a body of fresh water. Typically the water would be a river, or at least a large creek. Occasionally it might be a lake, but running water would have been preferred for a number of reasons. Any body of water is subject to flooding from time to time, and any settlement alongside it will sustain more or less damage whenever there is a flood. Humans being what they are, they will record stories of these floods, and, just as with "fishing stories," certain things will be exaggerated. This we see for ourselves in that there are "Flood Tales," to be found in the ancient literature of every country in the world. Christians like to cite these tales as proof of their Biblical Flood, but no two such tales are exactly alike. Even if there were two or more exactly alike, it would prove no more than that two or more stories originated in the same area. I live in an area which has been flooded many times, and I'm not sure I believe all the tales I've heard about these floods! Here's a question for Admiral Noah. I presume he had two Koalas on board the Ark. If he did, whence came the Eucalyptus leaves on which they feed? They are very fussy eaters, I might tell you, and will only feed on certain varieties of Eucalyptus leaves. What's more, how did these mammals (they are not bears) manage to get themselves from Australia to the ancient Middle East, or wherever it was? God must have given them their marching orders and sent 'em forth in good time with large backpacks stuffed with their feed on their backs. As the OP points out, absurdity piles upon absurdity. And by the way, I presume there had to have been pairs of Australian Elapids (dangerous snakes) aboard too. I guess no problem, Gawd supplied Admiral Noah with large stocks of antivenins and taught him how to use them. Seeing as Australia has the twenty most deadly land snakes in the world, I sure hope so! Casey
  12. Casey

    Friend dumped me over religion

    And in any case: “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.” (Marcus Aurelius) That'll do for me. Casey
  13. Casey

    Friend dumped me over religion

    I did not know my leaving church would cost us our friendship. (aila) What you've just seen is a human version of ovine mentality. Sheep can become flyblown, but if they do, and they are with a mob of other sheep, they will get a certain odour to them, which the other, non flyblown sheep can smell. When they smell it, the other sheep will push the flyblown one to the back of the mob, and as it gets weaker, they will push it out altogether. This may seem cruel, but it is the way sheep protect themselves from the same infestation. Sheep at least have the excuse that Nature herself can be very cruel. I don't know what excuse Christers, blue lighters, and Social Justice Warriors have for similar behaviour, but one might theorize as follows: A Christian's "mob," is their church denomination, (for SJW's read "Party") and all too often, anyone who holds any opinion or belief other than that authorized, will have become "flyblown," and subject to the human version of the same treatment. Pastors and preachers, vicars and vice ridden priests encourage this, as God forbid their flock should become capable of critical thinking, unless of course it's of a kind approved by the Church or the Party. Were this not so, the faithful either religious or political would stop putting money on the plate or paying their Party dues, thus forcing certain so-and-so's to work for a living. Thus do Christers often unwittingly show themselves to be more sheep like than sheep themselves are. Casey
  14. Casey

    Why be good if there is no God

    I'd agree, but there's an added factor here, the uncertainty of what happens after death. As I see it, there's three possibilities: You die, and that's it, you're dead, and, as the bible puts it, "The dead know not anything." (Ecclesiastes 9:5, KJV) You die, and find yourself running barefoot o'er the heavenly prairies. You die, and find yourself running barefoot o'er Satan's red hot razor wire, with the certain knowledge any wings you sprout will have badly singed feathers. Ah, but there's more, as Mr Demtel would say, for after that comes the Lake of Fire. Blowed if I know which one it'll be, but blowed if I care much, either. I will say though, I incline towards a hope of reincarnation, after some good or bad time, but that is my own personal preference, for which I have no more proof than the Christers and blue lighters have for their version. The trouble with Christers and their ilk is they believe in absolute black and white whereas in reality, most people are not good enough to have earned eternal Heaven, and most are not bad enough to have earned eternal Hell, either. That's not to say I don't believe some people haven't earned themselves some hard time as we might say on this Earth, and not to say I don't believe some people haven't done enough good to have earned a better time of it for a while. Casey
  15. Casey

    Why evangelicals support Trump

    I see. If you're a Republican you can be as great a sinner as you wish, because Jesus has your back; if you're a Democrat, the least sin means you can go to the Devil, because you're only four letters away from being a Demon. That sound about right? Casey