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  1. They can break the islander's laws by going where they are NOT wanted, but the islanders can't protect their island from unwanted visitors?! Some US military bases have signs which read, "The use of deadly force is authorized," and such signs are not erected as jokes, because they mean if you go in there, you will be fired upon without warning. Would they go into such a base and try to convert the heathen in there? No, they would not, or at least, they'd not be going in there twice. The natives at least fired warning shots, so to speak. Casey
  2. That sort of thing has always gone on in Catholic institutions, churches, and convents. If you want something of a crude laugh, read Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron online. One tale in particular is amusing, the first tale of the third day, which tells of Masetto da Lamporecchio who obtains by deceit the post of gardener in a nunnery. I'd not have said he abused the nuns sexually, they themselves willingly allowed him to screw the daylights out of 'em. Along the way, as one translator put it, "He fathered lots of little nunlets and monklets," whose raising cost him not a penny. In sum, as another translator put it, "And so Masetto, who had left Lamporecchio with a hatchet on his shoulder, returned thither in his old age rich and a father, having by the wisdom with which he employed his youth, spared himself the pains and expense of rearing children, and averring that such was the measure that Christ meted out to the man that set horns on his cap." (ie, cuckolded Christ, because nuns were and are said to be, "The brides of Christ.")
  3. First missionaries are sent in to convert some place to Christinsanity. This has the (not totally unexpected) consequence of introducing the natives to a range of infectious diseases against which they have no immunity. That will kill off many of them, but not to worry, God will know his own. Next the Marines are sent in to make the place safe for Bob Dollar. After that add droves of businessmen and entrepreneurs, et voila! Welcome to yet another tourist trap or a third world sewer. The natives are entitled to protect themselves against all that. There is plenty of time for them to join the modern world or not, as and when they please. Until then they can chow down on the next fool who tries his conversion shtick with them, and the next, and damn right too! Casey
  4. "The Witch," by Robert Southey. I love it when the good guy wins! Casey
  5. The Raven croaked as she sate at her meal, And the Old Woman knew what he said; And she grew pale at the Raven’s tale, And sickened, and went to her bed. “Now fetch me my children, and fetch them with speed,” 5 The Old Woman of Berkeley said; “The Monk my son, and my daughter the Nun, Bid them hasten, or I shall be dead.” The Monk her son, and her daughter the Nun, Their way to Berkeley went; 10 And they have brought, with pious thought, The holy sacrament. The Old Woman shrieked as they entered her door, And she cried with a voice of despair, “Now take away the sacrament, 15 For its presence I cannot bear!” Her lip it trembled with agony; The sweat ran down her brow: “I have tortures in store for evermore; But spare me, my children, now!” 20 Away they sent the sacrament: The fit it left her weak; She looked at her children with ghastly eyes, And faintly struggled to speak. “All kind of sin I have rioted in, 25 And the judgment now must be; But I secured my children’s souls: Oh, pray, my children, for me! “I have ’nointed myself with infants’ fat; The fiends have been my slaves; 30 From sleeping babes I have sucked the breath; And breaking by charms the sleep of death, I have called the dead from their graves. “And the Devil will fetch me now in fire, My witchcrafts to atone; 35 And I, who have troubled the dead man’s grave, Shall never have rest in my own. “Bless, I entreat, my winding-sheet, My children, I beg of you; And with holy-water sprinkle my shroud, 40 And sprinkle my coffin too. “And let me be chained in my coffin of stone; And fasten it strong, I implore, With iron bars, and with three chains Chain it to the church-floor. 45 “And bless the chains, and sprinkle them; And let fifty Priests stand round, Who night and day the Mass may say Where I lie on the ground. “And see that fifty Choristers 50 Beside the bier attend me, And day and night, by the tapers’ light, With holy hymns defend me. “Let the church-bells all, both great and small, Be tolled by night and day, 55 To drive from thence the fiends who come To bear my body away. “And ever have the church-door barred After the even-song; And I beseech you, children dear, 60 Let the bars and bolts be strong. “And let this be three days and nights, My wretched corpse to save; Till the fourth morning keep me safe, And then I may rest in my grave.” 65 The Old Woman of Berkeley laid her down, And her eyes grew deadly dim; Short came her breath, and the struggle of death Did loosen every limb. They blest the Old Woman’s winding-sheet 70 With rites and prayers due; With holy-water they sprinkled her shroud, And they sprinkled her coffin too. And they chained her in her coffin of stone, And with iron barred it down, 75 And in the church with three strong chains They chained it to the ground. And they blest the chains, and sprinkled them; And fifty Priests stood round, By night and day the Mass to say 80 Where she lay on the ground. And fifty sacred Choristers Beside the bier attend her, Who day and night, by the tapers’ light, Should with holy hymns defend her. 85 To see the Priests and Choristers It was a goodly sight, Each holding, as it were a staff, A taper burning bright. And the church-bells all, both great and small, 90 Did toll so loud and long; And they have barred the church-door hard, After the even-song. And the first night the tapers’ light Burnt steadily and clear; 95 But they without a hideous rout Of angry fiends could hear;— A hideous roar at the church-door, Like a long thunder-peal; And the Priests they prayed, and the Choristers sung 100 Louder, in fearful zeal. Loud tolled the bell; the Priests prayed well; The tapers they burnt bright: The Monk her son, and her daughter the Nun, They told their beads all night. 105 The cock he crew; the Fiends they flew From the voice of the morning away: Then undisturbed the Choristers sing, And the fifty Priests they pray; As they had sung and prayed all night, 110 They prayed and sung all day. The second night the tapers’ light Burnt dismally and blue, And every one saw his neighbor’s face Like a dead man’s face to view. 115 And yells and cries without arise, That the stoutest heart might shock, And a deafening roaring like a cataract pouring Over a mountain rock. The Monk and Nun they told their beads 120 As fast as they could tell; And aye as louder grew the noise, The faster went the bell. Louder and louder the Choristers sung, As they trembled more and more; 125 And the Priests, as they prayed to Heaven for aid, They smote their breasts full sore. The cock he crew; the Fiends they flew From the voice of the morning away: Then undisturbed the Choristers sing, 130 And the fifty Priests they pray; As they had sung and prayed all night, They prayed and sung all day. The third night came, and the tapers’ flame A frightful stench did make; 135 And they burnt as though they had been dipped In the burning brimstone lake. And the loud commotion, like the rushing of ocean, Grew momently more and more; And strokes as of a battering-ram 140 Did shake the strong church-door. The bellmen they for very fear Could toll the bell no longer; And still, as louder grew the strokes, Their fear it grew the stronger. 145 The Monk and Nun forgot their beads; They fell on the ground in dismay; There was not a single Saint in heaven To whom they did not pray. And the Choristers’ song, which late was so strong, 150 Faltered with consternation; For the church did rock as an earthquake shock Uplifted its foundation. And a sound was heard like the trumpet’s blast That shall one day wake the dead;— 155 The strong church-door could bear no more, And the bolts and bars they fled; And the tapers’ light was extinguished quite; And the Choristers faintly sung; And the Priests, dismayed, panted and prayed, 160 And on all Saints in heaven for aid They called with trembling tongue. And in He came with eyes of flame, The Devil, to fetch the dead; And all the church with his presence glowed 165 Like a fiery furnace red. He laid his hand on the iron chains, And like flax they moldered asunder; And the coffin lid, which was barred so firm, He burst with his voice of thunder. 170 And he bade the Old Woman of Berkeley rise, And come with her Master away: A cold sweat started on that cold corpse, At the voice she was forced to obey. She rose on her feet in her winding-sheet; 175 Her dead flesh quivered with fear; And a groan like that which the Old Woman gave Never did mortal hear. She followed her Master to the church-door There stood a black horse there; 180 His breath was red like furnace smoke, His eyes like a meteor’s glare. The Devil he flung her on the horse, And he leaped up before, And away like the lightning’s speed they went, 185 And she was seen no more. They saw her no more: but her cries For four miles round they could hear; And children at rest at their mother’s breast Started, and screamed with fear. 190
  6. “Don’t you realize that missionaries are the divinely provided food for destitute and under-fed cannibals? Whenever they are on the brink of starvation, Heaven, in its infinite mercy, sends them a nice plump missionary.” (Attributed to Oscar Wilde.) Casey
  7. After listening to Bob Larson's bullshit in the above video, I'm reflecting how fortunate we are to have You Tube. Why, I can listen to the Horst Wessel song (aka Die Fahne Hoch) anytime I like! There must be half a hundred other military or paramilitary marches and songs I can listen to as well, and I can even find the odd rendition of "Dixie!" What did that idiot imagine was the primary purpose for which those and a zillion other tunes were (and are yet) used? In case he and other Fundies of his ilk didn't know, they were and are used to teach men how to march in ordered ranks, march off to war, along with keeping up soldiers' morale. Such tunes were often used in the same way as cheap grog was used, with the advantage of their being free of cost, and much better for brainwashing. His point seems to be that Rock 'n Roll encourages casual fornication. Well that's as may be! However war is organized murder, (even if fighting in it is sometimes a regrettable necessity,) and I always thought murder to be a much more serious affair than fornication. Besides, shooting is a lot less fun than screwing. On top of that, when you have lots of young people, as you did with the Baby Boomers, plus a fairly prosperous society in which they can live, well then, as my grandfather and his Irish ancestors would have said, "Nature looks out the eyes of a cat," meaning they'd have taken to casual sex anyway, rock and roll or not. After all, even back in hungry Ireland, and in a far more religious (and superstitious) country than the US would ever know how to be, it was said if you threw a stone over any workhouse wall in County Kerry, you stood a very fair chance of hitting one of Dan O'Connell's bastards. Casey
  8. The alcohol industry will create the odd few tech jobs too, as micro breweries require precision temperatures and other controls these days. Casey
  9. The bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. Perhaps on the principle that a silly question deserves a silly answer, he replied, "Because they keep money in them!" If you asked a paedophile why they work in a school or a church they'd answer, "Because there's kids there!" Same thing. Casey
  10. Hitler had the chance to do something very similar after October 13, 1943, when Italy changed sides in the Second World War. He had apparently been quite of a mind to invade the Vatican, although his main objectives would have been to loot the place of its valuable artworks and grab the Pope ("It wouldn't be the first time the Pope has been taken hostage," he'd allegedly mused at one time.) If he had done it, there would certainly have been resistance, against which the Nazis would have acted in their customary brutal fashion. Quite possibly most of the Vatican might have been turned into a parking lot, as was Monte Cassino Abbey, although in its case, by the Allies rather than the Nazis. However the backlash against this would have been intolerable for Germany. Put simply it would have set many German Catholics firmly against Hitler; they didn't care how much he persecuted the Jews as long as he left their religion alone, and many of them were very senior officers in his armed forces. Many such officers, not all of them Catholic, were already showing signs of disaffection and discontent with the regime. Therefore Hitler had to content himself with making Northern Italy a Fascist puppet state and setting up defensive lines which cost the Allies very heavily. As to the rest, he didn't dare bite the hand that fed him. Casey
  11. One reasonably thought out refutation of the "miracle." The author first saw this story on The 700 Club, which is run by Pat Robertson, a well known Christian liar. The author is not critical of Mr Van Natta, whom he regards as an honest man, but he does point out many things which are more sensationalism than they are fact. Casey
  12. At 55 seconds in. Casey
  13. It would have been more practical for your alleged God to have warned Mr Van Natta, "Never get under any vehicle which is supported only by a jack!" That tends to prevent accidents like that happening in the first place. Casey
  14. "Healings," and "Miracles," can easily be set up by Pentecostals, Charismatics and other Holy Rollers to entice the gullible. They do these things in the same way as the old Spiritualists used to do them, by setting things up beforehand. People who are perfectly capable of walking, for example, can be tasked with sitting in wheelchairs for a while until, Lo! they are miraculously healed! And it's not hard to get hold of a few crutches etc, either, for people who don't need them. Then there are other things which are more in the province of legerdemain, such as the aforementioned, "Lengthening of Limbs." Christianity has a history of "Lying for God," going right back to the Donation of Constantine and various medieval, "Pious Frauds." It's no wonder Christians don't like Spiritualist mediums and the like. No one is more critical of you than your closest relations. Casey
  15. I have the gift of the discernment of spirits. Therefore I can say Glenfiddich Single Malt is a much better spirit than Johnny Walker Red. Casey