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  1. Casey

    Progress of Sacrifice?

    Another difference is that Pell has officially been removed from the Papacy's inner circle, C9. He is still technically the Vatican's Treasurer, although with his conviction that job too might fall vacant. Casey
  2. Casey

    Progress of Sacrifice?

    He'll be sentenced in February unless there's an appeal, which is likely. Casey
  3. Casey

    Progress of Sacrifice?

    This could get interesting:
  4. "If they're not red hot after little girls, they're red hot after little boys." (Old Irish saying, said of Catholic priests) Casey
  5. Yeah. But it makes MEN out of 'em, don'tcha know? All jokes aside, I can still mentally see a half dozen plus of the worst scenes that place seared into my mind, and they took place 48 fucking years ago! I was once told by some trick cyclist (slang for a psychiatrist) once that recalling things in detail like that is part of PTSD, but I guess that's life; if you don't like it you can always shoot yourself. Sorry. I get bitter and twisted sometimes. Casey
  6. Casey

    Jesus was a show off.

    Jesus probably turns a complete 360 whenever he thinks of this one, which originates with Christopher Marlowe, or so 'tis said: "If the Jews, among whom Christ was born, crucified him, they knew him best!" Casey
  7. I can relate a little story of my own as to that: in 1971, when I was in Catholic boarding school for the first time aged 12, I distinctly remember our whole class being told that if any of us complained about physical (or by implication) sexual abuse especially by the religious staff we'd end up in court where we'd have to prove the truth of what we said. This was (and is) true enough, and rightly so as every accused is entitled to a defense, but it was put in such a way as to convey to us that if we made any such complaint, we'd be regarded and treated as liars and we'd stand no chance at all. Besides which, we were encouraged in other ways to believe that "real men" didn't complain; they grit their teeth and, "On with it got." Thus it was that even after an incident in which I was slapped across the face until I wet myself and nearly passed out, I made no complaint. Casey
  8. Oh, and speaking of the Catholics: Casey
  9. They used to have to wait for a bad sandstorm: "If the Khamsin (a hot desert storm wind) blows for three days, a man may lawfully kill his wife, if for five days his neighbour, and if for seven days, himself!" (traditional saying among Saharan Arabs) Casey
  10. "However, “prestige” doesn’t quite do justice to the untouchability a religious leader can enjoy in a highly stratified community where it is believed that they have been hand-selected or at least approved by God. Many parishioners see their pastor as the conduit to a higher power and will go to great lengths to protect them even if it means ignoring, blaming and ultimately hurting survivors. In America, a contributing factor is a strong culture of collective victimhood in the evangelical community. My interviewees and I were taught growing up that evangelicals were the real victims — that the world hated us so much they’d do anything to make us look bad. So, it was our job to represent our community in the best light possible for more people to join us and enter into heaven. The underlying message was clear: a good Christian keeps their mouth shut. Those who speak out about sexual abuse in authoritarian religious communities are often shamed in an attempt to quiet them. They may be accused of seeking attention, or of trying to bring down a godly man. They may be told they’re selfish — indulging in their own pain when they should be paying attention to the pain they are causing others, including the people who will turn away from the church and spend an eternity in hell because of the poor light they’ve portrayed the church in. After all, abusers don’t just groom victims, they groom communities, preparing them to rise up and protect them." From: Casey
  11. Christ allegedly received presents of "Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh." Fine by me, but why is there no record of Mary and Joseph buying at least a turbo donkey with the proceeds of these things? After all, to peasants such as they are supposed to be, that would have been the equivalent of winning the bloody lottery! The easiest explanation of the whole "Virgin Birth," razzamattazz is that Mary was some Roman Legionary's shack job. The Standard Bearer Julius Abdes Pantera's name is often mentioned in this context. He got her preggers so she's no good to him with one up the spout, is she? So he kicked her out and Mary or Joseph or both, concoct this tale in the hopes of getting away with it because they lived in a credulous, superstitious community. Little Jesus grows into a man, does a few well worn magic tricks and sleights of hand to great acclaim, then gets himself arrested for inciting a riot. He's then supposed to have been "Crucified between two thieves." Strange thing, petty thieves weren't crucified, armed robbers and insurrectionists were, so what's all this garbage about Barabbas being released in his place? Barabbas, you see, was both. If Pilate had released him, he himself would have been strung up before you could say, "Holy Moses, King of the Jews!" because Roman Law would have considered releasing him to be treason. It'd be like the SEAL Team letting Osama Bin Laden live and shooting Obama instead. Thus, that part of the story is absolute bloody nonsense! If this wasn't enough, we have that, "The dead arose, and appeared to many." Oh yeah? Why isn't THAT mentioned outside of the bloody buy-bull then? And while we're at it, there's the slight matter of an earthquake which tore the veil of the Temple in two. We've got the actual Zombie Apocalypse happening right there in dear old Judea and no one mentions it outside of the Wholly Babble? Explain these things to me, smartarse! Casey
  12. They can break the islander's laws by going where they are NOT wanted, but the islanders can't protect their island from unwanted visitors?! Some US military bases have signs which read, "The use of deadly force is authorized," and such signs are not erected as jokes, because they mean if you go in there, you will be fired upon without warning. Would they go into such a base and try to convert the heathen in there? No, they would not, or at least, they'd not be going in there twice. The natives at least fired warning shots, so to speak. Casey
  13. That sort of thing has always gone on in Catholic institutions, churches, and convents. If you want something of a crude laugh, read Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron online. One tale in particular is amusing, the first tale of the third day, which tells of Masetto da Lamporecchio who obtains by deceit the post of gardener in a nunnery. I'd not have said he abused the nuns sexually, they themselves willingly allowed him to screw the daylights out of 'em. Along the way, as one translator put it, "He fathered lots of little nunlets and monklets," whose raising cost him not a penny. In sum, as another translator put it, "And so Masetto, who had left Lamporecchio with a hatchet on his shoulder, returned thither in his old age rich and a father, having by the wisdom with which he employed his youth, spared himself the pains and expense of rearing children, and averring that such was the measure that Christ meted out to the man that set horns on his cap." (ie, cuckolded Christ, because nuns were and are said to be, "The brides of Christ.")
  14. First missionaries are sent in to convert some place to Christinsanity. This has the (not totally unexpected) consequence of introducing the natives to a range of infectious diseases against which they have no immunity. That will kill off many of them, but not to worry, God will know his own. Next the Marines are sent in to make the place safe for Bob Dollar. After that add droves of businessmen and entrepreneurs, et voila! Welcome to yet another tourist trap or a third world sewer. The natives are entitled to protect themselves against all that. There is plenty of time for them to join the modern world or not, as and when they please. Until then they can chow down on the next fool who tries his conversion shtick with them, and the next, and damn right too! Casey