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  1. Genocide ‘miracle’ story

    Soldiers (and others) have stepped on landmines which then failed to explode. Whether the reason was they came from stocks that were older than God and not stored or stowed properly, or because some worker in the factory which made them was too slack and idle to assemble them correctly, or simply because the soldier was just luckier than they deserved to be doesn't matter. To put it crudely, shit happens. The converse is also true, good things happen unexpectedly. Either way, it doesn't mean there is some sort of miraculous reason to try playing Hopscotch in a minefield. Casey
  2. Just wondering, did any Americans on here ever read what happened to the Loyalists (or Tories if you like) during and after the American Revolution? Much the same as what is happening to white South African farmers now, proof once again that, "The more things change, the more they stay the same!" Casey
  3. This reminds me of something Martin Luther once quipped: "If ever monk could have got to heaven by his monkery, then I would have made it!" It doesn't matter what kind of monk you are, if your heart isn't in whatever it is that you do. Casey
  4. The "Cursed Object," business derives from "Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing." (Deuteronomy 7:26, KJV) Then there is the following verse in the New Testament concerning what allegedly happened to St Paul and his merry men at Ephesus in the then Asia Minor: "Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver." (Acts 19:19, KJV) Among the books so burned was a small treatise on the Black Art of building stockyards correctly, but that's never mentioned! (Just kidding!) Seriously though, this verse is often quoted to justify the destruction of what some Christers would consider as "Idols." Over the centuries some priceless works of art have been destroyed or vandalized under this verse. Preachers take these two verses in conjunction with this one which also mentions the so-called "Generational Curses" BS: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me." (Exodus 20: 3-5 KJV) The idea would seem to be that if you keep other than Christian objects of worship in your house you bring God's curse upon yourself, although sometimes Christers will extend that one to include Catholic devotional artifacts, such as statues of the Virgin Mary and the Saints. Casey
  5. I agree with what florduh said. What austere has described here is an example of taking Norman Vincent Peale way too seriously. I will certainly concede that taking a positive attitude towards many a thing will affect the way you act and your decision making, but to think or worse yet, believe there are demonic hosts waiting to batten onto every negative thought takes us back to the Dark Ages. Positive thoughts can affect the way you act, but they can have no effect on outside events. Suppose you shoot Craps and you bet Right (meaning that the dice will Pass) and you end up on a Point number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10.) No amount of positive thinking on your part is going to keep the dice from rolling Seven if gravity so makes them roll, however, using such things as Loads, or Tops and Bottoms will surely keep the Sevens away, but you had better not get caught lest your luck turn really bad! Yet if you were to walk up to a Craps table where the shooter is on a hot streak, making Pass after Pass, in some places you had better not bet Wrong (that the dice will lose) or even mention the word "Seven." We wouldn't want to jinx the shooter's luck, would we now? Not to mention the luck of all the other Right bettors looking to cash in on their winning streak! It's funny how many Christians would regard gambling as a terrible sin, but at the same time indulge exactly the same superstitions and superstitious behaviour as many gamblers do, and not even realize how hypocritical they are being! Casey
  6. Thoughts on Jack Chick?

    "They hated Jesus because he told them the truth?" Good ol' Jack and the truth got on like burrs and a flannelette singlet! "An Engineer told me before he died, An' I'll never know if the bastard lied!" ... Casey
  7. Pastor caught with naken man

    Years ago, we had ourselves a Parish Priest who was a family relation who was said to be very fond of the (adult, I'll say that for him) ladies. Not only that, he had been barred from the card tables of a certain "Gentleman's Club," in a local city because he often had the sort of luck that used to get men shot during "games of chance." He also wasn't above fixing horse races. One of my other relatives recalled being nudged by him and urged to bet a goodly sum of money on a certain nag at a bush meeting. Its odds were such that he wouldn't have needed to work for a twelvemonth after he'd collected. Suffice it to say he didn't collect, but the good Father did, on another horse, to be sure. My other relative never spoke to him again, and wouldn't have, so he told me, unless he'd had a revolver on him, in which case he'd have let its six jurymen speak for him. The priest and several of my countrymen who were, "No better than they should have been," were later at the very least involved in an infamous horse racing scandal. You can read about that here if you like: He was barred from entering racetracks for twelve years for that, but I somehow doubt it cooled his jets overmuch. Just goes to show you, being a Parish Priest, a ladies man, and a grifter at the one and the same time is far from impossible. Although of course it is a trifle unusual, almost like being a pastor with a liking for gay BDSM, right? Casey
  8. Funeral

    I'd like above all else, to get a drink at my funeral, but I suppose there's a difference between being a spirit and drinking spirits. Too much drinking of the latter has been known to make some people think they have seen the other sort. Casey
  9. It's all out of the same old Nazi playbook. Back then they'd pack 'em on trains, send 'em off and when they got to their destination, send them to the showers. They even put nice labels on their luggage so they could reclaim it ... As Ernst Kaltenbrunner said later, "We never arrested anyone, we just took 'em into protective custody; we never shot anyone, we gave 'em 'special treatment;' and we never deported anyone, we only relocated 'em!" And the way he took on, you'd swear he actually believed all that. ISIS knows the tricks but they don't have the efficiency ... yet. Casey
  10. My Visit to Creation Museum

    IT didn't go broke, but: [T]he project’s single largest source of funding was actually $62 million in junk bonds floated by the town of Willamstown, population less than 4,000, home to the Ark Encounter and the county seat of Grant County, which faced bankruptcy this spring. “In terms of revenue for the county, we don’t get too much from them,” says the county’s chief executive, Stephen Wood. The Ark Encounter negotiated a vastly discounted 30-year rate on property taxes in 2013 under a previous administration. “I hate it, but that’s the deal,” says Wood. From which it would appear the County nearly went broke. From: Casey
  11. My Visit to Creation Museum

    How did he get permission to build that so called "Museum?" Did he get it under the Old Pals Act, or did it come under The Ham Bacon and Baloney Act? Casey
  12. Any one feel off put by atheist's?

    You want an example of how "spiritual," some Christians are? You know how they like to call themselves "One of the flock," and other ovine names? In the real world, sheep get flyblown. You know how you can see if there are flyblown sheep in a mob? You look closely at the tail (rear) of the mob and if you see one or several sheep following along on their own, you can bet they're flyblown or have something else wrong with them. It's not that they can't keep up, it's that the other sheep in the mob will push them out. Christers will do the same thing, only they call it "shunning," or something like that, don't they? Just goes to show you, Christians are more like sheep than even they would have others believe. Casey
  13. Any one feel off put by atheist's?

    That is what happened to me also, via hardcore Catholicism. There is nothing like physical, sexual, and verbal/mental abuse to make a person grow up fast, too fast. It has taken years to straighten out the mess the Irish Christian Brothers made of my life, but I have got it to where I can live more or less normally. I'll leave it at that, except to add it's appalling how they got away with such things because they were such exemplary church crawlers; the only thing they fancied as much as that was football and athletic meets. Many of them were in short, sports mad, cuntstruck religious workaholics and not a few were also alcoholics. That said, if you happen to be an atheist who takes the economic, political, and social theories of Marxist Leninism as your religion, you are every bit as bad as any Bible thumping Baptist or creeping-to-the-Cross Catholic, as witness the number of AK47s, RPDs, and RPG7s floating around in, well, certain Third World nations. Of course an atheist whose gospel is Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West, and/or similar Capitalist rhetoric, is exactly the same sort of fanatic; the only difference would be their taste in small arms; by and large their preference is for the M16 and M4 type of weaponry. Many fundamentalist Christians are also right wingers of that kind, but they are the same as militant atheists. Me? I don't care what anyone chooses to believe, as long as they don't ram it down my throat. The ones who really scare me though, are those who have come to believe their beliefs are worth killing for. Whether they are believers or atheists, they would do the world a favour if they would start with themselves. Whatever happened to "Live and let live?" Did I mention I don't care for fanatics? Casey
  14. This is only speculation, but the seizure of the Pueblo came one month after a certain John Anthony Walker, then a US Navy Warrant Officer, had supplied the Soviets with the rotor settings and other info for the US Navy's then cipher system. His motive was to get money to pay his delinquent debts. It would not surprise me in the least if the Soviets hadn't directly ordered that operation because, as with the Enigma cipher of WW2, it was vital to have the machine as well as the settings. Walker couldn't have stolen a machine for them, but if one fell into their hands after such a raid, or at least the details they would need to build one, they were off to the races. As was Walker. He spied for the Soviets until 1983, almost 20 years and did untold damage. This in effect gave the Soviets a version of the British "Ultra" intelligence of WW2, without their having to trouble to work out the ring settings themselves, that is, if that were even possible. He died in jail, as did his brother, which was probably too good for them, but he'd recruited his son, his brother, and a friend into his spy ring. His son served 25 years, and his friend is still locked up. I believe he also offered to procure an abortion for his daughter so that she might stay in the US Army and so provide him with more secrets to sell, but she refused both offers. As I said, it's only speculation on my part, but if the Soviets had put the North Koreans up to seizing the Pueblo, they'd probably have told them they could return with their shields, or upon them. It may even be they had one or some of their own people on that job, just to make certain nobody ballsed it up. Casey
  15. .... wtf. Try the laundry pod challenge!!!

    No freeways where I live. Casey