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  1. "Prisons are built with stones of law, brothels with bricks of religion." (William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, c1790-93) Casey
  2. From the story that's told every Christmas, three wise men came with presents of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These presents would have been worth a small fortune, yet neither Joseph nor Mary buys so much as a turbo-charged donkey, or a gold plated broomstick so Mary could fly through the air with the greatest of ease? Well, perhaps they had to spend it all fleeing to Egypt so their Roman/Jewish bastard child could learn some sleight of hand in the souks? Thirty three years later he gets himself arrested for what appears to have been, "Inciting a riot," and not surprisingly gets strung up for his pains. After that, "The dead rose and appeared to many." Oh yeah, says who, besides the fucking Bible? Come to think of it there was supposed to have been an earthquake the second he kicked the bucket, so the Romans must have censored all mention of that too. As Clint Eastwood memorably put it, "Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining!" See y'all in Hell, Casey
  3. I thought I'd use a version of the famous poster that's not partisan, at least not to the US. Casey
  4. Religious indoctrination is quite insidious, particularly in the more virulent Abrahamic sects. Many of them actually meet most of the factors which identify cults.  (Sdelsolray)
  5. Why all the buildings? Looking at it from another perspective, one Xtianity had taken over all the old Pagan temples and what not, then struck out on its own, it needed meeting places. As more and more idiots became converts, it needed larger and larger meeting places, and so on and so forth. So large did these meeting places become that they became instantly recognizable in any sizable village or town, and they were built, and used, for all sorts of things other than religious worship, such as assembly areas in case of fire or other disaster, places to hold hiring fairs, and even common or garden marketplaces. Old Saint Paul's, in London, was once used by Oliver Cromwell to stable some of his cavalry's horses during the English Civil War. Devout Puritan (and practical soldier) that he was, Cromwell doubtless reasoned if men said that it was fit to house God himself, surely it would do for a few of his dumb beasts? Churches often occupied militarily valuable high ground in an area, especially in Europe. Even as late as the Second World War they were often very useful as OP's, Command Posts, or simply as posts for marksmen. A few prime riflemen with good weapons could make it devilishly hot for soldiers trying to take the position surrounding them. Churches were often built out of the best stone, with exquisite craftsmanship, further making things difficult, even when they were blasted by artillery or bombers. Good infantrymen are like dangerous vermin, and even when such positions are reduced to rubble they will dig in so as to sell their lives very dearly, if they achieve nothing else. Furthermore, especially in Protestant England, there were often tunnels already in place under Catholic churches, and very good use could be made of these, too. Casey
  6. Another KFC bites the dust. KFC = Kid Fucking Cunt. Casey
  7. Easter? To me it proves JC was working class. He got hammered on Friday, he was still hammered on Saturday, he rose on Sunday, and called in sick on Monday. Casey
  8. Jesus, if he ever existed, was probably the son of a Roman Standard Bearer of a Cohort of Archers, whose name was Julius Abdes Pantera. The Talmud refers to Jesus as Yeshua ben Pantera, "Jesus the son of Pantera." Celsus makes this allegation in a now lost work of his quoted by the Church Father Origen in his apologetic Contra Celsum. or Against Celsus. Makes more sense to me that another dog jumped the wall and got the bitch in pup than that the Holy Spirit did the job. Casey
  9. They dished out a lot worse than a seizure to many unfortunates. Still, that's rather a nice Devil's tail on the end of the stylized S wouldn't you say? I suppose a modern day Satanist could even claim there you have the initial letters of Satan and Abaddon, eh? Casey
  10. The German SA symbol. SA = Sturmabteilung, the original Nazi Stormtroopers. They lost. Two times. Three times, if you count the Night of the Long Knives (1934). Not at all bad graphics though, for the 1930s. Casey
  11. First read this: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-28/trace-priest-seen-covered-in-blood-near-maria-james-crime-scene/8652936 Now the Victoria Police say the DNA doesn't match? H'mm. The retired detective quoted at the end of the article was an old sweat. I'd rather trust his instincts than those of the heirarchy. Casey
  12. Hitler could have taken the Pope hostage (he correctly observed it wouldn't have been the first time this had happened) and then, just to make a thorough job of it, looted the Vatican of its artworks, particularly its gold and silver. After that he could have used his Panzers to turn the place into a parking lot. However he had to resist whatever temptations he had in this line because the blowback from such actions would have been enough to make even him turn pale. Moreover he had many senior officers of the Catholic persuasion who, although they probably didn't particularly care about his being against the Jewish religion, would surely have taken it amiss if he had turned against theirs. They might have taken it amiss enough to start a civil war, which would have been the last straw. Then too, it's not very smart to bite the hand that feeds you ... Casey
  13. Might's well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb: Hey LF, you know why your damn racehorses are always winning our big races? They've seen what happened to the sheep. Casey
  14. Up until October last year, the Catholic Church in Australia at least had a way of weaseling out of paying compensation to some of its victims: https://www.theherald.com.au/story/5708963/vile-and-unjust-nsw-parliament-abolishes-catholic-abuse-defence/ This was the so-called Ellis Defense, whereby if a person's abuser was dead, the church was held not to be liable. That's to say, if the parish priest who had abused you had died, the church did not have to compensate you because, as the abuser was dead, the church was allowed to hold no legal responsibility for his actions. " The so-called 'Ellis defense', which prevented abuse survivors from suing unincorporated organizations including churches and other institutions, is today abolished after the NSW Government removed a legal road block." The church can no longer shelter its assets in a protected trust, they must now nominate a defendant with sufficient assets to pay a survivor's claim. The defense was named after a survivor John Ellis, whose claim against the church was refused because his abuser had died. Casey
  15. I have no use for a God I have to obey. I want a God that will obey me! Casey
  16. Another difference is that Pell has officially been removed from the Papacy's inner circle, C9. He is still technically the Vatican's Treasurer, although with his conviction that job too might fall vacant. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/dec/13/australian-cardinal-george-pell-removed-from-inner-circle-by-pope-francis Casey
  17. He'll be sentenced in February unless there's an appeal, which is likely. Casey
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