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  1. Hi Scout - You'll find lots of good information all over this site, one of my favorites that seems to be a really good "down to earth" look at xtianity is Why Won't God Heal Amputees. Just the title of the website gives you something to think about. Seriously, with all the "medical miracles" people see and pray for everyday, why do you never ever see someone have a lost limb restored? People aren't praying hard enough? Amputees aren't deserving? Its not part of "god's plan"? The site is really long, but has a ton of really good, simple, honest, and logical questions to ask yourself (and in your case, others) about the xtian faith. Granted you'll still have the fundies that no matter what you say, they'll answer with "well, we'll never understand god's will", but if you're going to talk to those types, you might as well go talk to a wall. As for dealing with the bible and if it was inspired by god, it has several chapters talking about how to figure out of the bible was written by god, was written by men through god, or just written by men. The whole site is a great read, but that definitely seems to apply in your situation. Also, albeit this is a bit "harsher" there is the Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon. It takes a very objective (and at times sarcastic) loook at the BOM, gives some good references to other topics, how some passages are complete fiction, how some of it was taken word for word from the bible, and how he tried to write it so it sounded "old". Good luck, keep us posted on how it goes. -Gliph
  2. Good post! I know I'm looking for new stuff to read all the time... A few of my favorites: Why Won't God Heal Amputees - an excellent introduction to why xtianity isn't right. this is a great resource for those who want a "softer" approach to moving away from their beliefs. Pagan Origins of the Christian Myth - a look at where xtianity came from, including its roots in other religions that were around LONG before xtianity What the hell is hell - wondering where/when the concept of HELL came from? this site is a good introduction. Hmm, maybe this should be in a different forum, or a sticky somewhere... or it might be nice to keep an organized list by topic? I'd be happy to help get some stuff compiled together!
  3. Welcome! This is a great place to figure out your own path. I started here too, actually. Just start reading, there are tons of links to other information and always post questions, you'll get a great variety of responses and ideas to help you on your journey. -Gliph
  4. Welcome singlecoil! Sorry to hear about your family and your situation. Thanks for sharing some of it though, I'm sure it must still be hard to deal with. At least you were able to try and get her some help. I've known of some fundies that refuse to seek any medical help and rely completely on prayer and other religious "remedies", usually to devistating consequences even for situations not as serious as yours. Welcome to the club, although it seems like you've been sneaking around for a while... Definitely looking forward to hearing/seeing you around on the boards. -Gliph
  5. Rosa - There have been so many good posts here already, I hope you have found them encouraging and enlightening. I know so many people here struggle with this too, you are definitely not alone. There has been so much good information (I think i've spent the last hour reading through posts and following some of the links) hopefully some of it will help you with this burden. Keep reading and thinking for yourself and questioning, you'll find the truth. Just the fact that you are struggling with this concept should tell you something and show you that you're already on a better path than most xtians. Don't get too discouraged with yourself, either. You have to figure all your years in xtianity can't all be undone at once, and in time your mind will let go. Heck, if they weren't so good at brainwashing and keeping people scared, there would be a lot more of us FreeThinkers out there! -Gliph
  6. Welcome Chris! You have definitely found a good group to relax and get some new ideas, bounce around some old ones or whatever. I am definitely looking forward to hearing more of your story, I know what you mean about having the time to type something out... I think mine started out as a text file that was updated periodically for a while, before the final "cut and paste" ended up here. Glad to have you here! -Gliph
  7. Welcome Marlin! Thanks for sharing part of your story. I would definitely have to agree with you on the "non christian" attitude, especially what and who you'll find here. I remember growing up that Atheist was basically a four letter word in my household, and Pagan... oooh! You might as well have said they were the devil... It truely is amazing that you had such an understanding support structure at home. It seems to be pretty rare around here... Its a road I haven't traveled down yet with any of my family (except my wife, and that was pretty rough) because I really worry about the consequences. I guess you'll be supporting all of us and getting us to come out of hiding, hmmmm??? You'll find tons of great people and great information here that will help you on your journey... Glad to have you here. -Gliph
  8. Welcome Kal-el! First of all, nicely done with being able to read through all that. I've tried it in the past and was never able to get through it... Who'd have guessed that a book written by a group of men and translated up dozens of times would be so incoherent??? :grins: You are in excellent company here... since you seem to be able to read (lol), you've got a great resource of information here.. dig in and enjoy! -Gliph
  9. Welcome garrisonjj, You've found a great place to start your journey. This is a great site to read, relax, and learn from people that are all on the same quest as you. As you read more and more and learn about the TRUTH behind xtianity, you'll know you made the right choice. Thanks for sharing, hope to hear more of your "story" in the future! -Gliph
  10. Welcome Jon! I can definitely relate with your feelings of depression. I've been suffering from it for years and becoming an ex-christian (its only been a few months for me), just seemed like another step in the downward spiral... there has been a lot of good insight and ideas on this thread so far, but I'd say the number one thing you should do is find your own path. The first step "off the wagon" is really really tough. And having those feelings of emptiness combined with the thought of "is there really nothing else" and "what if there is something else and now i don't believe, i'm going to hell now" can just compound your feelings of depression. The biggest thing that has helped me is trying to learn more about the idea of religion in general. You'll find tons of links as you read through different posts here, or even some of the posts from the main site. The best thing you can do? Question everything. Find your own road. You've taken a huge step in saying that xtianity isn't right for you, so start your own search. You'll find a huge mix of people here from deists, to agnostics, to atheists, and everywhere inbetween. The best part? There really is no wrong answer. As I was struggling from first being off the jesus-juice (hmm, that's a scary thought, isn't it?? ) I had a really hard time at first thinking, "if there is no god, why does every single human culture have some sort of religion?" i always felt like i was the odd one out. this site can definitely help with that, and just reading other people going through their own journey and finding their own truths i find extremely helpful. The support, encouragement, and honest understanding you'll find in this group of people here is simply amazing. Again, welcome and realize that you've taken a step most of the 6 billion people on this planet would never dare take and you are not alone. -Gliph
  11. Welcome Cameron! First of all, you'll find so many people here "blessed" with the same types of issues (myself included ) Honestly, I think it really is helpful in finding your own path and finding you way out of the xtian culture. Instead of your head letting you follow like a sheep, it ran circles around everything going on around you. Granted, it isn't the best all the time, but if it helps you to free yourself of the xtian lies, it can't be all bad, right?!? Thanks for sharing, and read as much of this as you can... you'll find tons of information, links to other resources, and a group of people here that honestly are glad to have you, no strings attached. -Gliph
  12. I have to admit, sometimes I think its a bit weird when I see really old threads brought back up, but this one is fantastic. What a great read: interesting, encouraging, and inspirational. I really like the fact that you followed your heart. I guess that sounds kinda lame, but it really is the truth about the search that any of us go through here... you have found what you and your heart were looking for. That is fantastic! So my side thought/topic on all of this... How interesting and diverse would our world be if we were all encouraged to forge out our own path and really find a spiritual connection like you have found... Granted, you'd still have the crazy fundies, but maybe if the world was more spiritually diverse, there wouldn't be so much hate and violence... Who knows... Thanks again for your post, I'm very glad it has bubbled back to the surface!
  13. Thanks for sharing AM. Its interesting how many people have conversion stories after they start to really "dig" into christianity. Keep writing and you aren't being too wordy at all! I would be very interested in some of your music though. I definitely like piano, and since it has such a strong connection to you and your de-conversion, I'm sure other people would be interested as well. Do you have a link? Some samples? Some freebies?
  14. Welcome! RC huh? I bet you have some great stories from that. From the little experience I have with the RC dogma, there are some seriously crazy cerimonies that take place on a weekly basis in a mass. What's the deal with all their special books, water, and smoke anyway??? Just kidding. welcome to the group. you've definitely got the right attitude in continuing to read, learn, and THINK for yourself. there's lots of information and lots of people here that can keep you reading, learning, and thinking for a long time to come! Thanks for sharing, look forward to hearing more from you!
  15. Bruce - thanks for sharing your story! The female submission and male leadership was a huge issue for me and was one of the largest cracks in my old faith. I really don't know much about apologetics, but I would be interested in reading more and understanding the elaborate foundation of lies all of this is based on. Do you have links to any additional information? I've been reading some atheist websites, but I'd definitely like to get a list together of some xian resources that have researched this and other helpful xian information. Is there a section on this site for this kind of information? If not, I'd be happy to help compile a list and set something up for other n00b's like myself. (sorry for posting this in your testimony) :-\
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