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  1. I remember when I first became an atheist, I would sometimes have moments of panic when I got home and no one was there. I thought, "maybe the rapture happened! Maybe I was wrong!" But, I was still an atheist. Those moments would pass. I liken it to a scary movie. We all know that the monsters aren't real, but our minds can suspend that disbelief for a short period of time. Of course, my favorite part of these moments of panic is that even during them, I was resolute in my conviction to not serve that god of the bible. I thought the rapture might have happened, that I might be wrong, but knew that I would not waver for a moment and pretend to serve that god. If nothing else, they certainly drove home the fact that I wasn't going back to Christianity, regardless of what happened. As time went on, those feelings passed. They never come these days.
  2. That is nothing. I once spent two solid weeks at work looking for signed paperwork in every conceivable spot in my office and room. I even got others to help me search. Finally, I was at the point where I started rescheduling meetings, to get the papers signed again. As I was explaining my frustration, I said, "If only I had just put them in the folders where they belong, they would be right here." At that point, I picked the folder out of the rack that had been sitting on my counter the whole time, and it flopped open to the signed paperwork. Apparently, in a fit of sanity, I had filed the papers exactly where they should have been! I never do that. Now, this sounds like I am less organized than I am, but I never usually file the papers until they are complete. The fact that they aren't filed is a reminder that they are still outstanding. But, I must have cleaned up at one point and decided to put them where they really belonged.
  3. Another wonderful Sunday morning. I'm sitting here, drinking my coffee, and about to dive right in to a math book. I realize, for some people, a math book sounds even worse than being stuck in church. But, we all have our own peculiar perversions. Don't judge me for mine.
  4. I meant to say lighter and happier after losing faith, but it seems like I was saying the opposite.
  5. I wouldn't say that I was depressed as a Christian, but I was significantly "lighter" and happier.
  6. Yep, I'm in Florida. The "America's Wang" thing is from well over a decade ago. When I first joined here, it amused me. Today is was a chilly 50 degF (10 degC) here. That's pretty cold for us. And, hose testing is usually a pretty wet job. When the wind picked up, it was not pleasant. But, we got a large portion done before noon. It helped that a large chunk of the hose was new, and was just being tested so it could go in service. The rest was really old stuff that spends most of the time in storage. If I do go career, I will be working every third Sunday (or more often if I pick up extra days). But, that is still fine. Sundays are still nice because I am not in church.
  7. I have heard most of those, but I have long since given up caring what Christians want to say about me. Dozer's greatest sin was being boring. He did show some promise at the start, but he quicky gave up and just starting being a dumb troll. I don't know what he really even counts as really discussing these issues with Christians. The one benefit of these sorts of accusations, is knowing what sort of path to take when you are messing with someone trying to convert you. Someone who thinks that I wanted to live in sin is going to require different sorts of poking than someone who thinks that I didn't really study the bible. It is nearly impossible for you to avoid a someone making one of these assertions. But, it is a self-defense mechanism. Since we have rejected their beliefs, and their beliefs are true, then there must be something wrong with us. I will say, I was irrationally worried, when I was a young teen, about people accusing me of wanting to sin and please my flesh. Even though I knew that wasn't why I didn't believe, it seemed like an easy way for them to dismiss my experience as real. And, it was one of the harder ones to disprove and argue against.
  8. I was riding along on a rescue, when getting my EMT certification. The rescues and fire department are combined here, so you'll have both working out of one house. It was a Sunday morning, and they all decided to go out to eat for breakfast. They called a second house, and we all met up at a place that was between both stations. It was a local place that was familiar with the department. We showed up and they were really cool about getting us seated and served as quickly as possible. They didn't pack everything to go, and I never asked, but I did wonder what would happen if we all got called out in the middle of eating. Based on how familiar everyone was, I am certain they have dealt with that before. I have been to a couple church services, for similar reasons and for funerals. It isn't great, but I am fine. I understand the way things are, and I am not going to get far if I fought that and got offended. Still, I enjoy hose testing more than the church, even when it is the old moldy-smelling 5" supply lines. I would rather be soaking wet, exhausted, and stink like old hose than sit through a church service in my dress uniform.
  9. The only reason I considered the local UU congregation was to have a bunch of people to commune with on Sunday mornings. But, it was a long drive and I didn't share a lot in common, plus I felt out of place with my age and everything. That probably would have improved, had I spent more time. Now I find that sense of community in the fire service, and we spend time hanging out. We actually have a hangout planned this Sunday morning. Well, it's testing a bunch of hose to make sure it is still able to be kept in service, but it is still better than church. LOL
  10. I live in Florida. We mow the lawn all year round here, although it slows down a bunch in the cool months. It's a little chilly right now (64), but not too bad.
  11. I love Sunday mornings, which is amazing because for my entire childhood and adolescence, I dreaded them. Even for the period where I believed, I still dreaded the amount of effort that Sunday mornings took. Church was exhausting and required me to be on my best behavior. We would usually be at the early service and stay through the second one. So, my morning would start around 7am, getting showered, dressed, fed, and ready to go. And, it would not end until 1pm, or whenever everyone got done chatting after the second service. When I abandoned my faith, the amount of effort and strain just got magnified, because I had to keep up appearances in that situation. I had to keep appearances up 24/7, really, but most of the time my behavior wasn't under scrutiny of those who knew "how" I should act. Now, Sunday mornings are my time. They are probably the most relaxed hours of the week. I can get up late. Well, as late as I ever do which is around 9:30. I can wander around the house in my boxers. There's no rush. There's no stress. I grab a nice coffee and sit in my chair in my back room. The sun shines in and the trees wave to me through the windows. I browse the internet and think of what I want to get done for the day. At some point, I need to get some flea stuff for my dogs and probably the house and yard. Those have started to become a real issue. I might mow the yard today, also. I have to get a workout in. Today is leg day. I will probably get that done this evening. I keep telling myself that I need to move my workouts to the mornings, but I never actually get around to that. I have some budget stuff to handle. I am the treasurer of the volunteer organization and a couple people are waiting on me writing them checks. But, for now, I sit here wrapped in a blanket and just relax. I have gained six hours a week. Six hours a week for me, and my wife, to spend together as we wish. She likes to sleep in, so I usually get until 11:00 all to myself. My family never interrupts this time, because they are all at church. I can see them in the afternoon, if I wish. But, I usually don't. Sundays are not a good day for me to be around. The kids are all high on religion and want to talk about it, and I have a policy about being honest. My sisters don't like that very much. I don't tell them any more than they are able to handle, and I don't elaborate, but the fact that their uncle doesn't go to church is enough to cause drama. I hope everyone else is able to enjoy this time as much as I do. If you're still in a situation where you have to attend church and/or keep up appearances, I hope you get through that period as quickly as possible.
  12. One of my biggest frustrations was always the issues that Christianity had with sex. Masturbation (or maybe sexy times with someone else) sounds much better than church to me. I think there is a story of mine about how masturbation and the church's message was one of the first real failure points in my beliefs. When forced to accept what they said was true, and deny what my experience told me, I just could not deny my experience.
  13. Welcome. Glad you're here. It is amazing how light you feel when you finally put down those beliefs.
  14. How about, "when they're ready?" Sometimes people are ready to move on in their lives, and they are only remaining Christians because they are afraid of the alternatives. It's pretty easy to tell, when they ask honest questions about why you don't believe, and they seem to not only be listening to the answers, but also reflecting on them. Don't force it on someone. But be there to help someone when they are ready.
  15. You're not wrong. They are all about suppressing natural urges. Actually, I saw one vegan bragging about not ejaculating for over three years. Not just not masturbating, watching porn, or having sex. He was bragging about being so sexually (and possibly nutritionally) repressed that he hasn't even had a wet-dream. Many years ago, we were part of a conversation where carnivores and vegans "debated" about the merits of their diet. It quickly became apparent that we were arguing with wildly different measures of success. Their arguments were essentially moral. Our arguments were about health and wellness. They insisted on sticking to proving it was immoral to eat meat. And we insisted on proving it was healthy to eat meat. It's pointless, because we weren't debating about the same thing. We refuse/refused to consider it morally wrong for an animal to eat is natural diet (which, we argue is a predominantly carnivorous diet for humans). Several of them flat out admitted that, if veganism was proven to be unhealthy, they would still do it because it was morally better for them to suffer from their diet than it was to hurt/kill animals.
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