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    perhaps, but not the Xtian trinity
  1. I hesitate to recommend "The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You TO Read" as much of the information in it is at best apocraphyl.
  2. "The Born Again Skeptics Guide to the Bible" by Ruth Hermance Green
  3. "The Born Again Skeptics Guide to the Bible" By Ruth Hermance Green. Should give you plenty of ammo when stating your case to xtian friends and relations (assuming they are actually prepared to hear you out...)
  4. Thanks Taph, "blood of christ" is another one they love to use
  5. In terms of Pentecostalism being a cult I've noticed pentecostalists like to use a lot of jargon like "filled with the spirit", "relationship with God", "witnessing", etc etc. Use of jargon is of course a standard cult practice. Has anyone else noticed this?
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