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  1. HOA Bans Halloween Decorations

    Back in the 90's there was a lot of attack from Evangelicals on Halloween. A local shopping mall had a Halloween promotion late in October- kids were invited to walk around the mall, stop at stores, get treats and the parents got coupons, etc.Sort of a fun thing.Every merchant took part except for the 'Christian' bookstore. They actually had staff standing near the entrance to keep those evil trick or treaters out, standing with their arms folded, scowling. I wanted to take a picture, it was such a microcosm of the Fundie mindset. My wife taught second grade and every year some parent would be earnestly trying to explain to her what a dark history that day had and why they were keeping their kid home the day of the party.
  2. HOA Bans Halloween Decorations

    This HOA took their page right out of he Evangelical Playbook. Don't have anything 'Occult', instead have it focus on a 'Harvest' theme. Come Christmas I bet they will be just fine with baby Jesus and the Wise Men. This is unadulterated crapola and the letter writer needs to go to war with these clueless morons. Never let them get away with pushing us around.
  3. This letter appeared in today's paper: Seems the writer's Home Owner's Association is telling residents they cannot put up anything 'Occult' for Halloween or be fined. Even stuff like black cats or skeletons are no nos. Sounds like a bunch of Fundies are running the board, or more likely there is a very vocal segment of that area that tends this way. They need to be sued and not get away with this crap.
  4. This young priest was asking young teens about masturbation, porn and other stuff. He lasted about a day and now is getting sent back to the Seminary for re-tooling. Not to knock the vocation of Priesthood or anything, but any 26 year old make who would give up a normal life to pursue it would seem to be sort of suspect to begin with.
  5. Contemporary Xian (dare I say) music?

    We have Xtian neighbors with teenagers who play this stuff loudly from their deck on Summer days when they are doing stuff in the yard. The earlier poster nailed it, after awhile the tunes all sound the same. It's their right to do so I just wish they'd turn it down a bit. I made another post a couple on this back about the ice cream truck that plies our area playing 'Jesus Loves Me' among other tunes.
  6. Sh** christians have said to you

    Apparently God has narrowly defined limitations. This person has never married, is a single mom to a now adult daughter and is a member of some strange cult within the Episcopal Church where she took vows of chastity. She is always sending stuff about putting God back in the government. If pepole like her had their way, a lot of us on here would be in camps, or worse.
  7. Sh** christians have said to you

    My wife and I both have Fundy friends and have learned to sort of ignore some stuff Sometimes though you get something on Facebook that leaves you feeling appalled and then wanting to crack up. My wife got a thing from one of these people on her FB page that said 'Sodomy- the glue that holds the LGBT Movement Together'. Sit with that a moment. Maybe I'm naive, but up to half the Gay folks i know are Lesbians. Sodomy? Hell she probably thinks heterosexual oral sex is sodomy. Just incredible.
  8. Ghosts are not real

    There are serious researchers in this field who believe in the existence of what are commonly called 'ghosts' but do not think they are disembodied spirits of the dead. There is some thinking that they may be residual energy fields of some sort. Attached to a place where something tragic took place, for example. They are not intelligent which explains why often they seem to engage in repeated actions.
  9. Just in case you thought there was any area that pushy Christians hadn't intruded into. I was sitting outside last night. It is getting to be warm in the evenings and absent mindedly heard the familiar sound of the jingle of the ice cream truck that plies our area. Some of the tunes started sounding familiar then it hit me. They were playing 'Jesus Loves Me', that old Sunday school standby. I kept hearing it fade in and out as it transversed our neighborhood, Then I heard 'Deep and Wide'. The area where we live is lousy with Fundies. There are two big mega churches nearby. I guess the company owning these things thinks this is good for business. We have a neighborhood online forum but I would not bring this up on there to save my life. I'd get hit with the 'anti-Christian' thing. Why the hell do these people think everyone wants to hear their crappy songs? They hear them twice on Sundays and at midweek services. Why force it on everyone else? Just ranting.
  10. Prayer Requests on Community Forums

    LOL! Problem is the posts appear under my real name. Still it'd be a scream wouldn't it? Like a request for prayer to the great Horned God, ending with 'Hail Satan'. I am a frequent poster usually about issues with mail delivery, noisy neighbors that sort of thing. Maybe when we move that can be my closing post.
  11. We have a 'Next door' forum for folks in our subdivision; it is a great resource for community issues. Recently I am noticing a lot of prayer requests being posted.If there is a tragedy affecting a family I can see people mentioning they will be praying for the affected parties, nothing wrong with that if that's what they believe. What I refer to are posts specifically asking for prayers for someone in their family who is sick, some relative who doesn't even live in our area who is 'going through a tough time; that sort of thing The demographic at work here tend to favor stuff like this. The forum has a lot of stay at home moms and home schoolers. Maybe I need to ignore this but it's not a Christian thing, it's a damn community forum, lost dogs and cats, that sort of thing. . Not everybody is interested in Jesus. I have thought about reporting some of these as inappropriate. I worry about backlash. Ideas?
  12. Sh** christians have said to you

    I was fifteen and listening to a world Series game on radio when my Baptist preacher dad said: 'Son did you ever stop to think what would have happened if Jesus had gone to a baseball game instead of dying on the cross for our sins?' Fifty years ago, the stupidity still astounds.
  13. Why the board change?

    I access this forum using a laptop with Windows 10 using Chrome. I am constantly buffering. Pages take several seconds to load. If I scroll up or down it freezes. I can foresee myself spending a lot less time on here now. Change is unavoidable. This just seems incompatible for me now. Just saying...
  14. Wanting To Screw A Christian

    My experience is that Lutherans are among some of the worst people in Fundieland. My niece was married in a Lutheran service and the damn minister spent a lot of time railing against Gays and gay marriage. Odd because he seemed pretty light in the loafers himself.
  15. I'd like to 'lay hands' on that big oaf too. With a different outcome..