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  1. Probably none of my business, after all it's your country. But I wonder if you've researched the man who'd likely become PM if Trudeau loses the next election? (Andrew Scheer) He' s not a Fundie but happily accepts their support. To me he seems like all the RW Evangelistic types we have here in the GOP. Sure you want that? A 'half wit wimpy ass' seems better to me than Scheer, but like I said, it's your country.
  2. Well it's after 6 PM now and finally the music is off. One thing I wanted to do was set out my internet radio and tune it to the 'Holy Koran' channel in Saudi Arabia. All that sing song chanting that drives Fundies wild. Saving that for next time. There will be one..
  3. It was just past noon when we decided to retreat back into the house. I just went outside, the music is still playing. still loud. All their cars appear gone. Guess they went off to some picnic in Fudyworld while leaving their music playing as a testimony to their lost neighbors. I wanted to call the cops with a noise complaint. .My wife doesn't want to, thinks it will make things bad, etc. It just occurred to me that they may still have this stuff going tonight when we want to sit out and look at fireworks. It's a divorced mom with three teenage kids. She is a director of some 'pro life' pregnancy counseling group. Her Facebook page has an animated picture of souls falling into Hell. They have an entire wall of their living room decorated with crucifixes. You get the picture.
  4. WTF is it about damn Xtians? They all seem to think we just love to hear their crappy damn music. We had a cookout for the Fourth today. Usually the family sits outside doing the cooking, we open a few beers, socialize and enjoy the day.Today our neighbors have loud music from some Christian station plying from their deck. They are not even outside. In fact i don't think they are even home. They left this music playing loudly, you can hear it 2-3 houses away. We had to cut short our time outside and go eat inside. Otherwise was 40 decibels of songs about the 'blood of Jesus' etc. I know they are like this. I just do not get it. Why be such a pain in the ass to your neighbors?
  5. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/archdiocese-of-washington-apologizes-after-maryland-family-kicked-out-of-funeral#/ I watched the video. Not much can be seen but it sounds like this guy needs a long vacation in the Old Priest's Happy Home.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/25/health/arizona-prescription-walgreens-miscarriage/index.html If someone wants to be a pharmacist, you need to leave your 'convictions' at the door. Nobody cares what you think or feel. I seriously doubt any woman ever was turned away from seeking contraception or a drug such as this by some pouty asshole in a white smock.
  7. I got married late, in my forties to a younger girl from an Irish Catholic background, but who had not attended church for years. Of course when our child was born she wanted to get him baptized. It was like I knew if I didn't agree she'd sneak out and do it. So I bit my tongue and went along with it. That child is now an adult and so far as I know an agnostic. It's a feel good thing, it wasn't worth making a stand over, at least for me. The situation in this case is a bit different, however..
  8. I have to second the poster who spoke of being enchanted with the music in a UK Angelican church, I've always found it uplifting and in fact own some CDs of it.You do not have to believe to find it so. My son is a confirmed agnostic and last year spent a few weeks in London attending grad school. He stayed within walking distance of St Paul's cathedral . I told him to make an effort to attend a Sunday service there, that it'd be something he'd remember all his life. He thanked me later for that, loved the music and the atmosphere.
  9. I loved the term 'Missionary Dating' as used above. I grew up Fundie and de-converted in my twenties and for most of my remaining twenties up to my early forties I kept running into these creepy women. I use that term deliberately. How else to refer to someone who pulls you in then hurts you horribly by dumping you for not being in conformity with their set of beliefs? Looking back I think most of them (there were about 5-6) failed to attract a partner in their own subculture so were trolling for someone to indoctrinate. Maybe thy thought it'd make them 'closer' to the partner. God, were most of them good at it, real pros. The OP is better off w/o her but right now he's not feeling like it, that's understandable.
  10. In my Fundy days I was told I was supposed to always use 'Thee' and 'Thou' in my public prayer. Why? Because that is how the KJ version is written and it 'shows reverence'. I went round and round with my preacher dad on that one. I'd be praying aloud at family devotions and address the Almighty as 'You'; he'd go berserk.
  11. I am not in favor of arming teachers, or anything like that. It does occur to me however, that if this guy had found the gumption to enter the building and then just fired his weapon, even at the ceiling out of sight of the shooter, some lives might have been spared. The shooter would have known an armed person was in the building and perhaps fled the scene. We will never know. I am trying hard not to be too judgmental on the officer, but those are my thoughts.
  12. Yeah that aspect occurs to me. In the case of the local TV affiliate, they did not apparently even have any weather information at a time people would have been interested in travel conditions. Hopefully they will be back to muggings, house fires and mayhem today.
  13. Not sure if this is some local thing or what. My local broadcast and print media has not had much of anything substantial in the past 48 hours. It's like they all think they're not supposed to upset us with reality at this blessed time. Our local CBS affiliate actually cancelled all local newscasts last night for a program of local choir music. Sunday's paper had nothing of interest, lot of cute little human interest stories. Real news was confined to one page or so. Don't want to sound like the Grinch, but come on; life goes on and so does the ugliness of the world. It just seems so Pollyanna. OK I will shut up now. Still annoying as hell.
  14. We have Xtian neighbors with teenagers who play this stuff loudly from their deck on Summer days when they are doing stuff in the yard. The earlier poster nailed it, after awhile the tunes all sound the same. It's their right to do so I just wish they'd turn it down a bit. I made another post a couple on this back about the ice cream truck that plies our area playing 'Jesus Loves Me' among other tunes.
  15. There are serious researchers in this field who believe in the existence of what are commonly called 'ghosts' but do not think they are disembodied spirits of the dead. There is some thinking that they may be residual energy fields of some sort. Attached to a place where something tragic took place, for example. They are not intelligent which explains why often they seem to engage in repeated actions.
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