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  1. Exactly... you're the victim of something very like a post-hypnotic suggestion. But just to be fair -- if you're seriously going to ask, "what if I'm wrong in denying Christ?", then in equal seriousness you must ask: "What if I'm wrong in denying Muhammad?" "What if I'm wrong in denying Krishna?" "What if I'm wrong in denying Buddha?" "What if I'm wrong in denying Zeus?" I assume, however, that you've always felt very comfortable in the knowledge that all the people who pursued those beliefs were just living a fantasy. Oh, but you were different; you had a book (a 2000 year old book full of witches, giants, & talking animals) that was really true! My point being, if you can deny Islam or Hinduism, it shouldn't be any harder to deny Christianity.
  2. A mind that is capable of that thought is a mind with great potential. You've stopped believing in the Bible -- that was the easy part. Now you just have to start believing in yourself.
  3. Thanks for your story! Two things had me grinning... First, it seems to me the main element was that you were simply too self-reliant to tolerate Christianity; now that says something about religion and then: On some level, that person must recognize intelligence as an obstacle to faith. Well, at least she got that much right...
  4. Bravo, cat! Thanks for the testimony (and thanks for the reading suggestions). If things get rough for you, just remember that you don't need god, you need real people who will support you.
  5. I think perhaps your problem with "morality without God" is simply because in a religious context, you are used to thinking of ethics or morality as a "code" or a set of laws. It just can't work that way. Morality and ethics are not "do's and don't's", they are a method for making decisions. As for god being a part of the process, I like to remind people that philosophies of ethics and social morality were first expounded upon by ancient Greek philosophers and early Roman senators -- people who had religions that were, by and large, devoid of moral guidance. Assuming, of course, that you actually want to be a good person (we'll leave sociopaths out of the question for the moment), just ask yourself, How would a "good person" treat me? It doesn't have to be complicated. For me, the first principles are: Doing something that makes someone happy is a good thing. Doing something that makes someone feel bad is a bad thing. Simple, really -- and it covers 99% of daily life.
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