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    Been away for a while, back just to say hi while everything is still a bit chaotic. Quick update for those who know me: got hitched, knocked-up, and now have a freakin' adorable little girl.

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  1. Fuck!!! And the biggest problem is that it's on the internet. So on top of their general arrogance and stupidity in the video, they'll be "strengthened" by the fact that it went viral. Either way they'll be happy because someone will hear the "good news" and may be saved through their supposed influence; and if they get trashed, then they're being persecuted for their faith which just reinforces it more! Staged or not, it just gives me less hope for the future of humanity.
  2. I just received a myspace message; and granted I don't usually check these, but I figured I'd go and clean out the inbox. I thought I'd post this to see if anyone else is getting spammed the same way I have been. I get these about once or twice a month - someone doing a research project, tv show, documentary, etc, etc, etc. I'm getting fucking fed-up with people thinking they can profit from what others think MUST be conflict. Funny thing is, I DO think this is spam! My profile is private, locked, etc - and she still is trying to solicit. It's almost as bad as a friggin' fundy trying to reconvert one of us. Isn't it enough that I just want to be left to myself to live my life without someone wanting to make a spectacle?
  3. Maybe I missed something with being away from the boards for a bit - but what's with the no longer being allowed to label someone as a total lunatic, or a troll? Was this something handed down from Dave that I forgot to read?
  4. Rhia


    I have only one response to this whole friggin' thread: *face-palm!* Now back to the regularly scheduled debauchery!
  5. Oh good lard! John Barrowman! *scurries to go watch episodes of Torchwood!*
  6. Maybe I'm just a bit biased, but I would say no to the Army. My mother's partner was in the Navy for years, and was trying to raise me to join myself. Needless to say I didn't, but I can still tread for 3 hours in moving water without so much as getting tired. Gotta love muscle memory. Anyway, I have some friends in the Navy, and they're being treated a LOT better than those in the Army Reserves. Many of them are stationed around Egypt, Japan, South Korea, etc - and are happy where they are. You'll get to see a lot of port cities, meet new people, and still get the tuition reimbursement; but without being sent to Afghanistan or Iraq in desert fatigues. I'd say before signing ANYTHING, go down to the local recruitment offices for each - Army Reserves, Navy, Air Force, and Marines and speak to someone. Get educated first, and then make a decision. Personally, I'd rather be on the water than in the desert, but it's your life and ultimately what you prefer the best. Then again, I wouldn't join any branch of the military if given the choice - I'd rather be a civilian. If you feel this is the best way to go - then good luck!
  7. Mine is a VERY complicated background, and I can't even give a straight answer to that question - as odd as that may seem. My birth family were a bit odd - my mom was a mix of Xn, neo-pagan, and LDS. My step-dad was an Atheist who believed in UFOs, ghosts, and that a black hole crashed into Earth, who is now a "take what you like and leave the rest" Xn. My foster family were Pentecostal - that's where I received most of my religious training. And I converted my adopted family to AoG before deconverting myself. So yeah, I'm a bit of a strange case. Then again: aren't we all?
  8. Well, it sounds as though it was handled well-enough. I'd let it slide for now - the next time this person tries to pull that, then I think you'd be okay to calmly respond that you would prefer to not have evangelism directed towards yourself or your friend. If that doesn't work, there's always that plethora of insults which would work at a moment's notice.
  9. I didn't just get one, but TWO of the same fucking PMs!!! DELETE!
  10. As former AoG, I'm going Pentecostal. I may come from the more "liberal" of Pentecostal denoms, but we were definitely a freaky, insane bunch. Try as a girl not being allowed wear pants, makeup, or jewelry until you're married - and then if your husband wants you to dress like a whore because it gets him off; you have to, because he's your husband and you must submit. There are other freakier things, but that's I think a nice taste of the insanity.
  11. Bitch away hon! And yes, people SUCK!!!! A lot! Just tell them to fuck off and hang here.
  12. Rhia

    Here's The Point

    Awww! You know I "love" ya!
  13. Rhia

    Here's The Point

    Thank you Neon - but we all know that End is nothing more than a scared little boy who has probably forgotten his meds (yet again) looking for love - and not surprisingly, this is just one of many wrong places. I'd suggest he go to his wife to get further stroked, but I doubt she wants to. Who would want to, though? He can say that I'm rude all he likes, but at least I'm not going into ChristianForums or even to the faces of my Xn friends and acting like an uncouth brute. I'd call him a Neanderthal, but I think that might be insulting to our fellow extinct sub-species. Though if one goes with the theory that they indeed bred with homo sapien, then maybe there is some validity. Fucking dirty old man - I bet you're just over the moon that I'm single now.
  14. Rhia

    Here's The Point

    *sigh* You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing, hon. ETA: no law dictates that I must love you, hence why I'm free to loathe you instead.
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