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  1. So some of you may not find this too insulting, but I pretty much did - so here goes my rant. I went to Barnes and Noble today with the intention of getting a copy of Skeptic magazine. I love it, but it doesn't come out often. One of the guys that works there (not a college student, but my guess is a manager of some sort) was standing in the way of where I was trying to look, restocking inventory. He notices me, and asks what I'm looking for. I asked if he indeed had the new copy of Skeptic (I figured with all those new ones it might be in there somewhere); and he looked at me strangely for an awkwardly long pause, then blurts out very loudly: "Oh! So YOU'RE the people who read that!!!" I walked away without another word, completely disgusted. In hindsight, maybe he was playing around - but that was so NOT appropriate! What happened to those little things called discretion and tact?! I guess the only bright-side of looking at it is now maybe he has the impression that only busty young red-heads read Skeptic. My other bitch-rant for today is this: I haven't spoken to my bio-mom since February (two days before her birthday), when she disowned me for refusing to accept her Matrix logic and other craziness. For some reason 2 days before MY birthday, she decides to email me, "just because". This is the woman who told me she changed her reality and I no longer exist! WHAT THE FUCK!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? AARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! She sure fucking knows how to fuck up someone's day! Why, oh WHY did she have to email me? I was HAPPY not talking to her, not hearing from her, not thinking about her. Hell, I was happy knowing she thought I no longer existed!!!! And now I suddenly do, because it's convenient!? There are just some days I wish people would burst into flames, and there are currently two in particular I wish would.
  2. Maybe "cling" was a euphemism for "having sex" - and he didn't want to get off yet.
  3. Rhia

    Is God Nature?

    I agree with the other posters - you haven't made yourself very clear. Please clarify the OP, without the assumptions that you are right and the rest of us have IQs below 80. I THINK I understand where you're coming from, but want to be certain before I give you an answer that you're just going to shoot down anyway.
  4. I watch him for 2 reasons. #1 - he's mildly amusing with the one episode that he was randomly placing a cardboard cut-out of himself around different sites. #2 - I LOVE explaining to the tv how wrong he is and why. So yeah, a once-in-a-while amusement.
  5. Then PLEASE, introduce me to this elusive and glorious specimen of male Anthropologist we have on Ex-C. Otherwise, shut up. 'Cause I do know believer.
  6. Nothing wrong with a lighthearted song to ease the mood. Also: currently the Anthropologist is not here to kiss your ass - so keep floundering. ETA: I find it funny that you have no problem calling upon a WOMAN'S knowledge when you think it will help your cause. Sorry, but I ain't gonna help you. So get bent!
  7. I've always had nightmares, they were actually worse while I was a Christian, because mine made people think that I had a gift of prophecy. Let me know if you want an example, though they're not very relevant to my life now - I can remember most of them quite well. When I deconverted, they continued, changing from being considered "prophetic" in nature to just downright weird. In fact, a really nasty one was my first post on this site. Feel free to check it out! As a kid, I also had a weird re-occurring nightmare at least 2x a week from the day I moved into my foster home to the day I moved out - 6 years later. I don't remember the whole plot-line now, but I do remember seeing myself as an adult, everything was in sepia tones, except for a pair of glaring violet shoes (did I mention I was 9 when they started - hence the weird Oz references?) and being thrown off a cliff by a man I really loved (but wasn't a father-figure or brother). The great thing is - it wa sjust a dream, and nothing more!!!
  8. Carlos Mencia - Dee Dee Dee
  9. *cringe* wow...I feel sorry for you. Let's just say that I've heard stories of that church....our Pentecostal church thought you guys were crazy You know it's bad when you get disfellowshipped from the VINEYARD. I also went to an evangelical baptist church but the pastors were totally into the Toronto blessing stuff... so really my church time was divided between the two. Wow, then I must have come from the craziest of crazy Pentecostals, 'cause we were totally holding hands with Vineyard, and strove to be like Toronto Blessing.
  10. It took me quite a long time to be able to say it. My bio-mum was a wiccan who claimed I was an Indigo Child, and that she could see and talk to the dead; and when I was a Christian I was a Pentecostal. So yeah. I've basically been there, done that, and seen just about everything that's claimed to be out there. My qualifier for my deconversion was wanting God to show himself to me, but I didn't want a "vision" because I didn't want to later think that it was a dream or a hallucination. Don't worry about the mental block - when you're ready (if it's part of your belief or lack thereof), it'll sort itself out. Mine did when I realized I couldn't possibly go to Hell after I died. My brain controls everything - emotions, pain, knowledge, etc; and unless the contents of my brain are being copied and downloaded every night while I sleep, when I die, and my brain ceases to function, all of those will die with me. I applied that same logic to everything else supernatural. If there is no god, there is no satan. If there's no satan, there's no demons. If there's none of the above, there's no heaven, no hell, no angels, no ghosts, no monsters, etc.
  11. For me, any type of supernatural is completely ludicrous.
  12. Everything on the list except for: snake handling, KJV only, and anachronistic puritan morality.
  13. Remind me to start lining my front door in rock salt and the tops of my doors and windows with holly. (Not to repel you, of course!)
  14. FYI END: The next time you choose to be a misogynistic asshole, do it over PM.
  15. My biggest problem with the OP wasn't even the words - but the manner. It was your choice to change your posting style, come in, and just jump on an assumption with the intent to hurt, and find fault. Then again, is said method really THAT new to you? If people want intelligent conversation, they need to actually address us as intelligent beings; not "stupid atheists who hate God". Also, I have NO PROBLEM being called "Atheist", so I don't see where the insult in that was supposed to be. That, and I'm not trying to find a chink in the armor, so I'm definitely NOT a troll in Dave's House. Go ahead and play the martyr, and leave if you so wish. If it's "so painful" for you to be here much longer, crucified day after day, post after post, then by all means find the door. You did it to yourself.
  16. No problem, believer... if you don't like it here, LEAVE. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  17. I agree that recently, End as begun resorting to trolling. Then again, Ive viewed him as a troll from the beginning, but it's nice that someone else is seeing the same. Unfortunately for him, my intellect chooses not to comprehend the inane, useless, void of fact, and childish babbling of a complete and total idiot. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll wait for the usual string of insults that End so dearly loves to send my way, while I work on my latest project.
  18. Sure, why not? That's more than God would do. Besides, tall grass is nothing in comparison to starvation.
  19. End, Your snide remarks are insensitive and don't do much to show your intellect. They simply display your ignorance and what we already know - that you're an asshole. Oh, and I HAVE been there, I HAVE done that. I know what to expect in these situations, I know what is possible and what isn't. I know that the child would have been seen as "failure to thrive". I also know that YOU have not done anything. Until you have, you can't talk. Once you decide to go off and become a humanitarian for a couple of years; THEN you will understand why it pisses me off for you to hand down judgment where you have NO SAY. Until you've lived it, you can't know. Let me put it to you this way: I think YOU would have refused to save her too, had you been there. Think of the disease, parasites, and pain she was carrying. You, with your cushy life in TX, would have recoiled in disgust. You need to understand that your word is not the end all, be all, of everything. And if I want to talk as though a god may exist - I can say with utmost certainty that your god didn't help her either. Not the humans that didn't help, that's beyond the point. Your circular logic can go on forever. The long and short of it is that if your god exists, he helped the buzzard - not her. She was not found worthy of aid; just like the multitudes of children forced into child prostitution - getting raped and begging for fruitless help. I don't see you freeing little prostitutes. Ya know who your god helps? Little old ladies who lay hands on and pray for their frozen and not-starting cars on a cold winter's morning so that they can go to church. I've done by time, why can't you do yours?
  20. The point is he could NOT save her. She was so sick, so malnourished, and so close to death to begin with that her death was the only mercy left. To have even been touched would have meant blinding pain to her atrophied muscles and weakened bones. To have tried to feed her would also have killed her - causing severe dysentery and possibly even a heart-attack. To even have given her water would have been too much, as in that weakened of a condition; water would have caused such extreme pain and vomiting that it would be better not to give any at all. Also, it wasn't his responsibility. I know more than anyone that you can't save them all. She was beyond help, especially his. I'm still going to call your bluff - you may help your neighbors, but I don't see you helping girls and boys like her. You call him disgusting, but you contradict yourself by refusing to step out of your own comfort zone to accomplish the opposite of what you detest. I'm not angry at your god. I can't be angry at what doesn't exist. What angers me are the followers of your god who have no problem passing judgment on others while at the same time refusing to be the change they wish to see in the world. So End, either put your money where your fucking mouth is, go over there, and help; or quit your stupid bitching. You couldn't save her either. You refuse to save her kinsfolk. You are too a failure. P.S. Thank nature for allowing her to die so young. She was the product of overpopulation; and had she survived, no doubt would she have been the victim of rape, prostitution, and other abuses.
  21. Please refrain from speaking ill of the dead, especially without knowing said person. He's not here to defend himself. I could just as easily describe you as a disgusting and slimy individual based on what you have said - but I wont.
  22. I'm actually a Secular Humanist, but the closest thing I could say without having to click "other" is purely Atheist. I don't really think there are many, if any differences between Atheist and Secular Humanist; but I do prefer calling myself SH to Atheist. It doesn't sound quite as scary to those who would be less than inclined to understand. That, and I think the Book of Kells is gorgeous.
  23. As is your religion, and as are you. You can't even call yourself a Christian unless you hate your family, and are willing to sell all to the poor and do as your god says. I'll go so far as to say that you're a hypocrite, and no amount of saying "sorry" for those sins are going to make you look better. He still deserves an answer, and the fact that you refuse is an insult.
  24. Keep up the good work Edit: Did I answer your question? No, you didn't. I don't care about what you do at home. The photographer did more by taking a picture and showing the world. What do you have to show for the commandments your god has set before you? Also, answer Neon's question, without being an insulting asshole.
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