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  1. It is an interesting point, and one would think that it would be natural to treat one's children well. Except for one thing that I'm very aware that fundies think (having had been treated horribly in a very insane pentecostal foster home): before birth, the fetus is "innocent", simply a "perfect creation of God growing and developing in the mother's womb. Upon birth, the child is "tainted" with sin, and therefore must naturally be brought unto the "way of the righteous", and since the Proverbs in that disgusting book detail that one mustn't "spare the rod", and even down to the books of Law sealing a poor innocent's fate in the words of Deut. 21:18-21 (*paraphrase* if you have a rebellious son, take him outside the camp and stone him to death). So what it sounds like is that the abusive fundy parents are simply trying to beat the sin out of us- for of course when one's spirit is broken, they will, in their tired desperation; obey nearly any command. Congrats on making it out of that hell!
  2. I haven't cried so hard at a youtube video ever. I feel so horrible for him. Why does it seem that the religious are the ones who claim WE don't have morals- that they raise their children "right", and love them, etc, etc- are willing to throw in the towel and be so cruel- but the general concensus here would rather chew off their arms than do that to their children? Where the hell is the justice here? He deserves more in life than what is going on right now- that's his mother! She's supposed to be a comforting aspect in his life! Whatever happened to the concept of "I love you forever"? (Children book) Grrrr! That makes me so angry that he even HAS to put up the video to express his love for his mother, and that some of the others reading it had little to no compassion.
  3. Those poor things! What child deserves such horrible brainwashing, treatment, and abuse? This needs to stop!
  4. My favorite: Goddamned fucking dead-guy on a stick! Not too bad, but still fun to say.
  5. I "feel" Celtic-Pagan, but can no longer identify with the faith-levels involved... Nonetheless, "Celtic/Heathen blood runs through my veins". Anyway, for now I'm calling myself a Secular Humanist. I know, it's cliche; but calling myself an Atheist seems to have so many negative connotations.
  6. Some sites are even worse! http://www.prairiehomemaker.com You'll need a screenname to view, but it's quite the mix of scary & hilarious! Check out their "rantings" on Biblical Womanhood.
  7. I did it. I still can. I do it every once in awhile to piss off my boyfriend. Never know when I may need to get myself out of a sticky pentecostal situation involving torches, pitchforks, and rabid evangelism. I hate tongues tho. It's so effing stupid! I went to a pente church where when I actually had my first stint of tongues, I was told to hush because the elders in the church had first "tongues priority". Lying bastards. I swear, if my mom starts in on that shit (newly fundy/pente) I'm going to go crazy!
  8. Born Pagan, my mother would have rather died than see me baptised, but when I was placed in foster care at the age of 9, the first thing my foster mother did was have "the little pagan child" dedicated to her Assembilies of God church. I was baptised at the age of 14, just after my birthday. It was your typical full dunk with the pastor and the associate pastor there, and when I came up the associate pastor loudly said into the microphone "dunk her again! and this time hold her down!" So yeah, my baptism left me really cold.
  9. Well, if the Xn god is real, that means that a huge other pantheon of gods must also be; considering the ranting and raving that the Xn one does regarding "other gods before me", and "baal", and shit. Anyway, I wouldn't- even if I was going to burn. And besides, if I go with the aforementioned paragraph that I just put in, I'm not obligated to the Xn god- it's a mideast mountain god. My ancestors (and I) would be born under Celtic gods. In fact, if I was forced to go back to ANY religion, I would rather return to paganism than Xnity anyday! Well, if the Xn god is real, that means that a huge other pantheon of gods must also be; considering the ranting and raving that the Xn one does regarding "other gods before me", and "baal", and shit. Anyway, I wouldn't- even if I was going to burn. And besides, if I go with the aforementioned paragraph that I just put in, I'm not obligated to the Xn god- it's a mideast mountain god. My ancestors (and I) would be born under Celtic gods. In fact, if I was forced to go back to ANY religion, I would rather return to paganism than Xnity anyday!
  10. That's horrible! Why does it seem like it borders on rape? Ya know, the typical power-trip bits to it, the need to win, the need for absolute control, the need to "break the spirit". It IS child abuse, no two ways around it. I would love to see a group of child abusers like that get a nice public flogging, maybe even with some bamboo sticks. Grrr! It just makes me sick that a parent could be willing to do that to their child!
  11. That IS a gorgeous pendant. It's the beauy in Pagan jewelry that almost makes me want to go out and wear a pentegram again. *sigh* Days long past. Anyway, what that woman did was WRONG. I would even think borderlining on harassment or public humiliation if you want to get down to it. Personally, I would have called someone, maybe being reminded of her amendment right to "remain silent" would have worked.
  12. I got rid of everything except my bible, and that was only because I needed it for a class. Now that I've passed the class, I see no problem with trashing it. (It's in bad condition anyway. I deconverted from a church that believed that the more crappy your bible looked [i.e. papers everywhere inside, notes in the margins, smudged ink, etc] signified your "relationship with god", so mine was pretty bad looking to begin with from putting huge bookmarks in to make it look like I was still a "good xn" whilst deconverting.) My mom WILL throw a fit. She knows I'm an atheist, and she knows I still have that bible. Trashing/burning that damned thing will truly solidify everything, at least in her mind. As for my other xn books (of which I had a ton) I took most of them and put them in a huge box, then let my mom take it to her church. The rest, I gave to a friend who likes reading Lori Wick. (I still cringe today knowing I even TRIED to read those!)
  13. So yes. I deconverted quite a while ago, and luckily have not had many problems that make me feel the need for therapy. A couple of weeks ago, I got in a HUGE fight with a fundy friend of mine. He kept trying to tell me that god was "In constant persuit" of me, and was screaming at me that I had no choice, that if god wanted me he would take me. I screamed back (bad move on my part) that even if I was religious at all, that I wouldn't believe in a creepy stalker god, and that I theoretically am not even born under the abrahamic covenant, so why should I waste my time with a god that's not even of my culture? (I was born a celtic-pagan and forced into fundy-ism when I was placed into foster care at 9) So yes. I've been an atheist for about 2 years now, and last night I had a dream that was so creepy in mind that as silly as the concept is, it still has me feeling the post-nightmare aftershock. So if it's not too big of a deal, here's an abridged form of the dream. *Note: I'm typically a lucid dreamer, and don't have nightmares because I can reason in my dreams that I'm dreaming and there's no problem: NOT the case last night!* It starts out basically that I'm being stalked. I've never met the guy, and in the dream I figure that it's a myspace stalker. I'm trying to keep it quiet that this guy is bothering me, because my boyfriend would have a cow. Weird things keep happening though. I never see the guy, but I know he's 21 or so, because the voice is obviously young. He does weird things like call and sound nice, and when I tell him to fuck off and shut my phone off, my phone will turn back on itself and continue to ring. One time it actually sent picture of beautiful scenery, with the voice message "I did it all for you..." and when I got scared and tried to delete them, the pictures changed into horrible images of graphic torture of humans. Going on... I try to tell people, practically anyone I know, including my boyfriend. My boyfriend is mad and kinda leaves the picture during the dream. If I tell anyone else, their eyes will suddenly glaze over and they will start chanting "He wants you, He will have you, He is persuing you, You are His". So basically I freak out and run off, skipping town and go where I think he can't find me. I check into a hotel and bar myself in. When I wake up the next morning, all but the hotel that I was staying in was destroyed. Not just like demo work, but totally disintegrated, like everything had turned to dust, including the people. Several of these circumstances keep happening, and it would seem that he has every oppurtunity to actually kidnap me/force me to do his bidding, but he wont. He seems to be waiting for me. In the dream, I wake up screaming, and think to myself, oh wow, it's just a dream. I get out of bed to go get ready for the day (not knowing I'm still dreaming) and as I'm standing in front of the mirror brushing my hair, an in visible hand literally ETCHES the words "I am always here, you will be mine" into the mirror. That's when I woke up screaming for real. I know, probably very timid of me, to be freaked out by a dream. I know it wasn't real, or that anything in it was real, but it did scare me. What I'm wondering is: should I think about therapy? Has anyone else suffered horrible dreams as a result of their deconversion? If so, what were they like? Thanks for any help you guys can give!
  14. This is the reason that even though I'm an ex-Xn, I wouldn't be caught dead dating/marrying someone outside of my faith (or lack thereof). There are just WAY too many problems that arise. If you're married and then deconvert, that's one thing. If you are an atheist and stupidly make a commitment with someone who is religious, then all I have to say is: "you did it to yourself".
  15. I'm thankful for no longer needing to be so damned concerned with the "works of the spirit", with whether or not I spoke tongues enough, whether or not my other "gifts" were on their way, of god, etc. That I no longer feel "called" to be a missionary. That I no longer feel guilty for anything I do. That I'm actually allowed to feel anger towards someone. That I don't have to worship something that never made sense to me anyway. (I was forced into Christianity. My Xn foster parents took me in with the thought in their minds of converting the "little pagan girl".) That the "for every 1 minute you don't loudly praise god in church you are strapped to a chair in the kitchen for an hour rule" hasn't applied in years. That I'm no longer afraid of the "end of the world". That I don't need to "wait" for marriage. That I don't need to be obsessed with reading scripture and trying to find "deeper meanings" given only to me by god that I must share with everyone else. Shall I keep going? I'm just thankful that I'm no longer a brainwashed little bitch!
  16. I agree. Not an asshole, just honest.
  17. Number one fits me pretty well, although I was expecting to see nontheist there moreso. I have no clue where number three or four came from. As for number five, I was expecting that to be a number two or three, even though I haven't practiced since I was a small child. 1. Secular Humanism (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (96%) 3. Liberal Quakers (94%) 4. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (83%) 5. Neo-Pagan (82%) 6. New Age (74%) 7. Orthodox Quaker (65%) 8. Reform Judaism (65%) 9. Mahayana Buddhism (64%) 10. Taoism (62%) 11. Theravada Buddhism (62%) 12. Nontheist (57%) 13. Bahá'í Faith (47%) 14. Sikhism (47%) 15. Scientology (45%) 16. Jainism (44%) 17. New Thought (42%) 18. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (37%) 19. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (32%) 20. Seventh Day Adventist (30%) 21. Hinduism (28%) 22. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (28%) 23. Eastern Orthodox (24%) 24. Islam (24%) 25. Orthodox Judaism (24%) 26. Roman Catholic (24%) 27. Jehovah's Witness (18%)
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